Pluto In Aquarius – Drastic Change, Which Is Nothing New

sand artWith age you gain perspective. You may realize, there really is “nothing new under the sun”.

I’m suggesting, the first time you see something, you may think it’s unique. Why wouldn’t you? But over time, you see the thing occur again and again. At some point, you might think, hold on here! This is not what I thought it was!

As a recent example, it was not that long ago, statues of Saddam Hussein were being torn down in Iraq.  Watching from the United States, it looked like chaos and a changing of the guard. I would have never guessed at this time, we would take our statues down too. What’s this? An education, maybe?

It’s a safe bet, Pluto in Aquarius will bring drastic change, which is nothing new. Recently, I wrote about the introduction of upc codes in groceries stores – Roll Over To A New Reality.  This week I read this: The Last Days Of The Barcode.  It got me thinking about computers and specifically, computers in schools.

In the 1970’s my high school purchased three computers.  The “smart kids” were invited to join “computer lab”, which was a credit equivalent to “wood shop”. I was one of them, so I was there.

They did not have a teacher dedicated to the lab.  It was the hip American History teacher who opted to work with us, for the one hour a day.  I can’t stress this enough; I was bored out of my mind.  It’s simple really. I was not interested in computer language. Where they body language class?  I wasn’t in there for long, thank God.

I look at this now; computers are ubiquitous in schools. This tells me that what you see being introduced in schools today will also take root and take over. It’s just the way it is.  Like the sand art pictured, the landscape changes. The old scene is sacrificed to make way for the new.

I mentioned in newsletter, I feel Pluto in Aquarius will transform astrology, for sure.  You can already see this, as the favored house system is morphing from Placidus to Whole Sign.  The first time you go through something like this, it’s disorienting.  Saturn in Pisces, okay? You watch something real and defined, become covered over in fog… permanently?

There’s a lesson in that, somewhere.

Yesterday I read, just 19% of young people know for sure, they want to have kids.  This was 80% when I was coming up. Hell yes, it’s a new world!

There’s a benefit to recognizing this, along the lines of really understanding you’re not “of this world”, but in it.  This perspective works well for me and suits Pluto in Aquarius as it’s detached.

This does not mean you’ll be immune to the pain you feel when your favorite restaurant is razed under to make way for a joint selling something you don’t want to eat.  But at least you’ll understand.

It’s not personal when they kill your house system, see? Or you heroes or your hometown. Extrapolate from there. I don’t want to write it.

What major changes have you witnessed in your life time?


23 thoughts on “Pluto In Aquarius – Drastic Change, Which Is Nothing New”

    1. I loved my moonboots back in the day but I even lift weights during our bitter winters in my leggings and Uggs. As long as my feet are warm, I’m warm, and I’m barefoot in my Uggs.

      Perhaps I’m remembering incorrectly but I thought you used the equal house system????

  1. Or, combining both Placidus with Whole signs to get a more blended picture. I feel that works even better. That would still be a new thing, as people tend to pick one over the other.

    For instance, Uranus transiting my 4th house in Placidus, or 6th house in Whole signs – seems to accurately describe what’s been happening over the years. Lots of family upheavals directly linked to health conditions.

    Uranus entered my 4th (Placidus) a week before the lockdown, so a disruption to home living, linked to a pandemic which of course, was the biggest 6th house (Whole signs) health related matter of them all!

    So now I have Pluto transit my 1st house still (Placidus), but it has now entered my 3rd house Whole sign house. Would have to see what emerges, but I guess communication, thinking processes, also local area/neighbourhood, means of transport, would be up for transformation.

    Let’s see (for the next 20 years!)

  2. Reading this morning how families who have served in the military for generations are breaking tradition. I see this with my husband’s family. His ancestors served and While his son served, his grandson will not.

  3. The biggest change I have seen is the rise in divorces. I come from India where divorce, when I was growing up, was absolutely unheard of. In the last 10-12 years, divorces have become commonplace.
    I have wondered what has led to the rise in breaking of family structures. Lonely working singles have become very common. I wonder where are we going with this as well.

    1. You held out longer than the west. Marriage went down with Pluto in Libra ’round here. If anything, it’s due to make a comeback… again, around here.

  4. I had to look up Whole Sign system…
    not all change is good. I don’t know if it is, l will wait for other views. Your percentage rates of young people saying they are not ‘sure’ if they want children, doesnt concern me so much. In the past choice wasnt a factor, it was the expectation and aberration wasnt tolerated. The biological clock will sort them out. It is a bit like partnering up. You dont ‘have’ to do it but if you want to, go for it and please make a good job of it for all concerned. But before the business end of things–love, pleasure, freedom. (Condoms!)

  5. I am the only one in my generation on my dad’s side to have any children. There are 8 cousins on my mom’s side and I’m the one with 4, the other 3 who have any kids only have 1. The oldest of those already proclaimed that she “hates kids and they’re too expensive.” My family is basically dying out. It’s really weird. My kids have one cousin on my husband’s side and that’s it.

    We’re down to 2 cashiers on duty at the grocery store. Everyone goes to the self checkout.

    Recently I was driving with my oldest son and had to stop for gas pulled into this full service gas station I’d never been to before (we were on our way home). This all-American looking teenage boy came out and pumped the gas, was friendly. It was like when I was a kid. I didn’t know these places still existed where we live. My son was taken with the whole thing, saw this older kid and related to him, like “I could be him one day soon,” it was so weird!! In a good way weird. Those are dying out. All the self-serve stuff is breaking down community in a way I never imagined. It made me kinda sad.

  6. I’ve been wondering why…..why was there such a push and propaganda on the ‘Age of Aquarius’…such a huge propaganda campaign especially in the 70’s.

    Why wasn’t there one for the ‘Age of Sagittarius or Capricorn’ ??!!

    Nothing new under the sun but everything is manipulated which is what is really not new under the sun :-0

    1. It’s nothing to do with Pluto.

      It’s to do with the rotation of the vernal Equinox, and how long it takes to move through one Zodiacal sign to the next. It take around 26000 years to complete a full circle, so roughly 2500 years to go through one sign.

      The sign on the horizon, at sunrise, on the day of the Vernal Equinox in March, indicates what age we are in.

      Around the time of when Jesus birth was supposed to be, was when we entered the Age of Pisces. You can see what paradigm shift happened there!

      Now in current times, it’s somewhere between Pisces and Aquarius, on the cusp. There’s a lot of debate as to where we are, in Pisces still? Or in Aquarius?

      Nevertheless, you can see a blending of the two energies. Look how much we have advanced in technology over the past century alone!

  7. At age 70 have seen some pretty big shifts.. back in the year 1999 I wondered if I really “needed” email when my son set it up on my computer! Likewise, when cell phones came around I couldn’t imagine having to have a PHONE on my actual person at all times and I held out for quite some time, then home health nursing required a “blackberry” and I was hooked!

    Have seen parenting trends,relationship trends, sexual trends, and of course,watched both Al Gore and Hillary “lose”— have seen an insurrection in my country, na criminal running for office, women’s rights being taken away again, and I am still watching the circus!!

    In the meantime, my astrological work remains a constant, and I switched to EQUAL houses years ago, after studying your work,Elsa, and it made soo much sense out of my own chart,transits.. that I will NEVER change my house system again!!I had some pretty big shifts in planetary placements and transit energy that pulled together so much of what had previously confused me…

    Pluto in Aquarius is a shift that will bring so many changes and so fast, that I am sure I will have to work hard to keep up, in my elderhood,but I will try! I can’t stand to be “left behind!” I am scared of AI,scared out of my wits, but here-it is.. I worry over losing our democracy..but here it is..I am still pondering just what i am supposed to be DOING..and I am sure I’ll figure it out soon..Current thinking: Live a day at a time,pray, meditate, and VOTE. Oh, and visit a few of the places on my bucket list while I still have energy and mobility!!!!!

    I have weathered some nasty transits (as most of us have), covid took a toll on my family, sick son from the shot, horrid autoimmune reaction, father died in nursing home 3000 miles away ini 2020, and I could not be art of the end times, on and on.. but I have survived, and oddly enough, am thriving once again..we are so much more resilient than we give ourselves credit for. .just have to reach out a bit..astrology,prayer, and a good therapist helped me a lot.Oh, and a steady soul mate.My husband is my rock.

    Now,I am an excited and slightly worried about it bystander to this new “show”..Earth sure is a fascinating place to live,isn’t it….

    1. I’m a little younger but ^^^^ EVERYTHING she said!! Same for me Madeline. And I feel the exact same way …. about all of it!

      1. I feel the same way, too (a few years older). Some changes are thrilling — for example, I can look anything up online and don’t need to run to the library for information or to learn a new skill. Some changes are sad, like loss of community, incivility, kids afraid to play in the street, poorly manufactured (but cheap) clothing and merchandise. (Merchandise made cheap by underpaid, and often child labor.) Some things are truly scary — openly displayed hatred and prejudice, gun violence, corporate ownership of everything, threats to democracy and AI (which can be used for good purposes as well). Things weren’t all that great in the old days, though, we just didn’t know what was going on then.

        1. Or maybe they took everything and gave an easy way to spend our money. So distracted, you don’t realize, no humans in your life! It’s like empty calories.

  8. Changes in my lifetime:

    1.rise of queer culture, gender fluidity, LGBTQ2S, various sexual orientations more accepted, out of the closet
    2. Indigenous, black, brown voices out of the margins, more prominent
    3. MeToo movement, support for those who speak out about abuse, exposing the abusers
    4. Medical Assistance In Dying

    Those are the positive changes I’ve been glad to see in my lifetime. But then there’s all the backlash, of course. One step forward, one step back, it seems.

    The negatives: climate change, pollution, waste, species and natural habitat loss.

    Ever-present racism, genocide, war, fear, ignorance, corruption by people in power — those are nothing new for humankind. But are they increasing?

    1. Thanks for reminding me of the positive changes, Niki. Yes, there is more work to be done. There always is…and particularly in the areas you highlighted.

      I read a News story today about a girl playing football, a first nations girl, about 11yrs. A player on the other team called her a racist name. Umpire didnt hear but her team mates did–they tackled the ‘name caller’ hard for the rest of the game. Yes, things getting better.

      Hopefully our young people and some enlightened oldies will stay on course. These next years are the challenge.

      1. Awesome story, Dianne, tackling the racist name-caller. That gives me hope. Passive bystanders, begone!

        I constantly have to remind myself of those few positive social changes — progress that I didn’t expect to see in my lifetime.

  9. What major changes have you witnessed in your life time?

    A complete flip of a flip and then a back flip off to the side flip that is cock·eyed XX can be XY and XY can be XX …etc bla bla

    I flip it back side over to – XX & XY period. Nobody will ever brainwash me or have any success in convincing me to the contrary.

  10. i tried to post this earlier, but site wasn’t working, something on Uranus, pluto aquarius, and change. So, i was watching on the plane, on the way back home (pluto aquarius gemini moon trine happened too) saw, “To sir with love,” and the definition of Rebellion was such a great one, in the film, the students had asked Sidney Poiter’s character, if rebellion is good, and he told them that it’s their duty to change the world, for the better, not by violence but by peace and not by creating a mob, but individually. I thought it was beautifully written and how it was portrayed. In the books, the main character is said, “I’m not a teacher, i’m an awakener” … so many Uranus themes too.

    the film is a classic and so beautifully done. it is about respecting yourself and loving yourself too. Thats what the movie tries to teach younger generation. Respecting is very saturn as well, so there’s the saturn/uranus energy.

    Have i seen alot of changes? Oh my goodness, yes, this is via digital, landline phones are going out and children are having their own phones. Is one thing. Women dominate the tech world, when before they did not. Only thing is, women dont want to go to jobs like Construction, road work, heavy duty work building sky rises and dangerous jobs like that. Its still a masculine job, but otherwise, women making more of a change in the world. However, less want to have families too, but this has been also been predicted decades ago.

  11. Huge change! I don’t have to go to the supermarket, or the chemist, or the even for shoes! I hate shopping, all done online now. No need to drive, deal with traffic or crowds, aching feet ;). For me a huge benefit and keeps my carbon footprint tidy too. Definitely plus side.

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