What Is The Worst Thing a Person Can Do To You?

Recently, someone told me the worst thing someone could do to her was to make her care. I thought this was profound. It made sense to me. To care is to be vulnerable. Caring can be exquisitely painful.

Though I understood this, and was impressed she could state it so plainly, I can’t say I feel the same way. Her view is accessible, but this is her “worst thing” not mine. It made me realize the “worst thing a person can do” is not universal, but highly personal.

What is the worst thing a person can do to you? Can you connect the astrology?

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  1. “I had a friend tell me recently that the worst thing someone could do to her was to make her care.”

    I’m not getting it Elsa – the best thing someone can do for me is make me care, connect me to another soul. (Venus in Pisces) So I don’t understand.

    The worst thing a person can do to me I do to myself, sometimes: disconnect. But what others can do to me? Hurt someone I love. (Cancer ASC? perhaps)

  2. Oh! I guess that wasn’t very clear. It was like this:

    “What’s he going to do? What’s the worst he can do? Beat me? Kill me? The worst he can do is make me care… and he can’t do that anymore…”

    You see? She used to care.

  3. that’s so true..

    for me, right now, i think the worst thing someone could do is befriend me and then after gaining my trust, turning around and talking crap about me. hypocrisy. deceit. it really hurts me.

    cancer sun, scorp moon, leo rising.

  4. I’d say the worst thing someone can do to me is make me depend on them? I’m more of a loner and don’t too much like working with other people, and it makes me angry when they say they’d do something and don’t live up to it. venus,mars,neptune,saturn all conjunct in capricorn in the 12th house…moon-pluto conjunction to midheaven..double aquarian…I dunno..all suggests to me that I like to work by myself independently.

  5. I get it better now too. Except I don’t mind caring afterwards even when they turn out not to deserve it, because caring for someone is good your YOU, regardless. Unless you keep on at it and you’re getting nothing back from it.

    The worst thing someone can do to be is betray me (lie) or detach maybe. I’m not sure. Mostly I think of this in terms of relationships. Venus in Scorpio and all my Sagg do this, I suppose. What’s gotten me pretty bad in the past is the disappearing act, I hate that too and have never understood it, until I did it once myself, and still don’t like the fact that I’ve done it.

  6. I’m with Jas. Humiliate me in public and I will never talk to you again for as long as I live. Sun in Leo in 2nd square Saturn in Taurus in 11th. I have Chiron in Aries.

  7. Stop talking to me. Sun, Merc and Jupiter in Gemini, Mars in Virgo. Or if it is someone I’m romantically involved with, cut off the sex. Scorpio moon and ascendant, 8th house Cancer Venus.

  8. The worst thing someone can do to me is lie to me, I have a difficult time regaining trust. Scorpio sun, libra moon, almost everything else in scorp or Libra.

  9. Not sure of connecting the astrology, but the worst thing someone can do to me is throw old crap in my face or live in the past. Of course it doesn’t need to be said if you’re a mother, but hurt my kids and you’re DEAD!!!! LOL!

  10. Mayla said it for me and that tends to happen with the woman I meet in the work place. Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon, Gemini rising, Chiron in the 10th.

  11. Cappy cappy capricorn here….the worst thing someone can do to me is reject me when the bond is already formed…disconnect from me when I’m not ready to disconnect. Stop caring when I care about them. Leave me standing alone.

  12. there are several things: if you take something I say and spread it all around, especially if you misrepresent, or it’s something personal, I will probably never talk to you again, or anyone who hangs with you.

    If you hurt my family or a close friend, then you are bad in my books forever, seriously.

    But I think the worst thing anyone could do to me would be to take away my life or part of it but let me stay alive. For example, lock me in a room, take away my phone, stop me from writing, make it so that I have to follow orders and agree with others opinions… stop me from communicating, or from deciding what I do, who I am, and where I go… the worst thing anyone can do is control me, lock me up, prevent me from following my path in favour of a path they think is right, or convince me, somehow to forgo my own dreams in favour of a societal norm.

    Because then I would be dead, that is, a robot would do just as well, so there would be no reason for me to live. I would have been made negligible, pointless, useless.

    oh, and one other thing, if someone forces or causes me to be a part of something which is not right, which harms others or is just.. not right, even if I only find out later, I will be broken- my sense of self broken, but being broken is not as bad as being locked up, it’s just.. seems worse at the time. now if I were broken and locked up… that would top everything.

  13. I feel invincible today. Must be Juptier coming into Sagittarius, my rising sign!


    comenting about my body as though I am an object and not a human being with feelings is a deporable trait. Couple that with ridicule (like my ex-friend did after I fixed my teeth so that they looked better, and made snide remarks every time I smiled) and I am gone. Like, go fuck yourself. Forever.

  14. I’m having a hard time coming up with an answer for this. I suppose so much has been done and I’ve lived through it and am fine. Possibly even a better person for it.

    But, you mess with my kids and you are toast. There is no going back if you mess with them.

  15. I don’t know, but one thing bothers me in a middling way: I don’t really like it how my friend all of the sudden stopped talking to me for a long time. I can’t take being made fun of in a serious way. I mean like really being made fun of.

  16. Its funny jas mentioned chiron in 10th and public ridicule. i have big issues with tht. but thought tht it was bcoz i am a cappy.

    apart from that….rejection all the way. i think if someone really really wanted to hurt me, they’d have to make me fall in love with them, get into a relationship with me, make me dependent on them, and then just leave. just say one day that they don’t love me any more. out of the blue. just like that. no dying out of the affection, no distance creeping in…..just abandon me one fine day and go out of my life. no explanations. has happened once. and am not sure i can take it again.

  17. I just checked, and I have Chiron in the 10th as well. Now I understand why public humiliation nearly destroyed me when I was a kid.

  18. i have natal chiron in 10th house like Jas and Marley.

    however i have just recognized that one of the worst things anyone can do to me is try to make me out for (to be) a fool. i abhor this more than public humiliation which i’ve had experience with on a couple of occasions.

  19. Carielle took the words right out of my mouth. Well said. I don’t like to feel isolated. Chiron in the third house, Mars and Neptune in the 12th.

  20. I don’t like to feel insignificant or unloved. I have Chiron in my 5th (Taurus). Taurus is sensual and when it comes to my feelings regarding love, I’m pretty sensual and need lots of attention….apparently.

  21. I’m trying to think of what could be the worst possible thing, and honestly, I can’t think of anything. I know what will tick me off, but I can’t think of what might be the most hurtful or painful thing to endure…mockery? Making fun of me? Fooling me? My pride always comes first, I can tell you that (which I attribute to my heavily Cardinal chart)…I have a tendency to bring up very embarrassing moments now and then (in my memory, not to confront anyone with or anything), and they are definitely the most painful memories I have…Sometimes I literally have to shake myself to banish them from my mind…

  22. leave me hanging or in the dark. i watched dan gilbert’s TED talk on what makes us happy and it really rang true for me — he talks about the idea that people are capable of synthesizing happiness (eg even after a terrible event like an accident that results in paralysis – or an awesome event like winning the lottery – people revert to their natural level of happiness over time). people think they want more choice but it’s been shown in many experiments that choice can make us unhappy. essentially it’s hard for us to learn to be happy with something if the possiblity exists that we might not have to live with it. highly recommend watching the ted talk – he’s a great speaker!

  23. The worst thing a person can do to me is 1) have the audacity to think they have me all figured out, 2) tell me so without so much as an invitation, and 3) get it wrong. That is so insulting.

  24. I am realizing lately the effect of Leo Sun in 7th for me. Aside from any intellectual or philosophical answers, if I just look at how I have acted over time, the answer is leaving me. I have seriously flipped out. It’s as if I were being killed or something. And in the moment it feels like life is over. I know it isn’t emotionally healthy. And I realize I have to do something about this.

    And I have an Aq moon in the 1st house and Cap rising. So it’s really important to me that they don’t *know* how much I care. This isn’t logial! So there’s the flipping out, but trying to act all cool about it. Hm…. Gotta fix this.

  25. I would say the worst thing someone can do to me is mock or diminish my contribution to relationship (personal or business) and then refuse to talk about it. Gem sun in 8th house…leo moon 2nd…libra rising. I’ve also got a whopping Pluto square sun..so I have to consciously work through this, because — oy..when this happens, it’s easy for me to go into default mode and hide, skulk, simmer and stew.

  26. Leo ASC – humiliate me in front of others…my pride!!
    Cap Sun – insinuate that I am lazy!
    and yes (Scorpio moon), giving me attention until the moment I soften up and open my heart and then abandon / leave / reject me – wah, the pain!

  27. Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon, Saturn on the Descendent in Scorpio, Taurus Rising – grandly fixed.

    So far the death threat pissed me off the most.

  28. Make me feel like he really likes me, and then loses interest and seems more interested in someone else. Ouch! And I have to watch cause he is in my sphere.

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