Client Testimonial: Great Insight

strike a match!SR writes:

I asked Satori for a synastry reading to help me navigate my new relationship. She went way beyond the textbook Mars/Venus basics and straight to the heart of the charts. She found karmic indicators and family contexts, and she addressed emotional needs (his and mine) and how each partner would/could feed the other… as well as some potential challenges to keep in mind. I ended up with a substantial amount of meaty material I can work with and apply to this relationship as it grows. And as a student of astrology, I learned quite a bit, too.

She shared her interpretation with humor, realism, intelligence and sensitivity, and I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange. Whether you’re well versed in the stellar arts or not all that familiar with how it all works, Satori can provide great insight into whatever condition your condition is in. Five stars.

Thanks, SR!

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