Is There A Man Out There Who Is Right For Me?

shoes-nicole-millerThis was for a gal with an exceptionally complex chart. She’s got a strong “till death do we part” signature in her chart”, but she’s also quite independent.

She’s young (25 years old) and starting to wonder what her relationship life might look like. Saturn is transiting her 7th house, it’s time to figure this out.

“…Our society squashes individuality, but for you it’s imperative you maintain yours. You’re an odd shaped foot, but there is a shoe out there that will fit.

Try to stay open to this. Faith again, see?  Faith there is someone out there for you. Work to keep that faith, even though society will try to kill that in you or steal it from you…”

Do you believe there is someone for everyone?

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  1. Where does this lonely soul reside? I feel like I’m in the same boat regarding relationships.

    It’s hard to find someone serious. The trend I keep seeing is that 20-30 years olds want sex up front with the possibility of a relationship afterwards and frankly I’m not that easy.

  2. And to answer the question I do have faith. Just being patient can get really depressing. But, eyes up heart out and it’ll work out I’m sure. Apparently the universe is saving her for a later point in my life.

  3. I think this could apply to me… a strong till death do we part signature but also independent. I found an older (14 years), independent man who is committed (he puts a lot of energy into making our relationship work) yet encourages my own independence… it’s possible! Not easy… but possible. We met when I was 24ish.

  4. Forgot to answer the question. If you believe you are called to partner then absolutely. If it is part of God’s plan then have faith. Open your heart and eyes and trust what feels right.

  5. I think I’m an odd shaped foot too. I’ve been called “different” a lot. I used to think I could be happy with anyone. But the longer I live the more I realize how unique me and my needs are.
    I’m not sure there is someone out there for me. I really don’t know. Neptune transiting my venus and I’m thinking all kinds of crazy things like maybe nunhood or something like that.

  6. I think this is one of the most subjective questions we can ask. If you were to ask me this 10 years ago, I would have said yes and I would have given you the name of the person. If you ask me now, it’s someone completely different and I feel just as passionate. This is relative to life experiences, phases, values, your generation, faith, and so much more. If you ask my grandmother, she will tell you that my grandfather was the one. If you ask my mother now, who insisted on marrying my father 2 months after meeting him, she will tell you no, if you could go back in time and ask her 25 year old self, it would have been a definite yes. As for me, I’m not sure, I have not lived or loved long enough to know. And even if I am with the one and around me I see others who struggle to find their true love, then how can I be certain that we will all find the right person? I find it crazy that I’m even being so open-ended on this matter, I have Venus conjunction Pluto in Scorpio and my whole life has revolved around love and being in love.

  7. Definitely. Everything revolves around Love. Being jaded about love is pretty much the worst thing you can be. It’s depressing, in my opinion, because we all naturally long to feel complete. There is no androgynous being in the physical(spiritually speaking), …I mean opposites and polarity exist here for a reason…it’s our earthly task to unify the masculine/feminine. We all crave the one person who fits us, on a spiritual level. It’s a deeply rooted need in the human psyche and there’s no way around it. There absolutely is, in my opinion, someone for everyone.

  8. I feel like there is someone for everybody – – – except me. I have a very “difficult” chart with Venus opp. Pluto, Sun sq. Saturn, Moon sq. Mars, plus a T-square w/Moon/Uranus/Neptune just for starters. I have plenty of women friends but as a straight female, I have pretty much given up on ever knowing a man who 1) could put up with me AND 2) who I actually like. I could settle for the guy who is interested in me, but then both our lives would suck.

    1. Uggh! I know what you mean wholeheartedly. I have Venus Square Pluto, Sun Square Saturn/Moon, Mars Square Saturn/Moon, No matter what man I am with, there is bound to be conflict, too much power struggles, too much see-sawing between masculine vs feminine energy, independent vs. dependent roles, emotional vs. logical…ego vs. spirit.. I just don’t know how one could work their way around such conflicting aspects and experience the wonderful, euphoric and gentleness of love and relationships in their lives.

      1. I have Venus conjoined Pluto in Scorpio and it feels like the worst curse sometimes. Not to mention, my Mars/Mercury in Libra (along with Sun in Virgo) square Saturn/Neptune/Uranus in Cap and Jupiter in Cancer. I am super complex–I don’t even understand myself half the time. T-Saturn is on my rising and I feel like I am 16-years-old again–struggling to be comfortable with myself. I’m beginning to realize most of this has to do with my chart having Venus/Mars in each other’s signs.

  9. I’m going through a rough patch of disillusionment at the moment, or last few years, actually. I would like to believe a person’s true soul mate is out there somewhere but I don’t think everyone is destined for finding that person. I used to believe it though. I’ve loved many people but have never felt totally at ease, even with family. Maybe it has more to do with me inside than the other person. Happiness does come from within.

  10. Not to say you cannot be happy alone. But, sometimes people jump into the first relationship that presents itself for good ol security/surity….Eh well, ‘it’s good enough’ try and fit that square peg into the round hole. People might feel vulnerable alone, or people may be impatient to start a family, or to have this or that another can provide. Understandable, but I think it’s better to be alone than with someone who doesn’t fit you. At least be an autonomous individual, free and unrestricted…to be with someone not worthy of your heart is like a prison sentence. There’s more happiness in being autonomous, than being with someone for any less than 100% true love. So I say wait for the one and they will show up. Or you could be like me and find the one when you had already settled for someone who was never the one. Have faith they’ll show up and if they don’t, you haven’t lost anything- you’re safe in knowing you were always true to yourself. I think if the right partner is something you want, there’s no reason why the Universe wouldn’t provide.

  11. Re the further up comment about Pluto in Scorpio conjunct the descendent, my 28 year old daughter has Pluto 9 degrees Scorpio (in the 12th) conjunct her 10 degree Scorpio ascendant and she has had nothing but relationship tragedies for 8 years. What say you about this? She’s a very headstrong Aquarian with a 12 house Libran Moon and I’m wondering about that right man out there for her.

    1. By headstrong I mean she is is willful, intense and has strong opinions about the way things should be. Her actions are far from casual. She develops strong, intense, passionate relationships that go strong and then “blow up”

      1. Oops…I misread your “causal” as “casual.” Guess you might of been right on the money there. Does Pluto on her ascendent suggest a life alone?

    1. I agree with this. But I think the majority of us do want to partner and are meant to do so. I hate that people deny this, deny themselves in this day and age. I can’t wait to see the pendulum swing in the other direction.

      1. Hmm. No one is is really ever “alone” — are they? By this I mean that maybe we need to broaden our idea of partnership too. and view all its forms. A best friend, a pet, a memory, oneself and one’s own thoughts, a city, a book can perhaps be “partners” too during one’s journey, depending on the journey or the point one is at in the process.

        I’ve seen a number of people “meant to be alone” suddenly find a partner later in life, unexpectedly, too. I do know a few people who love the idea of being the lonely iceberg, too, that’s their thing. But I see their iceberg self drifting to land.

        1. I appreciate this point of view, VillageGirl. “a book can perhaps be partners, and a number of people “meant to be alone” find a partner later in life, unexpectedly, too.”

          My husband and I got together later in life. He was 45, and single. A construction guy who loved to read! I was 47, divorced after 24 years in one marriage with a son.

          Partnering and knowing you attract love through our personalized Venus (like you said in your video, Elsa, from 2007) that makes for organic chemistry. I mean, by the time we got together ‘later in life’ little did we know we had SO MUCH MORE LOVING TO GO! We both have natal 11th House Venus, so, the potential for ‘exotic and different partnering’ was in the astro-genes.

          1. that is wonderful, Mokihana. I had a few loves but met my husband at 42 and yes we have had lots of love to go, too! It happens when it happens. A friend just met hers at 49. He had given up, she had given up and they met when both attended an event at a wrong address!

  12. I’m seeing this kind of thinking a lot among friends. I think saturn in sag has a lot of lonely folks feeling less optimistic about the future.

  13. I understand this situation quite well and I am frankly exhausted thinking in circles about these issues,

    Most people don’t know how to socialize with the opposite sex maturely

    Opportunities are missed because of worry or insecurities
    Whatever happens happens,
    You either make an effort or you float around ,I like floating until something catches my eye, but usually my luck is the other person is involved with someone ,and doesn’t want to be ,but won’t admit it, I will never be a rebound

    People are sneaky too, but I can detect that

  14. I have a chart like that. It took me a very long time, sometimes very depressing and discouraging when things wouldn’t work out – I often went for the noncommittal types because the alternatives were too controlling. It’s hard to get the right balance, but it’s worth the wait. You get a lot of criticism from other people saying you’re too picky or you must really deep down not want a relationship. But you have to be true to yourself. And in the meantime, make a good life for yourself with lots of interests and good friends.

  15. I’m also 25 and dealing with Saturn transiting my 7th. I haven’t lost hope, in fact I’ve had some experiences that taught me important things and I’m more determined than ever, but this has been really tough. I don’t need a life partner right now and I’m not expecting perfection, but I’d love to come out of this transit with someone compatible…

  16. NO!!!! I hate women I hate being a lesbian in fact I should have been born a man so I could be an asshole to women that deserve it. In fact, there is not one true friend nor man nor woman that has loved me bc of my lesbianism. And, I don’t believe in true love. I heard God tell me “I feel your pain.” Its as if he is setting me up for this shit. And, when I was crying at the mall over a rejection that happened nearby just a slight advance, I felt God’s presence and he left cause I was mad he created all this bullshit. I don’t understand why I am set up for failure to be in love with stupid bitches. I either hate the species in general or I have super bad taste and I think its the latter. Somewhat both. At this point I have an affinity to Adam, King David, and Napolean who knew women were made to reproduce, perfect romance is NOT FUCKING POSSIBLE PEOPLE. Not with the sin we created. That’s shit possible. And by the way a threesome happened in the Garden of Eden, I am reading about from the author Chana Keefer who had a private revelation from God and I knew by logic. We didn’t plan to talk about that, I went up to her at the bookstore and said “hey I think there was a threesome in the garden hence the seed , pub hair, fig tree allegories” in a nutshell I implied that. And she confirmed. So anyway, since that fucking Fall of mankind life is just utter hopelessness in finding true love. It doesn’t exist. Let me tell you why. Because your soul reincarnates. There is not one soul who is with the same soul in marriage over and over. So get over it people. I just did. I found out my spiritual soul mate Lilith aka Reeva is for lack of better terms fond of my co worker. I am going to sleep on it and find out. I just can’t trust a spiritual soul mate like that. Not since I heard what ghosts do. Plus a person with too much beauty who kind of thinks their better than others and is super ambitious spells for trouble in relationships. I am a softy to not forgive my words but I can’t fucking believe society!!

  17. This issue is so controversial.
    There is a lack of accountability these days so everyone gets really upset and hurt when it comes to relationships gone bad and they take the low road saying that love and relationships suck. Ironically, the people that declare themselves the most disappointed end up partnered up (actually I find it normal because if you keep at it some day one relationship will work).
    It’s like in college when the A students showed up and whined that they haven’t studied and they will fail…and then they passed with flying colors.
    They just need reassurance.

  18. Hi Elsa,
    I certainly had trouble finding love when I was young (Pluto on my ascendant). It took me 35 years to first get to know myself and work through a lot of Pluto-issues, but then I got the loveliest man on earth. He was as I always pictured him in my dreams. Unfortunately he died 7 years ago and since then I’m trying to find a new “soulmate” (until now though not very successful).

    I find that some people have to first get to know themselves before they are able to really commit to another person. So, don’t give up, just keep trying but at the same time work on yourself and your personality and character.
    I surely hope I get Lucky enough to find a new love soon.


  19. I think it is amazing the younger generation are really being careful about the relationships they get into. Over in England there has just been a release of a Northern Soul CD. ‘Move on up’On the trailer the girl dancing is about 25 she is a great soul dancer. I am so impressed that i am following a ‘northern soul basis dance tutorial’on utube despite my age! You cannot just listen to the music you have to be able to dance to it. Its not ‘every ones cup of tea’ but I find it really positive. Keep the faith.

  20. I wanted to post to this thread earlier but had hesitated. This is a question that has often troubled me but more recently have come to a place of acceptance. I’ve often blamed my Lilith in Sagittarius or the fact that I’m a free floating airy kind of man, aqua (sun & mercury), gemini rising, libra mars… ironically enough those signs related to attraction, earthly, moon in virgo & venus in capricorn.. so, I want an independent yet earthly/grounded woman? Do I believe there is a “right” woman for me or (hesitate to say) “soul mate?” No, absolutely not.. however, do I believe there is a woman whom I could share my life with happily & she with me? oh, most certainly. Strangely enough, married 7 years and divorced, the one thing my ex-wife (virgo/libra cusp) said to me at the end of our marriage that troubled me the most, “I don’t understand a thing about you.” Perfection, understanding.. these things are meaningless.. acceptance & appreciation of the beauty, this is love.

  21. I’m jaded when it comes to love. I have a natal Venus-Chiron conjunction – in house 12 no less – and Neptune 7, so I had a lot of hard lessons, particularly when Saturn hit house 5. Such a nightmare.

    I’m over love and I’m over waiting for it to happen. I simply can’t muster the strength to care anymore. Now Saturn is in my house 7 in Sagittarius, and I’ve met two men since then, both of whom are very attracted to me, but both of whom are unavailable in their own ways. I shared a romantic friendship with the one (he has a Sagi Moon), but it doesn’t appear to be moving forward, only in circles. Oddly my mother had a dream about him one night, and she never even met him: She said that in it, he gave her some books and was very nice to her, then they noticed the constellation of Orion pointing exactly at her. We couldn’t figure out the reason for this, since she never met him. But she tells me she is praying for me. She wants us to get together. But he’s not available, and I don’t like to wait around. I don’t see our friendship going anywhere, and treating it as just a friendship is really not satisfying, because we really like each other. I’ve known him for almost a year and I’m at the cutoff point, honestly. I’m bored.

    The second guy is a Sagi Sun and we’re in a friends-with-benefits relationship. We tried to make a romantic relationship work, but he’s far too busy, and I’m too busy myself to accommodate anyone else. We agreed that if something happens, fine, but for now we’re just having fun. My gut tells me it won’t last, and that’s something I accept; nothing lasts forever.

    Any advice for my situation is appreciated nonetheless. Sagi Sun man: I don’t have his Astrological data; Sagi Moon man has a Sun in late Leo and a Virgo Ascendant.

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