On Being High-Minded And Devious

There is only person in this world who I think truly understands the way my mind works and it is my sister.  This is because she grew up with me. We shared a bedroom. We have the same parents and if you took any one of those things out of the equation, I think she’d miss the boat too.

Last night, for the hell of it and because Saturn is transiting my Mercury, I decided (Libra) to disclose my motives for writing something in my blog.  “I am up to a number of things,” I explained with a nervous chuckle. denamaria chuckled back at me so I snorted. “Yeah, well I can’t help myself. I just can’t help but do it,” I said.

I rattled off a quick list why I wrote the post in question, starting with my true, high-minded goals and ending with my slithering-on-it’s-belly, criminal mind’s end of the deal.  I mentioned some mid-range stuff that was no less important feeling both hapless, proud and somewhat embarrassed.

Hapless, because I can’t help but do this. Proud because I can do it. Embarrassed because I do, do it.

The embarrassed part is a gift from, Annalisa, I’d say. She has left the room to get away from my brain, many times. She has made remarks over the years, complaints really. “You’re too tricky. You’ve got too many tricks…”

On that note, my whole family did not much like my brain. It’s the reason I got kicked in the head so much. It was a deliberate attempt to  make me stupid that was successful to an extent.

I think, Annalisa has really come to appreciate my brain, in part because her son has one a lot like it.  She no longer complains anyway and this Saturn transit has me taking stock of it.

I’ve got most of 2011 to sort this out.  What are my real limits and what are some things I can push past?  Am I doing the “right thing” with my intellect?  What about the righteous thing?

That last question has to be asked, with Mercury in the 9th. It’s perhaps the hard part of the puzzle because one can only be so clean with both feet, both legs and most of their ass hangin’ out in the 8th.  This is the problem and I’m working on it.

Do you mind your mind?  Why or why not?

12 thoughts on “On Being High-Minded And Devious”

  1. My mind is often, as Annalisa said, under estimated greatly.

    I may work in the service industry, but it’s not because I’m too stupid to do anything else. It’s because I enjoy it, it’s a calling, and it is lucrative for me.

    But I am not stupid. I am wiley, and quick minded on top of being intelligent.

    A few months ago, I was waiting on this table. Their food was taking awhile, mostly because the big dude ordered filet mignon medium well, and let’s get real. That takes longer than fried fish. So a table that had just fish ordered after they did, and got their food first. I went to refill a coffee cup for the old guy, and big dude says to me:

    “I hope you know that this long wait has cut your tip in half.”

    My head: “oh, please give me the words….”

    My mouth: “Sir, I’ve been in this business since the early 80s. You wouldn’t be the first customer to cut my tip because a filet mignon takes more than seven minutes to cook to medium well.”

    My head: “Damn, I’m good.”

    And yeah, I got a good tip. LMAO

  2. Yes you are doing the right thing with your intellect.
    Those one minute videos ARE righteous!

    I mean it! They rock, they really do.

  3. sometimes i feel the undercurrents in your posts, elsa, and i just marvel. it’s a hell of a trick and i’d like to be better at it myself.

    i’ve got mercury-saturn, or perhaps i should say, i’ve got mercury-damn-near-everything. think i’d have trouble not minding my mind.

  4. Mercury/Chiron square Saturn. Yes I mind my mind. It’s in aspect to Uranus and I do blurt, and when I do I shock people who DON’T know me–the people who do know me are like–there she is!

  5. Dixie, Annalisa and I talked extensively this morning. She tracks my deviousness back to when I was 4 years old and estimates I am only about 30% aware of what I am doing.

    My husband is calling or I would say more, lol.

  6. I like your brain Elsa…and your sense of humour. You tell it straight,…

    I have Sun conjunct Mercury and Uranus…in 9th. SO I know everything…and blurt I do.(Plus Venus in Gemini and Sag Moon)

    And also it whirs and whirs faster than I can catch it sometimes. Then theres the Neptune Square the conjucntion….so at various moments it all goes to mush. Then I know nothing. Sigh.

    Have had several head injuries as well…so…it works …sort of intermittently.

    When I was a kid my family was pretty dysfunctional (alcohol) but middle class, educated etc… so intellect was highly valued. I was a brain so got major strokes for good marks…which was the only time I felt valued.

    Result…major Know-it-All syndrome (Jupiter on MC doesnt help!!) The worst insult to me is to call me stupid

    Now…with various health issues and head injuries etc plus menopause…ahhhh….I do and say a lot of dumb things…plus am now sort of dyslexic…when tired. Perfect.

    Aren’t we all so funny?!!

  7. Mind the mind?? My moon minds it cause is opposing it..Uranus is opposing it too. Either people around me don’t get it at all or love it. It was very important to me to be understood but l don’t think that is going to happend. It helps to know what drives or obstructs the mind. Now l just feel a little censured and hyper sensitive.

  8. Have Mercury in 9th natally (Cancer). Minding my mind has come with maturity, but I always have to fight emotion overruling being rational.

  9. Mercury in Gemini in 9th, squaring Mars and Pluto in the 12th. Yes, I’m devious and a born detective. People have no idea thanks to my Libra rising. I was scared my boyfriend (now husband) would hate me once he realized just how my mind worked but instead, he admires my ability to get to the bottom of things. I try not to use my Powers (LOL) for evil but there have been times I messed with people who had messed with me or my family…and they never guessed it was I who caused them grief.

  10. I love it: ‘It’s perhaps part of the puzzle because one can only be so clean with both feet, both legs, and most of their ass hangin’ out in the 8th. This is the problem, and I’m working on it.’ That made me laugh uproariously.

    Mercury in the 8th; someone once said I was tricky. May be I should be proud of that!

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