Scorpio Rising: Sexually Active & Magnetically Attractive?

A reader asks:

“I have a Scorpio ascendant and Mars and Venus in 9th house in Cancer. Is it true that Scorpio ascendant people are very sexually active and magnetically attractive to opposite sex? Whoever sees me gets attracted towards me. I sometimes get confused, what to do?

No, I don’t think all people with Scorpio rising are very sexually active. A rising sign is not going to determine something like that.

Specific to Scorpio rising, it’s pretty common they keep their pants on. I personally know several Scorpio risings who have sex very infrequently. They can easily goes years if not a decade without sex as Scorpio is a sign that tends towards extremes.

You didn’t send your data but based on what you did send, I would give the intense attraction people feel towards you to your Venus Mars conjunction. That combination is hotted up and compelling. It’s position in the 9th house expands the effects.

Do you have a Scorpio rising? What is your experience with this?

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  1. Ox is Scorp rising with Virgo sun. I’m not 100% sure what it was like for him growing up but he is really quite discreet when it comes to sex. I find him magnetic..but then again, I would (plus I have venus in virgo)–right? For him it is more of a charm thing than an overpowering sexual attraction.

    My sex drive totally outweighs far.

  2. My friend is a double Scorpio, both Sun and Moon in Scorpio, and he calls himself a ‘camel.’ He says he can go a long time without sex if need be.
    Go figure.

  3. l know a scorpio risign who was a virgin till the age of 24 soooo l guess you don’t have to be sexualy active…l think scorps can go a long time without sex indeed!

  4. My 16-year-old daughter has Scorpio ASC. She has Venus Leo 9th Trine Jupiter Sagittarius 1st.

    She doesn’t tart herself up. She is very demure, refuses to wear makeup like her friends, and still wears clothing from the children’s section because that’s what she likes (she’s small).

    She had a “boyfriend” in 7th grade who wanted to hang all over her in school. She got fed up and broke it off. If someone makes fun of what she likes, she cuts them off because she doesn’t like to argue (Mars Libra 11th).

    I’m expecting her to have a lot of male attention, but feel that it won’t go to her head. She has Taurus ruling her 7th – she should pick someone stable, comfortable and reliable.

    I admire her – she’s comfortable in her own skin.

  5. Scorp rising, definitely a “born again virgin” at this point. If I’m actually ah, seeing somebody I am quite hot, but I would NOT say “magnetically attractive to the opposite sex.” More like, magnetically attractive if you are old and creepy.

  6. Scorpio rising. Have had relatively few lovers, and even a couple of years of celibacy, but somehow have a reputation for being highly sexual.

  7. Having Scorpio rising, I can attest to the fact that I have been told I’m “intense” looking – all of my Life…
    Some folks ask if I’m pissed off at someone or something when I’m just daydreaming or thinking – WTF? really?
    BUT, seeming intense comes in handy when I give the “stink eye” to toddlers and small children when they are acting out..scares the hell out of them and they stop and stare at me. Works like a charm!

    1. I am an Aries Sun/Scorp Asc too! Yes, I get the intense comment all the time. At one point, my bf of 6 years at the time had friends who were afraid to come over. He invited them in and they instantly looked at me and asked if they should come back later since I looked angry. Virgo Sun/Virgo Moon/Leo Asc that he was, he replied, “No, that’s just her face.” I started smiling more and it works 🙂

  8. Scorpio Rising…… and I can go a long time without sex…. do I want to necessarily? No… but, I have gone many times without it because if it’s not going to be with someone that enamors me, then I’d rather wait. I have an 8th house mars though, so the waiting doesn’t mean it’s fun… but I will

  9. Like AriesSun, my experience is that people find me intense. Whether that’s viewed as sexual or not varies. Some think I’m an intense bitch; some an intense airhead/ party girl type; some an intense intellectual; some an intensely antisocial loner; yeah, and occasionally I’m mistaken for an intense slut. I chalk the variety up to my Neptune Asc conjunction.

  10. My bf is Scorpio rising, Uranus, Mercury and Sun in Scorpio/1st in that order.

    He’s very smart and a smartass, but he’s also pretty aloof/shy and has trouble making friends.

    I was his first anything in high school and when we got together 10 years later, I found out he hadn’t been with anyone since.

  11. Scorpio Moon/Rising here and I have never been satisfied by casual sex… So, I will gladly wait for the full-meal-deal. I consider myself a passionate person, but with a deeper intent.

  12. Bahahaha. Well…. my first “real” boyfriend was a Scorpio Rising. It was pretty much “like” at first sight. Well, I asked him out the first night I met him. Teehee!

    I have a Taurus Rising though… his Uranus was in Scorpio in my 7th house. His Rising was conjunct my Pluto.

    He actually wasn’t that sexual and he liked you said, didn’t want to have sex that often in comparison to my ex who had a Scorpio stellium Sun/Moon/Merc/Pluto.

    His Sun was Aquarius and his Mars was Virgo, I’m sure that didn’t help much either. hehe

  13. Avatar

    Scorpio rising, Taurus Venus conjunct Aries Mars.

    I waited to have my “first time” much, much longer than is usual, I was 22. I’m 30 now, I have had only one partner, and as we’re not together any more, I’ve been completely celibate for well over a year now, nearing 1 and a half years. I don’t do one night stands, so unless I meet anyone who I feel I can trust, I’m just gonna be without sex. I’m not gonna say I don’t miss it or want it, but still.

    Like PlutoRising said, “because if it’s not going to be with someone that enamors me, then I’d rather wait.”

  14. Attractive? Any guy who sincerely believes he’s attractive, is instantly attractive. This includes guys who are ugly. Sincere belief, of course, requires either great looks, great skills of self deception, great self absorption, better than average communicative skills, sheer stupidity or a fine career and financial stability. Positive experiences in puberty will help, even if you have none of the above. Negative experiences can ruin all chances of future success for even the finest specimens.

    I have no idea what I’d be like, if I’d had some positive experiences. In stead, for six years girls would vomit every time I walked by. It was a small town, not much entertainment, so they needed a laughing stock. Now I know they were instinctively reacting to the Lilith on my Sun and the Pluto/Uranus on my Mars. What really got hit, however, was my Chiron in Pisces, opposing the three.

    I’m great in bed, but no action…

  15. As for the assumption about the ‘magnetically attractive’ part, I read in an astrology textbook that Scorpio ascendant natives tend toward UN-attractiveness; so who knows really. It’s probably more a matter of perception, like everything else, yes ?

    1. I have a Scorpio Asc. and I was called ugly my whole life. When I was in high school, I decided to shift my paradigm and thought myself beautiful (Google Psychocybernetics). Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder for Scorp Ascs because we create our realities.

  16. Not into casual sex – had plenty of opportunity for that, like a lot of women, but when I thought about actually going through with it, my skin crawled at the thought of being so intimate and naked with a total stranger. no thanks! then people (men) seem to think that I’m frigid- or accuse me of being so – or act like I’m weird, because sex is healthy and fun; I don’t feel it’s that healthy if it’s that casual, but that’s me. I don’t see anything wrong with wanting a relationship.

    I’ve received a lot of unwanted attention in the past, and received a load of “hey sexy” messages on a dating site- even when i said i was only looking for platonic friends (okc), been called sexy numerous times, but I only like to hear it from one person I also like (or liked, since there’s no-one in my life). Uranus conjunct ascendant, too; mars trine.

  17. Virgo is an Earth sign – I’ve found Mars in Virgo (more than one of them) to be pretty highly sexed, and very good lovers

    I’m not sure I’ve ever been close to a Scorpio rising, though I know quite a few Suns and Moons, some of whom I’ve known to enjoy / suffer long periods of celibacy

  18. So interesting. Casual sex has never ever been on the table. That said I’m definitely not the abstaining type (read high drive!). This sort of happens automatically , not intentionally. I have venus on the asc so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it.

  19. Oh, I want it, but I just can’t seem to go through with getting it just like that. I’m not interested in FwB either, although I have wished that I were, at times. A good chuck of my frustration has been that I want that, but I don’t want to use or be used for it – I want someone who will be there for me when my cat is sick, or something (like the past week). I’ve wished that I didn’t have so much angst over a certain someone, and how he changed, because I realized that he couldn’t even be bothered to ask me how my dog was, when he was very sick. I know he was thinking of me at times, but I don’t know if he thought it would be showing weakness, or what. anyway, that’s off-topic.

    You’d think that I’d be all up for just a friends with benefits-type situation, given my placements.

  20. Double scorpio (sun and rising) here. My sex life has always been feast or famine.

    Currently it is famine, and I worry that I will never have sex again, but the I remember that when I was young and attractive I had a few famine periods then as well.

    I’ve attributed it more to the square Saturn is making to my Venus/Mercury conjunction, but Scorpio rising could be to blame as well.

    I am highly sexed and have no problems with casual sex or friends with benefits; I just haven’t met anyone lately I am interested in who is also interested in me. The chemistry has to be there first for me.

  21. very interesting topic

    I have Virgo rising, and with a 1st house Pluto (Libra).
    Mars/Venus taurus conjunction on the 9th.
    Eros on Saggy.

    “They can easily goes years if not a decade without sex as Scorpio is a sign that tends towards extremes.” i totally agree with it… after i lost my Virginity on the age of 14, i only had sexual intercourse at the age of 24! and it was frenetic for over 7 years, after braking up with her, i had an intense sex for like 2 weekends with a year between.
    Im highly sexual, and playful… with many chicks on me, but they cant just open their legs and say come 2 me baby… cause i love the w8 fro someone special, and with that behavior of mine, im also showing the girl is special.

    i recently broke up with another gf… im sorta 2 months without it.

    How do i manage it? lots & lots of porn! virtual sex… and so on.

  22. Yeah — I’m a Scorpio ASC and I have had nothing but respectful advances by men in my life. I never give off the sex vibe lol My husband thinks I’m awesome in that dept, thankfully, but my highschool boyfriend thought I was totally a cold fish lol (I gathered that from conversations years later lol) I think I saved it all up for my husband. Once I felt safe with him, we were doing it all the time. I sat ON his lap instead of next to him for a long long time. I like sex. But yeah — I can’t do it with just anyone. It feels gross for me, the idea of it :/ I tend to give off a serious vibe I think. Even my mother says so, when I was little 🙂

  23. Scorpio sun and rising, but with Saturn on the Ascendant. Men have found me molten hot at times, but I’ve gone years without sex at this point. I’ve spent most of my life sexually frustrated. But I just can’t bring myself to go out and get laid, because I need a deep connection of some sort to enjoy myself in bed.

  24. I am with a scorp rising. He enjoys sex and likes getting it. But if he goes without? Normally it’s me that flags up the shortfall (I have saturn in the eighth).

    But he is attractive – easily the most attractive man I’ve ever dated. I think it’s due to his eyes – he has an incredibly magnetic gaze. The weirdest thing is this – whenever we’re out and about, babies stare at him like he’s their daddy. Was really concerning the first time I noticed it 😉

    1. Babies stare at me like that too, but they usually like me. I thought it was the stellium in Aries and my Aries sun (all in the 5th house).

  25. I prefer to wait until I find someone I have strong feelings for. I’ve had one-night-stands, and they were the most demoralizing experiences of my life. I’m going on over two years of waiting for someone I really like to come into my life, but when he does come around, oh man, is he in for some 24/7 bunny action.

    People describe me as ‘intense’ as well. If they like me, they think it’s sexual. If they don’t like me, it’s ‘scary’.

  26. I have an Aries Sun, Taurus Moon with Scorpio rising. I agree about daydreaming and people assuming I’m angry. It would appear that I seem angry if in deep thought. It confuses the mess out of my Virgo Sun, Virgo Moon, Leo rising fiance. (Don’t ask me how it works, it just does).

  27. Scorpio Rising, Virgo Sun.

    I honestly don’t even care about sex. Sure it is nice to have if the two persons sexual styles go together but mostly, in my experience, they haven’t. I would rather have the spooning, romance, affection and connection than sex any day. If I am with someone I am attracted too, yes, I will want it eventually. I hate it when I end up with someone where the sex is mostly just physical – I could just read a book waiting for them to finish. But than I have Venus in Leo and square to my Neptune in the 1st so I will not be happy unless I get some romance and fun sparks in with the sex. Otherwise, I could go for a long time and not really miss it. Right now I am a camel and it honestly doesn’t bother me because I have too many other problems in my life to worry about it. Don’t know if that is a Scorp Rising thing or not. I can’t really be in the mood for sex if I have tons of other worries in my mind. 🙂

  28. Avatar
    aries/scropio rising male

    def got to agree 100% with with the other aries about the stare and mean look when deep in thought!
    but i’m surprised they didnt metion any thing about sex drive. mine is through the roof! but i will admit i am pretty picky about who i get into a relationship with, but one nighters r not out the question. but when i am in relationship watch out cause i am like an addict! luckily us born with scropio asc tend to be very good at what we do so its usually ok for a while but i have only found 1 woman who could almost match my energy. maybe it has something to do with me sharing the same birthday and sun/rising as Casanova 😉

    1. I am an Aries Sun/Scorp Asc female and I have a really high sex drive too. I’ve been known to want it multiple times a day, but I can also freeze someone out completely (as was the case in an abusive relationship I was in). I am equally picky about who I will get into a relationship with, but my one nighters usually have repeats. It would appear that I am very good at what I do in the bedroom and I’ve never had a person who didn’t want another go. Didn’t know Casanova was Aries/Scorp

  29. Sun and Moon in Virgo, Scorpio Rising, Mars and Uranus in Scorpio (1st house), Male. Sexually active? Yes. sex have to be present every day :), if not i become irascible. The magnetism is also present.

  30. Yes!! I believe it to be true…well for most, because I know 5 people with this placement including myself and we are ALL extremely sexually active and neither of us can walk outside for more than 15 minutes without being hit on, I’m talking love at first sight type of situations. And this placement tends to attract crazed stalkers too. I can’t count the restraining orders and law suits I’ve been through dealing with people whom are completely obssessed with even the thought of me. *Not Bragging* – I need guidance on the issue actually because I HATE attention but always seem to draw the “undesireables” in! Wth is a Scorpio Rising to do?….We are Irresistible!

  31. I’m a Gem Sun w/ a Scorpio Rising. My Mars & Venus are in Leo…and my Mercury is in Cancer. Moon – Libra. Yes, I’m complicated lol. I usually attract sexual attention from people I’m not sexually attracted to..unattractive men esp. (Sorry if that sounds vain.)

    I’m currently pursuing a Virgo Sun (rising sign unknown) whose Venus is also in Leo…Moon – Cap…Mars in Libra..and Mercury in Virgo.

    My sex drive/passions can be extreme…but I usually don’t act on them for fear of showing weakness and/or rejection.

    I refuse to tell this Virgo Sun how I feel for this reason.

  32. The reason Scorpio Rising often stays celibate is because they are very PASSIONATE about sex and romance. They are so passionate about it, they often times want to save it for their soul mate, rather than being promiscuous. Sex and romance is sacred and holy to us therefore, it should not be wasted on people who aren’t “the one”, the who we tend to think is the one. Apparently, from most of the biographies for Scorpio Rising celebrities, there usually tends to be a short-lived marriage early in life and often times the death or miscarriage of the first child. However, the men seem to have mistresses and sometimes children by women other than their wives. Scorpio Asc. is prone to have secret relationships in some form, whether it be extra-marital affairs, secret relationships as children because the family would not approve and so on.

    1. Aries Sun/Scorp Asc.
      This is so true! Short lived marriage early in life? Hm. I’m 25, never married, but was in a relationship from ages 18 to 24. I have had quite a few secret affairs, and now that I am single, I have had my fair share of sex…Idk Scorp Asc life is a mystery.

  33. I’m scorpio rising with uranus conjunct the ascendant (12th house) and my experience is that many people find me magnetic and sexy (uranus might increase the charisma?) In fact I get stared by men and women. I’m the latter.

    Got mars in the eight house but that doesn’t mean I have loads of sex. In fact I have been celibate for a few years twice in my adult life, and although I missed sex at times, I wouldn’t break the pattern ‘just to get some’ as I wasn’t that interested after all. I could be obsessed with other things 🙂

    With this rising sign, it’s true that either people like you or they don’t, there’s normally no middle ground, and it’s obvious to me instantly!! We’re like Marmite!

    It’s true, I think many of us with this rising sign can go through extremes. Five of my girlfriends have the same rising sign, and four of them have been through celibate phases for years on and off! One is actually a virgin and in her forties. Also, most of them are magnetic in one way or another.

    However, in my case, once in a relationship it’s key to be very intimate with my partner quite often (not daily but almost!) My friends with the same rising sign are the same 🙂

    I agree that with this rising sign people tend to think you’re ‘getting it’ all the time (even that one is promiscuous), even if you’re not! I remember the first time I realised the effect this ascendant had on some people’s perception of me. I was at a party and a group of male acquaintances commented that they all thought I had a boyfriend or someone around. Nothing farther from the truth as I was through one of my celibate phases but they wouldn’t believe me!! I gave up and let them go on with their fantasies of me as a femme fatale (so not true! I think scorpio suns are generally sexier – at a deep level – than the rising signs.)

  34. Scorpio moom neptune rising here, mars in the 8th, pluto in the 10th.
    Since I was a young teenager, everyone has thought I was a slut. I can go years without sex, because it gets too damn complicated and everyone would think I was a slut all the time. But now, I just enjoy the fact that I still “have it” and don’t really give a rats ass about my bad reputation (that is actually a big projection). I refrain from casual sex, but if someone really touches me on a soul level, then I’m all in. Hahahaha. I attract a lot of letchy types, so I throw up my walls, and have also a reputation for being “frigid”. Totally misunderstood. Whatever. Who even knows.

  35. Hey Elsa! K so I’m actually a native Libra rising but I was born late in the degree (22°) so I’ve identified w/ my progressed Scorpio rising sign basically my whole life. Taurus Sun, Leo moon, Aries Venus. A fire for life but remain on stable ground. In regards to my Scorpio rising I definitely have had those dry spells cuz I’ve always figured if I cn’t get the full-fledged, passionate, soulful experience I want I rather go without. Sometimes I’ve gotten head over heels & just dived rte in with men I just met who give me that rosy feeling I desire (I blame it on my Venus square Neptune natal aspect) but other times totally remained frigid absolutely refusing *strong-will taurus/Scorpio combo. I can spot “game” a mile away & I tend to attract the guys that are looking for the lusty “easy” girls, which I am so far from on the inside but seem to radiate on the outside. Guess that’s my rising? Idk, I’m in college & somehow developed this reputation of being a whore, not because of wat ppl knw (I strategize very well who I decide to lay with *Scorpio energy* but solely based on how I look! (Piercings, tattoos, etc) it’s all very basic if you ask me. Wen ppl finally get to knw they realize all the rumors were completely unfounded & realize how much of an intellectual heavyweight I actually am (native Libra rising). I would say the Scorpio rising plays a large part in the circumstances of my life. Ppl’s reactions towards me are always strong — whether negatively or positively. Idc either way, my pride is too big to be bothered with ppl’s superficial idea of me (Leo moon). Can anyone care to share some insight on my chart? I love to hear other’s interpretations on the matter since I am fairly novice to this whole realm of astrology.

  36. Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Scorpio Rising here.
    I am 18 and have had romantic affairs and plenty of intimacy with women but no sex. I have been fixated on one girl since I was 16 (Libra) and think of her about 6 – 20 times a day because of her perfection. Talk about insanely (Literally, insane) passionate? I’m it. I have refrained from sex because I want it to be pure and unrestrained tied off with a ribbon of absolute trust, unfortunately, I can’t see it being any other way. I have been blessed and cursed by a code of extremes but I digress. I have little trouble attracting the opposite sex. Being 6’4″ asserts my powerful personality. I’d love to post my full chart for anyone to point out new things about my planets that would help me learn more about my self. Thanks!

  37. IM caner sun , scorpio asc , people feel me intense ,yes , its true . people are either repelled from me or attracted to me , i agree with this . if women like me , many of them had a crush , and suddenly lost control , and i could take anything i wanted . but my love life was very uneven , sometimes i had no sex for a long time , but sometimes when the love comes to me , it can be 6 women at the same time .
    i got mysterious eyes , yes , and high nose . but i dont like my serious looks , and wanna hide it always .
    i can be maniac for sex , as they say : try the extreme , and i really did try , my top record is having 21 times of sex in one day , and every time made the woman come .

  38. I am a Scorpio rising with my rising conjunct my Pluto in Scorpio. I have an 8th house moon. I think people often confuse the fact that we tend to be sexually magnetic for being sexually active. There is a big difference. We are seen as sexual. We can do non-sexual things with what seems to be a sexual aura (at least to onlookers). I personally believe this is because we have a very sexual inner life. We think about sex often and in ways others probably don’t. This can border on nymphomaniac, but again it usually all goes on within. This is something we tend to hide or conceal from others but I believe it comes out subconsciously, like a dripping faucet and others can sense the true sexuality we harbor whether we are being sexual or not.

    Having a strong sexual aura has nothing to do with whether we actually have lots of sex. To be honest my experience has been that despite the attraction people feel there is something that also scares them…makes them stay away. We’re not the most inviting people around no matter how sexy we seem. Back to the point, you must remember that Scorpio rising signifies sex but also deep spiritual and transforming elements. We love and are consumed by the power of sex but view it as a spiritual tool which we would rather reserve for someone we can have a deep experience with. Most of us (or at least I as a scorp asc.) would rather have very few sexual experiences that were erotically and spiritually intense than many of a shallow nature.

  39. I’m libra sun, gemini moon and scorpio rising also having venus in it.
    Been told that I’m extremely charming and that they can feel my presence from far.
    Been told I’m sexy and guys like to hang out with me and I, being a girl, maybe can confirm that I have a certain magnetic personality just because so many guys seem to be so cool with me (including the ones that have the fame to be cold and heartless to people) and lots of flirting too.
    Been told that I have the aspect of being a bad b*tch (maybe ’cause the scorpio rising) but when they meet me I’m very laid back and have a cool personality and that I’m very comfortable to talk too (maybe ’cause the friendliness of Libra sun) being a very good listener and comunicator (maybe ’cause the gemini moon combined with the libra sun).

  40. I’m scorpio rising with Mars in the 8th house and Pluto in the 11th. Both chart rulers in air.

    It is true that scorpio energy can go to extremes (long periods of celibacy versus periods with lots of sexual activity.) Twice in my thirties I spent four years being celibate.

    Another thing I notice is that, okay, scorpio rising people can send out a sexual charismatic vibe yet others might mistakenly think that they are very sexual. Many years ago (2004) I was at a party when a group of male acquaintances shared with me (after a few drinks) that they always wondered about my dating life and that I must be dating every day of the night.

    This was a group of married or coupled men who had gathered around me. (I have a photo of how I dressed to that party, and see with hindsight that I was not aware at the time that a normal party top with just a little cleavage – I was raised Catholic so just a little cleavage was enough – makes a woman a sex vixen if she happens to be scorpionic.) They projected all these fantasies onto me of my being sexually very active when I wasn’t at all and hadn’t been for months.

    A couple of months later someone introduced me to astrology, and with time I became more aware of the scorpio pluto energies. I saw a video of myself in a family gathering where each of us took turns to talk to the video. Well, I was amongst family and I was seducing the camera!! That was another eye opener of how I naturally talk to the camera. I try to use my pisces energy to normally soften my gaze yet I wonder if I manage it, lol.

    Most of my friends have scorpio rising (not a conscious choice; I have North node in scorpio bang on my ascendant so that attracts a lot of scorpio risings) and two of these friends are scorpio sun.

    In my experience, scorpio sun is much more sexual in general. Still, extremes can happen.

    I am now in my early forties (still looking good and young, too young with my gemini planets) and observe younger women and it is fascinating. Those who have strong sexual vibes, who talk or do something in what seems like avery seductive way…I wonder…they could be doing it consciously (be sexy)…or they could simply be scorpio rising or Suns and their energies are naturally that way (powerful and enticing.)

    I smile to myself and think: Scorpio one right there!

  41. I am in love with this man. Known him for 6 yrs. He is in a high position of power in Govt! First two years he told me he loved me. We got on so well the first 2 and a half yrs then he just disappeared. He intrigues me. I am smitten but he has killed a part of me inside that will never be the same. He has ignored me for 3 years now but keeps me on his phone and watches me whilst I talk to him on WhatsApp. But never replies! I think he is obsessed with sex and sleeps around like a male whore or is a swinger! He wont take me off his phone or block me. Just likes me talking to him. I cant eat, sleep or function properly. I would love to know, should I be scared? IGNORING ME has been worse than physical abuse. I am dying inside. I never said anything horrible to him. I don’t know what went wrong? Any input would be so appreciated? Thankyou!


    planet sign degree motion
    Sun Capricorn 8°19’43 in house 2 direct
    Moon Scorpio 26°20’13 in house 1 direct
    Mercury Sagittarius 18°38’14 in house 2 direct
    Venus Sagittarius 13°20’38 in house 1 direct
    Mars Virgo 23°14’34 in house 11 direct (Over sexed)
    Jupiter Taurus 16°19’46 in house 6 retrograde Saturn Pisces 1°06’34 in house 4 direct
    Uranus Virgo 14°48’12 in house 11 retrograde
    Neptune Scorpio 19°15’57 in house 1 direct
    Pluto Virgo 16°17’47 in house 11 retrograde
    True Node Gemini 23°01’07 in house 8, (Likes Multiple Sex partners!!) KEEP DEEP SECRETS!
    South Node – Gemini 22° House 8 (House of Sex) LIKES THE SPOUSE’S MONEY, Eccentric, I want wealth! I feel I need some help from spouse! Create your own wealth! House of secrecy & Occult!

    Chiron – Pisces 14 Deg House 5
    Eros – Sagittarius 19 Deg House 2 (House of wealth)
    Eris –
    Ceres – Capricorn 29 Deg House 3 Quiet, retiring and contemplative. Philosophy
    Desc. T Node – Sagittarius – 23 Deg House 2 (House of wealth) Desc. Mean Node Sagittarius 22 Deg House 2 (House of wealth – 22 is Master No. of the Builder)

    Ascendant Scorpio 17°37’20
    2nd House Sagittarius 15°36’36
    3rd House Capricorn 9°43’39 (Sexual Deviation -oversexed) Able to sway others by use of inspirational power. If a writer, works will live on many years after death. Thoughts are expressed carefully. Nothing is said or written without a definite reason for doing so. Words are selected for maximum impact and tend to be harsh and exacting. The early environment may not have been happy. True feelings may be hidden under a facade in attempts to avoid being misunderstood. There may be trouble with siblings or responsibility that must be taken for them at some point.
    5th House Pisces 2°59’16 Having fun!
    6th House Aries 8°22’57
    Descendant Taurus 17°37’20
    8th House Gemini 15°36’36 (House of Sex & Transformation & Secrets you keep from others!)
    9th House Cancer 9°43’39
    MEDIUM COELI LEO 4°17’48
    11th House Virgo 2°59’16
    12th House Libra 8°22’57

    Pluto trine Pluto Mid-March 2015 until beginning of November 2017
    Jupiter sextile Venus Beginning of November 2016 until beginning of July 2017
    Neptune square Venus Mid-March 2017 until mid-January 2019
    Neptune opposition Uranus Beginning of May 2017 until end of February 2019 (Deception & Delusional in thinking)
    Jupiter trine Saturn From 11 October 2017 until 20 October 2017
    Jupiter square MC An approaching transit, from 26 October 2017 until 4 November 2017

  42. I am Scorpio rising with Venus and Saturn in my ascendant along with Black moon Lilith all in conjunction. Sex was on my mind night and day. With deep dark desires that had to play out…

    1. I totally understand this conundrum. As a Virgo sun I’ve always tried to be modest & keep my inner Vixen undercover. Yet men always seem so magnetically drawn to me wherever I go. I’ve had literally 5 different men who I’ve known since pre-adolescence tell me a an adult that they have had an attraction to me for 20+ years and still do. I don’t let it go to my head, though I must admit it is very flattering to hear. In regards to sexual expression & experience, I would say I have been somewhat ‘vanilla’ in my sexual encounters even tho I’ve always had much more intense,physical,semi-dark & sensual fantasies compared to my actual experiences. I never could make sense of this discrepancy until I had a birth chart reading last year & discovered my ascendant in Scorpio. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t yet found anyone who can indulge my repressed sexual desires & needs. And as I’m much too prudent to just pick some random person,I remain frustrated in this area of my life which has caused my levels of aggression & hostility to skyrocket in recent weeks. Any advice on dealing with this issue in a way that’s not self-destructive or dangerous to others? Thank you in advance for any advice or ideas.

  43. I am a scorp asc.I was quite sexually active in my younger days, then I got married then divorced.I have been a celibate yogi for 18 years.Despite this, men always get the wrong idea about me…I think it’s my eyes, either that or they are projecting their desires onto me. I am actually quite shy in the presence of the opposite sex. I think people see what they want to see.

  44. I’m Virgo Sun with Scorpio Rising & although I love sex, I can’t do one night stands or have sex with someone I don’t feel a connection with. But when I’m in love or I am extremely physically attracted to a man, my libido is thru the roof! I’ve been told my eyes are hypnotic & that I’m very sexy by a lot of guys…. And ladies too, lol. I’m definitely more like a Scorpio regarding my emotions, passion, looks & attitude.

    1. I feel you on that! We’re both Virgo Suns and Scorpio Risings. I feel that gives us the gift of “seeing” others more easily, the depths of their motives both good and bad (hopefully with compassion!), which I think lends to the sexy factor, especially because Virgo also knows what she wants and won’t compromise her morals to cheapen it. Virgo can seem attractively aloof.

      I want to point out that the reason Scorpio isn’t prone to “sleeping around” is because doing so can feel superficial, like two people using each other for an emotionally-suppressive, dark end goal. Scorpio is all about witnessing and diving into the dark but hopefully with the ability to shed light on it. Scorpio hates anything superficial and is much more comfortable diving into the “darkness” emotionally charged and capable of feeling out depths without getting stuck there. Hence why Scorpio loves a partner that is as “deep” as he or she is—such a partner will color that sexual experience with meaning.

  45. I agree with all of what u said. Especially about being able to see the true character & intentions of others. It’s like the more someone tries to hide their true self, the clearer I can see them for what they really are. This is an invaluable ability in my opinion. And due to my Pisces moon, my intuition is incredible and sometimes a bit scary lol. I’m guessing that my need to get down to the bare bones of a situation comes from my ascendant in Scorpio as does my intimidating stare. I’m still discovering a multitude of areas in astrology as I’m still somewhat of a “newbie”, lol. Thank you for welcoming me & for engaging with me. It’s greatly appreciated ?

  46. Avatar

    I am Pisces Sun/Moon with ascendant in Scorpio, and Lilith in 8th house.

    Although I fantasize a lot about having sex, I struggle to find a partner with whom I get very along with.

    Been single all my life, been in love maybe 30-40 times but almost never get tempted to take the initiative.

    I recall, when I was 14-19 years old approximately I began noticing I was quite popular to the opposite sex because of my looks and demanour, but that seldom tempted me to start the hunt.

    Instead I just fantasized when I saw cute girls, and started to be in love with girls I didn´t even knew or have never talked to.

    But I think that Scorpio risings have another view on sex than most other people, and now that it is summer when most women are dressed lighter, I just can “feel” their body on distance when i walk on the street, and do feel that even I am 10 meters aprt from them, I already feel that I am under their clothes.

    As for Lilith in 8th house, I read that it is not very unusual that you wait years or even decades till you gonna try out some of the dark dark fantasies, if it requires the right person.

    I think I have sex on my mind almost every second but I don´t feel the need to live it out.

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