Strong Personalities Forming Attachments

ink blot psychologyI have a packed eighth house and am very interested in stuff like this…

“You SF guys,” I said. “You don’t seem to get to attached to each other, do you? I mean I know there were some people you preferred and others you distinctly did not like but it just seems people in Special Forces don’t form that close of attachments with each other. Do they teach you that? Because I could see how it could hinder things.”

“No, they don’t teach you that but it’s true. We don’t get that close to each other as a rule,” he said.

“Is it because you’re all going to die anyway? Is that it? No sense making friends because that guy is liable to die anyway and so are you which means you’re all about to be discarded.”

“That may be it. Or it may just be the strong egos. People in Special Forces all have strong egos. They have very strong personalities and this is may also be what prevents them from attaching.”

I thought this was interesting but I am not sure he is right. I have a strong personality as does everyone I know. I can’t imagine being interested in interacting or attaching to someone with a weak personality.

What do you think?

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12 thoughts on “Strong Personalities Forming Attachments”

  1. I have a service oriented personality and like to help or be of help..and I don’t get attached. I grew up as a military brat, so we moved abot every three years (and as an adult continue to stay mobile). I just find home and friends where I am at…but I can pick up and leave tomorrow…it’s another chapter. Most often dropping the friends and starting over. I have been consciously working on changing this the last few years…but I am finding however short my relationships are they are deep and in context. A new move will likely manifest in a few am prepping my house for renting/selling….in case.

    Lots of uranus aspects in my chart…

  2. Sorry for the typos. To clarify the ‘service’ line I had in there…many of my friendships have been short (few months/years), nothing lasting my whole life. Usually people come to me when they need an ear (something deep and personal)…then it changes and I move on. I’m okay with it.

    Have a super day.

  3. The key may be the strong egos because these guys need to be able to make snap decisions and know they are correct.

    However, i have always preferred to related to other strong personalities but also prefer to relate on an equitable basis (yeah, lots of Libra 🙂 ) My Aries SO is certainly no wimp but he has Saturn/Neptune in Libra in his 7th House and always chooses equitable over ego driven.

  4. What is a strong personality, and what is a weak one ? (I ask myself.)

    Each of us has a range of strengths, in different areas of our nature. That personality which is commonly thought of as strong by one person could well be seen to have its weaknesses by another person.

    I don’t think it’s possible to generalize. I suppose that we gravitate towards those who most match our own views of “strength”. I know I do.

  5. Twilight – I was going to ask that same question (what constitutes a strong personality) but then didn’t because I have been edited on my question asking by my editor, LOL. Saturn in Virgo strikes again!

  6. When I Googled “strong personality” (because I was confused as to what that meant exactly too) the first result was “self-confidence e.g. strong personality”. But then the next one down was the urban dictionary definition of “a bitch”. HAHA, do you think you’re a bitch Elsa?

    I was definitely watching What Not to Wear the other day with the Boringest Person Alive. She lacked any kind of discernible personality and didn’t even get excited about getting a make-over and whole new wardrobe. It was so boring to watch! I think she typified the “weak personality”…just watered-down, bland, unexciting, etc.

    I’m with you, I can’t imagine being around those kinds of people all the time! AHH, I would kill myself. Yeesh, I hope I’m not that person for someone else. Scary thought.

  7. Charlotte – I am definitely not a bitch in any way shape or form. I will stand up and say what I think though and stand by it against resistance of whatever kind.

  8. Would many people consider their personality to be weak, I wonder? I’ve never heard anybody say, “I’ve got a weak personality.” You’d have to have a strong personality to admit it – so it’s Catch 22! 😉

    Being strong-willed is a big part of a strong personality, I guess. But strong-willed can also be stubborn and blinkered, and not necessarily always a good thing.

    If strong will is allied to goodwill, that’ll be a strong personality in the nicest way. 🙂

  9. me either. if someone just flops around and doesn’t know who they are i can’t get much growth out of interacting with them. and i’m extremely growth oriented.
    i mean, i don’t hold it against people, i’m just not going to find much value in their company if they don’t have some sense of who they are, at least unconsciously.

    but everybody sees strength differently. perhaps i only see it in those qualities that make me grow. it really depends on your lense, i guess.

  10. A friend pointed out to me that I ‘require’ unusual situations in life, and with my Sun opposed Uranus MC, I can’t argue.
    In the same vein, I *require* strong personalities. I’m trying to pack as much as I can in this life.

    Gem, your comment resonated very strongly with me (Uranus?) though I do have several life-long friends.

  11. I’ve been thinking about this for two hours and it comes down to attachments being (in my mind) mostly about what you can use and where you can give.

    If you’re a strong person (like a planet being exalted in its sign) you’ve refined your energies. You probably have it mostly figured out what you can use and where you can give, and you probably aren’t much interested in areas that don’t fit one or the other, in one way or another.

    For some people exaltion comes with a hundred people or a thousand, Mother Theresa! Ghandi! they required and attached to many people because they’re messages were about people! They needed people so they could give to people! Other times having loads of people aren’t going to feed you or serve you, and if you’re strong person you’ll know that and you won’t be interested in cultivating beyond what you don’t want/need, because its a waste! Its a waste of your energy because you’re out there gathering stuff you don’t need and can’t use!

    If anything I think it might be easier for strong people to form true attachements because of this.

  12. see, i would think that’s self-protective. can’t get too attached to other soldiers. what happens if the guy next to you gets waxed? you have to keep moving or it will be you, too. no time for tears or trauma…gotta keep moving or it’s you. the transitory nature is gonna be super-exaggerated in that environment. no question life’s temporary when you see it change every day from morning to afternoon.

    however, it’s not like i have ANY experience in that area, so i probably don’t know what the heck i’m talking aobut…

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