Client Testimonial – Black Sheep

Joanne writes:

“I’ve been around the plethora of blocks with shrinks and counselors searching for the mystery of my “Odd Man Out” role in a large family. The feeling followed me throughout my life though I was told when I asked my mother why I felt like the “black sheep” that it was not true. (It was true) She did get a kick out of telling me how, when I was born she didn’t want to see me because I was her fourth girl. She did not see me until March 17th, the day after I was born.

I am the 5th in a line of seven siblings and for my entire life I have been working to get their approval. It cost me financially and drained my energy. The last straw happened this year during my Saturn return and I shut down. I felt guilty for cutting them off until I requested a reading from Elsa. She explained how Saturn in my chart was opposing Mercury which states burden with siblings, as Mercury rules siblings. That gave me permission to proceed with the “amputation” being that Mercury is in my 8th house. I have paid thousands to astrologers along my search and not one of them told me that.

What a relief! Now I have an answer. That’s all I wanted.

Thank you Elsa. You have a way with astrology that I’ve never seen before. Your consultation was clear and simply stated. Uncomplicated answers are always true and the truth never changes. Thank you again!”

Thanks, Joanne!

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  1. Well at least your mom didn’t tell you that “Had abortions been legal when I found out I was pregnant with you, you wouldn’t be here.” 🙂

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