Plutonians Notice Signs

Pluto by JohnPlutonians notice “signs”. Over the last four or five days, I have repeatedly used the “last” of something. The end of a roll of saran wrap that I’ve had for several years. All the this.  All the that. 

I would probably notice this if it happened a few times in a day. This has happened ten to twelve times in less than a week. It’s gotta mean something, right?  Surely, God is telling me that something is DONE. “Done like dinner,” as I like to say. Because all the endings have happened while cooking.

A few questions…

Would you notice something like this if it happened several times in a day? How about ten times in a week?

My trash is literally full of empty containers of things I have had for years in many cases.

How would you interpret this?

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  1. I definitely thought I was being shown the END. I did not think about a BEGINNING at all.

    But as I think about it…of all of the things I used (up), none of them were important to me, or even needed replaced, necessarily. It was so, so, odd.

    I say “was” because it’s not gone on today. There is no need. I got the tip, but now what?

  2. Sounds like it goes right along with the widespread “shedding of the old to make way for the new” theme of emphasis lately. Its the revisiting of an old issue that we’ve had for a long time (recently emptied box of Saran Wrap), our acknowledging that it has fulfilled its purpose on earth (It wrapped multitudes of leftovers at gatherings of friends and family near and far. It denied access to flies and bees and bugs too numerous to mention. It fulfilled its purpose in my life and I am grateful.) We examine it free from attachment to it this time. (There’s no reason to keep the empty box. What sense would that make?) and gratefully bid it adieu (Thank you empty box, I can let you go now.) Now I have a bright and clean empty spot on my shelf, waiting to be filled with whatever the new and improved version is going to be – a box that sparkles with untarnished possibilities just waiting to be put to use. 🙂

    With the persistent repetition in your personal experience, it seems even MORE emphasized! Intriguing!

  3. Thanks! I’m glad y’all see what I see. I was amazed…one item after another, in my hand, emptied.

    I cooked a big Easter dinner…and used the rest of five or six things in that dinner alone.

    1. Similarly– the effects of all the purging of material belongings I’ve been doing over the past few years has started to become VISIBLE to me recently… Last week noticed I do in fact have more ROOM in my closet & space under the bed (where I used to stuff items that had no “home”). Signs of progress re: the 12th house Pluto transit??

    2. Now that you bring attention to it….this has been happening to me in the past few days too. I didn’t notice that aspect as I have tried for so long to separate from “things” and jettison them to prepare to move….lately, it’s not so hard AND many things are emptying themselves. YEAH!

  4. I think I’d notice it too. Like today lots of people talking about throwing belongings away and feeling better for it ~ in this case esp in relation to moving.
    There certainly seems to be some law or other that means when things break a new start is due. Best mug etc. I used to feel annoyed but now I look out for a shift and try to go with it and try to figure what different approach is called for. Old energy out ~ so what now… sort of thing and keep my eyes open.

  5. That usually tells me I’ve been too lazy to go to the grocery store! It’s time to “do that again” like getting gas. I’m not a hoarder in the least I have Pluto conjunct the moon; I’m always looking to get rid of things.

    1. Yeah, I like discarding things too. Especially when you have “enough” rather than 1/2 a cup when you need a cup. In every case there was no lack or stress with any of these things.

  6. Last remnants being used up. Final resolution of something not quite closed. New focus on the here (physical) and now.

  7. Yes lots of this Vibe around…went to my fav Thrift shop on Sat and they were stuffed to the seams with donations….One man’s meat….I got the greatest quality deals….eg $4000.00 sleep/sofa for guests for $55.00!!!!

  8. I’m with Ann. Happened to me once years ago in Boston, and I noticed it too! I am very Plutonian. For me, it meant in with the new start.

    It was a very good sign, like, turning a corner.

    Like…..”let it go” in a way.

  9. I would definitely notice, I’m forever seeing “signs.” As for the interpretation – these are things you have admittedly had for years. It’s the end of an era for you, I’d say. New beginnings are afoot! <3

  10. There is a black shadow that follows me. I don’t know how to interpret it. This happened after I hurt someones feelings regarding A Political Party.

  11. I always pay attention to such “coincidents”. Maybe this is about ending old stuff and new beginnings. Like rebirth, also a Pluto theme. PLuto slowly gets nearer to your Ascendant. Could it be halfway now?

  12. Although I haven’t had this experience, I do think I’d notice.
    But it sounds more like timely ending of quotidien stuff, with eventual replacement/renewal, if deemed useful. A good time to ask if one really needs the thing or not.
    Sounds more like a form of evolution. It can go slowly, with the samll things, and in the end, without feelng it to harshly, everything changes. (Hopefully for the better!)
    With big violent changes, it’s another story.

    1. This is another level that’s come to me. I was so glad to get rid of each thing, it’s occurred to me I would be happier with *less*.

      I’m really glad to be going into gardening season. There is constant food coming from the garden. This means less frequent trips to the store; the store that is designed to encourage you to buy as much as possible.

      So I have this thought now and I’m letting it harden.

  13. I guess when Pluto is roaming the 12th house, ALL is about endings (before any new beginnings) 😉

    I’ve had many “the last ones” over the past 3 years or so. Will probably continue with endings for style, habbits, health issues (which only seems to increase atm though), values and so on.

    One really learns the phrase “Do not be afraid of endings because some day a door to a new beginning will open” literally!

  14. I’d probably notice this these days although it’s only something I’ve taken notice of since neptune transits.

    You mention these endings are connected to cooking and I’ll remind that it was the week before that you stopped cooking for your husband. I know you restarted but I’d see that as being linked.

    I’ve sometimes found that these signs are just the backend manifestation of having psychologically got rid of stuff. So rather than foretelling something they’re just the final physical act of closure.

  15. I said to myself…Self, and Self said to me…that’s a physical comparative metaphor for something the Observer percives and associates that has personal meaning to them for some reason or other. Lightbulbs act like that, all blow out about the same time if installed same time and used with same frequency, but that is planned obsolescence on the part of the bulb maker. Looking at the clock at 11:11, we all have our stories, but this didn’t happen before digital btw. Depends on the state/frame of mind of the Observer, excessive and odd happenings catch our “mind’s eye”. A slower physical example would be a garden. Plant seeds, grow and harvest, all goes back to Earth one way or another. Birth, life, death. Stories are like that too, beginning, middle, end. Anything that exists in space and time participates in this cycle. The Self and the Observer and the Mind’s Eye are different levels of the levels of Ourselves, imo, hopefully without sounding too far out. Everything has planned obsolescence.

    New cycle on that fresh keeping/storage type stuff = more expensive, less quantity, lower quality. Newer not necessarily better, at least for the consumer.

  16. You just wonder lightly about what it evokes in your mind, your life, your experience. The last two weeks I found myself doing ‘circles’, making changes and new starts and ending up in the same old patterns and mess. I think the Endings and Beginnings are blurred, so I wait for the new moon conjunct Uranus. Uranus rules my first house and the new moon takes place in my 2nd house. I see it as a new chance to change the way I value myself and how I spent my energy, on myself or more on others? I am not whining over the fact I am at the same spot as weeks ago. I did my best and maybe the outside has changed. I take the time to reconsider and to be sure what to do and how to act. Self love is the constant factor. Whatever I do, I need more. Of everything. Transit pluto on my venus and opposite my saturn just keeps showing me the lack. Of love, appreciation and worth.

  17. Lots of endings in the mundane. Things, people, a somewhat abrupt halt to the same old – same old in our lives. I personally have lost friends, a job, gained grandchildren, old haunts, old ways of doing things. Just a little clear out before the beginning of new habits, new holidays, marking a new cycle of time.

  18. Oh Elsa, I couldn’t help but chuckle with your example of Saran Wrap. I believe in “signs” but not coincidences. (Coincidences are signs we don’t recognize or understand.) Despite the fact that you recently “have repeatedly used the ‘last’ of something,” the fact that you are finally at the end of a roll of saran wrap you’ve had for several years (seriously, who has a box of saran wrap for several years?!) suggests you will have opportunities to discard, eliminate, throw out, expose?) all those (surely moldy and decayed by now) thoughts and feelings you’ve had saved, stored (buried) “for several years.” My sense is that the signs are indeed telling you “less” is good. (And fresh is best.) So whether it’s from your physical garden or your subconscious mind, hidden energy and strengths are waiting to be revealed. Endings precede new beginnings. And all that.

    Oh and like Pepe, I too have Moon conjunct Pluto… What a blessing.

  19. Hi Elsa! Yes, I would notice these occurances as well. And I am one to throw everything away all the time.. less is more is my motto! Anyhow, my thought was, is this Pluto? Or is it the recent eclipse? One door closes, and another opens? And just Spring in general, the dead has to go so that new life can come? Thank you for your articles!!! Nanc

  20. Because it’s related to cooking, and you recently had a fight with your husband where you decided to stop cooking for him (temporarily) I would take it as an indication that you are running out of something where that situation is concerned.

  21. I`m extremely Plutonian – multiple planets in Scorpio, 8th House Moon, Pluto conjunct ascendant in 12th House.

    I notice sign and patterns everywhere. Very subtle nuances.

    The pattern you are describing sounds like the end of a cycle ….and the re-birth of something fresh.

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