Neptune On The Midheaven: They Just Can’t See You, Even In An Emergency…

Regarding Venus and Saturn / Neptune, the other day on the Pisces Energy vs Scorpio Energy blog. I talked about men at the gym who interrupted my workout (when I was needing one the most) because they were horny. Point being, they just can’t see me.

Last night I had to take my daughter to the emergency room. My son was with us, he was in a panic when I pulled up in front of the emergency room in front of the valet.

I got out of the car quickly, keys in hand realizing as I circled around the front of the car, I should have left them in the ignition and the valet took one look at me and when into “pick up mode”.

Yeah. Oblivious to the situation I guess (did he even see my kids?) he started talking about how nice it was out tonight and blah, blah, blah. I had to look at him like “SNAP OUT OF IT”.

“Um, this is an emergency room,” I said. “And we’re going to it? I can’t talk to you; I have to get my daughter inside, do you think you could take these?” I asked, offering my keys.

“Oh. Uh, oh yeah, right…”

::rolls eyes:::

I had to ask him for a ticket for my car too.

“Can you give me something so I can claim my car when we leave? Do you have a ticket, please? I really have to get her in there, they are waiting and expecting her…”

At that point he had snapped back to reality and acted swiftly and I just marvel at this stuff.

From my perspective it feels as if the person is addressing a hologram person standing next to me. And I guess if a person can’t see I am a single mother with a sick kid, in person then expecting people to glean this from my blog is probably ambitious.

5 thoughts on “Neptune On The Midheaven: They Just Can’t See You, Even In An Emergency…”

  1. Here’s praying large doses of feelgood sunshine warmth, peace, health & joy for your whole family.

    Rest, Tender Hugs & Kisses to the girlchild!! Warm Noogies to Vidroid!!

    Long relaxing soak in the tub for Mom!!!!

  2. seekingzen, I swear to God that guy didn’t see my kids. It was like he looked at me and lost all sense of space and time. I may as well have hit him with a stun gun, he was that oblivious.

    And the flip of this, what is funny, is that situations like this are so familiar to me, I didn’t miss a beat.

    I don’t know what to say. My family has a lot of energy, get the fuck out of our way. But really, I had called ahead and they were waiting for her. We were going right through triage and then here is this clueless guy at the door. It is almost comical. Sometimes it seems my whole life is a black comedy. That’s Capricorn for you.

    I feel like Rodney Dangerfield, I’ll tell you that. All his self-deprecating humor. I saw him live once – the best show I ever saw in my life. I was on the floor (literally) the whole show, laughing my ass off with tears streaming down my face. That guy was so fuckin funny and what a pro. I watched him miss a joke… the audience was going for something and he changed themes / streams on a dime. I’ll tell you how good I think he was.

    I also saw Marcel Marceau… the best mime on the planet. These two performers… well it was pure glory to watch them and I bet it was all born of pain.

  3. I hope she’s doing better now… That’s pretty scuzzy, trying to pick up a woman at the effing ER when she’s got her kids with her. I mean seriously, DUH!!

  4. I guess I find it hard to express the right words about such a tough situation regarding the health of your daughter. From experience I know, it just goes beyond words and takes you into the deepest pain of your soul. It is hard to believe that those experiences can be constructive until we have overcome them. I wish you all well.

    This might be a totally inappropriate question and don´t answer it or post this comment if you feel so, but may I ask what her illness is?

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