Pluto in Capricorn – Extreme Consolidation Of Power

consolidation of powerPluto will wrap up in Capricorn, November 2024.  You can check the dates and details here.  I have tracked this transit, closely, since day one.

Early on, I realized it was about consolidation. Getting your crap (Pluto) together?  Compacted?  I quickly saw this to be true on every level.

For example, I noticed businesses closing back in 2009 and wrote about this, extensively. Search “Pluto in Capricorn business” on this blog.  When a business closes, it benefits competitors and consolidates consumer demand.

I also realized anyone hit with this (like me) would be well advised to “consolidate their losses” so they might accept them and be able to move on.  These losses have been staggering for many.

When we hit the pandemic years, mom and pop businesses were made to close, while corporate-owned stores and restaurants made bank.  At the same time, independent websites (like this one), were excluded from “search”, to send people to large corporate owned platforms – more consolidation.

AI is another form of this. Information gathered over 25 years of so, from countless individual (like me), who typed their knowledge into the machine, is now consolidated into some soulless answer to a query.

We will now see ten jobs rolled into one and eventually, one hundred jobs rolled into one. I can’t even think beyond that.

We’ve also got the bulk of wealth in the stock market concentrated in seven stocks.  Is this not consolidation?

How about the mergers… TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab comes to mind. More consolidation.

I also think “power” has also been consolidating, surreptitiously, throughout this period. It’s there to see but there are too many distractions and people are also pretty overwhelmed at this point.

What do you think happens next?


30 thoughts on “Pluto in Capricorn – Extreme Consolidation Of Power”

  1. Pluto has been especially gruelling in Capricorn for sure, also due to the aspects it has been making to other planets and points/asteroids during its stay in the sign.

    During the pandemic it squared Eris, and during the Pluto/Uranus square years, things were pretty much in upheaval for all things money/power wise.

    With this as a transition through the 12th house, collective suffering became personal. Depowering if one can put it like that. Consolidated losses? Check. Gathering of ressources? Check.
    Deep suffering, hidden from all? Check.

    I have had to remind myself of the things from the 12th house can come into use once the planet shifts signs. I, for once, have been developing my personal value through various therapy, creative work, soul work.

    I will be put into the metamorphosis while Pluto drags his slow butt over my 1-ish degree Aquarius Ascendant this year.

    I *have* felt the intensity in power gathering this December. All the family issues/ghosts/corpses showed up again. I took the lesson from this blog and put an end to it. A rather drastic thing to do, but I realised these people will only keep dragging me down, unless they go into therapy themselves, and I can’t trust that they will do that. One has to decide for themselves.

    I am sure Pluto has more in the cards for me, but my natal Uranus in sextile with my Ascendant in Sagittarius (close to MC), will make sure to introduce me to interesting/eccentric people and places, I am pretty sure…

    As it’s in Sagittarius, maybe I should go do something in education – but in a digital setting. Hm… food for thought!

    1. This is big stuff Anette…esp. with your family. Drastic but necessary. l remember some of the issues you raised re all of that not easy…but it is their choice to change. It is not your responsibility, eventhough you care. Ive got a Sag MC. That little nudge from Pluto Aqu opened windows…it gave me a peak into possibilities. And that has been enough for now. l hope you find freedom and happiness.

    2. Don’t forget the seven squares between pluto and Uranus for several years.. that was a tough one for all the cardinals especially Aries and Capricorn.. at least Pluto from aquarius will not receive any squares from slow moving planets

  2. No-one can hold onto power indefinitely, though it feels like the same few are always the ones wielding it. I tend to think the ‘power’ will be spread out somewhat, amongst organisations that claim they can fix our problems – environmental, healthcare, that sort of thing. but essentially still holding onto resources whilst the little people peck about for scraps, thinking they’re getting a good deal.
    I’m probably too cynical to believe Aquarius humanitarianism will save us all.

    1. I’m thinking that Pluto in Aquarius will throw up innovative ideas, experimental solutions and rebellious actions etc but won’t actually solve everything that’s wrong. We will worry like hell about AI but maybe the humanitarian side of Aquarius will just be setting the scene, 20 years from now, for Pluto in Pisces, when the impact of the aquarian-ness will see the real dissolving of authoritarian structures that Capricorn has been so busy accumulating. Most of us won’t live to see all that, let alone Pluto getting to Aries when a real new cycle will doubtless begin! But at least we can dare to imagine a new humanity emerging from the ashes.

  3. When I first looked at Pluto I used to think of it as ‘What the deep state happen to be doing’. But years later, I realised that the authorities try to convince us they are basically omnipotent, but when you look closer they are often taking heavy losses.

    I wonder most recently if the Pluto transit has been just as destructive to the corporates as they are to the rest of us? Recently a lot of big tech firms have been firing a lot of employees – including DEI groups that were previously sacrosanct. Inflation and the debasement of America’s currency is no laughing matter, and they are not doing well in Ukraine, and it doesn’t matter which side of the Israel Palestine situation a person comes down on neither has any particularly positive effects it seems.

    Where does this current limitation end? That’s not for me to know but, I do imagine it will have a knock on effect to politics. What I can see in my own chart and that of my peers is that placements that I believe express arguments along political lines are going to take heavy transits from Neptune and thus, likely be dissolved; these are strong problems at the moment that show little opportunity to let up. What world events could be powerful enough to do this?

    Yes, the one you just thought of! That’s what I was thinking to.

  4. Something I would not have calibrated until recently is the really valuable distinction between the words “Power” and “Force.” I credit two sources for my shift perspective: David Hawkins, author of a book Power Vs Force and second, a cultural tradition of truth-telling I slowly reintegrate into my daily life.
    In a nutshell what I see happening (for myself) is becoming more truthful, conscious and more powerful. Very different from exerting force I’m taking steps to be ever more truthful; responsible rather than guilty. Saturn is my chart ruler, and after a very recent consultation with Elsa I was gifted with conversation with Saturn AND Jupiter(boasted).
    I see consolation of power to be a galvanizing opportunity to recalibrate human understanding of power vs force. Utilizing Jupiter’s forward momentum through the next few months could be good hard work. Let our muscles be powerful💪

  5. Personally, I find myself becoming completely cynical about what politicians, corporations, bosses, organizations, etc say. Whatever they say that is supposed to sound good to me as consumer, voter, employee is just always utter bs, if not right away then later. This has been proven over and over and over all around. And I’m not even mad at it being bs, I’m definitely mad at people still believing the bs and me being expected to do the same. I mean common… So, I don’t know if this is just me, my age/transits, or this is part of my generational story (I’d like it to be!). Millennial here.

    1. I was listening to a philosopher recently who said something that I am going to try and integrate. I think I have a great deal I have not been as interested in the Epstein list as much as I would have been once.

      He said that the reason people engage in political ideas in general is that they want to engage in the illusion of being virtuous without having to practice that in their lives. I can definitely see that with a lot of issues. With his example, he was using Marlon Brando who was very into America and it’s relationship with the aborigines. It’s like: “Do I want to focus on being ethical to people that are actually in my life, like my kids? No, you know what’s important, that America did not honour x agreement with the aborigines in 1852!”

      It would be interesting if Pluto started to work on these ideas. Politics and the supposedly Utopian motivations that justify a lot of things seem as though they’re more Aquarian than any other particular sign. Also, with Saturn in Pisces might be another element of that.

      1. I know what you’re saying, I agree. There’s this expensiveness to oh look at this awful political thing happening somewhere, oh look at this video of a cat somewhere in some country…you know there’s an infinite amount of stuff happening all around the world every second, and thanks to tech it’s all at our fingertips. See??? Right there!!! Look at this dog/upcycling project/politician/war…
        All the while our actual life we have actual control of goes by and by, and so do physical people.
        This world is getting lonelier with every click.

        1. Yeah,

          Every single thing that happens online wants to claim our attention in some way. Then after a while it changes its clothes and tries to convince us that this new thing is more interesting to pay attention to.

          Terrorist attacks, wars, now this Miami thing which I’m trying to avoid.

          Even if we’re not doing human connection stuff. (I think working life is a strong part of why people can’t connect). Coming off twitter and reading a few books is extremely positive.

  6. Lamari you make a very good observation…and you are right. So much of it it bs and you are expected to swallow it…so much is ringing hollow…atm. This is the pivot point. When people like you (your gen) and others who think the same– Stop Buying It–in more ways than one. Some have already disengaged quietly and are doing things differently. That is a start. Not going along with the mainstream is huge for any individual.

  7. In confirmation of your conclusions, the latest job survey shows an unprecedented loss of 1.5 million full time jobs, and a consequent expansion of part time jobs, while overall labor participation is down to Depression levels, and may soon be going lower…Batten the hatches, mateys!

    1. Batten down the hatches indeed! North node through Aries and Pisces is historically associated with economic decline. North node in Aquarius beginning August 2026 will mark the lowest economic period a la 2008. With Pluto also in Aquarius, we are in for some interesting times.

  8. Anyone familiar with the book called “The Fourth Turning?” published in 1997, it explains the 4 social/economic/political cycles that all nations pass through. Each “turning” is on average 20 years. They are the High (1950’s), the Awakening (the 60’s), the Unraveling (peaked in the 90s), and Crisis. We are currently in a Crisis Era. Prior Crisis Eras involved the American Revolution, the Civil War, WW2, and whatever the heck the upcoming big war is. (it’s coming soon according to the author). I kept thinking as I read the book, if this doesn’t have Pluto written all over it, I don’t know what does…

    1. The Fourth Turning is a good book in that its authors combine pop culture generalizations, supposed sociology, and actual history into a neat package. If their predictions had happened, all Generation X leaders would have assumed power after 9/11. No. The Baby Boomers kept and gained more power. (Pluto at work)

      1. Gen X was still too young at that point. They did come out with “The Fourth Turning is Here” this past summer. The author admitted it took Gen X longer than he expected, but during the climax of the current crisis era, Gen X will step into power (though probably not the presidency). George Patton was a Gen X equivalent back in the day, to give an example. He said Gen X will release their inner warrior when all hell breaks loose.

  9. The power we accrue with Pluto in Capricorn ending comes thru Cancer and its house and also the opposition to the sign and house of our natal Plutos. Its a power of soul connecting and animating our interior worlds to the external world in a new and liberating way.
    As enough soul connected individuals emerge – false power collapses.

  10. World wide – there has been a shift toward authoritarianism. There also seems to be a problem with Property – Commercial property in the USA, and Commercial property in China. For me it has been career chaos, health issues, but getting more grounded.

  11. I think your assessment is spot on, so astute, Elsa. I felt the seismic shift at the beginning, I didn’t know what the heck was going on then, though it’s clear years later. It is going to be an interesting year, that’s for sure.

  12. I am seeing that it’s all on the wheel that keeps on turning and essentially the patterns just repeat and the only agency is to center oneself and not be mesmerized by the eternal constantly turning wheel like a hurricane that wants to suck me in. That’s the consolidation of power – we,re all being sucked into this whirling maelstrom. Whether it’s Cap or AQ nothing really changes except the theme. Now it will be on this futuristic techno virtual reality instead of the former system of power but both are systems of control and force. True power lies outside of the wheel of time. I’m going to keep practicing and meditating on that as Pluto finally leaves my first house opposite a cancer stellium in 7 and begins to cross my 2nd house. My values are Uranian and rebel and individualistic and I guess they’ll be tested.

    1. PL opposed my Mercury, Sun and Moon and squared Neptune. There were changes for sure I had to accept. In the end I suppose its all what its supposed to be. Hang in there.

  13. Frankly, I’m sick of billionaires who pay no taxes, or who pay less than me. Furthermore, I am not impressed and couldn’t give a damn what they think about anything. People act like they are Gods. Far from it. The French revolution occurred the last time Pl was in Aquarius. I do think certain people are going to come tumbling down. Dictators may not be lucky soon. Time will tell.

  14. We happens next, if we were all smart and conscious of this all, is we start consolidating ourselves into tightly knit communities, like in pre-electronic-takeover days. We get offline and visit neighbors face to face, borrow that cup of flour, share our homegrown and homemade goods, develop free barter and trade markets to get our resources OUT of capitalistic control.

  15. with Pluto in Capricorn what we ve seen is indeed a consolidation of power as well as the erosion of democracies and the rise of oligarchies and powerful statesmen, celebrity CEOs, masses in the west being treated with contempt by the elected governments.
    I hope that pluto in aquarius is going to give power back to all the underdogs of all those years. At the moment the cards are reshuffled globally, the new money (big tech) wants to overthrow the old money (oil producers) and gain control. If AI is to expand rapidly it needs a more democratic environment and hopefully Pluto will restore the balance between the top and bottom. At the same time we will see Neptune exiting pisces, a very long and foggy transit with a lot of lies, deception, fake humanitarianism, displaced populations.
    What will Pluto in aquarius is going to bring is a lot of crises and rebellions in societies, big organisations and institutions, parliaments, political parties and anything that is a group of people. They will either transform or cease to exist if they are deeply corrupt.
    The next three four years are going to be interesting..

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