Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Air Signs Coming Into Power

air signs niceAir signs are set to come into power, imminently.

  • Pluto will ingress into Aquarius, January 2024.
  • Jupiter enters Gemini in May of 2024.
  • Uranus will visit Gemini in 2025 and then return to transit the sign, May 2026 – 2033.

Note that Uranus and Pluto will trine each other for some time.

Uranus in Gemini would be brilliant, in addition to Pluto in Aquarius.  AI, all the way.

This is not really couch potato stuff.  But with technology taking over so many tasks – I don’t know how this is going to play.

I do think if you’re allowed yourself to be mentally lazy, it’s going to be challenging in ways hard to fathom.

Let me tell you something, these signs don’t like to be bored. They do not like to wait for you to think.

Conversely, eccentric geniuses are in vogue.  Compassion will take a back seat.

What do you see with the Air signs coming into power.

82 thoughts on “Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Air Signs Coming Into Power”

  1. I am excited for this. I am an Aquarius Sun and Gemini Moon and my hope is people will stop looking at me like I’m an alien whenever I open my mouth. I have to remind myself to s – l – o – w down, when I communicate. Not just because my mind works fast (like, it never stops turning information over and over), but also because, it is working so fast, I tend to leave parts of my communication out, thinking that surely, the other person must know what I’m talking about in the first place (right? I’m sure it must be obvious, lol). That’s why writing is really good for me. It forces me to communicate in a style that covers the bases.

    1. You and me both. I often get the I’ve-just-landed-in-a-spaceship look.
      Yes, and writers who are air signs can expect to make a huge impact through their chosen medium.

    2. My daughter is an Aquarius with Gemini rising. I prefer that she writes to me instead of speaking because I can’t follow and I feel as if I have been taken down a rabbit hole. I asked for bullet points recently when she was texting. She did not respond. Sometimes I feel so lost that I just give up and nod while making a grocery list with my Virgo Mercury 🙂

    3. My son is an Aquarius with a Gemini Moon. I have such a difficult time understanding him. I am a scorpio sun with a sag moon .My mars and neptune are in Libra but it’s still so difficult. My mercury is in scorpio so maybe my mind is just too slow for him.

  2. not a fan of the AI stuff but apart from my Taurus Sun – all my Aries and Mars in Gemini like to keep it moving

    1. me too re AI as general ‘feel’ and my taurus sun is terrible at resisting tech, eak, really need to start getting used to QR codes/ using the satnav on my phone or something!!!! lol!!!start somewhere!!!! I’m laughing but also know I should kick myself into gear!

  3. I have been in a perpetual funk the past 3-4 years and is only now coming out of the crib from Pluto transitting my 12th.

    Not that I have been all lazy (my Aquarius Ascendant + moon in Libra/9th house, I have kept myself busy with a lot of things GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES and stuff I can’t go public with.
    I have also upped my skills in a lot of creative analogue hobbies those years when Pluto has transitted my 12th.

    But working in marketing, I think it’s funny how people can’t stop praising AI.
    Generative AI is (more and more) built upon the data/text other AI machines have produced and thus it’s like the snake eating it’s own tail.

    So, when its turned inside out, and is just one, big ball of itself, whereto do we throw the ball?

    I am curious.

    I see – in the longer future – people going more and more analogue as a reaction to the machines. I see it happening already, as a reaction to lockdowns and all that stuff. Either due to jobs being erased/cut down, or because it’s a counter reaction.

    With Libra in the mix we might see a lot going in with decency / moral, human interaction, relating, conscience and justice/trials being thrown in in regards to IP and copyrights too.

    But for some years, I think we will see an overflow of all things mental, until we start balancing our human relations and out relationship to the world in general.

      1. pluto pisces might unearth the grossness of religion and fake spirituality and escapiism. maybe mental hospitals and institutions will be at the forefront. definitely all forms of institutions and even prisons.

    1. Just know Pluto in the first- big changes loosing friends who no longer serve your growth can be painful at first. The great part is really coming to rely Lon oneself and really trusting yourself is coming.

  4. I might be totally off and look forward to reading the comments.

    I think right out of the gate Pluto in Aquarius will bring huge mental breakdowns, people loosing their minds – how, why and which humans will be susceptible is another story for another day.

    Jupiter in Mercury brings up the medical system – specialized medicine which is what the direction of advanced alternative health care is heading but the path is also being taken by both the holistic/naturopathic group as well as the allopathic/pharmaceutical group. So both these routes are developing specialized systems of health care one using lots of MRNA technology (rolling my eyes). I see the twins here :-0

    We just never know, I thought Uranus in Taurus was going to bring a return to earth food growing systems, people turning to gardens hard work and the abundance of the land. I also thought market crash and that people would set boundaries but none of this has really come to be.

    1. Absolutely agree! The energies are rife for mental breakdowns all over the place, Uranus in Taurus has brought in so much instability, chaos, upheaval to the basics (food, shelter, incomes, cost of living, etc) that people are being pushed to the edge.

      Uranus traditionally is in Fall in Taurus (opposite sign Scorpio is Uranus exaltation) so it functions the least well. Uranus about disruption and upheaval, in a sign most resistant to change, maintaining routine.

      Pluto in Aquarius is going to emphasise Uranus even more, and especially when Uranus stations direct on 27th Jan. I feel the changes will come in so fast, it will be too fast for the mind to register, and people will break in it.

    1. please tell us more about it. I have natal Pluto retrograde in 28 Libra conjuncting Saturn at 0 Scorpio. I ve been having Pluto square Pluto. To be honest I feel Pluto transits are more manageable for me, Uranus at the moment is so very painful. won’t allow anything to happen, constantly disrupts.

    2. Curious too! Pluto Libra generation here as well. We have been under the onslaught of a square from Pluto in Capricorn for 15 years.

      Maybe the trine from Pluto in Aquarius will change things 🙂

    3. I’m sure Elsa would have a much more insightful explanation than I could ever come up with, but if it’s ok to post here, this article ( ) was very helpful in helping me understand Pluto through the generations/signs and what their impact is. This can be the first step in understanding how each generation is affected.

      Then, you can think about how the trine (from your natal Pluto to the transiting Pluto) might activate the power that Pluto instills. Since a trine is known to be an “easy” aspect, one that signifies harmony and little resistance, I think it would be fair to assume that the Pluto in Libra generation are about to get a leg up on enforcing (maybe not the most accurate word?) what their generation views as important. Judging from the above article, that could be fairness within the more feminine aspects of society?

      This is boiling it down quite a bit, and I tend to have challenges communicating everything I’m thinking in my head, but it gives one of many possibilities.

  5. Im worried about the idea of lack of compassion, but l am looking at the world and l fear you are right. (Bombing hospitals. Killing babies.Slaughter of the Innocent…again). These end times are too much.. Yes, new thinking will be ‘out there’ but will it be practical and useable? Will it work? And if it doesnt can we reset? Will paper money go? Banks would love to get rid of it. Everything is becoming more impersonal and false moving us further away from the natural world… Talk about fees for cash happening atm (Here) If cash goes fees increase on transactions-no doubt Clever banks have linked cash to ‘old thinking’ New thinking equals ‘cashless society’ is great until you lose your card (l did this week) or the system tanks. More hacking/scams happening too…Yes, please to odd ball analogue hold outs and devotees of handmade and grow your own. And l am wondering about Pluto Libra gen. too. Balance, fairness, justice (l hope) Lots of talk about Utilitarianism atm (Funny how the people who like this philosophy never think they they, or their children, wont be chosen). And ‘New Nihilism’…this last is strange. Has anyone got any insight on this? Sorry all over the shop today, but there it is.

    1. yes its showing the darkness of humanity and its so gross!!! pluto really unearths all the grossness and in aquarius which is about humanity it really showing so much horror of human dark nature 😢😭
      both aquarius and Gemini are human symbols too. libra hopefully will bring in fairness. and hopefully not tip over the edge with those scales.

    1. Avatar
      Hildegard's Noviciate

      I hear that. its both Pluto AND Saturn energy. hopefully for most, it will lighten up a bit. not for those of us with Saturn in Aquarius unfortunately 🙄

  6. it’s a valid point what you’re saying.. air signs can’t cope with daily stress as I have seen from friends and colleagues and they do have mental breakdowns very easily. I do believe that for those who will receive trines it’s going to be easier. Pluto in aquarius is not going to be a blessing for humanity as many expect it. Aquarius is too detached too emotionless too aloof. Uranus in Taurus is the satan itself I have no words to describe how awful my life turns every day that goes by. And yet people expected that uranus will bring amazing changes in their lives. Yes it brought chaos instead. unfixed

  7. I’m excited. I have Mars and Sun in Libra in early degrees. Anyone had transit Pluto trine their sun and mars? How was it? Please, share your experiences!

    1. trines are the best. I had sun and mars trined by Pluto back in 2010-2013 -can’t remember exactly -in my 10H and despite being malefic it gave me power in employment issues. I had a few good/easy years and with the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, very prosperous as well.
      Pluto trined my mercury as well a while back but can’t tell what was the effect as I have other bad aspects going on.

    2. Tr Pluto in my Cap 12H is currently trining my natal Mercury and natal Ceres in my Virgo 8H. I’ve have decided to make significant changes in my home.

  8. Exciting! Aquarius sun, conjunct Chiron.
    Data will become the new oil. Knowledge is power will be the Watchword. That which was hidden will be revealed, to quote the Sibyl. Expect an explosion of information about classified or suppressed subjects.
    You will see the death of Big Pharma and a return to natural remedies.
    Far reaching changes in financial structures.
    The coming years will bring a Great Awakening. Consciousness will be more important to humanity than material gains.

  9. A stellium in Aquarius. Two air grand trines and a kite. I’ve always felt like I’m from a different planet. Not sure what to expect.

  10. Power is not coming to Aquarius. Dystopian elitist Uranian inclinations and ideals that are out of bounds with natural law will be destroyed by Pluto in Aquarius. One can already see the crumbling of DEI and the universities that propagate it.

    1. Early aqua rising here and…. I can dig it!!! Pluto in aquarius is all about the technocracy and the opposition to it and obliteration of it.

  11. Gemini sun 10 degrees(9th house) trine Uranus libra 4 in the 1st house. I imagine Pluto in Aquarius in my 5th house making a lift to my relationship with my only son. I had a hard time single parenting and we survived but it left hard memories. I understand the inevitable changes of world governance are communitarian. This will cut out the deviant individuals by technological design. I think the remedy is rural revivalism.

  12. I think what I feel most excited about is the medical advancements it may bring, especially to do with genome sequencing (Jupiter Gemini = large amounts of data) and the potential for curing rare or novel (Uranus) genetic diseases and conditions.

    AI is already leading the way for diagnosing some cancers too, in a fraction of the time it takes a human to do.

    Also with so many bodies in Air signs, I do feel we may edge closer towards a cure for dementia. Pluto Aquarius, regenerating the mind.

    The only downside is that we may end up living to 120 years old! 😂

  13. Aye yiyi….I have the most clogged sinus I’ve ever experienced…Elsa….Louise Hay…You can heal your life….so perfectly writes…”I declare peace and harmony….”
    No one has the power to bare down on me….

    1. this type A (made me laugh Elsa! tu!) with sinus issues needs to heed this! tu!!lol!! Will do my best to chill and admire the colours!! [from the email]

  14. Aquarius Sun, ascendant Libra with closed family, Aquarius Sun ascendant Saggitarius son and Aquarius Sun ascendant Leo mother. We don’t liked to be bored! Personally, my Venus in Capricorn is pretty tired of Pluto…

  15. I’ve been preparing for this ever since Pluto entered Cap, so it feels like. Sag sun with Venus in AQ and Libra AC. F*k the Scorpio stellium, I’ve had enough wallowing and depth for the rest of my life. Air signs around me too – and my grandson enduring 15 years of Pluto in Cap where he hords his Sun, Mars, Moon and Jupiter in addition to Pluto will also get some breathing space. Plus my son with his grand trine in air (Venus AQ, Moon Gem, Sat/Jup conj in Libra) – we are all READY for CHANGE !

    And WOW, the first few days of 24 are something to remember already !

    1. go you guys!!!bless your cappy grandson and cheering your aqu venus and libra AC and sadge sun … sadge hasn’t had the best run in recent times!absolutely love the “f#ck the scorpio stellium, I’ve had enough wallowing” hope all other scorps feel that vibe!!!!

      1. Thank you Mitch, feels good to be cheered ! Uranus will opposing my Mars but with Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th I will thrive, living with Uranus opposing Venus all my life, too late to reign me in. I’m ready for the future come what may. Bless you too !

  16. Pluto Libra Generation will have more PERSONAL POWER at their disposal. Libra deals with partnerships in general, so with Aquarius and Gemini, along with Neptune in Aries, most of this Gen X crew will have epiphany moments and congregate to infuse learned knowledge to those struggling to understand the narrative. AI will NOT DEFEAT GENERATION X. but rather, we will know how to conquer and control it.

    1. good information. I never thought about natal Pluto in Libra having that kind of influence. I am not a gen x I am a millennial,

    2. I absolutely agree – and I’m born a long time ago with Pluto in early Virgo. I imagine it similar to Pluto crossing my Libra AC when I was a teenager, it was a blast, the transit through the 1st house – now a whole generation will have a taste of it on a huge scale. Gen X will surprise us all and give the old guard the boot for good !

  17. You each have such beautiful expression of the way you interpret energy; and something that may prove helpful is changing focus from external (events) to your own internal guidance (without all the words and prompts from others), the simplicity of your own way is revealed in the quiet. This makes all the difference in how you really feel, and the way your energy impacts everyone around you….without words. Your vibration is your calling card; fear? or knowing?

    Keep exploring, stretching and being the great creators that you are!

  18. I do feel like this year is the year I am breaking out of the past few years of doldrums, “get moving, be free” time. Planning to travel around with a trailer for a year. Double Libra, Gemini Moon cusp of Cancer by a few minutes. It really feels like things are opening up (cautiously, of course!)

  19. I am feeling the shift. Pluto moves off my late Sag intercepted Cap first house at last and tho still close to my 28 Chiron cap out of sign.
    Also off Neptune in Libra MC square. However it moves into square with my 3 Scorpio Saturn. As a natal moon Pluto in Leo 8 I feel Pluto just won’t give me up. Call me Persephone. But as a Gemini sun I’m feeling excited about my creative work and writing! Some heaviness is finally lifting. As for Pluto in AQ we’re in for quite the ride globally. My Sag ASC loves that. My cancer stellium might come up for air?

  20. As someone mentioned earlier, a large chunk of Generation X has Pluto and Uranus in Libra. Plus Neptune in Sagittarius. This is going to be awesome, and the rest of the country won’t be able to ignore us any longer. I think this is when we finally grab the reins.

  21. Gen x(Pluto Uranus in Virgo tho)Aquarius Sun/Merc on the MC and Libra Moon,I’ve been treated like a freak most of my life so nothing new. My Taurus rising has been tickled up by Uranus and Jupiter so now I’m proud to fly my freak flag. I’ve been feeling a huge shift since COVD lockdown days.

  22. Yes, will be interesting and utterly unpredictable.

    For me, Uranus is a profoundly positive planet. It links up with a lot of my spiritual roots. Where there is positive there is also something to oppose the positive. So in Taurus, either people are going to go with the energy positively or resist that, and that resistance will be the culmination of a lot of deep and non positive viewpoints. Jealousies etc.

    I don’t know how that will manifest in Gemini. One thing I notice about Gemini’s is that they are easy going and able to handle a level of casual interpersonal darkness that I would just avoid (probably out of disgust.) Everything is “just kind of life” to them. Their large social circle allows them to absorb this perhaps.

    So perhaps Gemini will be under pressure to reveal those things about others, or they will fall into a dark, unpleasant, and very non joyful-Gemini, commitment to secrecy.

    It will all be interesting.

    1. Uranus in Taurus is evil not just malefic. it does nothing to help with spiritual awakening. it disrupts daily life to an unbearable degree leaving poverty and chaos behind. You can’t let go your resources and have nothing to survive. Uranus does not replace what is lost in Taurus. Uranus is a rebel without a cause in this transit

  23. This will be a deep time.
    My chart has been bombarded constantly by all of the outer planets.
    And this will continue but intensify behind Pluto.
    I I feel I’m an Aquarian colored Venusian with a taste of Scorpio for good measure.
    Other than Uranus and the Sun my entire chart is mostly fixed in air and fire.
    Ppl mistake my stubborn/fixedness for my Taurus Sun but it’s really moon/mars/chiron conjunct in Aquarius and Jupe/Pluto in Leo.
    Uranus conj my Sun was muted by it also squaring da moon/mars thing.
    Similarly this occurred with Jupiter as well.
    My poor Taurus Sun barely has gotten to enjoy these conjunctions.
    Nothing really occurred to shake my life up but there HAS been an increase in allat hippy dippy peace n love/self mastery/consciousness in me and my being.
    I workout regularly n I’m keenly aware attuned to various herbs, vitamins and supplements which promote wellness.
    I’ve been alone and now I’m settling into being alone and strengthening all of my weaknesses.
    Taurus Sun in 8 means sexual things were once a weakness but now with sperm retention it’s now power. The power of using my life force FOR ME instead of wasting it mindlessly.
    This has trabsform d me and my life quietly but significantly.
    It’s also allowed for more Aquarian (Moon/Mars) detachment and the ability to resist and even conquer temptations.
    I expect all of this kinda stuff to at least be maintained and at best get increased.
    I’m on a collision course with some grand spiritual awakening. In fact I’m IN it right now.
    Thank Gid cause I’m going to need it when this thing first squares my Sun but later in bout 10-15yrs it’ll oppose Pluto (which admittedly I fear cause it seems like death. Like I went through all this just to die n not enjoy any if it on this plane?)
    Oh well

  24. As a life-long weirdo, when Pluto stepped its toe in Aquarius earlier in 2023, I actually got a taste of real power, like when people listen to what I have to say, don’t cut me off, don’t dismiss me so easily. Oh, but wait… this came after years of efforts, hard work, and also inner work (thank you, Pluto in 7th and 8th houses that trined and squared planets for bringing this energy). Perhaps that I attained qualities others want or need that aren’t so replaceable?

    I am so loving it; I never had an idea this existed. I can hope that my years of dwelling at the sidelines helps me use this wisely.

    How will it look for the rest of us? I agree with the breakdowns, and then there will be those who will flourish (Aquarians, air signs, and those with lots of both). Maybe the power will be with the people and communities rather than conglomerates? Well, assuming the people aren’t blindly following! Or, maybe with Pluto’s tunnel vision combined with toxic possibilities, maybe it’s mob mentality or we see serious downsides of groupthink or community? I can only hope the humanity part of all of the changes remains intact.

  25. It’s very interesting to read everyone’s take on these transits. I agree with Elsa, Pluto in another Saturn ruled sign lacks compassion. And, is mentally fixed in a ‘my way or the highway’ kind of way. Coupled with Uranus in Gemini and the rise of AI, the phrase ‘thought crime’ comes to mind. I hope I’m wrong.

  26. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Looking forward to all the sextiles and trines as opposed to all the conjunctions and squares I have been thru! Thinking all this Pluto in Cap may have been a “clearing out the basement” in preparation for the new to come. I am hopeful. (12H Cap Sun and Mercury) However, I should mention that I have received many a gift with this transit as well via the Great Conjunction of 2020… but at a price of which I feel may take some time to recover from.

    1. Or to throw your computer off a cliff. Don’t bother learning to code, AI does it better. This is not to be rude, but all those techies telling multiple job holders, the structurally unemployed to “learn to code” are exactly who are getting laid off in droves. AI can’t fix your toilet or repair a roof. Just sayin.

  27. Elsa,
    I foresee eccentric geniuses with money (and therefore, POWER), playing callous, compassionless games with humanity…playing games that enrich and amuse them and degrade and harm working class people, the everyday people. They will claim they are benefitting the public but will only be enriching themselves financially and watch the not-rich scramble to stay afloat. Or outright day “F**** you everyone else.

    1. This just sounds like how it’s always been… from prehistoric times to Machiavelli to now. What would shock me is ppl saying “enough” but I’m not that hopeful.

  28. been seeing alot of Uranus dominant actors/actresses being more prominent in movies. I thought …hmmm.. i mean they were always here and there, but it seems a little more. As if it’s their light to shine. but too, alot of air dominant. I can’t really pinpoint exact but i’ve been noticing it because i’ve been paying more attention. And usually capricorn too, as saturn is prominent with uranus in many capricorn’s charts. For example, Timothee chalet who is a cap sun, but has aquarius venus. libra being exalted in saturn, i’m beginning to understand why they are exalted too.

    as for compassion taking a back seat, i still see movies giving the good guys to win, and putting justice to the bad guys. There’s a sense of justice /fairness in the air quality. Air usually from what i’ve discovered in many in depth readings, want everyone to be happy and live in harmony. A better world, where everyone has food, water, a place to live, work, but right now, there’s just so much homeless. We can appeal to the air’s side of humanity (as the air signs have human symbols) even justice who is blindfolded.

  29. Libra sun, Gemini rising, Aquarius mid-heaven.
    I have been pushing myself through all my adversities. I am at the midpoint of my life and I can see from my vantage point all the mistakes I have made along my way and I can see the importance of remaining conscious and present at all times.
    Every set back, every step is important. I do not know how things will pan out- I hope for the very best in all situations (highly unlikely) but courage is a far greater weapon than fear. If I have to walk through the blazing fire that poses to bring me down, I will. If it’s going to bring me down, I’ll let the creator see I was holding on until the very end.

    Maybe what the world needs is the veil lifted from an augmented reality – get your hands in the dirt and learn skills that are valuable. No one that walked this earth before has had an easy life. It’s always been difficult. But when you learn to rely on yourself, your family or community- we get by. Relying on some invisible sanctuary- well you’re walking into life atrophy. Good luck with that. You’ll need it.
    It’s not luck the creator wants, it’s hard work.

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