Pining For Reuben, Continued

Catbird seatNineteen years old.

I was pining over, Reuben, after learning that my husband (that I am married to now) had married someone else. I was so obliterated by this, I didn’t date anyone for six months which is eons at that age and also for someone like me who really likes to be with man.

In whatever case, I didn’t have a man but I did have, Reuben, who wore white pants by the way. I knew I was fantasizing.  I’m telling you I was utterly and totally conscious of what I was doing which may be hard to believe for a 19-year-old but I’ll tell you how I knew.

I knew because I was a bartender and I had been one for four years by then. I was seasoned to say the least. I knew what went on in bars and I specifically knew about the catbird seat.

I learned about the catbird seat when some ol’ drunken bastard stumbled by me in a bar and told me he’s seen me down the street. Well, yeah. I was the bartender in the bar down the street but then he said this, or rather, he slobbered and spit it because he was that drunk (Neptune).  “I saw you,” he said, accusingly. “You were sittin’ in the catbird seat, all right.”

Well, hell. I didn’t know what a catbird seat was so I didn’t know it I should slap the guy or thank him so I muttered something and went home and called the library.

I specifically called the reference department because while we had no internet then, you could call the reference department of the public library and get any question answered.

“What is a catbird seat?” I inquired.

The librarian told me it was an elevated position, commonly used when talking about politicians and I thanked her.  Point is I knew that, Reuben was in the catbird seat. He was on stage wasn’t he?

A bartender is on stage as well and if you wonder about this, all you have to do is be a bartender and then turn around and put money in the register while everyone looks at your ass.  Matter of fact, it may be your ass on stage, not you but in whatever case, Reuben was on stage or maybe it was his dick on stage because those pants were white.

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5 thoughts on “Pining For Reuben, Continued”

  1. I used my Neptunian energy to imagine men… I have Moon, Mars and Venus in Pisces square Neptune and fantasy was my best friend! Since Saturn rules my 7th house and is in my 5th house, I was VERY cautious.. maybe a bit too much because now I’m left with no experience at all :/
    Neptune conjunct my Descendant so I can see people through a veil but I’ll try to use more in my career (social work) instead of relationships (well if I can attract someone to me..)
    Neptunian energy can be soooo deceiving at times because it seems that all this energy that I spend dreaming is worth nothing.

  2. hahahaha!!! i haven’t heard that expression in a while. catbird seat. nice.

    i was a bartender for some time… and that’s when i first heard that expression, actually. some boys school teacher who liked to frequent the british pub where i worked. who didn’t like it so much much that i was loaning him books rather than giving him my … well… other attentions.

    living in a fog of memory now.

  3. Avatar

    Lol I was in the seat up until the 1st of this month as a Batista. Neptune strikes again I had no idea what the seat was called till you lifted the veil.
    Thanks Elsa! 🙂

  4. Well MY Neptune just conjured up that pic of Nicholas Cage we were talking about somewhere, not all that long ago… wooooweee… wasn’t he wearing white pants too, on that cover??

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