Gemini & Virgo Flailing With Saturn & Neptune In Pisces

two fishes by SarahIf you’re a Gemini or a Virgo and you’re doing great, I’m glad!  This isn’t for you. It’s for people with a lot of planets in both or either sign. People caught with Saturn pressuring their planets in early degrees, while their planets at later degrees of these signs, drown.

The combined effects of the two transits has resulted in an exquisite level of suffering for many. Gemini gasps for air while Virgo’s mind swirls and fakes itself out.

Further, the people I talk to who are in this situation, invariably have other transits underway.   I’m talking about Uranus and Pluto, so when they write me and ask if they are going to die, I can easily see why they wonder!

I am leaving Sagittarius out of this because they simply don’t experience Neptune the way the Mercurial signs do. I also think they know this, but I’m mentioning it, in case.

Am I talking about you? How’s it going?

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  1. Gemini sun, ascendant, Venus, mercury, north node… All gemini. Saturn sitting on my MC. Quit my job last week. Dont know what’s next. Neighbors in construction work for a month now, all day with bangs and saws, buried in dust. I don’t know how am i , I’m in automode. I feel like a sprayed bug.

  2. You ARE talking about me! I can see both, really. I have that strong Neptune in Sag hitting Mercury/Asc placement in my natal chart but have definitely felt it. Transiting Pluto is still opposing natal mars and I’ve truly had moments of “am I gonna DIE?!?” I believe ol natal Mars has been killed (RIP) and is ready to revamp. Saturn Neptune have blown my heart open by dissolving and restructuring and I can’t wait to see what the results are (so Virgo!). My dreams and visions have transformed for sure.
    I think Saturn (transiting & natal) kept reality in check throughout all of it. (If I’m not actually dreaming right now, haha!)

  3. Lol. Yes you’re talking about me. Saturn is opposing my early virgo sun, creeping up on my mid-pisces moon: Neptune is opposing my late ascendant+virgo mars, while squaring my gemini MC. It’s alot, and personally I don’t think it’s going very well.

    Like you mention I also have other transits coming up – Uranus will square my late leo mercury-venus-jupiter conjunction during 2024 and 2025.

    I feel utterly disheveled. Nothing is as it’s should be: everything is messy and my energy levels have never been this low. I work full time while sleeping terribly, and that of course affects my performance. Challenges that never fazed me now make me freeze. It’s all very difficult.

  4. Is numbness part of this. Have both gemini and virgo strongly in the chart and feel a bit numb. Hope it wears off soon. Trying to see it as something that will pass and maybe an opportunity to go into a different direction.

  5. yes, it helps me not get caught up in the confusion. Hopefully it is temporary. I feel I am pretty resilient and can take the longer view on things.

  6. My Venus is in Gemini and in a couple of months Saturn is going to square it for a long time as it will go retrograde.. I don’t want to go through this aspect.. I had my progressed Venus square Saturn for a few years and I know what it’s like. I went through the Neptune square as well.. Finances were dissolved during that time and I felt I had lost my good looks even my hair looked thinned out and I m a leo asc with luscious hair!
    I have Jupiter/Uranus in early Sagittarius squared by Saturn at the moment and Neptune/south node in last degree Sagittarius squared by Neptune.. Pluto and Uranus are not kind to my chart either..

  7. Sagittarius here. Neptune feels like finger painting with really slippery paint outside in the sun, and then it clouds up and rains before you can get back into the house. Now it’s all over the floor, and up your arms, but it looks better than when it was first applied to the paper. So you take lots of photos, smoke another bowl, and call your Pisces friend to see if she has any of that chocolate cake you like that keeps you up all night watching Ancient Aliens.

  8. Neptune has opposed my Mars for way too long and for a while there was a weak T-square involving my Sun, and this is all involving Gemini and Virgo. I’m always reluctant to admit defeat but that Neptune-Mars opposition is KICKING MY ASS. First the PTSD kept me from sleeping, then I found out I’ve got lupus, and between them I’ve never been so sapped of energy and life force. I can’t wait until this is over.

  9. Reading about exhaustion and being sapped of energy makes me think about resistance. That it is the resistance of the ego personality to the forces of spirit or soul (Neptune) that creates the fatigue. The ego is trying to hold itself together as the water pours in, and such effort, which at the end of the day is futile, is very tiring. It is hard to let go and surrender, especially if there is fear that you are losing something necessary, but you are actually gaining something far more powerful.

  10. Well ,one Gemini who I got totally crushed by in days, now, only because I constantly pass his rental, looks slow to move , almost always home , no work?? my lasting opinion of him is that he can’t make up his mind nor his loyalties. He just seems like he has too many regrets least the last time I talked to him four years ago.

  11. Haha, even if I’m doing “great” one day, I’ve realised that there’s just no guarantee I’ll be doing the same a week, a month, or a year into this. The only certain thing is the uncertainty

    1. I would also add that anyone with a virgo stellium (like me) is also dealing/has dealt with a LONG period of low energy courtesy Neptune in Pisces. This stuff is draining.

        1. Elsa can you explain what you mean, it’s helpful to know how to handle these transits. I feel Neptune transits need us to turn to spiritual practices or at least go deeper nurturing our spirit

  12. Flailing, indeed! I took on a temporary leadership position and had to back out of being considered for it permanently. Although the Pluto adds brilliant energy for some of my planets, this energy is crushing me (oppose my Sun and Mercury). I explained that I needed additional experience (and confidence, which I did not say) before taking on such a role. I could not handle managing internal and external demons at the same time. Oh, yeah, and having my former boss/ successor passing away 3 months after retirement didn’t give me much confidence about what the position does to people.

  13. How does Sagittarius experience Neptune? I’m 27* Gemini Moon and 27* Sag. Sun. With Uranus, Pluto, and Mars in Virgo my rising sign. Also, Saturn return for me but it is moving out of orb now. Saturn at 0 Pisces. I’ll be glad when Neptune moves on but I still have the rest of 2024 to deal with the transit to the luminaries.

  14. Venus at 2° Virgo and Mars at 27° Gemini. My mind, my analytical skills, my clear and direct communication style, my ability to manage my responsibilities all seem to be like smoke through my fingers some days. It’s terrifying. I also have Pluto opposing my Saturn in Leo now. I cannot wait for Saturn to gtfo of Pisces!

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    Hildegard's Noviciate

    Virgo 6°pluto and 2°uranus conjunct in 12th in very early degrees, 24°Virgo sun and 25° ASC.
    5° Jupiter and 7° Chiron in Pisces conjunct in 6th Obsessed with health lately. Afraid of dying or disability. Afraid of the next 25 years being disabled mentally or physically. Obsessed with health and mobolity issues which I have only a little. Feeling trapped and a little hopeless in my current situation. Finances stable but tee

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    Hildegard's Noviciate

    Feel finance teetering a litťle. A bit of fear all around about layoffs not because I’m under the chopping block but feel options to move are narrowing or more precarious right now.

  17. OMG… I’m a Virgo Sun, Moon, Rising (among other things) and THANK YOU. I am struggling hard. Between this and my nodal reversal (16 degrees of Aries and Libra), I need like… a really long nap, a fuzzy blanket, some hot tea and twelve orgasms.

  18. 27 degree Gemini Sun with 10 degree Gemini Venus here. It’s been one hell of a ride the past few years. How adorable of Neptune and Saturn to steam roll them and then be conjunct at 0 degrees of Aries…. EXACTLY on my Descendant. 2 degree progressed Leo Sun too so I’m watching Pluto creep up (help lol)

  19. My heart goes out to all of you. Sounds like an awful lot of mental and emotional suffering going on.
    My S.O. (A Virgo with Pisces Moon, Chiron and Jupiter conj.opp his natal Uranus/Pluto in Virgo) is very fearful right now of his health ( “am I dying?”) and has a natal Uranus opp Saturn transit and this transit is hitting many of his natal planets as well. He is scared and worried to death! His health has been declining as he has no other support here other than me. It’s been extremely hard emotionally for both of us. I have faith he will be fine but being the cool as a cucumber on the outside Virgo he fools me and I forget how much is going on in his mind. He used to have outlets to get to in nature and now has no where to go in this God forsaken city. A Virgo needs access to peace and quiet and it’s very hard to come by here. We need to move but the logistics are daunting.
    May you all heal and be well.

  20. I’m sure I’ll be on here crying when saturn gets closer to opposing my moon!!!! In the meantime I just feel like the days are going fast and I’m trying to get some stuff done (besides my astro addiction!!) … I actually found the vigour to get a yearly photo book in order and completed … there’s gotta be some virgo-neptune in that, lol!! Might even go in for another! (Of course I’m not up to date!) Pisces rolls through a lot of my first house … also I got a real life friend who I can speak weird too (she’s not fluent in astrologuese, barely past hola/ adios) which ‘takes up’ school hours one day of the week … but still so nice to have an in person ‘person’ …so that’s prob another reason I’m slacking! But ever since saturn in pisces have felt the fog!!! Still love you guys xxx

  21. Gemini- vertex, sun, mercury (8th house). Virgo- pluto, moon, lilith, vesta (11th house)…. all between 10-20 degrees. Pluto currently squaring my ASC-DSC 0 degrees Scorpio-Taurus. I had forgotten how easily I can get motion sickness and how the nausea, vomiting and headaches I have to go thru with this illness hurts really bad. So, I playfully bounced onto my couch when Pluto recently squared mercury….and as a consequence was then miserably down, flat on my back, maintaining stillness for the next 10 days. It is now the Pluto- Mars conjunction and today I’m (cautiously) feeling well again. Saturn transit Pisces….”Stay in the boat!”.

  22. Saturn was squaring my natal Mercury in Gemini simultaneously (by degree) Pluto was supporting with a sextile that persists authentically now.
    Meanwhile holding down the back end is Neptune squaring Venus in Gemini.
    It’s a time of loving self solidity and surely – maybe the only real and authentic if not palpable love I can trust and rely on.
    Everything else all wrapped in dreams n illusions could after much consternation find reality …but I better be sure.
    If nothing else I’ve learned discernment, self control, deeper appreciation of love and what it means especially as it relates to loving self

  23. Drowning, flailing, fathomless hopelessness, intense addiction..worst of my entire life. Losses abound: deaths, job loss, exceptional loss of friends & friendships, money sinkholes, everything leading to crushing self esteem issues & more avoidance than ever mostly because I can’t pull it together to even attend a routine appointment. Faith, typically my strong suit, seems foreign now. Entire body bloated; I’m typically very active but I can barely put my (too tight) clothes on without suffering exhaustion & fatigue. This sounds dramatic, it’s not! But it is dramatically destructive. I don’t know how much is related only to my Saturn & Neptune, my Gemini & Virgo, but a good portion must be. I have a lot of squares & trines. Bipolar. Ugh. SOS

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