Is It The Pisces Nature To Seek More?

Dear Elsa,

I am constantly asking questions no one seems to know the answer to? I cheated on my Aquarius boyfriend. I love him very much and I feel like I ruined something that had the potential to be so great. “I thought you were doing it so I did it too” was my logic but its proved to me how much he loves me. I heard its just in a Pisces nature to seek more is it true?

Restless Pisces (She states that “The Young And The Restless” was on when she was born)
United States

Dear Restless, I think it is everyone’s nature to seek more and I think your behavior has little to do with your Pisces Sun.

For example your chart indicates a person with an attraction to taboo as well as someone interested in experimenting sexually – breaking rules in this arena.

Anyone else?

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14 thoughts on “Is It The Pisces Nature To Seek More?”

  1. Don’t know anything about the chart, but as a fellow Pisces female, I can relate. (Maybe my chart is similar? As I too am a person attracted to taboo and sexual experimentation…) I always thought it was part of Pisces flightiness, like we are so certain there’s something else out there we have to find, and it’s gotta be better, right? Even though what we have is pretty damn good? Shouldn’t we at least *peek*? Not the smartest line of thinking — and I can rationalize like a mofo! — but I see it in many parts of my life, and have to make a conscious effort against it. Otherwise, I’m just wanting what I can’t have instead of enjoying what’s already in my lap.

    Sorry ’bout the ramble. 🙂

  2. I would disagree. My pisces SO wants to merge with the one he loves, not just random people. I am the same way (pisc asc). I also have pluto tied in with my venus, so am only interested in getting as close as possible to the one I am in with.

    I think the cheating and taboo is related to 12H matters or other aspects related to uranus and pluto…jmo. I’m not an astrologer though.

    My pisces friends are pretty true blue to their SO’s..but I do have a virgo gal pal who has a really really hard time being with one person. She has uranus on the asc and a loaded 12H incl vneus.

  3. unless you’re in an OPEN and VERY HONEST relationship with someone, cheating is wrong. period. there’s no justification for it. it doesn’t matter who did what first, or why, or what sign you are.

    further, the soap opera thing… what the hell? do you want your life to be a soap opera?

  4. I have a lot of pisces, and a lot of 8th house stuff. when I was really young I had trouble deciding on a guy at times. but once I’m in love I can’t see anyone else “in that way.”

    I’ve used sex to get myself OUT of that bond when something’s over. but I don’t think that’s about seeking more. for me it was about trying to cut off the pain.

    if I’m in love I don’t want more.

  5. okay, this I know is pretty harsh, and I say it as a fellow pisces who really means well by you:

    what really sounds like pisces here is trying to frame the cheating to mean something positive about how in love you both are.

  6. Do you think its maybe……………………. the extra lil ego boost that getting attention from a member of the oppoite sex gives you?
    No pices but i’ve got 12th H stuff, and can say that Gem you might be right about this correlation.

  7. Avatar
    Restless Pisces

    Satori: I’m REALLY not trying to frame the cheating at all…I went through the months of crying and misery of facing the time without him. Only to realize afterwards that he was what I was looking for to begin with. Its just hard now to break through to him.

  8. okay Restless, I believe you. 🙂 I also understand the concept of wanting “to break through to him.” I’m old and have beaten my head against a few walls but I hope that has given me some insight I can offer up:

    there is no breaking through, only opening up. you can open up a door in yourself but the other person is always left to decide whether or not to walk through. I like the fable of the wind and the sun having a contest to get the man to remove his coat. more can be achieved through gentleness and patience than control. and I say this as someone who struggles not to control.

    love to you.

  9. “I think its everyones nature to seek more”… yeah I think this is sooo true. Pices may have more of an ability to pull it off though. I mean to have your cake and eat it too as SS says( if that is what you want to do, I mean don’t eat the whole cake or anything) some know they are better off sticking to the diet lol.

  10. Hi Restless Pisces,

    The Mars in Aquarius in the 7th house and Jupiter in Taurus in the 11th grabbed me first when you mentioned “restless seeker”…Jupiter in Taurus in the 11th is a beautiful explanation for wanting to touch everything in sight! The 8th house sun is also…interesting. Yet, 8th house isn’t always experimental, 8th house is loyal and committed. But, on the other hand, “eye for an eye” 8th house theory could be operating here. As in, “I thought he was cheating so I should too!”, which is 8th house revenge sex- all the way- BUT there is also the Aquarian Mars and Venus in Aries to contend with. I imagine passion does get the best of Restless Pisces Seeker every now and then- coupled with a need to explore “new territory” in her relationships (Mars in Aquarius- 7th house.)

    Set against that sweet Cancer Ascedant, I’m sure Restless Seeker want to have her cake and eat it too. (i.e. secure romantic love with The One and The Freedom to Move Freely (Pisces))

    Restless Seeker, I know how you feel. And I do think you can have it all (the cake & everything!) If you want. You can have an open relationship with someone you love and still have freedom- there are other people who feel as you do and are seeking the same kind of relationship.

    It’s not an easy path. But it is possible. I say find a man who you connect with on a deep level who ALSO respects your freedom and go for it. You will learn a lot of exciting things about yourself (like facing your own jealousy!) and you will have an OPEN and VERY HONEST (as June said) relationship to show for it.

    Go Girl!


  11. And, oh my god. Moon in Aries in the 9th house. Eat all the cake with ZERO guilt- you were made for it!

    Your chart is fun!


  12. You can see it for yourself if you look at the chart closely. The moon is the one that looks like a crescent moon, and it is in Aries, the one that looks like a rams horns in the ninth house.

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