Women, Take A Lesson From Mars

I was talking to satori regarding the soldier…

“Well I learn from him all time. It’s his training, it’s incredible. He just cuts through. He is not delayed or waylaid by anything or anyone. I am telling you, it is something to see. You ought to see him on a mission.”

“I bet.”

“Yeah, you can’t help but learn. Women could sure take a lesson from him. We just don’t work like this. We get ourselves all messed up. I know I do this and I’ve seen you do it too. You get stressed when you are trying to do something that is hard and you start wringing your hands and stuff.”

“Yeah I do.”

“Me too but I am learning not to because he doesn’t do that at all. I am telling you he doesn’t even blink. He’s completely focused and trained. He is unflappable and I like it. It’s calming. I can worry if I like, it will not affect him. He will complete his performance regardless of what I do or anyone else for that matter. It makes no difference what comes up to meet or challenge him, he going through and it’s a thrill and a lesson to watch him. In fact his skill level is so high it seems to me if you can absorb or adopt just 10% of the way he is you will be able to accomplish pretty much anything in this world you want to. Yeah. If you were to have 10% of his knowledge and focus and discipline, I would say you’d be able to cut through almost anything you’d run into in normal life. He is trained for abnormal life and it shows, boy does it ever. And I have learned this for sure: All that hang-wringing women do is ridiculous. You just stand there and do yourself in and for what?”

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  1. Men are known for being directed and able to attend to the task in hand, sound’s like the soldier’s got that well sorted. But the woman thing is long-term, they’ll sit and watch over a long period – like if you have long-term investments, it’s said to be best to have a woman fund-manager. Is that relevant?

  2. DR – I don’t know. I’d have to think about it. I just know this other is pretty foriegn to me and to a lot of women I know. We tend to second guess ourselves not only after but during! I have really made adjustments to my behavior based on watching his and have benefited tremendously.

  3. I catch myself wondering if I should hold up and be cautious when I’m in action…I just move through certain things instinctively and if I start questioning myself it is because I’m taking cues from other people.
    I cut a friend from my life in 2006, and not only were we close, she was a major social “queen” so to speak in my community. People were greatly concerned that I would suffer from social fall-out or stress that she’d “get me.”
    It was an eye-opener…how afraid people can be if they feel their ____ or their ____ is at risk. Don’t get me wrong it was all extremely unpleasant, but I did what I had to do to maintain my sanity and moved ON.

    Aries Mars; square Cap. Moon; opposed Libra Pluto; trine Saturn Leo and Neptune

  4. I am good with thing-challenges – learning something new, putting stuff together, figuring out processes, etc. But when you throw people-energy into it (say, in the form of an aggressive or challenging person), I struggle. I tend to want to back down and engage in the hand-wringing, but at the same time it’s easy for me to get stubborn, which presents a challenge all of its own. There are times when trying to know how to deal with a particularly challenging person can bring me to tears.
    However, throw me into a new city with no knowledge of how I’m going to survive, and I thrive. ;)Go figure.

  5. I agree there is an awful lot of pointless hand wringing done by women, it’s the life’s work of many I know. I find it also often gets in the way of any mars directed activity of my own. As much as I like women, I dislike being around or in most groups of women as their primary discourse is a cliche of hens cackling over a laid egg. Women in the U.S. in particular choose such incredibly narrow realms of thought, conversation and activity given the “freedom” we have.

  6. Cj, that’s interesting. I’m from a long lineage of women women women, and by god I am a friend to women.
    I’ve only just begun to feel comfortable admitting that yes, women can do this.
    I have always had close female friends and my relationships don’t reflect this phenomena. I don’t know why it happens but as my own life feels ‘legacy driven’ I can only guess at what familial legacies stalk other women.

    For example, I have been blessed by a physical body that some would call ideal and have had some unpleasant encounters with women based upon that. My reaction has always been one of defeat: “Oh well, I guess we won’t be friends then.” Or, “Oh well, I guess you won’t ‘recognize’ me.”

    Saying that, my close female friendships sustain me, and if someone doesn’t get me or wants to take me out I just draw on the energy of those who love me.

  7. Boy, isn’t that the truth….I do alot of wringing of hands and worrying and all for nothing!! I hate this aspect of mine and all I really need is a calm person to talk to that can settle me down…cause I get so emotional and all the dragons of the earth come out and seem to be fighting me at the same time and I sometimes get frozen. It is just taking one breath at a time and living right in the moment and forget what happened before or what lies ahead….

  8. Lol I love this! Very much like my husband who is a marine. I get caught up in his whirlwind, and quit like you I get amazed. If there is a goal and he wants it there is no fucking stopping him. I can break under the force of the straight pressure. Amaze balls.

  9. Sometimes I wonder why women are designed this way. Why can’t we just be more like men? They don’t get all hysterical and soppy and turn into worrywarts. They just tune into logic and DO it. We really are the weaker sex.
    The only advantage I see to women being more hesitant about acting on things is that men sometimes fail to think things through. They get an idea and that’s it. It takes us women to rein them in (sometimes) and tell them to consider that it may be a bad idea–or that it’s a good one but needs work. “Women’s intuition” has saved the day on more than one occasion in my family.

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