Passive Aggressive “Spiritual” People

wallAstrologer, Liz Greene tells a story in one of her books, about a man who knocks on her door in the wee hours of the morning. She got to get up and answer the door. When she finds out it’s some guy who wants to chat…she gets pissed off and tells him to leave.

He tells her, how low she is. Apparently he’s spiritual and feels she should appreciate his presence. Basically, he didn’t know she was such a bitch. I can’t stand people like this. Dumb as a rock.

This happened to me, yesterday. As many of you know, I’ve been blogging since 2001. That’s a long time. I’ve built this site. It’s a service, but it’s also my business. If you think this is easy, you ought to try it. It’s takes a lot of energy of all kinds to maintain this place.

So yesterday, this guy come into the forum here, I have no idea who he is. He posts a link to his Go Fund Me…he wants us all to support his art.

I deleted the post.  You just don’t come on someone’s website and spam them like this. Or post a commercial. It’s rude.

He posted the spam again, so I blocked him.  I have a house guest, it’s a holiday, I have things to do, whatever.  I do not allow strangers to plaster my site with what is essentially an ad. I also don’t feel I need to waste my time or theirs, explaining this. Clearly the guy wanted to drum up some money.  The message is, you can’t do that here. The owner of this site has BOUNDARIES. Move along.

So then he writes me. Nicey-nice  – we’re peers see? We’re astrology peers. He wants to know how he can get his ad on my website.

I don’t want his ad on my website. I think he’s a rude opportunist. I have no desire to help him at all.

I didn’t want to write him back because I knew it wouldn’t go well. But I also didn’t want to have to continue to play games behind the scenes, blocking this guy, so I wrote him back. I was blunt. I told him I did not appreciate what he’d done and to go away.

He wrote me back to tell me that I was wrong and horrible and rude…so much so, he no longer wanted his special ad on my horrible website.

I swear, some people can’t see their own ass, to save their life. They live in some kind of delusion where their rules are the ones we should all live by. You better believe, their rules favor them.

The guy could have asked permission. Other people have and I’ve allowed them to sell their products here.  But they’re part of the community.  They’ve contributed to this site in some way.

This makes all the difference in the world.

43 thoughts on “Passive Aggressive “Spiritual” People”

  1. Infuriating – and gross! Guy must be on an entitlement trip or something. And arrogant too.
    Good riddance.
    Too bad you have to put up with such stuff, but good thing that you are the way you are: unbending in the face of stupidity (among other things!).

  2. I hate people like that – entitled to whatever they decide.
    I also think it funny the way he childishly reacted. 🙂 It sounds though he will suck as an astrologer, he sounds like he will love the control it will give him over other people’s lives.

    P.S. I have a small blog of my own and delete all comments that include commercials or similar links.

    1. There is a whole industry out there. People are paid to place links of other people’s sites.

      People have become more and more aggressive with this as facebook has made it more and more difficult for the independent. Being an independent, I completely understand this. But Jupiter is going into Libra. It’s all about fairness and mutual benefit…or it soon will be.

  3. Elsa, you should know!!. I make exactly the same thing. Although different: not trough a blog; but that does not matter.
    🙂 Why you met at a given time??? Many thanks for writing this.

  4. I love that bit “he no longer wanted his special ad on my horrible website”.

    Classic school yard stuff.

    Projection to avoid the rejection!

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    ‘You! Over there! How dare you not do exactly what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it!” It’s amazing how many aggressive entitled boors are out there.

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        Bedankt, Dorien. Alstublieft feel free to PM me if you’re registered in the Forum section. How I came to learn a little Dutch is a bit of a long story :). Tot ziens!

        1. Beste Scottish, ik vind het erg leuk om af en toe iets te zeggen in het Nederlands. Ik zal Elsa vragen of het haar stoort als dit via haar blog gebeurt. Zij weet wie ik ben, heb me aan haar voorgesteld. 🙂 en: graag tot ziens hier.

          1. I don’t understand a word of that, except for “Elsa”… but even just trying to pronounce it… it is a beautiful language!

    1. Yes, ScottishFoldSoul,

      I do notice some feminists do this. Don’t they realize it makes other feminists look bad?

  6. If people ever wonder about their behavior (or reaction) regarding a person who they encoumter (spiritually passive-aggressive)…
    let God judge you. What would God do? He usually only helps those who help themselves.

    Take a lesson from a Virgo… discriminate from a good place. Use your best judgment. I won’t give the homeless person change if they’re starving and decide to buy a bottle of whiskey instead. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but more people tend to think if they play a certain victim card, they’ll receive something without any hard effort.
    (Virgo sun trining a Capricorn neptune)

    1. Well, God is going to judge you. This is my belief. This is not an option!

      I also believe that God blessed me with boundaries. If I fail to use them, I’ll get exactly what I deserve and have no one to blame but myself. 🙂

      1. If God should judge me because I choose to not suffer fools… let him judge me. After all not all judgements are bad ones.

    2. Mike, i do not think this is harsh, I think this is the truth. But I also think that you can help a person, if you find out for yourself that he or she is worth it to help. And that honest whithout expecting something back. Ik know that that is not the issue here, still I want to mentioned it.

  7. The nerve. He could be one of those folks who’s incapable of “reading” others, incredibly naive about I-net manners, or he could just be an a-hole. I used to be friends with a guy who, the minute I saw his chart I knew he was passive-aggressive. Mars, Rx in Cancer, in the 10th house, on display for all to see. He never pretended to be be “spiritual” but he was proud of being a “good Catholic”. I knew if I hung out with him long enough I would eventually be the target of his passive aggression. Yeah, that was a thing that happened. It’s been 2 years and it still stings. We are not friends anymore.

  8. I saw that ad, his art wasnt bad either. But your absolutletly right,imagine what your website would look like if everyone did that.
    It’s also the reason I got a Facebook over three years ago. Google, “55 delete Facebook” I watched it about three times and did it.

    1. Exactly, Scotty. I didn’t read the copy. I knew what it was, people do this all day long here.

      The client here or the customer, does not want to wade through these things. They are here to learn astrology or get support in some way, maybe be entertained. This is what this site is for. Go Fund Me and sites of that type are for fundraising.

      I provide this site but by doing this, I get to define its purpose. You can see the purpose, above. This site is not here to be a billboard for someone’s ad. Spam is spam, even if the spam is on topic. Do you know how many, “spellcaster” ads I delete every day? Gah.

      Cast your spell elsewhere. That’s all I can say.

      1. Oh! And if you write me after I’ve deleted several of your spell-caster posts, to ask me if you can cast your spell, I’m going to say, no.

        Big. Giant. Duh.

        1. Well i find myself checking in on your site more and more.It is great not to try to figure out all the cycles yourself and you and Satori do a great job of this, short term and looking into the future.
          Thank you ?

  9. This sounds somewhat similar to an experience that I had. I had been supporting with conversations and ideas a teen in another country who really did it. I blocked this person, due to their desire to keep holding old grudges, and not do anything to help themselves, just talk about doing things. I got a Fb message from a “friend” that told me how wonderful this person was, and that I was horrible. They then blocked me, so I couldn’t respond.

    Recently, “someone else” started a conversation with me, saying that “she” was a mother, and that the original person needed my support. This “person” didn’t write/talk like an adult, though. This “someone else” wouldn’t accept my reasons for not being able to give anything more to my former friend. When asked how old “she” really was, because she didn’t write as an adult would, “she” used some of the same phrases to condemn me!

    I do not have time in my life for people who hold onto grudges and hates, and won’t try to grow.

    1. Maybe that is what saturn square neptune is bringing out. Our illusions of self grandeur hitting reality check saturn.
      So much to learn on this site. Thanks for your hard work and willingness to share.

  10. I had a “spiritual” person get ugly with me the other day too. It broke my heart as it usually does. But something shifted for me this time and I’m starting to look at it like you do elsa. I used to get so disappointed and take on the blame. I always felt like I brought out the worst in people. That’s bullshit of course. I’m not that powerful. People are what they are, (not necessarily what they think they are).

    And I just love how you handled that elsa. I’d like to learn how to be a little less unapologetic about sticking up for myself and drawing that line in the sand. What that spiritual lady insinuated to me (that I “need to be taken down a notch”) has everything to do with her feelings and has no value in reality. I know because I did take myself down a notch in front of her and I felt sick to my stomach for two days. The next time someone expresses their discomfort with me I’ll handle it differently.

      1. Thanks elsa. That’s what I’ve chalked it up to. She also told me that I wasn’t as OK with myself as I think I am. This is someone I’ve known for three months, and ive never claimed to be ok with myself. Im tormented on a regular basis. Isnt it obvious? I guess not.

        This is someone who’s help I’ve asked for so I’m giving her some leeway and compassion. She’s unaware of what she did. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. It doesn’t mean I’m going to set myself up to be crapped on again though. I prayed about what I should do about it. Still waiting on the answer so I’m not doing anything. She actually taught me about waiting for answers so I certainly learned some valuable things from her. I’m not mad at her.

      2. What these pretend spiritual people don’t realize is the real deal has a lot of hardship involved…always. That ain’t going away with the new age. And yes I am truly appreciative of Elsa’s willingness to share her gritty experience. I can’t do this at this time. I feel too sick or lilly livered or something. It helps to have someone point this stuff out and not let it just pass. Thank you!

  11. I saw that post. I thought how incredibly rude. BUT maybe he had permission. I didn’t know. Now I do. Good job of getting rid of “Mr. No Boundaries, but my own.”

  12. People like that are the worst.

    Hoping someone’s fear of being considered “unloving” will allow them to stomp on others.

    Nice trick- move on, loser.

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Good riddance to that laughably lame opportunist!
    As for literally answering the door in the wee hours of the morning — don’t! Ignore, and even call the police if they don’t leave.
    Better safe than sorry.

  14. It seems you’ve been getting it from all sides lately, Elsa! I was outraged by that fellow the other day who virtually threatened you and now this! Fortunately, you are a woman to be reckoned with and I admire you so very much. I also wish at the same time that you did not have to deal with such jerks since you don’t deserve it and you are dealing with your own issues. God Bless You.

  15. It’s disturbing how people don’t take responsibility for themselves by admitting when they are wrong, and simply apologizing for it. Good job Elsa sending the Bozo packing!

  16. I have relatives like this. I’ve noticed they have some personal Capricorn planets along with Sadge planets that exaggerate and inflate the Saturnian boundaries. They believe they have all the knowledge and respect tradition the most so they go and police me and my family and tell us how to run our lives. When I go against them, they tell me how horrible I am for not appreciating their help. Ok people are disrespecting my boundaries and I’m told I’m horrible. Dumb is an understatement.

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