Neptune in Scorpio: Escape Via Death and Sex

Neptune painting 1700sI have written about Neptune in Scorpio wanting to escape via death. There is a distinct yearning.

And Neptune shows the connection to God or the source. So Neptune in Scorpio, escapes via sex and see and experiences God / the universe via sex or any other intense exchange of energy.

So what about you? How do you escape? What do you yearn for? How do you best connect with the all of everything?

And where is Neptune in your chart?

56 thoughts on “Neptune in Scorpio: Escape Via Death and Sex”

  1. Neptune in Sag for me. I can’t travel anywhere, so I escape by reading. A lot. Obsessively. It’s the only way I can go to a better world that isn’t this one!

  2. If I’m reading my chart right, Neptune is in Sadge for me. Not sure what that means for me, but I do know that I tend to escape through hedonistic pleasures. Between actual physical hands-on touching other people and indepth creative writing, I do a pretty good escape act.

  3. Huh. I have Neptune in Scorpio, and the escape-via-death thing makes perfect sense to me…but I’ve never used sex for that purpose, or to connect to the Source.

    Maybe I just haven’t had good enough sex.

  4. I have Neptune in Scorpio. Never escaped via sex. Just via love addictions. I can totally see escaping via death. That’s the ultimate form of escape.

  5. Neptune in Sadge. I run away. Other countries work well. If they aren’t available I run away mentally. I remove my attention and place it elsewhere. Literally. While I’m in the room with a problem person. It’s like my soul leaves my body – runs away. Sometimes it’s a conscious process, more often it’s not.

  6. I have Neptune in 2nd house Virgo. I read compulsively for years; my eyes are all worn out now, so I stick my head in my computer and do not come out for hours.

  7. Neptune in Sadge, 10th house, lots of aspects. I… read, I travel, I write, I design, I withdraw, I occasionally choose to be someone I am not for a night of fun, I love spy novels.

    But if I travel to escape… jeez, now I must think hard about why I am in China- well, I mean, I came here to work, to get material to write, but… I don’t even know what I am escaping.

    OH, I also like to go into the woods and just chill with the trees. meditate, write some poetry, do some yoga.

    Basically, a whole range of things.

    Check this out though, this semester I will be travelling (across the desert)- but I am responsible for a group of kids travelling w/ me. aka saturn figure on a neptune journey.

  8. Dear Elsa,
    I looked forward to your posting everyday. You have a great blog. I can relate to your posting about neptune in Scorpio wanting to escape via death. I have always felt that death is the final form of escape. Perhaps it makes sense to me because I have Neptune in Scorpio sitting right at the cusp of my fourth house, and it also rules my Pisces eighth house.

  9. How do I best connect to all of everything? Hmm.


    How do I escape?

    Lots and lots and lots and lots of writing.

    What do I yearn for?

    Uh, that’s tough. Perhaps for everyone to speak the same language (figuratively speaking)?

    Neptune in 3rd in Sagittarius.

  10. Neptune in Scorpio for me, too. and in the sixth house, so I’m either having sex, dreaming about having sex, or compulsively organizing things. πŸ™‚

  11. Oh, I forgot to say that I have Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th house. Hence the love addiction. I don’t even understand the concept of having sex with people I don’t care about. It’s completely unpleasurable to me, kinda like eating styrofoam for dinner.

  12. Whoa, Elsa! Deep Waters!

    I have Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th. I’ve never thought of escaping through death and sex before. You’ve made my brain hurt. Lots to ponder, new paths to follow. Thank you!

    Escape for me tends toward getting lost inside my own brain. I sit and stare at water and think. Sometimes there is no conscious thought – only stillness. I can’t call it meditation or daydreaming, that’s not what’s going on. Sounds of silence. In any event, it rejuvenates me.

    As Neptune is also about fantasty… my perfect escape would be living on an island, just sitting on the beach and living within the sounds of the sea and my own head.

    “I don’t even understand the concept of having sex with people I don’t care about. It’s completely unpleasurable to me, kinda like eating styrofoam for dinner.”

    Thank you Marly ~ so I’m not alone! I’ve never understood how people can have sex with strangers. There must be love before sex for me.

  13. Neptune in Sagittarius in the 9th conjunct Sun, Mercury, Mars, Midheaven and Square Saturn and Ascendant.

    I escape through books mostly since I can’t travel much, dreams,relationships/sex (used to). I yearn for a job I believe in where I will not worry about starving but won’t feel like I’d rather be dead than be there, compromising myself (where I’m stuck now). With Saturn in the 6th, this seems to be my lifelong issue.

  14. For escape, I read, I write, I watch movies, I lie on my bed and listen to music, but that’s all my 12th house stuff. My Neptune’s in Capricorn in the 6th, and I think that manifets in that the closest thing I’ve ever found to meditation is cleaning. Seriously. If I come home seriously pissed off about something, I go clean my bathroom, and scrub scrub scrub until I feel human again. Or I do the dishes. Lately I’ve finally started a regular exercise thing in the evenings too, and after a long day of classes & studying, the mental break that gives me has been a huge blessing.

  15. Oh, and when my brain’s just totally fried, I organize stuff. The school librarian in my high school loved me cause periodically I’d just start shelving books because I found it peaceful. The first thing I do every semester after all the stress of exams are over is cleam my house top to bottom, because the grime inevitably builds up during exams because I just have no time to deal with it. Did I mention that capricorn Neptune is opposing my Moon/Merc conjunction in the 12th? Makes sense to me.

  16. Avatar
    Strawberry Fields

    “eating styrofoam” — that image will stick in my mind

    Note to self: STOP EATING STYROFOAM!! Why are you eating styrofoam AGAIN???!!!

    (I’m not talking about sex w/strangers. I’m talking about doing things that not only don’t satisfy, but are downright unpleasnt.)

  17. Yes, exactly! You got my meaning, Strawberry Fields! Those styrofoam peanuts aren’t as good as the real peanuts! Don’t eat styrofoam!

  18. Avatar
    Strawberry Fields

    I love it when someone gives me a *visual* I can grab on to.

    To flash back at myself when I catch myself ‘doing the thing’ ‘AGAIN’ — or about to.

    I actually had the opportunity to use it already mere moments ago! I had a decision to make. And I realized, if I said ‘yes’, that would be ‘eating styrofoam’ ‘AGAIN’ — and I saw exactly why it was so.

    So — thank you! πŸ™‚

  19. Escape through death? – surely you need to know what comes next…;-) Even in the worst situation death does not even seem like an option on the list. Sleep probably comes closest – but I want to wake up!!
    Sex, though, now that’s my absolute favourite escape (though that too is often more a return than an escape), as is drama,and loads of it. And, well, when the imagination (drama) in turn gets real, and the drama loads on the drama, it’s entertainment in a very dark way. It’s a flip between self-defeat (the drama makes it worse) and self-enhancement (play). Even though the real situation sucks the life out, imagination puts it back in. That is neptune in sag in 5th/6th house – square saturn, sun, midheaven, sextile moon.

  20. Neptune in Scorpio…5th house…in my younger unevolved days I escaped through sex, which led to some rather passive suicide attempts, but a couple of years of therapy and surviving most of a Pluto transit to my sun and I now find escape through prayer and meditation, through connecting on that intimate level with my husband and kids and a good trashy sexy beach read every once in a while πŸ˜‰

  21. Neptune in Scorpio in the 1st House. Can you imagine the things that I’ve done to myself to escape reality?! Drugs, alcohol, sex, suicidal thoughts.

    This is a good question, Elsa because I wonder if I would have used any of those escape mechanisms as an option if my father had not molested me and my sisters?

    Would I have used, perhaps, the higher octave of Neptune instead of the lower if my mother had not tried to kill me?

    This is something that I ponder frequently now that I am rid of my “demons”.
    If I had been born into a family with boundaries and respect for their creations would my Neptune have been used in a more refined way or would I have done those things no matter what the circumstances?

    I guess this is like the question, “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?” I guess I’ll never know.

    1. That one of two ofmy planets iam i was born under scorpiio moon ofnepture july 1967 in chicago il so let mee tell u yes we lust for alot sex death come around and we escape throght haveing sex with some wow like the great est lover to have is the bull so your just green eye hater

  22. I have Neptune in Scorpio, 12 house—
    Sex only worked as escape with ONE guy I dated, and nothing else about the 3 month ‘relationship’ worked at all. Pity.

    Alcohol, drugs, I quit more than 10 years ago but I ‘escaped’ completely this way age 15 to 29. Glass of wine at 7 a.m before work or school? No problem.
    Cigarettes I quit 3 years ago. Writing isn’t escape anymore, nor is art– they keep me in the moment.

    Suicidal thoughts are not present anymore, but a great weariness overtakes me and then I’m afraid my spirit is giving up and I’ll die in a freak accident.
    And then I’m afraid that because I”m thinking about a freak accident I will create the freak accident.
    And then I go into the bedroom, draw the shutters, turn on the light and read until it passes.

    But fast walking ALONE in the country works too. With a fine dog because dogs know EVERYTHING about love.

  23. Neptune in scorpio in 8th. I yearn for the kama sutra but usually get wham bam thank you mam! But yeah, drugs, alcohol, suicidal thoughts, irrational fears, all have gripped me at one time or another..and still do. Music, dance, animals (Sylvia- you’re so right about dogs) are my healers. Astrology helps too, when fear grips me right now i know it’s because saturn is square my sun and pluto is squaring everything else. Blame the transits!!

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    Little Miss Hermit

    Neptune in Sagittarius in the 12th house. I hope for and daydream about better days – for myself as well as for the world as a whole.
    Among escape routes I actively seek out, a favourite would be via my 5th house Jupiter – I love big parties and I can be a big flirt (Duh). When I want to escape and not have a headache, I’ll read almost any kind of literature, it’s ridiculous – Jupiter in Gemini!

  25. For me neptune is in sag in the 2nd house.
    I escape through travel, or dreaming of travel, i escape in nature and reading books. The things that makes me feel trapped is being in debt or having no money. My neptune also conjuncts my north node and when pluto crossed these points i started travelling. I’m now contemplating how to travel and own property/have security and with the neptune/capricorn opposition it’s coming together in my head – although there is still that fear elsa talks about. But then since i also have capricorn in my 9th house, I’ve also learned how to make my dreams come true.. so this opposition I see as a wonderful opportunity to continue to do so.

  26. O come on??? – I can’t believe nobody said masturbation! Great short-term escape plan. Travel, hot day at the beach or riverfront reading or pond sitting chunking rocks will usually bring me out of a funk-i-fied mood.

    Never have felt the need for drugs or alcohol to numb the pain, I guess I’m one more inclined to face it down – that would be my Aries moon I believe looking the devil straight on.

    yearn for? Interactive loop of give and take on a deep emotional level that transfers to a complete lifestyle of sharing & bolstering – not hip joined but maybe frontal lobe soul joinery?

    As far as connecting w/the rest of humanity goes usually some voluntary service does the trick.

    Neptune in Scorpio in 12th house.

  27. love to exercise with my ipod…swimming, running, anything with lots of heavy activity and rhythm, loud music. Or I make plans, lists, dreams, organize things. Neptune in Sag. in the 6th.

  28. I just found this blog and I find very interesting how ‘escape through death’ is very one-sided in perception amongst most the posts here. I don’t say that to critisize, but rather to maybe bring forth another viewpoint.

    I have Neptune in my 5th House ‘under the influence’ of powerful Scorpio.

    The ‘escape’ can be a ‘dimension of distraction’. It is a place within the mind we can have a tendency to go to in order to BE in a different place than the reality in front of us. This doesn’t mean you HAVE to use drugs or alcolhol to get there. How about meditation? Personal Development programs? Gardening? A walk on the beach or in the forest? All those activities can be powerful tools, that is being labelled as ‘escape’ here, to re-focus our attention to our INNER selves in order to refresh our souls and our minds.

    ‘Death’. It is a ‘finality’, isn’t it. But how about the POSITIVE aspects of death? Change is letting an old behavior or perception die so that a new behavior (male) or perception (female) can be born. We can change how we think about things. We can change what we do about things. It’s in that moment of DECISION (<<== DECIDE meaning to “cut off from) that we let the old die, and the new is born.

    We all have the power to decide. How about ‘meditation’ (escape) in order to bring about (through) an important decision (death) in your LIFE? πŸ˜‰

  29. I just found this website. I can see that most of the posts are pretty old so nobody probably reads this anymore. I’m still learning about astrology and this website is fascinating to me so I just have to post here.
    I have Neptune in Scorpio in my 1st house. On top of which, I am a Scorpio rising.
    I’m not sure about the sex thing either. However, in order for me to be intimate with someone, there needs to be an intense connection. And I do mean an intense exchange of energy not just on a sexual level but emotional, mental, spiritual. Otherwise, why bother getting involved with someone.

    As far as death goes, I’ve been surrounded by death since, well, since before I was born in all honesty. When I was 2, mine and my brother’s father died in a car accident. When I was 13, my mother’s stepfather (who I was very, very close to, sort of filled in the father role in our lives) died suddenly of a heart attack. It was devastating. When I was 18, my brother died in a car accident (he was 17). There’s more though. I was named after my mother’s best friend and first cousin, Debbie, who died when she was 16. She was shot in the back by a neighbor who she’d been babysitting. My mother’s father died when she was 4. My father’s older brother died in a car accident in Germany (he never even made it to Vietnam) when my father was a young man. 6 months after my brother died, my aunt died in a car accident. 9 months after my brother died, another relative died in a logging accident. 1 year after my brother’s death, two of his classmates died in a car accident. I’m telling you Death follows me around and I’m starting to think it has something to do with Scorpio.
    Oh, I’m also a creative writer, and most of my short stories have to do with…. You guessed it. Death, rebirth, regeneration, renewal, and cycles, patterns.

    Also, I’m not sure if this is Scorpio’s influence or Neptune in my first house or what but I have a lot of psychic experiences: precognition, hearing people’s thoughts but most frequently (everyday) feeling other people’s feelings.

    Whew! I’m starting to think I need to learn more about Scorpio.

  30. Well, I have Neptune 13 degrees Scorpio in the twelth house. A friend of mine who studied astrology once told me that is called the witches degree. I don’t really know about that since I seem to have my head in the clouds all of the time and couldn’t really focus enough to ever become any kind of witch. I do however practice Reiki and when I meditate prior and really settle in I seem to have a wonderful sense of peace and connection with the person I am with. Sex, not really interested. Is it menopause? Years of sexual,physical,verbal and emotional abuse. Who knows, but my path is different now and I am focussing on love and light. My meditations seem like they are maybe an hour long but I can “travel” for hours. I feel blessed with my neptune scorpio placement and am sure it was done with a higher purpose :0)

  31. My Neptune in Scorpio is in my 2nd house. When it comes to escape its definitely more about possessions than sex… and the idea of death being some sort of escape is a bit erroneous in my view. The ultimate heaven is junk other people have thrown away. Old curious things, lots of things.

    During the absolute most stressful of times (or just mundane days) I go and seek refuge in a charity shops, junk shops and boot sales. Hours just disappear when I’m lost in a box of buttons or old shoes. I don’t even notice the rest of the world. It is therapy of the highest quality.

    I get home with treasures to clean up or turn into something I could sell and It’s just like being in the old curiosity shop. I’m in junk land. No longer appart of the modern world. Dying slowly at a Formica desk, drinking something horrible from a tasteless ‘styrophone’ cup’!

    1. Avatar
      Warped by Wuthering Heights

      A girl after my own heart!
      What a wonderful thread, so many fascinating posts!
      And I quite agree — “styrofoam” — wouldn’t even want to try it!


  33. Neptune Scorpio 8th house, sun capricorn cusp 10th and mercury capricorn 10th house. Getting ready to write a screenplay about “DEATH and true love”!!

    Chiron in Aries, Mars in Pisces, and North Node in Pisces, all in the 12th house of evolve or go maaaaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Oh, and I just found out I have a Grand Square involving Jupiter in Scorpio 7th opposing Saturn in Taurus 1st house and squaring Mean Apogee Lilith in Leo 4th opposing Juno in Aquarius 11th.

    Relationships and Money suck until I work through this mess. Just getting ready to start some major dream therapy (EFT and lucid dream yoga) We’ll see how that goes….

    Peace πŸ™‚

  34. Huh. I have Neptune in Scorpio, 8th house. I always thought that death would be a great adventure when the time came. Have always had the ability to create another world in my head too, and used to escape there regularly. Yeah, interesting. Thanks for the insight.

  35. So THIS is why I do that. Yep, Neptune in Scorpio. In the first house. I do see DEATH as the ultimate escape. I always tell myself that if things got REALLY bad in my life – well, there is always death. Why should I be trapped in a life I hate? πŸ™‚ I don’t see death as a bad thing though – just a transition to a different sphere of consciousness – so to me it is like moving on to the next thing. And hey, as a Scorpio Rising I have done more than my share of evolving in this life, so I think I would be good to “move on” at any time. I thought I was the only one who thought like this – now I know – Neptune in Scorpio.

    But seriously – I also have Moon in my 1st conjunct the Neptune so I escape through music and movies (and sometimes shopping. Anything that lets me put “normal life” (job, bills, alarm clock etc) on hold – I honestly could live in escape mode forever if this life would let me.

    An interesting observation here based on everyones responses: the Neptune in Sags are much more “positive” in their repsonses than the Neptune in Scorpios! lol! I guess we can’t help it – we like the dark side. πŸ˜‰

  36. Oh, I forgot to mention too – I don’t escape through sex and I have no interest in doing it. To me, sex is part of “normal life” – more of a chore (unless it truely special) of the normal life. And I want to escape alone not with someone else. Sex is way last on the list.

  37. Well, I escape through music….writing…..singing…I guess that’s a Neptune 1st house trait…but on the other side…. If I had not caught myself at a certain place in my life I’d have been a big tramp….just to push myself to the edge of experience…that was in my younger days…I had to tell myself… I didn’t want the drama that comes with it all…I know there is a price, not just that…I know how powerful energy is.. and to have too many soul ties to folks you’ve slept with is not cool. I already pick up other people’s energies from across a room and from a distance, sex with the wrong person energetically could be devastating if not careful. The Neptune in 1st house can glamourize sex fantastically, but then realize that it can leave a hollowness….The good part of Neptune in Scorpio 1st house is that because I am musical, that is the best escape… I become another person on stage, so I don’t have to rip myself to pieces doing my escapism routines. As far as substances are concerned… I’m not a drug person, but do like alcohol from time to time…but am a crying drunk..and I don’t like throwing up.. so don’t drink too much too often…family of alcoholics curbed my urge to drink too much. Right now I think I escape a lot to my fantasies and desire the need to be quiet as I still have a demanding regular job. I just told my boyfriend who is a Pisces, Jupiter 1st house, Gemini Rising that if we hit the lottery we would both go away for a month and not answer our cell phones… no demands…no questions.. now that would be a true escape.

  38. I know Elsa started this blog a long time ago (long!) but it was such a revelation for me I had to comment. I have neptune in scorpio in the 12 house and sex and fantasizing about the end of life have been my source of solace for YEARS. Not suicide, but wishing that the universe would let me be done with my earth experience πŸ™‚

    I’ve had so many superficial – sex only relationships I’ve lost count and prefer it that way.

  39. I have Neptune is Scorpio in my 4th house. Saturn just started her transit there…

    My dad just passed a year ago, and isn’t Neptune about the father? or parent relationships as well?

    My escape is through reading and writing….

  40. Neptune in scorpio here. Never did understand the intensity of my emotions till now. I have the capacity to LOVE unconditionally, but also the capacity to detach coldly if i have to. The concepts of complete control and surrender are themes in my life and surrender leads to purification. It cannot be any soul that we can do this with however, it must be a strong soul. Sometimes it ‘s not even done through physical ‘sex’, but an exchange of energy between two people, which equates to sex anyway. Enjoy the colliding neptune scorpios

  41. Hmm. Yup, I have Neptune in Scorpio in my 3H. So I have daydreams, writing, I think and am fascinated/horrified/frustrated with death, sex and adoration as power, alcohol, music that makes me feel as good as high/powerful, multiple personas within to hide. These are all things I like to escape to when under pressure. I use my Neptune more than I realize, lately.

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