Fake Reality – Life In A Socially Engineered Petri Dish

petri_dish_at_the_pacific_northwest_national_laboratoryThis has become so extreme. Search “fake reality” on this blog. I’ve been chronically this for awhile.

As an update, one glance at the trending topics on twitter, makes it obvious those spots are sold. There is no way anyone is talking about what they say we’re talking about, up until they introduce the topic and deem it a “trend”.

I am so sick of living in a petri dish where social scientists inject, “this or that” into the collective consciousness and then observe the effects.

Can you tell when you’re interacting with a machine? Or do you still think fake is real?

10 thoughts on “Fake Reality – Life In A Socially Engineered Petri Dish”

  1. Yes, I think I can tell. But I’ve had to train myself to give the benefit of the doubt less often. I could go on and on about the examples I see. What I don’t understand is how the people who perpetuate this are able to live with themselves.

  2. I don’t use a Twitter and never have. I used to have a quite ‘popular’ facebook profile, but I deleted that years ago. Then I’ve created a few more over the years and deleted them or abandoned them. Now I have another one but I mainly use it just for games, which I might delete or ababdon soon since some people are getting a hold of it. I don’t like the limelight much anymore.

    People are fake on these things. They only care about selfies and sharing every silly little thing about their lives. It’s all a facade.

  3. I can tell, and I am repulsed. My progressed Moon just went into my natal Gemini 8th house and I am definitely frustrated with plastic. I want the real and not the fake. I am confused why so many are entertained and betwitched by the fake. What are the benefits of pining away and expending so much energy into chasing not even real rainbows???

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    It’s sad. I probably *am* interacting with robots. Or constructed realities. Or self-edited text-versions of people, instead of true friends, who make mistakes, who suffer, who are inadvertently quirky, who are real with me, and I can be myself around them. I feel a little sad that we don’t know how to be close with one another to be in the same space together… And no one is listening, and everyone wants to talk past each other. I guess I worry now… what if no one likes the real me?

    I think it might be my depressive Saturn-Mercury thoughts talking haha. Yeah. It’s good to disconnect. To live without for a while. To stay in the physical space. Be uncomfortable for a while. It means I meet up with friends. Instead of a sad substitute for true company.

  5. I think selfies are the expression of a self-centered, narcissistic attitude, where others are no longer human beings but mere audiences. TV is feeding the fake reality and it’s totally superfluous too. I’m living now in a small town in Germany, where people still meet with neighbors and friends at the local pub or bar, real people sharing and talking about life and real things, and I enjoy it very much.

  6. it’s unfortunate that most of this AI is pushed in the direction of connecting people to what the designer want to sell, rather than _what people actually want_ . i think it could be tremendously useful towards serving that aim. but instead it’s primarily being used for deceptive marketing…

  7. At some point we are going to get savvy to this phenomena and we’ll be able to spot it, call it and leave it. At that point, hopefully many social ills won’t be able to take root a we will be on to the game.

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