Past Life Soldier: South Node In Aries In The First House

thin-model.jpg“Has the soldier been a man every lifetime? Or could that switch – him being the woman, you being the man, or same sex or whatever? Souls don’t have a gender?”

Amber – this come entirely from him:

He is always a man and always a soldier – he knows exactly who he is. He does not know who I am but is pretty confident we have never met before and thinks I am pretty new (but does not know this for sure).

He says he has never been loved before in any of his lives and is amazed someone loves him this life and he is not sure why this came about. It is and was unexpected and his only thought on this is that perhaps he has finally paid enough of his dues. Prior to this life he did not think this possible and overall it is a puzzle to him why this would occur.

To address your comments from the other day (the 1950’s), I thought I might be interesting to explain that due his history he definitely does not relate to this age at all. He sees things from a historical perspective so laughs about people thinking we (men and women) are evolving into something other than men and women or that it is possible war could ever be eradicated from the planet… this sort of thing when in reality, history repeats.

As I have alluded to before, he thinks the current hair removal on women (and men) is akin to putting rings around your neck to lengthen it, or to binding your feet… something people are doing in this age that in his mind is no more than a ridiculous fad. Same with “apparatus” in your face (piercing) and emaciated women… the so called Dachau look.

Just imagine being a warrior from another time and being set down in this culture where they have everyone convinced they should never fight. He is mind-boggled. He is really and truly mind-boggled and can’t wait until “this bullshit” as he would call it, has passed.


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  1. maybe that’s why i’ve never been very faddish and i can’t stand most things where i can’t identify which plant, animal, or mineral they came from 😛 (i make an exception for computers but they still smell bad)

    i’m pretty sure i’ve been female near every time. there’s roles that feel more comfortable than others. could you imagine him _not_ being a soldier, ever?

    i can’t imagine anyone could make men and women “the same” and i don’t know why anyone would want to try. but i still call myself a feminist and i just would like people to respect each other.
    there have been times/places where that’s been more common than others. archaic senses of honor and duty and dignity and respect for female power as well as men’s etc.


  2. as far as why or to what purpose he found you…. well, he’s not going to stop doing what he’s doing any time soon, is he? but i kind of think a soul kind of needs love to really develop to it’s fullest capacity. and it’s always good to have a (real) partner.

  3. I really l like traditional gender roles… combined with equality. the problem is you can’t legislate respect; all you can do is punish those who flout it (equal pay, equal access, etc.).

    it’s all chaos. I love the idea of peace, but good luck with that. it’s a pretty, pretty dream.

    warriors are the cosmic police. I’m glad they’re around.

  4. Loonsounds – I would respond but it takes too much energy for me to defend or try to justify his ideas of the positions he takes on various things. I am pretty much just saying, “here is what one individual thinks” and then other individuals can think what they think but you can’t argue with him because he is not here. 🙂

  5. The soldier is convinced that the current culture is convinced that we should never fight? Where is this anti-war culture he is seeing? People against war? I don’t see them. I see a culture of Pro-war in the sense that … We Re-elected a pro-war President! Soldier, you are in good company. Otherwise, if we were all so against war, why wouldn’t any of us be doing something to try to stop it?

  6. Of course, Elsa. Your blog is one of the rare places that allows a place for all intelligent people to speak. Who could ask for more than that?

  7. I was thinking about this more, and it really does show an interesting view on perspectives. Something about where you are standing when you are blindfolded and touch an Elephant, and how you perceive the elephant?

    I think it is all about perspectives and therefore not something the soldier would need to defend or represent or argue in favor of even if he was speaking.

    To a soldier, the American culture of today looks anti-war, to a person of my politically liberal-minded leanings, the American culture of today looks like something altogether different than that. To someone witnessing from another planet, maybe it would look different still.

    As a warrior and soldier, he “can’t wait until the bullshit has passed.” As a liberal minded political protestor, I am like “what bullshit? where’s the bullshit; we need lots more bullshit!”

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