People Who Pity Others, Saturn, Neptune and The Hall Of Mirrors

Joana asks regarding the “controlled experiment”, Compassion And Sympathy video:

“Do tell, Elsa, if you can, the conclusions you reached with your sister and your charts.”

joana, it starts with the fact I have a packed 8th house and she doesn’t. But our main interest was in exploring the meaning of this not just for ourselves but the people with all the pity. What were they getting out of it, see?

My sister did not appreciate being pitied, most people wouldn’t. So in this way I was coming out on top.

Anyway, we looked at this in depth and from all angles because we were there and we could. It’s a big story, I wouldn’t know where to start but I can tell you this:

It all winds up in a hall of mirrors, as my sister (Pisces/Cap) is also a Saturn Neptune type. And for Saturn Neptune people there is nowhere else you can go.

Live in there long enough you can get your bearings but it does you no good unless the other person can get theirs. And most people don’t even try.

Er…. They just keep busy pitying people like my sister. 😉

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