January 2024 Schema: Optimism -> Reality Check -> Innovation

Saturn PlanetA client hired me to look at January astrology. We got on the phone and proceeded to talk about other things, but I had looked into this and here’s what I found…

While we start out with Jupiter and Sagittarius, emphasized. Saturn will ultimately dominate the month. Realizing this in advance should provide an advantage.

Here’s what I’m looking at:

Jan 1 2024This is January 1st.  It’s upbeat, confident, daringly risk tolerant.  Note the house(s) where this stellium lands in your chart.



January 23 2024This —-> is January 23rd. Note that all the bodies pictured are Saturn-ruled.  They’re also scrunching up.  Again, you’ll want to note the houses activated by this grouping.  Things will be getting serious in the corresponding area of life.

February 18 2024

<—- This is February 18th here and I see a storyline here.

The month begins, with significant hope. (Sagittarius)

Something occurs that scares people or thwarts them.  Perhaps it’s just slower or harder than you expected (Capricorn).

You respond to the rejection or the blocks you encounter, by innovating.

There’s your schema.

Good luck!


14 thoughts on “January 2024 Schema: Optimism -> Reality Check -> Innovation”

  1. This is interesting as it starts in my 2nd house and then moves to my 3rd house.

    I had Mercury RX in my solar return this past April. I haven’t exactly been having the easiest time thinking and communicating anyway 🙁

    I’ve already been experiencing so many misunderstandings and communications, especially since I moved to Spain. I moved to an area that is full of people from all over the world. Suffice to say, there’s not only a multitude of languages being spoken here but many cultural/social differences as well. I have been leaning on technology to help communicate.

    Also, this month I started taking classes related to the new business I am working opening in ’24. My next lesson is mid January and I already felt like there was miscommunication between me and the teacher. I had just chalked it up to the current Merc RX…

    Thank you so much for the heads up on this. It def goes deeper than I realised. And I appreciate the advice to innovate <3

    I wish you and your loved ones a Happy & Healthy New Year!

  2. Yes, l know this is coming up, Elsa.l have had it at the back of my mind all this time…My 11th/12th…and that Sag my 10th. l have taken certain steps…warned certain ones about change ‘forearmed is forewarned’ but human nature is what it is and ‘repetition compulsion’ too often sends us back to repeat… the past…until we dont.

    l shared Christmas day with friends (who are so much like my parents in certain ways it is ridiculous). I still have work to do in this area…cant escape it.l have tried. lt was like being in a Greek play…Antigione came to mind.There is a brother (his) a Picses (early degrees) and an addict living out the back of their house, he is not paying rent (again)…and costing them $$$. She (Leo) attacked her husband (Gemini) while he (no water in his chart)…played innocent, which infuriated her more…l played referee. I read somewhere(here?) that Pluto likes trios. The thing that struck me most was the Catharsis…even the Gemini felt the ‘change in the air’ after the explosion: her pure rage. The cat did too. I put husband/ wife in different rooms and left…they have been sheepish and l have been stern ever since. The stress brought me a symptom flare. Put me in bed. l have hardly left the house…yes,l ordered in take away. Too tired to cook.

    All l really want to do is go back to the Island and be in nature. Did l say l saw a seal on my last day there?. An Australian Fur seal. l had never seen one before…a young healthy adult– with out fear. It played. Came onto the beach and climbed the red rocks.
    It might seem a small thing, but it was a major highlight for me. lt was so joyful…

    l threw an I Ching before writing here today: 3 ‘Difficulty at the Beginning’ ( no moving lines). l am trying to sit back and watch and allow things to come into view. It is the best thing l can do atm…

    Last thing and if l dont write it l will lose it. A dream fragment: A man quite plump and jolly (not Santa) with a look in his eye l cant quite make out…extends his hand to me. l notice his little finger is encased in leather and in it l can see a tiny beautifully made timepiece…

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      Shirley Nowinski

      I think you take responsibilities that are not yours. Your friends are adults and they have the power to work out their issues,you don’t. Neither are you required to stay where the tensions are so bad you feel physically drained. Simply say you are not feeling well and leave. The seal is independent, self sufficient, healthy, and happy. He is the lesson of how you can feel if you treat yourself like a friend, and help others only when they are not capable of helping themselves.Dream is you have time to live with joy! Just my opinion given with love.

  3. I like the pragmatic course of action you have laid down, because that first mars/mercury is right on my ASC and the second on my sun in the 7th.

    I’ve been struggling with a super mutable friend (Sag stellium, Virgo stellium, Gem rising) who’s all over the place and I can’t hold her together anymore (it’s basically been my job) because I’ve made very important positive life changes that require my undivided attention. She’s not listening, jokingly admits using guilt, dangles carrots etc. to keep me on her roster. It’s a ‘repetition compulsion’ situation for sure. But ultimately not my problem.

    And it’s all tied up with that Feb. 18 chart because I hope to have my new self in full swing by then. It’s time to sail with the tide as Saturn is just beginning to cruise through my 10th.

    I love these first-next-then posts. walking us right through the next six weeks.

  4. Shirley, you are spot on and l thank you for it…l needed an independent opinion. One (he) has asked to talk about it some more…l said no. It will be harder saying no to the Leo. The dream is a little trickier, l think…but that seal was all of those things and l will take that away with me and use it.

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      Shirley Nowinski

      Thank you Dianne, it’s obvious you care a great deal about these people (and they for you)boundaries can be difficult but better than what you are all going through now. I wish you success and happiness and you deserve both.

  5. The Jan 23 planetary grouping is all in my 4th house on the 23rd. Venus in the 3rd & everything else in the 4th for the Feb 18th grouping. I have been applying for jobs pretty steadily for the last 2 months. I’ve been kind of anticipating/planning to have to move for a new one soon, so the setback will likely involve finding a way to sell my not so great condition current home in a timely manner and/or to make enough off it to finance a move comfortably. I will start gaming out different options/scenarios now to hopefully find one innovative enough to “fly”….

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    Elsa: Regarding your ‘Ends with a Cliffhanger’ and your comment that you would expect financial meltdown during Uranus in Taurus. However, isn’t ‘money’ just a mental concept? We exchange pieces of paper (worthless on its own merit) or nowadays, electronic credits and debits with a strong belief that there is something of value on which these things are based. I would think Uranus in Gemini would be the time that belief and mental concept is upended or at least seriously challenged. Just a thought.

    1. I think along these lines… Uranus is electronics and futuristic. Bitcoin and digital currency, fit.

      I also watched the stock market climb (in between crashes), since I was pregnant in the earlyish 1990’s. The dow was under 10K… I remember seeing a 27K flash in my mind… didn’t bet on this unfortunately, but my point is, it’s been essentially UP since then.

      Most of the money in the market is in 7 (or so) stocks. The money in the banks does not exist, nor does the gold, nor does the stocks you think you own, nor does any of this.

      If I’m right, this will shock most.

      I think I’m right.

      This is it in a nutshell. 🙂

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