I’m Not The Only One Disabled By My Hair

hair colorSpeaking of being disabled by hair – Poor, poor Venus in Leo. People date your hair, I swear they do. Taurus also resists change…mightily.

“What are you doing today?” the soldier asked.

“Hair cut. I am getting a hair cut.”

“P, noooooo! No, no, no, you don’t need a hair cut.”

“Getting one, I said. “Not going to be a mangy mutt.”

“But P, I love your hair.”

“You’re just going to have to deal. I am not 17 and cannot be running around with the hair of a 17 year old.”

“Oh, P. Well tell her to save one of your long hairs for me. Would you do that?”

2 hours later.

“Is your hair short?’

“No, but I have a new color.”

“What! What do you mean you have a new color?”

“Just that. Lighter,” I said. “I got my hair lighter because I am old.”

“P, you are not old. I don’t want your hair lighter. I want your hair the way it is… was.”

“Too bad. I am sorry but it is lighter.”

He swore. “God…..t!”

I always notice when he does this because of the Catholic factor.

“Look. You are the one who keeps telling me we are almost a half century old. Well I got the message. And what about your hair? You can be gray. You can be bald and you don’t hear me complain.”

italy hair color“Well damnit, P, okay. Okay, I guess I’ll just have to deal with your LIGHTER hair.”

2 hours later.

Γ’β‚¬ΛœWhat happened?”

“Well it was embarrassing. They came out here and found me crying,” he said.

“Crying! Crying about what.”

“Yeah, I was crying. And they said, what happened, man? I said, well my Italian girlfriend dyed her hair blonde. What am I going to do?”

I laughed.

“Yeah, she did it to prove she was saner than me,” he added.

An hour later

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he said.

“‘Bout what?”

“I’m going to be in bed with you with that blonde hair and I’ll think I’m cheating on you. Who is this? I used to have an Italian woman, where the hell is she? P, why do you do things like this to me? Why, P, why? Why do you have to have your hair blonde?”

16 thoughts on “I’m Not The Only One Disabled By My Hair”

  1. Oh gawd. That’s priceless.

    Can’t wait to see the new color! I’ve been wanting to dye and trim my hair, too. But I just want it blacker (it’s pretty dark as it is, so I think probably just a tint’ll do me).

    I’m a Leo. I am very attached to my hair. I feel de-feminized if it’s shorter than my shoulders.

  2. Oh my gosh, he CRIED?! Wow…what an effect you must have on him!

    I’ll never understand why men get so attached to their significant other’s hair. I had a friend once whose husband went absolutely ballistic when she cut it above the shoulder. What does he care? It’s her head!

  3. No, he LIED, not Cried.
    He lied and said he cried…

    However, if I actually did dye my hair blonde, he might actually cry. As it is he’s just jerkin’ my chain.

  4. Glad you brought this up! I never did understand the deal with guys loving long hair. I watched my brother from a young age just adore girls with long hair.

    Fortunately, my husband dressed as something for Halloween once that required a wig and it made him so hot. He at least gets what a pain that is. But, still, he once begged, “Please don’t cut off your curls.”

    BTW, only half my hair is curly. It used to bother me, but now I just laugh and attribute it to my Pisces nature. I look in the mirror and just laugh and think, “Of course it is like that.”

  5. Ha – I’m just off to the hairdressers this afternoon to get my long hair trimmed and tidyed up and to get some new color. I am really going to enjoy it. I booked this last week and can’t wait to get my hair looking good again. I have a hair problem too. I can’t seem to get it right but it looks awful short – so no matter how old I get it is just going to have to be some version of longish. But I wouldn’t be without it either. Uranus trines my Moon today – so God knows what I’ll look like a few hours down the line!!!!!

  6. My husband kept begging and begging me to let my hair grow longer (I usually keep it about chin length). A while ago I dug out some old pictures of me, one of them was a family potrait and I had shoulder length hair. He happened to take a look at that photo and said “I guess you’re right, you don’t look good in long hair.” He hasn’t mentioned me growing out my hair since.

  7. Elsa, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Your hair is beeuutifull!
    As a matter of fact you look to be in your 20’s! I mean just LOOK at your flawless neck!! LOOK at your neck for chrissakes! It does not sag. It does not flounce. It does not smile!
    I wish I could say the same. πŸ™

    Women who have necks like yours can have hair any ol’ way they please. Even black!

    Can’t wait to see the new color! πŸ™‚

  8. Michelle, I envy you. If I were to cut an inch, he would consider it a “crew cut”. I am serious about this so you guys can see who is sane, er… right? πŸ˜‰

  9. Elsa you went blond? I say it’s just hair…have fun with it! The more dramatic, the better πŸ˜‰

    Also, noticed alot of people wanting to do something dramatic with their hair as of late, is there anything going on upstairs that might be indicative of this?

  10. ahahahahah πŸ˜€

    I think this hair-effect really is true because I think your hair still looks great and the shade is perfect.
    You just like to tease him (us), don’t you?

  11. I have Venus in Leo and curly hair like you and when it gets frizzy or flat on top, I just wilt. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but I do feel more powerful with long, curly BIG hair. Ha Ha. I have been labouring under the assumption that when you hit a certain age you should have shorter hair, but really that’s just bull****

  12. My husband doesn’t like my hair to change at all. When we started dating almost ten years ago, it was very short and I have since learned that he likes short hair on women, but since my hair has grown out and he has a fit every time I get a haircut. I never get it changed that much. About a year ago I got bangs and he is still adjusting to that.

    He has long hair too. I personally love his long hair, so I can understand him caring about my hair.

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