Venus Aspecting Pluto In Synastry And The Composite Chart

Indiana Jones“Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?”
–Indiana Jones

My Venus quincunxes my man’s Pluto. His Venus quincunxes my Pluto. This is called a “double whammy” in astrology slang, interaspects with the same planets repeated from chart to chart. It’s not exact or within the strict orb (2 to 3 degrees) but the effect is palpable. Because we both have the interaspect in the same signs we also have it in the composite chart which registers midpoints.

Venus (what you like, aesthetically desire) aspecting Pluto (depth, taboo, pain, transformation) has a primal effect on relationships. In easy aspect you may find it brings out interest and interactions over deep subjects which transform you positively. In hard aspect it’s not uncommon to see issues arise that are just plain disturbing. Possessiveness or a fascination with the taboo are two. In either case, there’s a deep alchemy in attraction.

You’d think with a double-whammy in our charts we’d both display equal measures of the effect. It may be that he feels as I feel, but you can’t measure someone else’s feelings. I can see it in how I act. I have Mars in the 3rd and I run my mouth about it. He has Mars in the 7th and is prone to projecting or letting the other take action. In our case I find that while we might be equally affected the acting out is done by me.

We have Libra rising in the composite chart, which I have called “an attractive nuisance.” That is, we are an attractive couple, but add the difficult aspects (Venus quincunx Pluto-Mars) and we become, “oh what a pretty, shiny meat grinder…. must… stick… my… hand… in… it.” With my stronger, more outward Mars it’s always me who takes the action. It’s in mercury’s house, the 3rd, so first I say, “Why is that woman humping your leg while we’re dancing?” Then I take care it.

If someday we were to get it together enough to act in concert as a couple we would be able to use that composite Pluto Mars with Uranus conjunct (in Virgo). That might be good; I’m not sure. It would probably be like Indiana Jones when the guy comes at him whipping around a scimitar, and he just sighs and shoots him dead. I’ll have to think on whether or not that’s better.

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What are your primary (hardest hitting) aspects in synastry, in relationship? Do you act as a couple, using your composite Mars, or act individually?

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    Interesting Satori.Ihave always been fascinated with the dynamics of venus/pluto in relationships. What about a venus trine pluto aspect in synastry…I wonder how this would possibly manifest? I am the pluto person, and he is the venus person. Any ideas?

  2. thanks, that would be an aspect of ease, like I mentioned in the second paragraph. the effect in the composite would have the same energy but speaks of how you present energy as a couple.

  3. Really interesting question.

    My husband and I have a composite Mars in Leo trine Jupiter. We publish our flamboyant prowess so er… um… yeah. 🙂

    We also stood shoulder to shoulder and challenged all those bikers when we were skinny teenagers so yeah, yes and uh huh.

  4. I think we use our composite Mars, as a couple. It’s conjunct the DES (in 7th House), opposing Neptune/ASC conjunction. We really get along…We’ve had a few blips but our relationship feels (for lack of a better word) healing. We are super affectionate. He’s got all the Leo and I’ve got all the Taurus and we’re basically a love machine, LOL.

    Also in the composite, is a Mercury/Saturn/Venus conjunction in the 7th House opposing Moon. Very early on I said “Let’s just not fight, okay?” My friends were incredulous but it’s worked. We’ve had problems but the goal as stated early on was to solve them and this resolve has stuck.

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    Thanks for that Satori; I guess I asked because you always hear about the obsessive/possessive traits regarding venus/pluto in synastry, and I guess ( although it’s clear that in the harmonious aspects they will clearly be LESS pronounced, than the harder aspects) I was wondering who would feel these so-called negative traits more…venus or pluto? Sorry for not clarifying what I meant.

  6. Really good post satori. I have Mars/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo in the 1st house…and the new guy also has the same stellium though not sure which house it falls into though yet, his birth time is unknown (he’s 1.5 yrs older so other things are different). Anyways, the stelliums are mashed up together in the composite. I think your Indiana Jones metaphor is quite accurate! Why bother talking or reasoning? Just do it!

  7. I have no idea about the synastry charts with my ex –which aspects should jump out. (My moon perfectly quintiles his mercury — so it’s like he never says anything wrong.) We have mutual tight Venus-Pluto semisquares.
    However that shows up as a conjunction within 4 minutes along with Mercury opposing Mars as the bow of a kite.

    Neither of us has dated anyone seriously since we broke up.

  8. l like the Libra risign discription combined with the hard aspects…:)l’m familiar with Libra risign composite looking oh so charming on the outside 🙂
    pluto opposing my venus
    pluto trine his venus
    It was hard dealing with this at first!
    Composite Mars in Gemini 8th house..Mars in Gemini is a bit hectic if you ask me.
    Pluto Libra 1st house opposing Jupiter Aries.
    and l could go on… this chart is just to wow for me to understand, it’s interesting and l also see a sort of a square (the envelope), not sure if it is one..don’t get it really. However after we lost eachother peace and harmony retuned and the relationship totaly changed. it kind of transformed both of us! It made us strong and erased all the insecirities Pluto-Venus brings about!
    Like a 1st house composite Pluto should!
    l also look at the progressed composite ..ascendant Scorpio, Uranus 1st house, Pluto moved to the 12 h and Saturn form the 12 to the 11h. hehe! Just feels better!
    The big square is there now for sure…!! l would love some help with this!!

  9. we have composite mars in the 7th..

    can I share a funny relationship story from yesterday?
    He is off work yesterday, so I come home from lunch and he says, “why don’t I take you out on a date tonight?”
    me, “ok, that sounds good” (we go out VERY rarely)

    it’s snowy and nasty out, so before I leave he says, “How about if I just cook dinner for you at home tonight, so that we don’t have to get out.”

    me,”ok, that sounds good too”

    I go back to work..he calls..”hey, will you help me fix these steaks I bought for dinner.”

    me..laughing “sure..”

    No worries, I lit a candle and fixed myself a glass of wine to go with the romantic dinner that I fixed for myself–he napped. After, I put some nice songs on my Ipod and danced with myself in the bedroom to candlelight..I really know how to treat a gal to a good night! lol

    Funny part is, from the first line of that conversation I knew he was hinting at me cooking something he was in the mood for at dinner..steak. I don’t like steak, he knows this. But i’m guessing he felt that if his hints made me feel that he thought it was something special for me that I would be more willing to go along with it. We have a slight merc square saturn problem here. I’d much rather have gotten “Hey, why don’t you make steak for dinner tonight” but he didn’t figure that would fly I reckon.

    somebody please hold my Uranus. My Venus needs to rectify a few things first.

  10. composite mars is part of our composite 12h scorpio stellium, conj neptune and sextile mc, pluto and s node. pluto exactly on the mc.

    I don’t know. hahaha

    but seriously, 😛 we both have 12th house marses. I like to fight more than he does though I’ve been trying to cool it.

    the local paper did an article about us with the headline “[local] couple makes art for love’s sake”

  11. My Natal Mars is by far the weakest planet in my chart – in Libra, forming only a very loose square to Moon. That’s probably why I’ve always been attracted to guys who have strong Mars. SO has quite a lot of Aries, and a Sun sextile Mars.

    Our composite Mars in Sagittarius, 4th house. Yes, I think we’re using this. Our home is a place of higher learning, in a way. We’re discussing everything… It’s not out of question that we’ll make our home abroad, either.

  12. Oh, we have lots of Pluto, as couple. Also hard Sun/Moon aspects both ways, although no double whammy, his Moon opposing my Sun, my Moon squaring his Sun. We’re a Cardinal Cross couple in synastry, and the Composite Sun in Cancer aspects the Cardinal Cross too. We’re definitely on a mission !

  13. shoot, Candela, your comment pointed out to me a mistake and I edited my statement about double whammies. yours would qualify. it doesn’t have to be the same aspect, just the same planets. I wrote that wrong! thanks for bringing it up!

  14. Hello,
    glad to found this! about aspects both on synastry and composite.
    What about a Pluto-Venus conjunction (double-whammy as it’s called) found also in the composite (Pluto conjunct Venus)?

  15. Hi Satori,

    So I’ve a double whammy too. My Venus is inconjunct with her pluto and vice versa. My Venus is in Aries and her 3rd house, Her Venus is in Aquarius and my 11th house. I don’t know if it helps for stability but Venus is sextile to Saturn, Midheaven, and Asc.

    The relationship lost Round 1 lol it got intense, and has not even reached 1st step, but we are hovering around each other. Please tell me if this would be a good match for marriage?

    Although Mars is also inconjunct to Pluto. Its square to Saturn, semi-square to moon, Her mars opposite to my Truenode, and a trine with Midheaven.

    Sun is conjunct to Uranus and Ascendant, Sextile to Mercury and Uranus, and finally both of us have Sun trines Venus.

    I really liked your article, I’m sure my situation would be relatable, I’d really appreciate a response on this prospective rship.

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