Neptune / Pisces On The Midheaven – Saint Or Sinner Redux

Here is a text version of the saint or sinner phenomena that manifests around me with Neptune on the midheaven. I am currently waiting on a gal who is coming over today to prepare me for next week’s court appearance. She is one of the people I have been meeting over these last months and I am wondering the current wisdom when it comes to Elsa P. Because what the authority figures (10th house) think about me shifts (Neptune).

They go from making me a villain to thinking I am going to save them all and then I go back to being a villain. My only way to cope it (hear this all Pisces) is to have faith in the tide (the universe) because while it does go out, leaving you high and dry, it always comes back and you’re flush again.

But here is the burning question: Which state is the real one? Tide in or out? Saint or sinner, hmm?

I was sinner yesterday so hoping to be saint today or on my way back headed in that direction. Problem is once I get there… once I am elevated I can only fall. Clarity is always followed by confusion… blindness and then clarity again.

Can you relate? What’s your Pisces / Neptune factor?

4 thoughts on “Neptune / Pisces On The Midheaven – Saint Or Sinner Redux”

  1. The best place to go when you are getting harassed by Neptune is to the place of clarity — your Sun. People with Neptune in the tenth house can’t manage their public images with any real effectiveness. Sometimes they benefit from the illusions and sometimes they don’t — there’s no way to predict it and therefore no point in trying to manage the outcome.

    I think Neptune in the tenth gives some mighty illusions but they start with the native. We think it matters if people like us, for example — or we completely miss the fact that the situation we are in is a popularity contest. We think we’ve managed to go unnoticed but in reality we’re the target of some secret vendetta. We think there is a secret vendetta but in reality no one in the situation gives a rat’s ass what we do. It’s confusion but it starts with us first.

    We have to go to the Sun. It’s not a place Neptune can influence easily and it burns out all the drama. Get to your personal identity and stay there. That way when the smoke clears, you’ll still be standing.

  2. the state is the flux. don’t identify with either. it’s the ability to move through worlds that’s a gift. though i imagine it would be helpful to have an idea how to steer some more of this.

  3. I have Neptune conjunct Moon (Scorpio) conjunct my Scorpio Midheaven. I constantly struggle between my better and baser natures. Especially in Scorpio, it gets rather intense. I can’t see it getting any worse, and not so much better until I can work on my issues concerning Saturn (in Aquarius) squaring this conjunction.

  4. Hell yeah, I relate to this — the clarity/confusion alternations, not so much how other people see me. I laughed reading your response, eva — but only because my Neptune is in the first house, conjunct my Sun and Mars. There is no finding clarity in the Sun for me…I’m always looking for new perspectives on how to work with Neptunian energies in a positive way, because I’m inundated. I’m not an artist, and so far not psychic, so still looking for how this can be a good thing…

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