Your Bias Towards Different Zodiac Signs

capricornlinenI tend to high expectations of Capricorn. I don’t have a lot of patience for weak Scorpio either. I expect to meet a keen, sophisticated Mars when I deal with Scorpio.

What about you? Do you have high expectations of some signs and low expectations of others?

Is there a sign you have no expectation of?

Where do you think your bias comes from?

57 thoughts on “Your Bias Towards Different Zodiac Signs”

  1. I have zero expectations from Gemini, Taurus, Aries and Pisces. Biases based on four decades of experience. My mom is a 12th house Gemini. She has betrayed me more than anyone. I need to add Libra to the list. I expect the shiniest best from Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Cancer, Leo. My brother is an Aquarian with Capricorn rising, Aries moon. He has more heart and character than anyone I have ever known. My dad is the most selfish person I have ever known. Taurus sun, Libra moon. My double Scorpio son has astounded me for eight years. My Capricorn sun Libra rising Taurus moon ex-boyfriend inspired me and hurt me and challenged me more than anyone ever. I gave him a fuckton. Being double earth he should have been a rock and a shining beacon of integrity. But he had a rough start in life and he let himself be defined by his addiction and trust issues. So many people have disappointed me. I’ve disappointed so many people. I’m still trying to untangle all the knots. I just blocked another Aries at Facebook. I don’t need a sex addict in my life.

  2. I butt heads with Aries, am fond of Cancers,like to share tea and practical tips with Taurus, am surprised by Pisces’ mythical knowing, and Sagittarius can take me for a ride if I’m in the mood.

    I’m loaded with Scorpio and Capricorn, married very young an Aries, made my dearest friend right out of college who was Cancer; then married a Cancer at 50 and am deeply in love with him still; Taurus friends appeal to my North Node in Taurus; my Ma was Pisces and she was the safety pin queen transcending difficulty she taught me how to hold things/life together; my kid brother was Sag and he did live a life of such exuberance I have a handful of Sag friends who live by that signature … wild and fun.

  3. My expectations of sign characteristics vary depending on sign placements but it does more to help me better understand each person as an individual. There are light and dark sides to every sign and the interplay of an individual chart is unique to each person. Therefore I will stick with my overall assessment that the root of self imposed heart ache come from placing expectations and it’s best to accept and love people for whom they are as individuals and apply appropriate boundaries based on how folks show up. And always give people room to show the best sides of themselves. We are all ever evolving and ever changing.

    1. Well said. Expectations bring more heart ache, confusion, and pain than just about anything else. Preconceptions run a close second.

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    I have never met a Cancer who wasn’t a very competent and hard worker so I tend to expect that from them. That and rather obnoxious histrionic tantrums when they can’t successfully manipulate a situation to their advantage. Cancer moon especially.

    1. My mother is a cancer, the most manipulative person I have ever met. They only act nice. Not a fan of libra either they are lazy and 2 faced. I get on with all zodiac but I peel them back so I know exactly who I’m dealing with.

  5. I tend to expect a lot from other Aries, like, “have your shit together or go away.” Aquarius can do no wrong in my mind, even when they hurt me. I expect Libra women to be bipolar & batshit crazy (they rarely disappoint). (Libra men tend to be goofballs.) I love the free spirit of Virgo women & we always make fast friends. Same for Sagittarius women…I cannot stand a weak Scorpio, either. I tend to have no expectations of Leos, Capricorns, or Taurus. Oh, and I have an affinity for Cancer women. I think my expectations are derived from my experiences with the signs over the years.

      1. Libra women can also have a tendency to not have a conscience when it comes to going after someone elses man, js…i’ve seen it a lot.

        1. They can really be sneaky about it. Im from the pluto in libra gen…hey can be ruthless…i mean ruthless. If they want your man it’s over, they wont stop chasing til theyre dead.

          1. I agree I am divorcing my husband because at an Aries I don’t chase men…I only have time for a Mature man that can change his ways…she was even using my personal things..took my number out his phone calling n cussing me about my husband…nobody knew he was married … I think Libra women are dilutional…some mental health problems are there…they lie so much that start believing their own deception ..

  6. I expect other Pisces to be perfect. Then the veil comes down, LMAO.

    I expect Geminis and Virgos to be at least average smart. Mercury power to all!

    1. re: Mercury power
      The most stupid, inarticulate, anti-intellectual people I know are Mercury-ruled. What blocks the honest expression of the archetype and summons its polar opposite? Life is a mystery.

        1. Being a virgo myself this rings so true for me – You are so right. We have so many wonderful thoughts but unfortunately we spend all of our time thinking of what to say, which topic to talk about analyzing and criticizing that we don’t educate the world with all of our wisdom – which of course we think is important

  7. I don’t cut much slack to other Cancers…I know the great ones of us can be fantastic, so it makes me sad to meet Cancers who behave atrociously, and believe me I have met them. I don’t need people like that representing my sign.

  8. I love Aquarians – they rarely disappoint. I prefer to talk and share with Aquarians. They are the Soul Fodder of deep and meaningful conversations. I love ’em. They keep to time, have wide knowledge, understanding and usually make wise friends.

    Sagittarius drive me bat-crazy all the time. (except for my husband who is Aquarius Rising).

    Other zodiac signs mostly drive me crazy and I end up suffering them or “knowing their problems” and/or avoiding their dramas and chaos.

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    Based on my experience:

    Aquarius Suns are a complete disaster as parents. Family matters are not for them. I am never ever gonna start a family myself (Aqua Sun here). Do not even want one.

    Scorpios might be a little to possessive for me but they are the only ones that stick with you when things fall apart. Not easily scared. If they are with you, they are through thick and thin.

    With Capricorns I can rest assured that they do what they say they are gonna do. Their word matters.

    Gemini Suns are the most non-judgy people I have ever known and I love that about them. So open-minded.

    Leos are great for boosting my confidence and faith in myself.

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      I have high expectations of Capricorns of both sexes and often find much to admire about them. I’ve met many with tremendous compassion, but they can also be ruthless, cruel and brutally contemptuous of anyone who doesn’t measure up to their standards or serve their purposes. I expect the best AND the worst from them.

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      I’m an Aqua rising, never wanted the responsibility of being a parent, not one ounce of interest in raising kids so I can relate. Sagittarius sun, Scorpio moon. Motherhood is one of life’s blessings I am thrilled to have missed out on.

    3. Wow your experiences are very different from mine my husband whom is Aqua Sun and moom is the best father I have ever known hands down even conpared to my own who is pretty awesome, he does have picese stellium in the 4th and scorpio rising but still he is a great Aquarian parent and his 3 awesome kids agree. My Gemini Sun peeps are the quickest to snap judgement they are not non-judgemental they are mutable they change their minds about their judgements frequently but are quick to judge.

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        I guess picese stellium in the 4th and scorpio rising is what brings it in him. I know Scorpios are very protective of the people they care about. And Pisces stellium adds a tender touch. In this case, I agree, Aquarius Sun or rising can make for a fun, positively freaky and freedom giving parent who is also your best friend. But pure Aquarius or people with stellium in Aquarius would be a completely different case. The same with Gemini Suns, the ones I know have a lot of water in their charts so they are not so “airy” in their judgments, they always consider feelings behind them. For this very reason, describing someone purely on Sun sign is pointless. It’s only a segment of the whole chart, and not so important as many make it to be.

      1. I adore Libras! Y’all are fun, warm, and creative. Of course when you flake, you flake hard. (I have personal experience with two step-mothers and a high school best friend.) I guess I expect that at some time a Libra will drift off. I do have Mercury and Venus in Libra so maybe I relate with you better than some.

  10. I dont know if ive ever met a weak Scorpio. it’s just me i guess. I’ve never met any weak capricorns either. I’m not fond of any of the air sun males; I find the gemini sun males kind if they are of an older generation.The older generation pluto leo, pluto virgo ones are nice people. the only thing i dont like about libra sun males from what i see from my family is that they will be with anyone just because they are lonely. I’ve seen it with my great uncles already widowed and he got together several times with women 20-30 years younger. I’m not fond of the aquarius suns/aquarius mars & moons in men. (they seem to want to control me by physcially abusing me, therefore weak) The women are fine, many times i read they are victims of the male version’s abuse. My best friend in high school is a capricorn sun with aquarius mars, so i dont mind aquarius mars with different sun and if they’re female.
    I like all the cancer suns i’ve known. I’m 50/50 with pisces. Virgos, all of them in my personal opinion have been good to me.
    I dont know many leo suns, (only my cousins, my husband’s aunt and our neighbor, but they are good people) Sagittarius, and Aries men have Always been good to me, The dominant aries men, however have not. It’s maybe the combination of their dominant aries energy with another sun sign. Except for a couple of aries sun males that wouldnt leave me alone but at least they were not abusive, or creepy in a way that they are going to physically harm me. They just scared me because of their stalkerish obsessive way, but i know they wouldnt lift a hand to punch me or backhand me. One of my husband’s best friend is an Aries sun and he’s very gentlemanly. I dont know many Sagittarius sun males, or met many. i dont attract them, unless they have sag in personal planets. The females are either extremely snobby or extremely kind. I like all the aries sun females i’ve met. All the capricorn sun males i know in my family are good men. I dont know if our different viewpoints of people in different birthdays mean anything, but i dont know why some energies just seem to cause a feeling of disgust or admiration. while i realize with some people, it doesn’t seem to cause much distress. I believe this is similar to the topic of why some children in a Household are targeted while the others are not. It has to do with energy.

  11. Low expectations of Geminis. many of the ones I know have a tendency toward ADD and talking in circles (state the subject but don’t make it to the verb or direct object). However, others are more articulate, especially if they have some earth grounding them.

  12. My first frenemy was a Cancer and my first cheating ex was a Cancer. The relationships I had with both were devastating.

    I tend to have low expectations of Cancers, but the good ones are awesome!

  13. I expect Gemini and Virgo to be intelligent. Gemini to be playfully, manically so and Virgos to be more grounded. (I see Gemini as the Doctor from Doctor Who. Virgo is Dr. Watson.) I expect Cancer to be nurturing and loving but to hold a grudge if they feel wounded. (Also, to not tell you when they feel wounded.) I don’t expect much from Sagittarius other than to be upbeat and amusing.

  14. I have high expectations of Capricorns. Why? They are hard on people, at least the ones I’ve met, that I expect them to hold up their own.

    I don’t have low expectations of any sign, just individual people. This is usually after years of many chances though.

  15. I have no expectations for Libra. The ones I’ve met aren’t trustworthy. It’s hard to know when they’re telling the truth. They can come across as so sweet and charming – but underneath they think something totally different. I’ve a progressed AC in Libra know…so I get this vibe now!

  16. I’m cautious around Pisces and Libra. Had one too many try to manipulate me…which makes me sad because my Virgo sun is in the 12th house and my venus is in Libra, so I feel like I understand them intuitively. Whenever I get the over-the-top sugar sweet charm or the martyrdom act, my response is, “Come on, you’re better than that. Have some integrity! If you want something just ask.” Not that it makes a difference.

    Speaking of integrity, I adore my Capricorn friends. They’re demanding and have high standards, but so do I. I enjoy the challenge to always do better and be greater. Besides, I know they’re a thousand times harder on themselves than they are on me.

    I also love the Taurus and Leo people in my life. Both signs take a lot of pride in what the do, and they are loyal to the core.

    Geminis and Aquarians I find fascinating, even if we make better acquaintances than friends.

  17. I think of Gemini and Venus in Gemini as cheating, disloyal in love with a propensity to love more than one. Is this consistently true?

  18. I’m fond of scorpio and Taurus and I can’t help but feel joy around leos and saggies. I don’ t really know why. I have an eighth house cappy sun (could explain the appreciation of scorpio – same values and that focus, loyalty and emotion. I have strong venus in chart so could explain the love of taurus, sensual and practical. I have stellium in fifth hosue with strong jupiter so could explain the much loved rapport with leos and saggies. Pisces are too ‘watery’ and slippery for me and geminis are too talkative and jittery (even though I have a gemini ascendant myself!) There’s more. . .but I’ve said enough.

  19. I have had some difficult experiences recently with Capricorns. Throughout this Pluto transit they’ve been opportunistic, stingy, and shown real ‘I’ve got mine so screw you’ behavior and mentality. Saying rude things. Suddenly becoming materialistic or just insufferable jerks. In both cases I saw them suddenly rise to power in work/relationship situations, abuse the power, lose the power, come back groveling, etc. Wild! I don’t expect anything from them but requests for my time, effort, sympathy, with squat in return. I’m giving them all a wide berth for the rest of the transit.

  20. i’m so glad after learning more and more on astrology, i’m understanding of signs better and more tolerant. it may not be for me, or for you, for them ect but i’m more of, i’m glad that astrology helps me be less bias. (it’s supposed to) for example, earth signs in general/needing security/material, they also help their loved ones be successful too. air signs, need for space/mental space too and general overall need for partnership but with some room.

  21. Gemini, most talk non stop about absolutely NOTHING! EVER! They never go beneath the surface. Of course, this coming from someone with a Saturn conj Pluto in Leo on my ascendant in the 12th. But a lot of them are really smart. I give them that. Gotta give the devil his due. How Libra of me! Jupiter in my third house now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Weak Scorpio? Absolutely. They work behind scenes and at all costs look to preserve their ego which is easy to shatter. Scorp is deceptive. No respect for dishonesty.
    Pisces and aqua my fav. They have no judgement. I like Cancer. Virgo is too picky, woman r just the opposite of virgins, Taurus too opinionated, sag too condescending and arrogant. Capricorn a bit stiff. Earth colors inside the lines and thinks in the box.

  23. Libra women make me a bit crazy, especially when they tend toward superficiality and “OMG! Did you see that?! Did you see HER?!” I’m an 8th-house sun in Aries, urgh gimme a break with those Libras.

  24. i’m perpetually disappointed. i think i make a habit of confusing potential and actual.
    i think i take badly behaved aries personally. probably some projection there 😉

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