Voice Of Mars: “Some Of Those Women…”

dora-today-stand.jpg“P, some of this women aren’t telling you the whole story. Some women… I’m telling you if you’re not going to screw them, you’re not going to screw anyone.”

“I know. I know that, I know what you mean.”

“Yeah, they get pissed and get it all wrong… go tell everyone in the world a bunch of shit about you, none of it is true. I mean they call your sister, your mother, your friends, your boss, your cousins… they’ll even tell your dog about you if they happens to speak English.”

I snorted.

This is true of course but why? Why is there a saying, “Hell have no fury like a woman scorned…” but no equivalent saying regarding men?

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  1. Del – I won’t because she thinks she’s gorgeous. I always tell her when I see her looking especially funky, “hold right there” and she always does exactly that. I mean, I have to go get a camera and she just waits there…. loves having her picture taken almost as much as she loves having her disease pill, because those come wrapped in chicken. 🙂

  2. I think men can detatch more than a woman can. We become more invested in the relationship(wraped up in it) then men, I think. I also think that sometimes I define myself as to who I am with,hmmm not sure. I just know I have a hard time letting go of stuff and when I do there are plenty of scratch marks on it from holding on,haha ( venus in cancer).

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    Well, on the other side of the men detaching thing, I do have to point out Elsa’s post a few weeks back on how women just don’t know our effect on men. Men do get attached. I don’t know if they detach more easily, but … they are connected to the women in their lives.

    But when a man hath the fury of a woman scorned… it can become more dangerous, less planned out. Maybe. Depending. (I was thinking along the lines of abusive relationships, stalking… where men are the abusers/stalkers, that is.) Well, I …. think it might also be because we don’t just talk about men who have that fury. We talk about that guy in particular. (That really creepy guy. That scary guy.) And men are supposed to be cool and calm, in the face of defeat, according to society. (Wait, so are women, aren’t we?)

    And when a woman is scorned and she’s furious… we label her actions from the fact that she is a woman. Not that she’s an angry, (scary, vindictive, out of control, petty?) person. But, I’m not an expert on this.

    Maybe women feel like they have a lot more to lose than men when they’ve been scorned and so they lose control. I struggled with this personally…. how I’ve seen women. Specifically… Seeing women on screen become “scorned” and suddenly, well, they looked less beautiful right there and then, even if their clothes, hair, makeup were all the same. It’s strange how that happens. It’s as if that scorn in relationships (Venus) reflected directly on their beauty (Venus), and their worth (Venus) even if it wasn’t true. (Maybe I’m projecting my own feelings onto them, haha!) They feel helpless because so much of their worth depends on their beauty… their acceptance in relationships.

    At least these women… at least this woman.

    Whereas men who may be scorned… well, for some reason I just don’t feel that sharp of a contrast. They still have their ambitions and career goals (Mars)…. I don’t know why. And I just can’t spot exactly whether we perceive reactions for men and women post-scorned differently. And whether it’s actually that women scorned are scary (i.e. vindictive, out of control, “petty”?). Hall of Mirrors-esque? woot! Anyone want to take a jab at this? I hope I’m understandable!

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    Maybe, a vindictive woman uses relationships (your sister, your mother, your friends, your boss, your cousins, your dog) as the primary weapon. (Relational violence.)

    Whereas a vindictive man… they may also use themselves, or other types of violence, as the primary weapon (battery, rape, stalking… or how they are the breadwinner and the woman isn’t.) But, I may be SORELY wrong on this too.

    Both can use verbal threats and either can use either weapon. Sorry! Just realized. This isn’t light stuff to talk about!

    Yay! Scorpio Sun conjunct Pluto. Fun times, folks. Fun times.

  5. *sigh* a Libra speaking, no it´s not fair. Some of those women would do *anything*. Perhaps they just want to destroy. Anything or everything…or anybody.

  6. Well I’ve only done it once, it was about 15 years ago and I regretted it almost immediately. It was completely out of character.. I was literally in an altered state (pregnant!) but outside of that, I just walk away and am well known for this. Never, ever fired a shot at an ex – ever, save that one time which I chock up to hormones!

  7. There is a lot that some of us could say about this subject but uhm…perhaps with the Moon conjunct Uranus would be better to discuss “this” subject tomorrow? Yep. I´ll just ssshhh :O

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    I have NO idea why someone, male or female, would do that. Not worth the energy. That and I usually take it personally like there is something wrong with me and so I go a-lookin to fix that.

    Although this reminds me of a young woman that used to hang with our group. She was known for, umm, being a bit free with her love. She hit on one of the single but private guys close to her age and he told her that he was gay. (Hardly the case if you watch him at parties he watches the girls and tries to get up to them and figure out something to say but is perpetually shy). So she went around to everyone in their group and told them that this guy was gay because he told her so.

    Most people cracked up with the thought of this particular guy being gay. Shy, yes, gay no!

    My SO and I got to watch this because one of our roomers is younger and in this group so a lot of their social stuff took place in our living room and we were often the “confidant” advice giver for the younger group.

    Personally we thought the whole thing was hilarious. That is the view from the outside though.

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