Aries Eclipse – You Can Go Your Own Way…

ariesJust look at all that Aries. It’s about courage and being an individual.

Stack that with a Jupiter Uranus conjunction, all about freedom, innovation and originality.

Want to have a good day? Feel this energy. Use this energy!

For example, the Aries falls at the bottom of the chart. Sure enough, I feel hot to trot. Fire in the belly. It’s wonderful.

Fleetwood Mac, plays in my head.

Let the fire burn off the dross. Let it purify you.

Keep in mind, Aries-ruler, Mars is conjunct Saturn.  Direct your effort (Mars) towards a goal (Saturn).

For Godsakes, stop with the fear. It’s unbecoming to Aries. The sun is exalted. Get out there and live!

How about you? Are you feeling the burn?

10 thoughts on “Aries Eclipse – You Can Go Your Own Way…”

  1. Just re-learnt my only Aries placement is Lilith. I’m also married to an Aries Sun Man and was raised by an Aries Sun Mother.

    That is certainly some kind of burn!

    Alongside my majority Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn chart it’s been a few big days.

  2. I plan on finishing up a project at work, deal with a co-worker I had to put the old “do not disturb “ on because she refused to leave me alone so I could work. I could end up with a bit of sour grapes from that.

    Go workout at lunch… GOOD physical burn and the pick up my tax stuff from the accountant, which could give me heartburn.

    In the middle of it all I plan to sneak out of work and stand barefoot outdoors and just soak in the cloud covered eclipse. ( Not gonna be able to see anything from where I’m at)

  3. For God sakes, stop with the fear. It’s unbecoming to Aries. The sun is exalted. Get out there and live!

  4. Elsa’s evergreen advice “Fear is neutral until directed” came to mind!

    Eclipse is exactly conjunct my natal Venus (19 Aries) & trines my Asc (18 Leo).
    Day before eclipse (I am very Neptunian) felt big big energy, not quite ominous, but unsettling.

    Sat with it, thought– what if I choose to see this as a giant *reboot, esp of Venus/house issues? A cleansing. Like restarting a computer to clear out glitches.
    During eclipse, I plan to do yoga, meditate, with window open enough to hear birds stop, then start up.
    Then put on something pretty, head for my local university bookstore & hope to see a man I might feel like kissing 😘(currently on mend after devastating breakup last summer). We’ll see what happens! Fear is not an option

  5. With this eclipse aspecting my natal Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Mars, Pluto, North Node and Moon placements, houses 2, 4, 6, 11 and 12 ….. I am indeed having a busy morning! Feels good, did alot of clearing prep beforehand. And will enjoy seeing what comes of all of this down the line….

  6. This eclipse is exactly on my mc and I hope this brings a new social status for me as the uranus Jupiter conjunction is hitting both my mercury Taurus yod apex in my 10H and my moon by opposition.

  7. Man, I felt the energy shift veeeery palpably. This is night and day, folks. And it is *good*. I agree that we are headed into a very wonderful May, and I, like you Elsa, hope people are taking advantage of Jupiter/Uranus. This is like flowers blooming or even, forgive me, crassly, flushing a toilet. Make the effort. Energy has shifted and it is supporting all of us. I haven’t felt this like-a-million-bucks in a very long time. Challenges can be dealt with and discharged, long-standing problems- poof!, gone, if we are willing to step up and make just a little bit of effort, and I know that can be tough with all that has happened to us collectively since 2020. It is very much counter-intuitive when things feels so bleak more broadly speaking, but this is real and it is important, and dang: we can all do it.

    Wishing everyone, everywhere, a wonderful day. Make your intentions and your wishes now, infuse them with your heart energy, and be kind to one another. We could really turn a corner.

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    Anastasia Christou

    Good advice – thanks Elsa
    the eclipse was exactly square my ASC – Capricorn at 19degrees!
    its been a tough week and I cant even sleep at night….tipping point

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