Pisces, Take Care Who You Partner With Or Suffer The Consequences

Today I was working with a Pisces client with Venus in Pisces. She’s young and she’s got a good man with very good qualities who loves her. She has some Saturn stuff so suffers insecurities at times, like she can’t keep up. In reality she is as lovely as they come. I wrote:

“…I can tell you that over time you will absorb some of his principles and techniques. This is why it is so important you mind who you hang around with. You want to be around people who have good principles and techniques because you will wind up with them…”

Anyone with Venus mashed with Neptune (Venus in Pisces, Venus in the 12th, etc. ) should mind that for sure.  Later I pulled up a thread on small business and wrote:

“My business has improved. Since Saturn has moved into Libra I see that relationships are everything and the agreement has to benefit both parties. I have been aligning closer with people who I feel have integrity and distancing myself from the others.”

As I was typing that I recalled a conversation I had with my Capricorn friend last week, the one who might die of codependency . She has a life full of people who are capable but who expect her to do everything for them.

I found myself telling her that I was pretty sure things were going to go down and she’d well advised to have people in her life who knew how to bounce and/or move on their own steam.

“There is no way you are going to be able to carry all these people on your back. Tell them now so they can make other arrangements and just remember these people aren’t going to do anything to help you.  They’re trained otherwise. Really, just get rid of these people who drain you and have never given back in their life so you have room for people who show up the way you do…”

Can you relate?

8 thoughts on “Pisces, Take Care Who You Partner With Or Suffer The Consequences”

  1. I can. There is a certain type of person I have had in my life constantly for years – draining, controlling, negative…. Slowly I broke off from those relationships, but I’ll notice these people still show up on the periphery.

    Today I just ran into one – a neighbor – recognized her type right away, and am already steering clear.

    I can see more than clearly that being around them made me so unhappy in the past and I am by far not nearly as negative since ridding myself of their influence. Especially since I have so much on my plate right now, including a new business.

  2. Hi Elsa…..yes, I have been taking that very advice very seriously lately. What is interesting is that as soon as I let a couple of “drainer” friends know that I was done being the garbage disposal, all of a sudden a whole new group of friends, (actually two of my best friends from childhood) recently showed back up in the picture and it has been so refreshing and easy. So, thank you for the great advice!

  3. Elsa, thank you for the advice! I have really been watching the people in my life lately and and are tired of them not holding up there end of the bargin and watching them try and bring me down, my instincts are telling me to kick them to the curb and move on with my life! That is going to be my plan.

  4. I can absolutely relate. This weekend was a testament to that. I’ve been examining my relationships and noticing a lot how certain people in my life drain me. Elsa, I keep remembering a post you made the other day that said to be cautious about who you align yourself with. I think since I have a lot of mutable in my chart, I too absorb a lot of the energy of the people around me and today, for instance, I feel totally drained and worn out from it all. I’m not quite sure how to distance myself from these people, but I’ve got to figure something out.

  5. Yes! I had no idea why but it recently became absolutely exhausting to talk with an old highschool friend of mine. I’ve done my best to nurse her through various things but she came back to me a few weeks ago and I found I just could not do it anymore. It wasn’t until I stopped committing to that that I realized how much energy I was wasting and how little I was getting out of it.

  6. My husband has Saturn conjunct Neptune in his 7th house in Libra. His first wife was a huge drain on him, both emotionally and financially. Turns out her family had hidden the fact she had an undiagnosed mental illness (bipolar). Eighteen yrs after they divorced, her girls had to go to great lengths to commit her. It took months to get her meds balanced enough so she could work part time.

    Her daughters monitor her bank accts and spending closely because if they don’t, she will end up broke in short order.

    heh, this happened during her second Saturn return and her younger daughter’s first Saturn return in Virgo.

  7. Yes, I’m feeling this energy. Friendships of yesteryear have suddenly jumped to the forefront in a big way right now. Also, I ended a 3yr no-good, drainer of a romantic relationship in early October. Needless to say, October was a bitch of a month to get through but I knew this transit was coming and that I was gonna feel this…Im a Libra sun @ O degrees, so the beginning (aka NOW) is when I’m getting the peak of this action. Otherwise, I have also rekindled the friendships that could not breathe before (my ex was antisocial) and Im taking a bunch of time off during the holidays to reconnect with my out of town family and friends.

    I basically feel like I am really needing SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL nourishment right now…healing, good food, exercise, sleep. And its all very intense: Taurus Full moon was crazy for me! Mad energy, could barely sleep.

    Godspeed to all improving their lives and relationships during this transit…can seem overwhelming but I believe that it is a blessing in disguise.



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