Have You Ever Experienced Bizarre Phenomena?

Last summer the swamp cooler kept switching from high to low. It did it all season, whether anyone was in the room or not – the soldier explained it was “spirits”.

I took his word for it what would you do? We cooked all summer long because every time we’d turn the cooler on high, 10 minutes or an hour later it would turn itself onto low and if you tried to turn it back to high, it wouldn’t go. The switch would go but cooler would not and in whatever case he thought this annoying but usual / not remarkable and I got used to it.

Since he had something he coveted disappear from his truck and boy that pissed him off but again he said it was not surprising to him, He said they took things from time to time and if he ever caught them, he would “stomp their guts out, even if they don’t have any guts”.

Now I have never seen anything like that.. until tonight. I have had a miracle healing – a real one that was witnessed and documented but outside of that, I have never seen anything in my life out of order until right now.

I have been eating almonds out of a big family-sized bag in the cupboard. I keep going back for more and then I walked in there and there was a bunch of them sitting there is a big bowl I use for cake mixing and stuff. I stared at them for a minute because I just couldn’t figure out how they got in there and then Eureka!

The bowl was sitting right under the cupboard where the almonds were so I figured it must have spilled and hit the bowl. I figured this even though the cupboard door was shut but then when I opened it the bag of almonds was sitting there where I left it, upright and zip locked shut.

I have no explanation for this. I did not dump almonds into a big glass mixing bowl so I could snack and the forget I did it in the 5 minutes it took me to leave with a handful or nuts and then head back for more. I am sure of that so I have no idea how this happened but now I wonder how common this is.

Have you ever experienced some kind of bizarre phenomena? And what rules bizarre phenomena in astrology anyway, does anyone know?

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  1. I experience this, frequently. I’ll try not to bore you, but once I was at home alone, while my boyfriend was away. I put a mobile phone and its charger on the kitchen table before I went to bed, and when I woke up only the charger was there. I’m pretty sure the at didn’t go and pawn it. I never found it.
    I have Neptune in 12th trine Saturn in the 8th.
    Maybe illusion vs. reality, duking it out in the hidden realm???

  2. oh, and I’m with the Soldier on this one: spirits. (Though once I made the mistake of mentioning this to my religious boss who said OH YOU HAVE A DEMON which is just ruuuuude, yanno??? I do not have a demon!)

  3. Yes, movement of items has happened to people in my family. It’s not common, but not surprising. My sister and her husband have heard coins falling on counters and found the coins. Dried funeral flowers have moved in my mother’s house. Then there is the incident of the moving dentures (from deceased family member) while my mother was cleaning her parents’ house after their deaths. My cousin came home from seeing her first grandchild to find a baby doll crib in the middle of her living room, moved from a high display shelf. For me, it’s mostly lights turning on without switches being touched. My sister and I both have natal Cancer moon while our mother is a Cancer rising. The cousin is a solar Pisces.

  4. Please have your house cleansed by someone who knows what they’re doing. Some entity is fucking with you and yours and it needs to stop. I have a lot of experience with this and it’s no joke; it gets worse if you don’t take care of it. I know my posts get lost in the ethers and I don’t care if this makes it into the public realm, but really, Elsa, if anyone doesn’t need this kind of spiritual tomfoolery it’s you and your family. Ask and it will be delivered.

  5. yup.
    and… uranus, yes?
    maybe chiron, depending on the phenomena?
    with perhaps a slight nod to neptune int her realm of ethereal and muddied perceptions.

    but, i’d say, generally, uranus. crossing borders suddenly.

  6. Yep I have this a lot,lol. Once I was upstairs and I heard a banging noise downstairs went down and a pic was laying on the floor face up 5 feet from where it was hung. I thought oh the nail fell out,nope. I went and burned some sage after that. The weirdest was when I was at friends house and we were playing with our tarot cards and then hear foot steps and I “saw” the kitchen door open then close and foot steps on the deck I thought it might be the kids, no they were in the playroom. I hear stuff and see it move after the fact “never” seen it with my own eyes. I wasn’t really shocked it was like wow.lol.

    I have friends that can “see” stuff and read people. They say the spirits like me and I prepared the dead for burial in a waaay past life,lol.

    My sun is in the 12th house and I have 2 yods involving my moon,venus, uranus, and moon,venus, pluto. My neptune is also squared my moon.

  7. The other day I lost my tweezers. They were just gone. Being a hairy individual, I can’t live without my tweezers. Usually I keep them on my desk and I tore the thing apart looking for it. I took everything off, even my speakers which was a pain in the butt alas they were GONE. Just gone. So I get up, walk to my closet, turn around and there they are, sitting right in front of my laptop which I had just moved to my bed and back to look for the tweezers. They were sitting there, all lined up, right in front of my chair at the edge of the desk like a little gift from St. Anthony. I swear to God, they were not there before! It freaked me out. House elves. Must be the house elves.

  8. My plant right next to my front door moves around by inches on its own. Not far away but I see that water dried up water marks around it in perfect circles. No smudges, nothing, ever. I live by myself, so that is pretty weird. I also feel static when I am around certain people, usually people with hearing problems. I know that sound funny, but i swear, i can TELL when someone is deaf.
    Gosh, that sounds like such a funny thing to say….haha.

  9. Also, I had a friend who turned on lights. One night we were walking down the street and literally every street light either went on or flickered as she passed by. She said her dad had the same effect and it happened. Both of them were Aquarians and she I know had a very excitable, frenetic energy.

  10. “The other day I lost my tweezers. They were just gone. Being a hairy individual, I can’t live without my tweezers.”

    Ha ha ha, now I desperately want to see a picture!! 🙂

  11. This phenomenon missed my generation, but my grandmother, aunt and mom had this stuff happen all the time.

    My grandma had a photograph of her mother that she kept under her dresser scarf. (Does anyone remember those things?? lol) She went to get it one day and it was gone. We tore that house *apart*, and it was just gone. She was pissed! A week or so later, she went to retrieve some other important thing she had put there, and there was her mother’s photo, smiling up at her.

    First thing out of her mouth: “Mama, why do you do these things to me???”

    Several years later, Mom and I were in our apartment. Just home from the store, and she had two packs of smokes she had set on the counter. The phone rang, so she’s sitting there yakking with my SIL…wants a cigarette. They are gone. I was about 13, and she was sure I took them. We looked all over – nothing. So she calls my SIL back, is sitting at the kitchen table, bitching about how I stole her cigarettes. She stopped mid word when the cabinet by the sink swung open and there they were, neatly stacked on the second shelf.

    I understand where del is coming from in the earlier comment, but it’s not always malevolent. Sometimes it’s just a prank by a loved one already gone. At least that was the case in our family. Each situation is different.

  12. I don’t think every spirit visitation is cause for immediate and strong reaction. I think they are are sometimes harmless and sometimes helpful. But it’s all about boundaries. Would you appreciate the pranks and find them funny or meaningful if it were a real live human doing it? If not or if you think they’re potentially harmful then it’s ok to have boundaries with spirits just like you would with humans who are still in their bodies.

    If they are just a nuisance they will often go away or lay off the rude behavior if you just tell them to. I bet the soldier knows how to handle them if he’s been experiencing this kind of thing his whole life.

  13. at my mothers funeral, her 8 x 11 picture was in a frame on top of her closed casket.

    It was completely still in the room- no breeze, nothing moving.

    Suddenly the picture just fell over and fell off the casket as if it were pushed off.

    Of course I laughed out loud while everyone gasped.

  14. the nuts and things like that I don’t mind so much. It’s when I get death / disaster messages that I’m not sure what to do with the information

  15. kashmiri – witnesses believe all that kind of thing is demons. so it’s not exactly personal, as they also believe things like astrology books can become a gateway for demons entering your home.

    when my daughter was a baby, my mother saw some astrology books in my house and thought the demons were going take over my body and force me to stab my daughter or something. for real.


  16. This happens in my family and has happened to me.
    Astrologically it’s probably pisces/neptune movement that lets the spirits manipulate our reality. Right now uranus in pisces opposes the virgo moon so my guess is it allows access to the physical realm and a glimpse into the spiritual.
    My family has strong faith and pisces energy in them and throughout. For my mother spoons go missing a lot.
    One day I was looking for my hat. Looked everywhere for it – checked the livingroom, kitchen, bedroom – checked again – went back to the livingroom and it was on the back of the couch in the centre of the room in plain sight. I laughed and told my grandmother or aunt to cut it out. (i had the feeling it was one of them)

  17. I grew up in a house like this. There was an evil woman that my friend could sense also and a nice man who had died around 40. This sounds crazy, but the man hugged me—I felt the bone of his arm and he whispered “let me hug you.” And the whole time I was growing up, from 12-16, I was made fun of for “hearing things,” but then one day my mom’s bf at the time-his door slammed and opened, and the next morning I told him it happened to me also, and then a pundit came in and did this Hindu ritual. I didn’t trust to pundit and still don’t because the house never stopped being weird, even today when I drive by I don’t understand how anyone could live there.

    And once in Spain, in Cordoba, which I’m sure is FULL of spirits, my friend saw a demonic woman next to my head! And we had been “cursed” by gypsies earlier in the day for not giving them money.

    I think I am suseptible to this stuff, but less and less as time goes by, or I’ve forced myself to be unaware out of fear. But I do know that there are good spirits, and sometimes I’ve experienced people before meeting them. So you never know- your own spirit could be travelling while you weren’t paying attention or sleeping.

  18. this kind of thing has happend to me.

    Suffering from a near fatal broken heart, my ipod turned on in the middle of the night and played ‘I don’t stand a ghost of a chance’ sung by Diana Krall. I got up and turned it off. 15 mins later it started again.

    A few months down the line, still feeling awful, it woke me up playing Shirly Horn’s “I wanna be with you”

    I almost threw it across the room.

  19. goddess, I know I was just sooooooo irritated! And thankful I never ever go on astrology websites when I am at work, ha! I’m so over the whole demon bullshit, I grew up with it too. I definitely have respect for the spirit world but I am not going to live in fear.

  20. I have had things happen. Someone or something used to ring my doorbell a lot. No one was outside because I would go out and walk around the house.

    The other night my soap and soap dish (which is a heavy seashell) decided to jump off into the bathroom sink. Heavy objects will fall in the house which scares me and the dog but nothing in the house is out of place.

  21. nope, kashmiri, i wouldn’t recommend astro-surfing at work. you’d freak ’em out. ha! and yes, it is irriatating. plus, there is a weird subculture there – they get afraid of stupid things like nobody’s business. when i was growing up, there were myths about smurf dolls coming to life and the like. people wouldn’t let their kids watch the cartoon.

    personally, i don’t assume anyone/thing in the spirit world is out get or hurt me, which is 180 from how i was raised. i pretty much always assume positive intent, unless, like elsa quotes henry, they “prove themselves disagreeable.” so far, i haven’t had any disagreeable contacts.

    the most frequent thing like this i get currently is feeling a cat that passed on, climbing onto the bed at night. i’ve gotten up several times to turn on the light because i thought maybe one of our living cats was hiding out in our room. we also get rattling doors. i just say, “Oh, that’s Zeno coming to visit.”

    I sure miss Zeno.

  22. Commonplace for me and mine. The most touching one recently was when my auntie died last year. I bought about eight dozen coral coloured gladiolas for the wake. In all those gladiolas….one stem bloomed pure white. It was awesome. I get messages from the spirit world practically every day but I talk to them a lot and ask them for signs. Anyone here experience the 11:11 phenomena? It’s been happening to me for about 10 years now.

  23. Sounds like the fairies making off with things to me.

    My experiences with stuff disappearance:
    (a) My keychain breaking as I walked into my totally-empty foyer. I could find every key BUT the leopard-print key that was the key to my friend’s house (she had just moved away).
    (b) My mom knocking over a basket I had put my rings into, and I could find all but one, and that one was one that ah…I had been told to take off when trying to do a specific sort of meditation. I am still mad about that.
    (c) A new hat of mine disappearing, never to be seen again, even after utterly cleaning the room I left it in.
    (d) An earring of mine disappearing literally in front of my face into the ether, in a near-empty room. I SAW THIS happen. It was like a little invisible hook had yanked it out of sight.

    I have a witch friend/mentor who took the craft name “Fey.” I gather the fairies didn’t like this 😛 She recommends having a “fairy bowl” filled with shiny objects in your house so that the stuff will disappear less often. It seems to work pretty well. Or at least, the last three disappearances I mentioned happened in other people’s homes.

  24. Togi,what is th 11:11 phenomena?? Iknow 11 is a high spiritual number and it apears often in my life as of late.

  25. Togi, I always seem to catch the clock at 11:11. I enteract with the spirit world often and have as long as I can remember, to me it’s pretty normal. I find coins near my bed, ocassionally hear voices when I home alone, and have had an experience similar to Elsa’s. In my childhood home I found a pair of old timey boots in the attic. Late at night I could hear them walking around. If they don’t feel like good energy or spirits you can ask them to leave if they intend to cause any harm. 12th House Pisces Sun. Sun trine Uranus.

  26. I feel left out – maybe I scare the spirits the way I scare everyone else? Sometimes I think I “sense” some kind of presence, but have never heard voices, or had any kind of disappearing tricks going on. (the ghosts know I would really let them have it?, 🙂

    Oh well………..Oh, but I do love to watch the Ghost Hunters on scifi channel. Out of every other show I have ever seen, these guys are the only ones who are believable to me. Most especially the amazing EVP’s they acquire – those fascinate me the most.

  27. My whole life, I’ve experienced such phenomena. I’ve seen an apparition (when I was a kid in Germany), objects have moved, life-like nightmares when my mom and I lived with my grandma in a haunted house (seriously, that place was HAUNTED) and I have nightmares about that house to this day. As a matter of fact, I’m going to AZ on Friday for Easter wknd to visit my grandma, and she now lives just a couple of houses down from that old house she used to live in. I was thinking of taking a couple of pictures of it, just to look at whenever that house gets in my head, just to get it out of my system. I think I was most traumatized because one night I went to bed (I was just a kid, granted) and I was alone in the room falling asleep when out of nowhere, on a still desert night, the window shatered all over me. I ran out of that room falling because my legs were shaking so bad from the shock of it.
    Another thing happened when I was 18, involving a half dream/consciousness moment where I felt a heavy, hot sensation on my back (I was sleeping on my stomach) and an evil voice in my ear. At 18 years old I ran to my parent’s bed and cried all night.
    Most recently, we were getting ready to watch Pirates of the Carribean III and I couldn’t find the DVD. I tore this house up because I had JUST had it a few minutes before I was looking for it. I gave up eventually and we watched a different movie, and a couple of days later it was just blatantly sitting on my entertainment center where I KNOW I looked.
    12th house Pluto, 1st house Uranus, Scorpio ASC

    I’m equally scared and intrigued to no end by this subject. I would someday love to write horror stories, because I have a lot to go off of already, from personal experience.

  28. I have an aunt who can’t wear a watch and has a lot of electronic things malfunction when she’s around, but it could just be a coincidence.

    As far as the:
    “OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE A DEMON!” thing. Nothing makes me want to roll my eyes so much.
    Take it up with your higher power, use your will and tell it to leave, just get out of there or do all three.
    Sure, you could be having a problem. Maybe it’s serious, but so often people who say this are addicted to drama.

  29. I used to wear red pumps to work. I loved those shoes! Suddenly, there was only one red pump. The other one was GONE. I searched and searched, and finally gave up and bought a new pair.

    About a week later, one of *those* went missing.

    I never bothered to buy red pumps again. This happened within a couple of years of Mom’s death, and she always had very strong feelings about certain things I liked to wear. I gave it up. lol Not worth the wasted money and irritation.

  30. There are a group of people in the world who see 11:11 ALL THE TIME and I mean ALL THE TIME. You look at the clock and see 11:11, numbers on your house add up to 11, change from the grocery store equals 11:11 etc. The first few times you shrug it off. Then it stops. Then it starts up again. You start to pay attention when it happens. At first you freak out. All I can make of the information on the internet is that the people who experience this have a different vibration and are in turn to a different energy. I don’t think anyone REALLY knows what it means.

    It is not a joke. It’s almost like when you see that number you are getting a direct message from the spirit world. A nod. A wink. A pat on the head. After several years of this you don’t even question it anymore. You just know there is more to it.

  31. I know that 11:11- My old boyfriend(way back when)
    used to say it to me. Then I started to notice it all the time, and so it went….
    I just read in the astrodispatch- that it is the numbers that supposedly *unlock the subconcious*
    I don’t know but interesting thought-might have to read up on it

  32. I had a similar experience at the wake of a friend. A group of people were standing in front of his house speaking with his father, who stood near the mailbox (it was a heavy midwestern weather-proof box you have to yank open) when all of a sudden the box plopped open. My friend Suzy and I looked at each other, laughed, then looked back at the mailbox, b/c we KNEW it was Tim. Very odd. But nice.

  33. Yes, No drugs involved! with two friends saw exact same thing, a charles dickens leather bound book rise into air drop down to floor, I laughed it did it again! ok now im shitting myself! we all ran out of the house and kept running.
    Crazy story if anyone told me it I would say they were stark raving mad!
    it happened when i was in my 20’s.
    Had two other strange experiences.
    But book’s dont just jump on thier own, normally!!!

  34. A few years ago I went through a period of having light bulbs flicker a lot and burn out around me, not just at my house–it wasn’t an electrical problem–but at other peoples’ places too, but I never fessed up. I knew somebody on the other side was hanging out with me but was never sure who it was.

  35. A couple months ago, I was turning off a lamp before leaving a a house I was checking on, and the bulb blew. I thought nothing of it, just went out to my car to leave, but my car would not start. It was like the battery was dead. I kept trying. Waited ten minutes, suddenly it started fine. There was no reason for this to happen, the car has been absolutely fine ever since. Well, there was the time I ran out to check my voicemail in my car, and I put the windows down to let some air in. All 4 windows went completely dead in the down position. I was freaking out, what was I going to do?!?!? It might rain, I don’t have the money to fix this! Well, ten minutes later, they all went up fine, as if there was no problem at all. I also have the streetlight phenomena, where they flicker and go out when I pass. Not all, but enough to take note of. And as far as the 11:11 thing, I get 9:11 all the time. I mean, ALL the time, and I don’t look for it. Even the last 3 digits of my home phone were 911, when I still had a home phone. I used to get scared by it, thinking it had something to do with 911 emergency… but now I just take it in stride.

  36. Yes. When my dad passed, I was draining an old bottle of Gin down the sink. I had just grabbed the bottle and shut the cupboard. So I am at the sink, the cupboard door opens behind me and a small bottle of bitters comes flying from behind the other closed cabinate door, and hit me from behind on my leg! I said “Dad, I’m sorry. I know your a Martini man and don’t like my dumping your Gin in the sink. If it makes you happy, I’ll get you another one.” And I did because I felt a bit guilty. The Gin is still there thoughas I guess he couldn’t take it with him!

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