Air Signs And Food

turkey-ck-780346-l.jpgSpeaking of me (earthy) vs the intellectuals (Airy), one year, we had an all-girl Thanksgiving. My double Aquarius friend Kay hosted the event. Her double Gemini friend and my daughter (a baby at the time) attended and we had a blast.

We cooked all day… sort of. The Gemini showed up with freeze-dried potato mix which she prepared with a cigarette hanging from her mouth while telling jokes and talking about men. She looked right out of a movie so you know I loved that.

Late that afternoon we had all this food laid out. The table was beautiful, courtesy Kay’s Libra Moon and guess what? No one ate but me. Okay. My daughter (also a Gemini) ate a cranberry. A cranberry. Air signs don’t care about food, especially airy Moons.

I looked at Kay. I looked at the double Gemini. “Either of you going to eat anything?” I asked.

“Uh, no. Go ahead, Elsa. Is it good?”

Do you have an appetite? Where is your Moon?

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  1. That is SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY. Else my got you are getting even funnier!!! Cigarette and freeze dried potatoes…

    just lately I have this appetite from hell…not so much that, as I just keep eating! It’s like, all the food left that was cooked during the election self-sequestering…it is like I must eat it all and then start brand new with nothing. It is bizarre. I am not usually like this with the eating thing.

    Leo moon

  2. Actually, these are old. I used to be funny,,, back in 2005 and funnier still in 2003 or 2001. I’ve had to clean up my act. I do miss swearing my head off.

  3. I’ve noticed that my Virgo moon friends are very discriminating about food. My Acq/Virgo girlfriend could live on nuts and seeds I think.

    I’m a cappy moon and don’t eat red meat or pork but still birds and fish occasionally. I have a problem with eating flesh on a very visceral level.

  4. My moon is in Virgo trine my sun in Capricorn and I need to eat to thrive. And boy can I eat!!!

    My virgo friend and I used to go out and have proper three course meals . . We had a favorite restaurant and once after the (new) host had seated us, the bartender (we were regulars) pulled him over and suggested we be reseated at a larger table. On account of the volume of food we were going to order.

    I have six kinds of granola bars and two kinds of cup of soup in my cupboard here at work so I can snack between breakfast and lunch. Food! Is! Awesome!!!!!!!

  5. Oh this girl can eat. Moon in Cancer. But just as important, if not more so ~ raised by Mexicans on one side and Italians on the other, don’t you know food makes EVERYTHING better?? 😉

  6. My Cappy Moon loves to eat, but only GOOD food made with high quality ingredients. I also love cooking and baking. Following recipes to successful conclusions is so satisfying to me.

    God, I never thought about this particular aspect of my personality being so stereotypically Saturn. You can’t make this shit up.

  7. Hahaha – I cook and cook and cook (Cancer rising) but I never eat ANYTHING! Never realized this…. Gemini Moon. I’m too busy talking to eat and I appreciate more the idea of it looking pretty/being well-made (Libra) than actually consuming it.

  8. I could pretty much eat til I ‘slopded. I have a Virgo moon but I think in this case my appetite has more to do with that fact that to my big Italian family “portion control” means eating only half a slab of lasagna.

  9. well heck, i’m a gemini moon but i can eat, yeah. i do have lots of earth energy in general, though. maybe that mitagates.

  10. I have a Virgo moon in my 3rd House. I love to eat and can eat vast amounts of food on ocassion. I don’t care for junk food. I must rather eat good, fresh food. I rather enjoy a small piece of high quality chocolate than eat a cheap candy bar.

    On the other hand, I have forgotten to eat when I am busy.

    My youngest is a double aquarius with a gemini rising. She is tiny and slender. She can only eat small amounts at a time and she needs to eat several small meals during the day.

  11. I have Aquarius sun/moon and I absolutely adore food. Cooking, eating, doesn’t matter. I remember watching The Galloping Gourmet on TV when I was like 4 years old! I cook (what I think are) fabulous meals for my family nearly every day, but my kids are so used to it, they just go “eh.” Well, my triple Cappy does (super-duper picky), but my Virgo moon youngest is a chowhound like myself and eats just about everything I put in front of him. My oldest is somewhere in the middle – not picky but not a huge eater. He’s on his own now and says he misses my chicken parmesan and apple pie the most. He has a Cancer moon. The Mister (Virgo moon) is like my Virgo moon son, loves to eat and eats whatever I put in front of him LOL.

  12. I have no appetite, but I love to cook and eat. There is some medical behind this. But moon in Sadge, to answer that question.

  13. OMG. Pisces moon but Virgo ASC and some other Virgo. It has to be fresh ingredients, organic/imported/gourmet. Nothing processed or with fake crap, or god-help-me mass produced. I almost retch at the sight of buffets. It must be healthy and balanced in flavor, texture and amount and type of oil. I cannot be interrupted when I cook and do not want help or advice.

    And whatever is wrong with anything, believe me, there is no need to tell me, I am already humiliated and it WILL be corrected for the next time.

    People love my food. It’s even better than a restaurant. You have to see the anticipation on the faces of the people around my table. I love dinners/dinner parties.

    And I just bask in the compliments!!

  14. I forgot to comment on the freeze-dried potato mix – what a hilarious mental picture, but if someone showed up at my house on T’giving with that, I’d have to ask them “WTF is the matter with you!?!” Plus, there’d be NO smoking in the house, let alone over the food. Gross.

  15. Marianne – gotcha. This was 13 years ago, times have changed.
    (It was NOT however, “back in the day” ;-))

    nod to the tiresome phrases blog. 🙂

    But yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. Other end of the kitchen, I was grinding FRESH cranberries… ha ha ha

  16. My Taurean Venus overrides my Libran Moon…if the food is good (and it HAS TO BE GOOD), I can eat, and eat, and eat….til I want to burst…and yet, I can still eat!!! hahaha….

    If the food is not good or just boring, I don’t eat (this is the case at school where “family meal” is often revolting [shocking, especially in a culinary school]…so, I just skip lunch & eat when I get home) 🙂

  17. Thanks for reminding me Lilly. If the food isn’t great and/or extremely sweet, I don’t eat much. I must do a big purge of the kitchen. Last night I made these choc chip muffins I had in a package then found half a bag of choc chips and threw them in there too. wow they were like quadruple chocolate chip muffins. I also love oatmeal with honey added plus butter-flavor-maple-syrup added plus brown sugar added and then a pack of equal stirred in too, just to make sure it’s sweet.

    Once the sweets are out of the house, and the tasty stuff, I will go thru withdrawal but then this insanity will stop. I’ve got about 1.5 more days worth of tasty food.

  18. I love this subject! Food! Food! Food! I love food! Comfort food especially, and I have the biggest sweet tooth. My moon is in Capricorn and I think the deal is that my mom was a stay-at-home mom who had a homecooked meal prepared EVERY SINGLE DAY. I guess eating a good meal is sort of nostalgiac. Me, my husband, and our kids religiously go to my parents every Sunday for “Sunday dinner”, and it’s my favorite time of the week.
    My daughter who is a tripple Cappy (sun, moon, venus) w/ Cancer rising can eat a horse with her little skinny 50-something lb. self. My younger daughter has moon in Sag and she is the most finicky eater ever. Her diet mostly consisits of Ketchup…lol.
    My husband has Moon and Rising in Cancer and he eats a lot of junk and meats. He snacks all day and doesn’t gain a pound (Aquarius sun maybe…..or duh….he’s Asian!).

  19. ketchup diet, that’s hilarious.

    my ex-husband with Cancer rising, same thing. a lot of junk and meats and you should see this. he would take a piece of bread and just plop a gigantic spoonful of mayo on it then and not spread it around just put something else on there and then another piece of bread. so weird, all the mayo had to end up on one tiny part of the sandwish all in the same bite eww. but no weight gain, virgo with sag moon and that cap mars work work work work work. and work out work out work out.

    now my time must come, sigh sigh, drag drag

  20. Eww…Loonsounds, mayo in big quatities grosses me out!! 🙂
    I was just saying yesterday how I have come to love my Mars in Cancer, but my biggest complaint has to be that it doesn’t give me much drive to work out 🙁

  21. Gemini Moon, 11th house. My sabian symbol is about food I think though. I never cook a Thanksgiving meal. I go to someone’s house. But yes, I stuff myself. I eat. I am a Taurus after all.

  22. Virgo moon 7th house, 6th house Cancer-ruled:
    Thanksgiving I would be compulsively tidying up, and if I’m visiting non-family, I will hear at least once: “Stop cleaning”. I’m bound to be telling people about the latest health and diet tips. And when I’m not fasting or cleansing, I’m picking comfort foods with a mix of a lot of tastes, like turkey stuffing or a stew or a casserole with some cheese in it. Moosh, or foods that make a moosh. If I’m at a potluck, I aim to sample at least a spoonful of each of the foods because everyone put some work into it and I each person’s contribution to be appreciated because it is a group effort. I want the conversation to feel that way too: everyone part of the discussion, joking and storytelling.

  23. Virgo moon 7th house, 6th house Cancer-ruled:
    Thanksgiving I would be compulsively tidying up, and if I’m visiting non-family, I will hear at least once: “Stop cleaning”. I’m bound to be telling people about the latest health and diet tips. And when I’m not fasting or cleansing, I’m picking comfort foods with a mix of a lot of tastes, like turkey stuffing or a stew or a casserole with some cheese in it. Moosh, or foods that make a moosh. If I’m at a potluck, I aim to sample at least a spoonful of each of the foods because everyone put some work into it and I want each person’s contribution to be appreciated because it is a group effort. I want the conversation to feel that way too: everyone part of the discussion, joking and storytelling.

  24. Feast and famine…Capricorn Moon (1st) trine Taurus Sun (5th)
    I have a reputation at work for eating all day. Which I do!

    Today it was:
    1 litre homemade borscht (all organic, want some PixieDust?)
    2 hardboiled eggs
    roasted lamb and potato~ a full meal size
    a HUGE salad with broccoli, carrot, celery, roasted red pepper, fresh cilantro

    The gals I work with (uber Cancers) bitch about what I eat, but they’re busy with their Lean Cuisine and their Splenda drinks which I’d rather jump off a bridge than eat.

    See, I eat all day until about 4 and then I lose all interest. And I mean ALL. I’m not a snacker. I eat meal after meal but have zero interest in chips and the like.

    And I hate cake and cakey things, and most sugar (except ice cream or cheesecake~ it’s all about the texture) which everyone finds weird except me.

  25. only if it’s weird (aquarius) or healthy (6th) or both!

    …or i’m nursing a baby… then i’ll eat nearly anything, it seems ;P

  26. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    A friend of mine who has a Gemini Moon really loves his food:D The Moon is his only planet above the horizon… The key, I think, is his packed 4th house; Sun, Mercury and Uranus in Scorpio and Pluto in Libra.

    The Moon signs of the few people I know who are unenthusiastic about food are Capricorn and Aries (tiny sample!;).

    My own Moon is in Taurus in the 5th house. Now, let’s sit down and eat!;D

  27. Moon in Virgo. Been a vegetarian (sometimes vegan) for a long time. Main thing I’m noticing is I can’t feel the enthusiasm for talking about food that all you guys do! And I’m Cancer Ascendant, aren’t I suppose to love food? Oh well, I’m enjoying all y’alls enthusiasm. It’s been interesting to see.

  28. Avatar
    eye of the hurricane

    I have started cooking big batches of comfort food, so that I can freeze servings for later on and take some to work for lunch. Pasta and Chicken & Rice dishes. I was growing tired of wondering wtf I was going to eat for lunch two or three days a week and ending up in the grocery store or at restaurants. I have not cooked borscht for awhile, but thanks to kashmiri, that will be next.

  29. I’m a Gemini. We (my son & I, heis my only rlative) go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving. LOL.

    It’s a N Y Steak House in So Cal and still serve steak as well as a Thanksgiving thing too.

    I have a NY Steak, french fries and a Grey Goose Martini and a Gravy Boat of whipped cream every year.

    My son might not be able to be here this year and if so, I’ll be doing the Turkey Lean Cuisine with the grey goose from the bottle by myself. Probably more grey goose than food.

    I used to love to cook when I had a family but I rarely ate. Now I only eat if I’m with someone else. It feels punitive to eat dinner by yourself so I just don’t.

    I think food is about people and conversation and love but then I’m Gem SUN, MERC, Venus.

  30. That’s true, Ms. Scarlett, food is about people and love. When I’m feeling down preparing meals and eating properly is the first thing to go for me (I tend to hit famine when I’m blue).

  31. Kasmiri- I just read what you eat at work.

    Where do you park your logging truck? That is quite a meal. I’m like the two bites and I’m done person unless its ice cream.

    I hate these Holidays. As soon as I saw that first frigging display of canned pumpkin and tiny marshmellows I started to slide toward woulda, shulda, coulda which is always followed by tears.

  32. ha haha! I actually carted it all to work on my bicycle! The thing is, I don’t eat like that every day, not by a long shot. If I’m at home all day I have one or two meals and that’s it, and sometimes it’s hardly anything at all.
    I guess the fact I have time to just sit and relax all day when I go to work (in the office, we answer phones all day and don’t move around) it’s the perfect time to have a feast (as long as I don’t eat in anyone’s ear).

  33. I keep forgetting the American Thanksgiving is so late in the year. It happened in Canada about a month ago. I don’t think I’d like having one holiday (Thanksgiving) so close to another (Christmas). It’d ruin me.

  34. What’s borsht? Oh, Ms. S I love those displays of canned pumpkin and tiny marshmellow. But I am a vegetarian just like some of the rest of y’all, therefore I was told I had to give up marshmellow because it has hooves shavings in it or something, ditto ‘jello’ (pronounced ‘jelly’ in australia). this will be the first thanksgiving in 4 years that I will not be accompanying my mother and her crowd to the yacht club for T. dinner. That is my biggest thing to be grateful for so far.

  35. borscht=beet soup, essentially. There’s a lot of different ways to make it but it is a very common soup from eastern europe to russia and beyond.
    goes nicely with sour cream or yogurt (without gelatin, ew) and fresh dill.
    i love root vegetables!

  36. My heritage is Russian. 3 outta 4 grandparents – the other was German. 2nd generation American.

    I think probably anything with some consume’ (sp) or gelatinous base has some kind of hoofs or pig snoots in it but I’m not sure. Major canivore here.

  37. Sag moon. I love eating: dining out, cooking/baking, grocery shopping (in a good market). It’s best doing these things w/friends. Love it. I read cookbooks for pleasure, and the only tv shows I watch are cooking ones. I eat healthy but never diet.

    I love discovering the cuisines of different cultures. Food is a major factor in deciding where I’ll travel. But I’ll basically eat (or at least, try) anything! I’ll even eat things when I don’t like the smell or when I can’t identify it (is that meat?…. it sort of looks like meat….) Sometimes it’s better if you don’t know what it is lol. I have eaten some pretty unusual stuff. I’m game for anything except I dislike junk food, super greasy stuff, and things like “all you can eat” restaurants. I don’t have comfort foods.

    Canadian culture (at least in the Toronto area) has an approach to food that confounds me. We tend to be very rushed, and there is often no sense of joy and reverence, no sensuality. It’s all about instant gratification. However, Toronto has a great scene for dining out, I love it.

  38. I love to eat, and drink! (That comment on the other post about life being a cabernet- GOLD.)My moon is in Libra, however I’ve been told it’s my venus in sagg that is the culprit behind my appetite- that or coming from an entire family that loves to eat.

  39. Lots of Virgo Moons! Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon here. I find that I’m pretty discriminating with what I eat like many of the others with the same moon placement. However, someone mentioned forgetting to eat and I find that that happens sometimes and then I’ll pretty much eat anything at that point lol. My energy levels are also adversely affected when I’m not eating quality food consistently. I also become full really quickly but am usually hungry again shortly thereafter haha.

    1. Avatar

      Ha. Another taurus sun, virgo moon. I would agree about having to eat for energy.

      My problem is I cook too much food. I blame the mars cancer for that. I always make more food than we need. So I just send home care packages to family and friends. Easier than thtowing away good food (nooo!!!)

      I dated a gemini once upon a time. Was the worst food dates to go on. He ate like he hated eating, like chewing the food was unpleasant, etc. Surprisingly large turn off. Amazing and wonderful person that did not work out due to where each of us was in our lives (end of school transitions and new relationships break with a job elsewhere). But I will always remember his looking like he did not like to eat despite saying otherwise when asked

      1. I can’t even comprehend throwing out a morsel of food! Eat it later, tomorrow, until it’s gone. Freeze it. Take it to work for lunch. Make it into soup. Anything!

  40. This is funny. I’m a total Sadge with Aqua moon. I love soul food (American) but don’t eat very much when it comes to meals. Snacking? Yes, I can nitpick around snacks all day. Also, I’ll cook big batches of food and freeze them so many times, I end up eating the same thing for weeks on end.

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