Family Traits That Skip A Generation

matadorMy daughter is a lot like like my mother.  She’s a lot like me as well, but she has very specific qualities the link her to her grandmother in ways that can’t be denied.

  • My mother was an Aquarian with Pluto tightly opposing her sun.
  • I have a packed 8th house.
  • My daughter is a Scorpio rising with Pluto in Scorpio conjunct her ascendant.

There is a lot of “inheritance” going on here. Legacy.

My husband and my daughter formed a strong bond very quickly.  He’s got a Scorpio moon and is well known to be perceptive on different levels.  In whatever case, he started calling my daughter’s boyfriend, “El Matador”.

I’ll tell you why this struck me; my mother had an obsession with bullfighters. So much so, she painted life-sized matadors on the doors and walls of our home.  Picture that! I was this little kid looking up at this giant bullfighter on the wall… one of the painting was probably six feet wide, reaching from the floor to the ceiling.  You’ve got wonder how this stuff gets absorbed.

I had a serious boyfriend once, who fit this kind of stereotype but isn’t this strange?  These things are in the blood. On one level, you’re “you”. But in other ways, you’re living the legacy of your ancestors.

For the record, we’re Italian, primarily. No clue where the “Spanish” attraction comes from. It’s odd because I have it as does one of my sisters. However, my brother and my other sister do not.

Are you aware of any odd threads running through your family line?

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  1. anonymoushermit

    This reminds me of physical genetics, as well.

    For example, a group of 8th graders can one year look like they’re 17 years old for three years straight. Then the next few groups (like say for four years) of 8th graders can look like regular 14 year olds!

      1. Traits like red hair or twins…

        It’s all so wonderfully mysterious. Nature / Nurture.

        I told my daughter today, I wanted to find a way to teach her to drive. All the other women in my immediate family (mother, two sisters and now my daughter), don’t drive.

        I was always struck by this because I drove (Frito Lay) for a living. I want my kids to have “wheels”, to the point they want to have them.

        I can see how these things travel down the line. I inherited the “Henry” gene – Desert Philosopher.

        None of my siblings nor my children or theirs want anything to do with digging around in the dirt… at least not at this stage of life.

        I feel a but outcast in a way.

        1. anonymoushermit

          Elsa, I think I skimmed a book once, perhaps a Middle School textbook, and even traits in plants skip! It’s so bizarre, in a good way of course!

  2. Fascinating stuff! I’m going through photo albums of my son when he was a baby (Libra sun-stellium). Born to a Scorpio Sun mom and Aries dad. These are photos of him growing up far from where I was born. But, one of the two albums are filled with my family gathering in my family home. ALL the major people in my family of origin are in these pictures. My legacy. My son’s legacy. He’ll have a son coming very close to my November birthday. My son lives now, and has for a decade or more, on the island I was born. I live across the water from the place he was born and raised. I live on an island.
    Legacy crosses. Threads the needle. Comes through. The mystery.

  3. They did a study about people that become obese. They found that the grandparents come from poverty with a lack of nutrition. So the grandchildren will compensate for that and will over eat.
    Another study thinks memories can be passed through the genes. So something you might think is a memory might be a parents or grandparents memory.I have a lot of dreams based in the 1940s.

    1. anonymoushermit

      “They found that the grandparents come from poverty with a lack of nutrition. So the grandchildren will compensate for that and will over eat.”

      Unconscious generational guilt? Sounds like a karmic chain.

      1. More like a genetic response. Kind of like when world war 2 prisoners went through starvation they came back to the states and became obese.

    2. I have also heard that scientists are finding out that memories are passed down. I believe, but I am not sure, I read about it in National Geographic. I’ve been reading them since before I could read! I used to just look at the pictures lol. I now receive them monthly and they are still badass! I highly recommend! And, National Geographic does not get involved with politics which is a breath of fresh air. I get, but can not read Rolling Stone anymore. They have become very political and it is frustrating! I am trying to read about music, art, entertainment not politics.

  4. Hi Elsa, my son was born very close to your daughter.
    He turned 25 on July 10th.

    I am very strange and my mom used to call me “Loner”.
    She was the opposite, her friends were everything.
    She joined groups, clubs and organizations that she
    attended religiously. Work, home, family, friends
    and everything I can think of with a 6th and 11th
    house theme. Oh, and education too. Mom was smart.

    My mom died a year before I got pregnant. My son
    is all that she was and more. Except for the bad
    parts. I do not know my mom’s birth time. She
    had a Mars Pluto opposition.

  5. Speaking of Bullfighters….

    My dad loved them. He plastered our garage
    walls with Mexican bullfight posters. They
    were beautiful. Dad was a big animal rights
    guy who never hunted. Not sure why he loved
    bullfight posters so much????

  6. Stelliums, father had a big cap stellium, grandma a big virgo stellium, the other grandma a big gemini stellium. Mom has none but she’s a moon in cap. I’ve inherited cap moon, cap stellium, got to be a gemini sun and a jupiter virgo. Physically I look like my father’s line. I’ve got grandma’s virgo look in me, fathers, uncle’s and aunts. They all have similar physical traits. It’s funny because I get to mess with people pulling out a photo of my aunt at a wedding in the 70ies and tell them ‘see. that’s me.I am really old.’ They can’t believe it because we really really look the same. She’s an aries, I’ve got mars in aries. Temperamentally I have similar traits to my beloved gemini grandma. DNA asteroid sits conjunct exact on my cap stellium in 1st so I enjoy things like these.

  7. I have so much in common with my grandmother. We similarly deal with our emotions. They affect us both very physically. She has always been an active wanderer and walker, so am I. We both love to travel and get very easily depressed by bad weather and often get the travel “bug.” We like the same quirky art and bright colors. She can be very stubborn, and so am I.

  8. My mother has Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. I have Jupiter in Sag conjunct my MC. I have a Stellium Scorpio in the 8th, and my mom has a Scorpio Moon.

    Me and my grandma (my mom’s mother) are both Sags with Aquarius moons, and our north nodes are both in Gemini. It’s crazy. My mom says all the time, you remind me of Grandma, lol.

  9. My brother (the one I’m closest to… Gemini AC, Mercury in Taurus) is the spitting image of our great-grandfather (the father of our father’s mother). He’s taller than our ggf was – people born around the turn of the past century were often shorter – but still, shorter than his brothers, who don’t look like ggf.

  10. Ok my mom is an Aquarius (Libra ascendant, Virgo moon) and you are not going to believe this, but she has a huge painting of a bull fighter and bull in the ring hanging in her house, at a primary point, that I grew up with! My step dad brought it back to her from Spain. I always thought it was violent and sad, and wondered why she loved it so much.

  11. I have a Cap Sun conjunct with Mercury and Mars and a Gemini Asc, while our granddaughter has a Gemini Sun conjunct with Mercury and Mars, and a Capricorn Ascendant…………Interesting….

  12. My grandmother, an Aquarian, went back to school as a mature woman and took a higher education English Literature exam, this in the 1950s when women just didn’t do that sort of thing. I’ve been back to university to finish my degree at 54 and its been a really tough year. I have Venus in Aquarius. I also look more like her rather than my mother. My grandmother was a distant figure who was genteel and wrote poetry. She played the piano and put her daughters on the stage. I became a singer-songwriter. She had a clothes shop. I had a clothes stall. I found out from a clairvoyant last year that my grandparents (both Aquarians, maybe my grandmother was speaking for my grandad!) would have preferred me as a daughter as I went off to art college as a teenager, and had a plan. Whereas my mother met a man at 16 who wasn’t going to be a good husband and was determined to marry him. She wasn’t career ambitious, she just wanted a family. She was set against my grandmother’s wishes but my grandmother was proven right. It must have been quite galling. They loved each other but never really know how to express it. My mother is a Pisces. I sent my grandmother a birthday card in her 80s to say I loved her. My mother said how very happy it had made my grandma, it was probably a long time since anyone had outrightly expressed love for her. She died a few months later. I’m glad I let her know and she, through the clairvoyant last year, let me know right back! It was unexpected and a bit shocking to be honest but hey that’s Aquarians. My stepfather, a Scorpio Moon used to make comments with me too, some welcome some not, but they have always stayed with me. We bonded later on once I was through the difficult teens and he had mellowed. I have Scorpio rising too and Pluto in Scorpio.

  13. My grandmother (mother’s side) cursed a fair amt., but in a funny way & in another language sometimes (when it was bad I guess), but my parents only occasionally.

  14. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    My grandmother was a scorpio with a cap moon
    My mom was a scorpio with a venus in scorpio
    One sister has a scorpio moon. My other sister a cap moon.
    Me? I have a venus in scorpio and an 8th house moom.
    My son got some outer planet scorpio. Looks like the Scorpio is burning off in his generation.

  15. I wasn’t aware of it until just now, because I hadn’t really thought of it, but I just looked up my biological father that I was not raised with and my biological paternal grandfather who passed away before I was born, and wow! My father has Venus conjunct Saturn, and I have Venus conjunct Neptune. My grandfather had Venus conjunct Saturn and Venus square Neptune. My oldest son has Venus trine Neptune, my second has a T-square with Venus, Saturn, and Neptune, and the youngest has Venus square Neptune. At least four generations…though my daughters don’t have those aspects in their charts.

  16. This is SO interesting Elsa!
    Yes, I can totally relate to this, both in life experience, and the thought processes of observing this phenomenon!
    For your family, the ‘odd thread’ had a Spanish theme; in my family it’s the Japanese theme!
    Being of German descent, it makes me wonder…
    But when I was younger, I noticed when visiting my grandparents, that they had various Japanese themed knick-knacks on display in their home, and at my house, it was a large wall hanging of a Japanese landscape!
    Add to this, was the fact that my oldest cousin (now an English professor) lived in Japan to teach English in his younger years, and incredibly now my son is doing the SAME!
    I find this very fascinating, and can’t believe that you Elsa, have also noticed this, and actually WROTE about it!
    I AGREE, that it is definitely a ‘thing’ in families! 😀

    1. Welcome!

      I think it’s interesting, my husband has a Arab DNA, though he’s primarily Italian by way of South America. But his son opted to learn to speak, Arabic. There’s a thread there.

      My sister’s son is a professor, like our grandfather was.

      1. This is really incredible Elsa!
        It’s amazing how these ‘odd threads’ are interwoven throughout familial generations; it is as if those who have come and gone before us are STILL connected to us in spirit!
        How wonderful is THAT!?
        And to know that YOU also have professors in the family is really cool… in my family, attention to the language arts was practically a mandate, and why I was probably the only person that loved essay writing!!
        And it’s clear that you love writing too, courtesy of yet another amazing gift bestowed by your genetic ancestry! 😊👏

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