Pluto In Capricorn “The inflated, grandiose figure is done…”

pecan-pie-pm-000024-1.jpgI wrote this in 2008 as Pluto was going into Capricorn. I think it’s played out and Pluto won’t leave Capricorn until the end of 2024.

donederin asked on Thriving With Pluto In Capricorn regarding the transition from Pluto in Sagittarius to Capricorn:

So, does anybody have any concrete ideas about how they plan to accept and move forward? Iā€™d love to hear.

::raises hand:: Yeah, I do. It’s very simple. There is no more pie in the sky. There is no more, “ask the universe and it will be delivered.” While there may have been power (Pluto) in those philosophies (Sagittarius) at one time, that time has ended.

Disney is going to have to regroup because they’ve got all these kids thinking they are going to be rock stars. Just a tad inflated, you think? Who needs to study when you can just shake your ass and have money fall from the sky?

Not interested in music? Fine! Because we have this other career choice for you – You can be a wizard! ::rolls eyes::

With Pluto in Capricorn, substance has power. Humility is powerful now while grandiosity is toast.

My advice would be to strip yourself off all illusions of grandeur. Realize you are at the base of a mountain you are going to have to climb. Choose your mountain carefully and then start climbing with the expectation that progress be slow but in evidence.Ā  You really can’t get in gear fast enough because like I said, that other stuff is dead, done for, done like dinner and dead as a doornail even if you see corpses around acting as if it is not.

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  1. “can The Secret die now? please? Iā€™m going to go out and buy a copy so I can whack people with it.

    satori – Thank you for saying that!

    Elsa, Thank you for this post. There is a mountain that just appeared in my life along with Pluto in Cap (it showed up back early 2008 originally, too). The only thing on my mind these days is, ‘get your head out of the clouds because the old method of rushing into the next big thing is over.’ I can seriously feel the slowness of it, and you’ve reassured me I’m on the right track with my ‘concrete plan of action.’ Alriiiiight!

  2. Oh my god–what timing. This morning I initiated a talk with my aging but still very healthy parents about end-of-life, financial, and long-term care issues. I want to set up a formal meeting with a third party, so we can get stuff in order. Much to my surprise, they were relieved to hear this, even my proud father who hates going near these topics. Pluto will be transiting my 4th and 8th houses. Better to dive in on my own and ride the wave, than have the wave crush me when it comes.

    The princess in me is weeping for the loss of pie in sky. But you know what? I’ve got natal Saturn in Capricorn–4th house, Venus square Saturn, Pluto square Sun, so on and so forth.. I’m equipped for hard work. In fact, a part of me is really relieved, like finally, reality is catching up with what I’ve always known to be true.

    Um, having said all this, I’m now going to take a nap.

  3. Well,I’ve been on relative easy street for many years and I can’t really complain at this time either– I’m not starving or losing my home. But what security my family has is based on years of hard work.. and so, if these times demand MORE of the same.. to preserve it, and to sustain it, after some years of being able to relax a bit–well,I’m coming out of retirement from nursing and getting by butt a health care job again.

    I will continue to work part time with my husband, also, as I have for years,, so I guess I will be working TWO jobs..

    If that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes. No time for whining!

    What makes me VERY HAPPY is how this may affect those “rock star” kinds as you mention,Elsa–won’t it be interesting to see them out therr taking part time jobs to help pay the family bills???? Or, studying,heaven forbid, for REAL JOBS??

    I don’t care if the Big Three fall, but I sure how the popular Hollywood media does! It’s been a destrctive force.
    (I’v’e been very tired of celebrity horoscopes for a loong time too but that’s just me..)

    Reality set in–for all of us!

    We will survive!

  4. woops–I went back and read some of the posts again. I don’t think The Secret and the Law of Attraction are false at all.

    Does anyone remember the story of the guy who was drowning,went up on his roof, wailing for GOD’S HELP—- you know the one.. the guy was waiting and refused the helicopter, the rowboat, etc.. and he finally drowned waiting for GOD’S HELP. When he got to hevaven he demanded to k now where God had been in his time of need.. you get the picture…

    The law of attraction is bringing me an opportunity to return to a good job. NOT a million dollar check from the lottery.

    OPPORTUNITIES are gifts too.

    We won’t navigate these times from a place of fear or anger or entitlement.If we open up to opportuities, we’ll find new paths, I believe this with all my heart. hard work will be required. Is that so new??

    the movie, Secret,I think, misinterpreted the Law of Attraction BIG TIME.

    i think praying for Wisdom, Opportunity, Chances, is part of the attraction picture, not just asking for blank checks!

    I know a lot of happy successful Capricorns by the way–the sign is about reward for hard work.. not ass-shaking as Elsa points out–

    Our rewards are out there–we’re just in a period of SHIT.. I mean SHIFT……

  5. I just now noticed this but a phrase I’ve been finding myself using lately is “slow and steady”.

    The last week I have spent in my garage going through boxes and just getting rid of things that I see no sense in holding on to. I really feel like my life has flashed in front of my eyes too. I think part of it is a physical manifestation of me letting go/pruning my life but also, if I have something that I am not using that someone else could use, why keep it?

  6. maureen that’s awesome. i am thinking i need to do that, but not for my parents–for myself. my partner has specific requests for when he dies and it would be good to have it in writing. less hassle/heartache later?

  7. If all goes as planned (and I’m working to ensure that it does), near the time that Pluto leaves Cap I will completing my doctorate and starting my career instead of just having a job. Woo! Can’t wait! šŸ˜€

  8. It’s funny, at the end of Pluto in Sag I was just starting to get the hang of intentioning, but the transition into Capricorn has been a loud and clear pull back to practical everything, including my approach to happiness. The transition was rocky and tough, and one day my husband said to me “Look, you don’t just get to BE happy just because, you have to work for it.”

  9. I like to project that hollogram of myself on this blog of the guy in the tie dye t-shirt carrying the surfboard. The weekend persona. Partly, a Leo in Uranus generational thing, I think. The other hollgraphic image that is not on display as much is the man in the dark suit, the voice of reason. Saturn in Capricorn, Sun, North Node and Sun in Virgo. And on this side, Pluto in Capricorn is an absolute boon, because people are suddenly a lot more receptive to common sense advice about their finances. I would like to propose a toast, with beer or two buck chuck for that matter[not champagne] Please raise your glass with me, to the death of pie in the sky!

  10. “No pie in the sky. Pie in the oven. You have to bake it yourself. Cheers”

    No problem! One of my specialties!. šŸ˜€

  11. Oh LC, story of my life! I hear you! I always wonder if there’s another, more interesting mountain with greener grass than the one I’m on. The only ‘lucky’ thing for me lately is that I’m starting my Saturn return (22 Virgo Saturn here) and things are clearer than usual. But just wait till its over – I’ll be back to bounding 1/4 the way up a bunch of mountains without choosing one to stick with.

  12. about time.
    well, i’ve already picked my mountain. just need to make sure it’s actually there to climb. i might have to build it first.
    anyone want to help me out with volcano calling?


  13. HA! I love Satori’s answer šŸ™‚

    I have a feeling that if you have trouble finding humility it is going to bang off your head like a ton of bricks.

    I like your take on this. And absolutely intend to climb that mountain or at least give it one heck of a shot šŸ™‚

  14. I love “What the Bleep” and “The Secret.” Watching both of them explained to me why positive thinking works per Quantum Physics. Just saying positive thinking works does nothing for me – I have to know WHY it works.

    I did all the major purging during the divorce. After I moved, I did more. I donated 40 bags/boxes of clothing/things. It felt good. It sets the stage for the next phase of my life.

    This is a huge process. I’ve gone on interviews, contacted all old contacts, and now I am waiting for Mercury Retro to end so I can send out resumes to new contacts while everything else percolates.

    Trans Pluto sextiles my Sagittarius Mc 10th, trines my 7th house planets, and sextiles my Moon and Chiron. Along with the Solar, all indicators are that forcing me back into the work world is going to be the best thing for me and my kids.

    I just have to be patient as it plays out….

  15. I love blue eyeshadow! A nice smokey-blue on the lids, or a sparkly-blue on the outside corners! Blue eyeliner, too! Moderation….

  16. Wow weird seeing old comments from me from 2008, has it been that long?? Haha. Saturn return over, much accomplished and still climbing šŸ™‚

  17. I remember this original post. We have made good progress since 08 and it is very Capricorn; slow and steady,incremental improvement and stronger foundations.

    @Jilly that Capricorn link is great! Thanks. My Cap Moon & Ascendent appreciates the insight.

  18. When pluto went through sagg, it was my 2nd house and it stripped me of almost everything i up til then valued tangibly, the only way im still here at all, is because in the end i just had to count my blessings no matter how small they seemed and put my energy into what mattered that i was able to do. now hes in cap, i am finding that im being challenged a little to keep that faith, but did have a brief reprieve when neptune went into pisces, being challenged to hold on again now until he goes back into pisces. I feel it has really helped altho it sounds a little negative, but to know i am not alone in this, we experience it differently but we are all in this together and to help others no matter how small ones gestures are, it helps one to still feel useful?
    Anyway, thats what ive found is working for me šŸ™‚

  19. The way I put it is…”one fat foot in front of the other.”

    or “Nemo-style” “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

  20. I LOVE this. Oh, fake positivism and the secret and magical thinking and visualising all the winningness and glossing over all of the prejudices and inequalities and our handicaps extant; just all of that awful crap, die. Die and fall into the ground to be reborn as we learn to understand systems, if we can. The world and everything in it contains more than is dreamt of in our philosophies. I cannot simplify your beauty or your evil in turn.

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