Weekend Love Forecast – GO SPEED RACER

nemFriday night, the Capricorn Sun perfects its square to Chiron in Aries. Have you been to your therapist lately? Issues are close to the surface and ready to be addressed. This is either a help or a hindrance depending on how you actively treat it.

It’s yours to address… not to bitch about, not to project. You don’t have to fix anything, but it is on you to own what isn’t working. Own it, take a first step.

Friday night, the Scorpio Moon opposes Jupiter in Taurus. If you don’t take that first step (acknowledge internally and begin), projection is likely. In any case, there will be folks out there powerfully projecting their icky ish, so now you know and can chill. If you see them out, about, and flying off the handle, you can settle in and people watch. Other people being exciting can be very entertaining, satisfyingly so.

Capricorn Mars spends the weekend in sextile to Saturn in Pisces. The brakes are working! Don’t forget to use them. Slowing down means you don’t miss something important. But also, keep going!

Saturday night, the Scorpio Moon sextiles the Sun then opposes retro Uranus in Taurus (as the Sun heads into trine with retro Uranus). It’s time for something new, but how strange it gets depends on what you’re ready for. The ride is WILD if you don’t give a care to the range of possibilities. Still, the payoff when you gauge things correctly… is delightful.

As well as sextiling Saturn, Mars also heads into trine with retro Jupiter. If we overcome inertia to get going, we can really GO. On the move we’ve got both control and speed working for us. Keep your speed within your control, but otherwise – make your move. It’s also an excellent time to push back on enforcing your own boundaries. It’s possible to do so while keeping things jovial.

Overnight into Sunday morning, the Scorpio Moon heads into trine with Neptune in Pisces, highlighting Sagittarius Mercury’s latest square to Neptune. Do we know what we’re on about? Is the plan clear, or does it even make sense? If you concentrate on getting your needs met rather than nailing down the details, you’ll get on just fine. At least for now. The Moon goes on to sextile Pluto at the end of Capricorn. I suppose you have to understand on a deeper level what exactly it’s safe to shrug off in the pursuit of your sensual needs. Again, for now.

Afternoon takes the Moon into Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, joining Venus and Mercury in the sign. The Moon then squares Saturn. If you’re doing the right thing, this is a vibe check: slow up till you get the green light. “Am I okay? Great!” Otherwise, you’ll get that feeling you’ve missed something and you’d better get right on finding out what it is. Still, there’s no reason to fret; better still if you can make it into a game.

Sunday night we finish up with the Sadge Moon in quincunx to Sadge-ruler Jupiter… with Mars sextile Saturn and in trine to Jupiter. Do the right thing and you’re good to go!

Do you have any weekend plans?

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  1. No plans for much human interactions this weekend, because, it’s finally snowing! Will try not to do any projecting on the husband, try to keep a clean mind, free of toxic thoughts.

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