Interaspects, Who “Feels” What

pitcherIn the comments on my previous post, Venus Aspecting Pluto In Synastry And The Composite, CassandraNoelle asked, “you always hear about the obsessive/possessive traits regarding venus/pluto in synastry, and I guess (although it’s clear that in the harmonious aspects they will clearly be LESS pronounced, than the harder aspects) I was wondering who would feel these so-called negative traits more…venus or pluto?” I am a mud-wrestler of semantics. I think by using more precise language we promote a better understanding of the ideas we wish to illuminate. I think I may be able to answer your question by changing some of the word choices in your question and explaining why I did so.

“It’s clear that in the harmonious aspects they will clearly be LESS pronounced than the harder aspects.” I think they may appear more pronounced because they are more agitative. I don’t think the energy itself is any less charged. It may appear more noticeable because it is less easily integrated and requires more energy output to do so.

CassandraNoelle also asks, “Who would feel these so-called negative traits more… venus or pluto?” Here I think that feel could be replaced with experience. When we are talking about interaspects between one person’s personal planet and another’s outer or generational planet it’s most likely the one with the personal planet that experiences the effect most individually. Pluto moves so slowly that anyone born in a relatively large time period will have a similar Pluto position and therefore aspecting your Venus. So in this case it would be likely to be you experiencing the effect. However, you are interacting with another human being and this energy is present in the relationship between you.

So here’s the redirect via semantics: Venus doesn’t feel. Venus likes; Venus finds things appealing (or not). The moon feels, or rather represents the feeling nature. When there is an energy present between you, such as Venus aspecting Pluto, while it is your aesthetic nature hit with the energy, you both are human beings with unique moon signatures (feeling natures). How you each feel about the energy in the interaspect will be reflective of your own moon. Perhaps it’s your Venus and his Pluto but the way each of you will FEEL about the experience has to do with how each of you FEELS in general.

Someone who is very sensitive or reactive by moon signature (the sign, the house, the aspects to the moon) may feel more strongly than one whose moon is less permeable. In Man of La Mancha, Sancho Panza says, “Whether the pitcher hits the stone or the stone hits the pitcher, it’s going to be bad for the pitcher.” For that reason it may sometimes appear that the outer planet person is the one who receives the energy in the interaspect. What is really being observed is their secondary reaction to the energy between you.

How would you answer this question?

11 thoughts on “Interaspects, Who “Feels” What”

  1. Again another brilliant piece. You have taught me so much about my moon and my venus. Where the hell where you when I was 20?!?

  2. I think I get it… I was involved with a guy whose Pluto is opposite my Venus. I would’ve thought my Venus would ‘feel’ the effect more than his Pluto… but… he has a 12th house Scorpio Moon and I have a 9th house Capricorn Moon so I’d say he probably ‘felt’ the effect more than I did. Right?

  3. Absolutely insightful ! I’ve been going through some Venus/Pluto stuff lately. Some one else’s Pluto is exactly conjunct my Venus, my Pluto exactly trines other person’s Venus. This is intense, you bet we “like” each other ! However, this is not supposed to be a love relationship, not in this life anyway. 😉 It’s more like I (Capricorn Moon) am here to act as someone guiding the other person (Scorpio Moon) in finding the true inner strenght. Don’t know if this makes any sense, but that’s how it feels.

  4. @Candela: I have a very similar situation in my life except I’m the one being guided, so it makes perfect sense to me;-) My Pluto (libra,6th) trines his Venus (Aqua,8th) and our overall synastry is very intense.
    In Satori’s last post she said, “In easy aspect you may find it brings out interest and interactions over deep subjects which transform you positively.” This is most certainly true with us and is a REALLY good and helpful way to look at it.
    Since I have a 12th hse Pisces Moon, I def FEEL/internalize it more. He has a 3rd hse Leo Moon (which I’m not super familiar with yet) but I think maybe he could/would tend to be more analytical/information-oriented about his feelings.

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