Astrology Of The Seventh Wedding Anniversary

7th-house-wedding-chartMy husband and I will celebrate our seventh anniversary this weekend. Boy, that went fast!

The seventh wedding anniversary is significant, astrologically because it’s coincides with the first Saturn square of the wedding chart.

That’s the seventh house of our wedding chart, pictutred.  You can see, Saturn @ 28 Virgo, on the descendant. We did that deliberately.  We wanted a permanent union!

Saturn in Sagittarius will square our wedding Saturn in 2017. Jupiter in Libra will transit the large stellium in the sign. That was deliberate too, of course.

I just think it’s interesting. If you’re married, how was your 7th year of marriage?

My guess is, this is where the “seven-year-itch” comes from. In my case, I’m doubling down on my commitment for sure.

25 thoughts on “Astrology Of The Seventh Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Ours was last week so I was thinking similar. I told my husband (who doesn’t give astrology much thought) that 7 years is significant. Was also looking forward to Jupiter transiting our wedding sun. Last year was kind of tough, for many reasons outside of our control.

  2. Happy Anniversary for you and your husband, heel heel hartelijk gefeliciteerd en ik hoop nog veel gelukkige en gezonde jaren erbij voor jullie samen, Elsa.
    I have promised to burn a candle for you this weekend, that will be a “happy candle”.

  3. Congrats! Anytime I see a relationship lasting beyond three years, I find it a real feat because relationships are pretty tough.
    I’ve never been married, although was with someone for a very long time. We got a house together, and lived together for many years. Ten years in all, even though technically he had moved out a few years prior. We are still friends.
    Now dealing with a Cancer man with a Scorpio moon… it’s been a mess. We’ve only been together for 8 months and now we’ve broken up. He still has it on his facebook that we are married. He won’t take it down.
    Never thought I’d be with a Hispanic (although he barely looks Hispanic) man with tattoos that also has a huge prison record. I still love him.
    He used to scare the shit out of me, but now, not so much lmao.
    congrats again!

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