Pluto In Capricorn Aspecting Your Natal Moon: You Must Eat Zee Bugs!

plutoI’m working with a longtime client; Pisces with a 29 degree Capricorn moon.  She was devasted by Pluto’s first pass over her moon. The word “devastated” is overused but in this case, it fits.  This happened at the same time that cement truck hit me, going 55 mph. I was in Godawful pain. I was hit with the Pluto transit as well, but it didn’t matter.  There was no possible way I would or could abandon her in her crisis so I sat all twisted up and typed and typed and typed and typed and typed… it took us months.

She made it to the other side, not because of me, but because of her own strength of character as well as her love for her family.  I can’t say I’d have made it through a similar challenge, at least not without stabbings and burning things to the ground. I respect her tremendously. I had to guide her, but she actually has to do the thing, puking her guts out in the process, because it was really, really bad. Bad by my standard which means, unspeakable.

Now, Pluto is headed back to station on her moon – it’s time to wrap this up. I hate how it’s going, on one level. Intellectually, I hate it. Libra HATES writing cursed things to this gal. I may as well be writing, “You must eat zee bugs!”  I have explained this transit is about becoming adult on the deepest level. I swear this woman is being stripped of every (emotional) indulgence on the face of the earth.

It’s essentially this: You must do what you don’t want to do, because doing what you do want to do is failing, miserably.

It’s times like this, I hate being me. I know there are plenty of astrologers who would tell her to put her shine on and live her best life, with excellent lipstick, but this transit is not about veneer.  It’s about understanding people (and yourself) on a very deep level, which also means accepting and coping with the limitations that exist in all of us.  You have to get comfortable (moon) with reality (Capricorn), even if it’s dark (Pluto).

I congratulate her for not dodging this and I know it will pay off for her, for the rest of her life. Further, her internal strength of character will be inherited by her children to at least some extent.   It’s like she was a girl, but now she’s a woman with a legacy, she can stand on until her dying day.  Also, don’t think she doesn’t know. She knows!

If you have this transit, consider facing your fear and opting to wrestle with your internal demons, to gain control.  If you need someone who can “go there’, I’m equipped. But really, I just want to encourage people to face this BS, head on. I just can’t abide enduring a whole bunch of suffering, then failing to get paid.

You’re headed back to the rim of hell.  When you get there, look around carefully. Be sure to gather the good bits. The wisdom, you’ve earned and/or paid for in spades.

Whose got this transit coming up?

17 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn Aspecting Your Natal Moon: You Must Eat Zee Bugs!”

  1. Holy crap! This is so awful and fascinating. Pluto in 12th opposed my Saturn at 29 Cancer and it was excruciating, now, there we go again!! And again, soon. I am in the dark, deprived of any personal indulgence and needs unmet , not believing in love etc. After several years Pluto will cross my ascendant opposing Mars. Hoping to survive.

      1. Dear Elsa,
        Thanks for replying and for this cool advice, i hope i will fellow.
        I hope i will get a paycheck, even crazy, like from Philip Dick’s novel , not another invoice 😄

  2. check out character, Annie Nielson, what a deep pluto moon cap
    experience is about in “What Dreams May Come.” Arguably the most
    disturbing renditon of ‘hell.’ Btw, since much has been inverted on this
    plane, would be no suprise hell could very well be cold, not hot.
    That would be Annie’s experience in this 1998 film

    [] friends agree much better to enjoy the film(leo)
    rather than reading all about it first(virgo). Find out
    whatya don’t get later…

  3. Yeah, got the first hit recently : the opposite Pluto, as my moon is in Leo 2th degree.
    Earlier Pluto squared my 29 Aries Venus.
    I look forward to it and dreamt about a beautiful little Orange cat, with a beautiful face.

  4. I’m another one this has been hitting, 30 Capricorn/0 Aquarius moon. It has been hell, and that is all I know how to say. Hardest period of my entire life.

  5. I do my own solar return and I’ve become decent at interpreting it, not sure what to think about the next one. I have Pluto conjunct the ascendant in the first house (Capricorn), making a trine to Uranus in the forth (Taurus) and Neptune in the 2nd house (Pisces). Moon is in the 8th house (Libra). Sun mercury and venus in the 7th (Leo). What to expect???

  6. Actually I quite liked Transiting Pluto Squaring my natal moon in the early nineties. I was finally breaking out of the victim role and finally able to take control of my life and that of my family. Natal moon in the 10 th Leo (26 degrees) a Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter in 1st house Scorpio right before it squared my moon.

    Actually one of the easier transits, but it took a bit of guts to uproot my family and move away from my hubby’s home turf!

    1. Thanks for this. My Moon in early Taurus is watching Pluto’s slow approach to square with trepidation. Any hopeful anecdotes are welcome.

      1. same here
        a warm 4th house taurus moon
        about to hit an iceberg, or does the iceberg hit us?
        ban the mattle stations

        at this point, putting money on faith and flow…
        (note) was on wintery interstate some years ago.
        we all hit black ice.
        careening toward the undercarriage of a semi-trailer,
        “oh God” was in the script.
        instantly popped to the left avoiding crash.
        slowly managed next exit to give thanks, ground, & touch body
        looking for a return performance with the iceberg…

        PS. amazing what a gift learning astro becomes(elsasite+)
        as we are able to enjoy another slice of the holographic pie
        others might not — truly a grad class in compassion…

        –taurus words–

  7. June through January 2023 sucked. 2 injuries and 5 months medical leave.
    When Pluto went back into Capricorn.

    0-1 Leo moon here.

  8. I had my moon sextiled by Pluto and Saturn back in 2020 and at the same time it was trined by Neptune while uranus was approaching two years later to oppose it. It has shook my life to the core, it’s been an unstable life ever since

  9. Pluto is opposite my cancer moon at 28 and cancer ascendent at 26. Reminding myself this transit will soon be over and to be easy on myself.

  10. Capricorn moon 25 degrees. As pluto transited back and forth over my moon the past 4 years each one of my children grew up and graduated. I was in an abusive relationship that affected all of us and my oldest son left right before I got out of that relationship. My other two children and I were able to heal over the last couple years. Now the oldest is coming home ! I feel he never got the chance to heal together with us…and now he will get that chance. I see it as coming together for this time before they are all off to college and on with their lives.

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