Pluto In Capricorn – Despair And Gratitude

When you combine Saturn with Pluto or Scorpio with Capricorn, it is inevitable you come in contact with darkness andย  despair. If these energies dominate your chart, it may be the path of least resistance.

With Pluto transiting Saturn-ruled Capricorn for the next decade this will become an issue for the collective. I am definitely seeing it all around me. It’s life threatening for people who are not used to dealing with these feelings.

I am used to dealing with these feelings and found myself telling a client who I have much in common with, that she would have to choose between gratitude and despair.

Saturn / Pluto invariably suffers much loss. If I don’t watch myself, I can really go swirling down in this pain.ย  I know that some of you know exactly what I mean.

I am drawn in that direction and sometimes I do indulge myself. But for the most part I try to be responsible and control (Saturn) my focus (Pluto). I try to focus on what I have going, what I can do for others, what I can do in the future and I try to keep in mind, there is always someone far worse off than me. I don’t have to look far to find them either.

I offer this as an alternative for people who are encountering true despair for the first time in their life or for others like my client who canย  just plain benefit from having an alternative path defined.

You may feel intensely sad. But there is always something to be grateful for, always.

pictured – Edvard Munch. Weeping Nude, 1913. Oil on canvas

38 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn – Despair And Gratitude”

  1. More and more I find myself in a space where I am able to step back, look at a situation, and decide not to take the path of fear/sadness/despair, and to instead choose gratitude. Sometimes I worry, though, that I might be turning off my emotions too much, compartmentalizing, or just shutting out my thoughts about certain things over which I have little or no control, but I think that if I am avoiding the pain of despair, and living my life, that can only be a good thing, right?

  2. And it’s so difficult to be grateful for the rewards these planets bring, knowing the price we paid to get them– not usually one that we would have chosen willingly.

    I keep wondering what is going to happen when Saturn shifts into Scorpio in a few years and Saturn/Pluto come into mutual reception. I’d say that I want to hide under the bed but I know that energy will find me anyway no matter where I hide. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. What happens if, when you realize people have it worse than you, you then begin to feel incredibly, horribly guilty for ever having complained?

    Not that I do this or anything… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’m not Plutonian but I understand this pretty well. Humility, perspective and gratitude are things I’m trying to cultivate or rather, are things the universe wants me to cultivate.

    I remember a few years ago I took a class in interpersonal communication in which we did a little study. We were all asked to write down a secret on a slip of paper anonymously, something about ourselves that was deep and dark and hidden. Then the professor read each one out loud. Probably some people lied but probably most people didn’t and some of them were so heavy like “I have a genetic disease that will kill me before I’m 30” and “I’ve been bulimic since I was 9”.

    Sometimes it’s difficult to feel anything but gratitude when faced with the horrible suffering in the world.

  5. It’s not enough that an astrologer tells you that Saturn and Pluto squared off today, they need to bring life and actual consequence to reach into the minds and hearts of those that can use the information. Thank you for being so brave and so honest Elsa. You do that at the best of times and this is one of those times when we could all use it.

  6. Kelly, you’re welcome. The fact of the matter is I keep hearing from clients, “I want to kill myself” and this has just got to talked about and aired.

    People have to know they are not the only one and they have to know there are options and that the options, if you exercise them, will work and you can get out of your mess, I don’t care how bad it is!

  7. Thank you so much for posting this, Elsa. It seems lately more and more apparent that this is the only way to survive. Personally, I’m in a situation where I have recently broke off my engagement, one of my siblings is in recovery and the other in counseling for an up-until-now undiagnosed mental illness that has clearly effected his whole life – and now we’re all nearly thirty. I have gone around for a while since we all crashed in our own unique ways oscillating between despair and “oh, things are just like they always were”. I have just this weekend realized there are other options – we’re all gonna make it through this, somehow life goes on, but things will never be like they once were. The strength it takes to face life’s challenges takes gratitude, grace, and acceptance. Your post sums it all up right there – and I have to say I just want to give you a hug Elsa when you mention the bittersweet situation with your husband. I am so glad that you are together now.

  8. Thanks, Jul, it’s a big ol’ ache. A lot of it is that he went through a lot and no one was ever there. I’d have been at the hospital when he was shot up, broken up, full of shrapnel, etc. Everybody knows this and it just breaks my heart, because what do you do about this now, hmm? That water is long ago passed under the bridge.

    It’s all so stupid except for the fact it’s not stupid at all. This was not a kid thing on my end, I just can’t get anyone to understand and this is the kind of thing I am talking about, I can’t just sit in this or you guys won’t have a blog to read.

    And on the flip, I am damned lucky to have a blog to write – don’t think I don’t know it. But none of this is lite.

  9. See, we are going on our honeymoon to where he has lived in the past.

    “I’ll show the house I wanted to buy,” he says.

    I try not to feel sick but I do feel sick and I know some people would not struggle with that but I am not very airy, LOL.

    And my feelings don’t stop at the current time or the time he might have been shopping the house. They go back to when we used to lie in bed together as kids and I would tell his back things I could not quite get him to hear in the daytime. They go back to the day I knew I had no choice but to let him go which still hoping for some kind of divine thing, just like the POW when he knows he’s caught…

  10. it’s easier to value what you have if you’ve also lost…
    i guess it sounds trite. but i don’t think joy is possible without having first experienced significant loss.
    at least, not… mature (?) joy.

    explains why i’m feeling so dark and worn down…..
    and i am lucky. my life is very good to me lately. i’m disappointed in myself, that i’m not taking as much advantage of it as i feel i should.

  11. @ Rkkggg:

    “but I think that if I am avoiding the pain of despair, and living my life, that can only be a good thing, right?”

    In my opinion, if you can transform your despair into something positive, you can transcend the negative experience… Not that Im exactly an expert in this area or anything (gettin better with time tho).

    In any case, if you are choosing gratitude in the face of despair, it sounds like your already well on your way to the transformational process. Sounds like youre doing just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

    Strangely, when my Father died (I was 17), and actually in any kind of diversity, I have often felt stronger and more determined than ever and transformations certainly did occur. I am trying to recapture that drive consciously now, without the actual disasters having to strike. Pluto is transiting my Ascendant in Cap, my natal Saturn is in Scorpio, and my natal sun is in Libra, so this is all hitting home for me lately as well.

    Anyways, cheers to all those trying to choose gratitude… Its not always easy, but as human beings we CAN create new habits, no?

  12. Avatar
    Scorp in a Suit

    “But I am going to try to feel that less, to shrink it down and channel the energy…”

    This really spoke to me. The analogy that came to mind was the act of taming and saddling a wild horse.

  13. One of the best ways to handle a Saturn/Pluto contact is to cultivate the antidotes, which are cheerfulness, and personal power thoughts.

    When these contacts of Saturn and Pluto are made to any natal or progressed position they contact their terminals of the native’s own transits, and bring whatever is not being faced within a person into the outer world through situations, and events.

    Both transpersonal planets are malefic in the sense of working on the collective consciousness of cultures and populations, so, leaders who are figures within groups can choose to channel the energies by tackling the inner plane issues, and bringing them to the surface so the consciousness can effectively face the issues openly.

    Elsa has it right, as some astrologers do as well, in that she urges clients to face what is within and to channel those energies, thus transmuting them into the areas of life consciousness – in effect: changing one’s own perspective from within.

    This may sound simplistic, but sometimes the most simplistic solutions work, as far too many people seek complication when facing their inner plane selves.

    One of the reasons I like Elsa’s astrology so much, and have a link to her on my blog is that she gets it as an astrologer, and a human being.

    She knows that what often works comes from dealing with inner issues, and learning to tackle the feelings within – before transits externalize any inner issues into the physical world for us.

    The former is rarely done, while the latter is more often the case in the world.

    Mainly, this is seen with individuals through their secondary progressions, which terminals are being activated, and when.

    The successes or failures of beating physical events to the punch is to focus on one’s inner self, and to tackle those problems there and then so they will not externalize in the material world through other people, and events.

    Saturn’s transit through Libra, and Scorpio will test many people who have not dealt with their feelings, and as such, will test their relationships as well.

    Pluto’s transit is much more heavy, and will signify the deep destruction and transformations of collective systems of governance that will bring many parts of the world to the brink of revolution.

    Uranus’ opposition to Saturn ends this year, more or less, but Uranus will square Pluto with seven (7) exact squares between 2012-2015, and so revolutionary sentiments will expand and stress personal lives as well; especially those that are inflexible and that resists positive change.

    How people face their own feelings before these cardinal transits between 2010-2015 will determine the destinies of many people over the next five years, so dealing with any internal issues now will go a long way in being a much healthier person in the future – in command and control of one’s own personal destiny.

  14. Lost years I know about. “enjoying the time we do have” I got to add that this is possible only once things are being mourned for. Some descents simply are unavoidable, one can fight it but that just delays the inevitable. I say this cuz I’ve done it when pain felt unbearable. The death wish is the urge to let something die, that which does not serve joy. Cultivating joy is an acquired skill! I go over the day and find things I’ve really appreciated.

    “as well as helping people avoid making mistakes that bring such painful consequences.” that’s awesome, not everybody can do that.

  15. This reminds me of a story I read, “A Reverence For Trees.” This couple had been together as teenagers, but were too immature and broke up, spent years apart, got back together…and then after like a year or something he got incurable cancer. She naturally felt awful about missing out on the time they could have had. But he said not to, because at the time neither of them was mature enough to be together, and they would only have treated each other like crap and broken up and hated each other, but now they could go out on a good note and they did have a year to love each other as sane adults.

    *shrug* That might not be much, or apply here, but I kind of think the guy had a point. Not everyone is 100% ready at the time and can make the leap, and it isn’t always advantageous to do so.

    At the very least, certain kids wouldn’t exist in this situation, so there’s that.

  16. Thing is, it didn’t have anything to do with immaturity, I just have to suffer people thinking this.

    I know it was X but everyone assigns their own letter, usually a, b or c and x is so far out there, it’s hopeless and it’s not because people are lacking in some way. They are just busy with their lives and there is no priority to understand mine.

    This means if your life experiences is on the end of the continuum, you’re rather fucked but here again, you either focus on that or try to do something else with your life but the deep pool is very fetching and this is just the nature of it.

  17. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    Thank you, Elsa:D I love the post & the painting; wow, the resemblance is definitely there!:)
    I talked with my brother only yesterday (it was his birthday, so I called to congratulate) about my falling in love; he said to “just let it happen”:D I would never have expected him to say that (Cap rising, you know!:)& actually very protective of me.

  18. I have a Pluto-ruled chart with lots of Scorpio and a 4th house Chiron, lots of squares and opps. One major loss after another, all my life. In fact, our small community just went through a long string of deaths, 11 in all, most of whom I was related to, elders, youth, babies. It’s been terrible, everywhere you go you encounter people who are in deep mourning. Many of us have just had to ‘numb out’ for a while in order to deal; you just feel shell-shocked and dizzy to find yourself sitting up at another wake, attending another funeral.

    I can unequivocally attest here that the only antidote to times like these is to practice gratitude! When you are focusing your thoughts on what you HAVE, like the precious memories of the time you spent with loved ones and what they taught you about life, it changes the way you FEEL and it’s harder to think about what you don’t have.

    From my spot on this high old hill of middle age (54 yrs.)it’s the only cure for despair that I’ve found that works.

    Even if all you can be grateful for is the air you breathe, or the food that’s in your fridge, or the way the morning frost makes the trees look so beautiful, try to get yourself in the zone of grateful. It’s the stuff that makes a way open, makes your road smooth and wide and easy.

    Take it from an old lady who’s been around long enough to know – as usual, Elsa’s hit the nail on the head with this post. Thanks for the reminder, Elsa!

  19. I have Saturn conjunct Pluto natally, lots of Scorpio & 12th house stuff and boy, does this post ring true to me too.

    When the downswings hit, the best antidote I found was telling myself since I wasn’t dead, I might as well get back to living. It’s getting stuck halfway in between that is deadly.

    Also helps to have Jupiter conjunct my Sun even if it is in the 12th . . . ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Gratitude. Its the hearts work. i was very ill a couple of years ago, also dealt with betrayal/break-up, another death blow actually, while I was in icu no less. after I fought my way back to a place that I could consider living, I started to work with my heart to help heal my body and my soul. I would meditate on my breath and think of the things in my life that i was grateful for, i let those thoughts fill my heart to overflowing and then I would direct that energy into my wounds, opening them up to love and gratitude. This more then anything, brought me fully back to myself and helped me to heal. I chose gratitude over despair. It is a choice. In this trying time I have started to practice this method again, to remember my heart, the love in my life and the choice I made, that I continue to make everyday(well most days :). thanks Elsa for the reminder and the platform in which to express this. Heres to gratitude!

  21. Loved this post…
    Two of my favorite quotes:
    1-“Guilt and regret and two useless emotions..” Who said that??
    2- “I cried for myself for I had no shoes, until I saw the man with no feet..” Loved that since childhood..
    Elsa, you hit the nail again…

  22. I feel like the Edvard Munch painting right now. And all these posts are so wise and are a beacon of light to all of us out here in the dark. Elsa this was a brilliant blog post. One thing to be grateful for is our humanity and how we can all relate to each other’s pain and suffering and can maybe help to heal that pain and despair that radiates from all our hearts out into the collective unconcious as we go through this transition. It will hit us all a little differently, but that is an illusion. It is all one suffering.

  23. Is Pluto about letting go too? Like, letting go of bad things. I’m clutching my control of some things that my fists are getting white. Mainly my fear and my willingness to go lalala and cover my ears when anyone is talking about anything sad. It is what it is, I have to let it slide off my back.

    I have trouble with gratitude, even though I have Jupiter in Pisces.

  24. Thank you Elsa. Big turning point for me.
    Peppermint, I am very sorry to hear of the sad losses that you and your community have suffered.

  25. There’s a comment I left on this thread almost two years ago, wondering what would happen when it got closer to “the time.”

    I just finished a chain of Pluto on SN/Jupiter/Neptune/Sun and am going into Saturn on Pluto and then Saturn Return in Scorpio and then Pluto in Mercury… and a bunch of other stuff besides… and I see that comment, and try to remember what it was like when gratitude for the tough stuff came so much easier. Because now I know it’s never going to get easier.

    I will have to work at being grateful now, because I’ve run out of youthful pep and automatic optimism. But life w/o gratitude just plain sucks. And I’m also going to have to work at taking things a day at a time, the good and the bad, which is not easy. But in a life with as much Cap and Scorp as I set up for myself, I can’t try to live it all at once.

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