Pluto In Capricorn – Never Mind The Collapse Of Society: What About You And The Instinct To Survive

building-collapse-2-small.jpgCapricorn rules ambition, big government, big business, structure and the like. There is a lot of focus the shadow side of the of these things in the astrological writing out there, appropriately so. But this energy is pervasive and also affects the individual in ways that not as apparent as waking up to find you’ve lost millions of dollars courtesy, Bernard Madoff or the like.

Your company collapses, you lose your job or the structure you relied on to provide your retirement implodes and wipes out your security. Borders fall, same thing.

We are seeing this occur but you notice that all of this is coming from outside the self and believe it or not, what is occurring INSIDE the self is probably more important though likely deeply subconscious for most at the moment.

You can expect your ambition to come up from the depths. I am talking about ambition you did not even know you had and I don’t know what is going to kick it up for the individual but will not be the least bit surprised if it is the survival instinct that kicks in. Some will act like animals. Others will have their finest hour.

This is why I am harping so much on this blog these days, say about about the methods people use to get love that will never, ever work. It’s because I think people are going to want and NEED to be successful in the next 10 years or so. Floating along and expecting to land on your feet is no longer going to be an option… for anyone.

It’s as if the days of endless optimistic speculating (Jupiter) have come to an end and people are simply going to want to graduate their “higher education” to become powerful in the real world (Pluto in Capricorn).

The people who will fare well regardless of what happens around them are those with a strong core (Pluto in Cap). Basically dilly dallying around has suddenly gone out of style. What people want to see is results, not just from others but from themselves. What is powerful now is COMPETENCE so anyone selling or supporting incompetence is going to be out of business.

Do you have any sense of your awakening ambition?

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  1. Cap Sun/Rising and right now Pluto is headed toward my SN. I have actually never been the type of person who wants money but rather, enough to survive because it’s always been my experiences that I’ve enjoyed…but all the sudden, in this economy of all places, I WANT MONEY. I have been shocked at the thoughts I’ve been having towards this end. I feel like standing beside myself watching me think about having money…and how liberating it would be.

    Now, ambition does not equal money I know, but I have never “wanted” money like’s weird. I always wanted to be recognized for the work I do of course and am enterprising…I have Saturn-Pluto conjunct on my MC trine a second house Mars in Aquarius which in all seriousness I don’t even think I will see the REAL effects of until my first Saturn return!

    It’s really going to be one hell of a Saturn Return, and I look forward to it…then Pluto crosses my Asc. around my 32nd birthday, and goes exact 3 times that year.

    I feel as if I am starting to “power up” in small ways now, so to speak!

  2. I am so tired of being on the edge. I’ve always had a strong work ethic but have only recently gotten sick of poverty and uncertainty. I have no doubt that ten years from now my life is going to look very different than it has up to now.

  3. I am going through my Saturn Return, and it’s weird how I wake up one day wanting out of my supposedly “stable” (even though creatives are usually the first laid off in the company) career into something more service-oriented and creative.

    What I find strange of this all is that I have some sort of a five-year plan to get there: I know how to build the portfolio, contact the right people, and make a smooth transition.

    Normally, I’m one to just jump without looking. However, I’m actually a lot more careful than I thought I would be. I’m staying in my current occupation to fully finance for my schooling and until I can have a solid start on my new career (this will take years). Of course, this is in an ideal situation… Stuff can happen, right? But either way, I’m keeping a close eye on my purse and making sure that my money is going to the right place.

    Aside from that, I find that lately I’ve been interested in personal finance. One of my goals is to eliminate all debt and save a 6-month emergency fund to help me through during my transition from one career to another.

    I’m anticipating A LOT OF HELL going through this. A LOT. I’m a compulsive shoppaholic and I’m the type to buy stuff when I’m “depressed.” I guess this time, I have to stay solid and keep my eye on the prize 🙂

  4. Yes. I don’t know how I’ll do it but I keep dreaming of empire building. This is not necessarily dreams of being rich but a feeling that this is something I NEED to do to feel complete and I want to do it myself. No rich husband necessary.

  5. I need ambition to come from somewhere because it has been gone or scattered or unmotivated for a few years now. Its time to wake up and smell the coffee. My one friend is determined to get married and keeps demanding that her boyfriend hurry up and propose. She’s 36 and wants to have kids, time clock running so she says. I can’t get her to look at things from any other angle. Talk about determination!

  6. i have had a big urge to improve my business practices, set up more automation, and structure my enterprises to grow and move in a new direction. Adding additional components to serve the greater good is part of this. Seemed to start for me with Saturn moving into Virgo, but it’s getting more intense now. And some of it’s taking shape…

    My two cents on money (ha! ha! Two cents.) Money is NOT a dirty word! To me, money equals freedom, security, and the ability to more easily assist others. I _do_ want more of that, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I don’t want it at others’ detriment (a la Bernie M.), but I hardley see it as an either/or equation.

    Maybe money with Pluto in Sag was more about excessive expansion and “more more more, bigger is better” but money with Pluto in Cap will possibly be more about what you can do with it: building a solid foundation for the future and healing with those resources.

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    valerie aldrige

    I love the phrase “powering up” — that describes my experience perfectly. Several years ago I puttered around, gardening and cooking, and just sort of floated and dithered. Now I handle our investments, learned about computers, and am taking martial arts and flying lessons. I used to work in the arts and now I want a business career (preferably in security)with a real salary and respect. My desire to do these things seemed to come out of nowhere.

  8. It’s still difficult to say where the Capricorn Pluto will lead us all, but I certainly feel like coming home in many respects.

    I definitely enjoyed certain aspects of the Pluto Sagittarius, mostly travelling and living abroad. But I also started to study for a very Sagitarian degree exactly when Pluto moved to Sagitarius, only to find out that what I did wasn’t really me (the only Fire I have on my chart is Saturn in Leo) a couple of years later. I never properly dropped out, but never gratuated either. Now I’ve got a strong urge to get the degree and move into more Earthy things: I’ve strong Earth influence, and even my Air elements are in 2nd, 6th and 10th houses.

  9. I am going to return to school to finally get my masters. I started filling out paperwork, and I am all ready feeling overwhelmed, but just thinking about it has gotten old.

  10. Maybe a little. I’ve always resisted being the Person in Charge, but this year I got a chance to be promoted to department head and actually felt like I wanted the job and could be good at it.

  11. I’m happy to know that competence and seriousness will get another chance, really, after all this fancy fantasy. I also see there’s Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces, kind of a double Neptune-Uranus that will last until 2011. I guess that’s the seaquake cleansing the foundations from underneath, so that a new ambition can thrive under Pluto in Capricorn, what do you think?

  12. Interesting comments about Pluto in Capricorn and competence Elsa. Spoken in the true Capricorn sense too (bit of virgo too).

    Perhaps “competition” is another method of survival. I dont know much about baseball but I hear that the pitcher uses curved balls and slow balls and suck you in balls. If he wishes to keep his pitching job he has gotta come up with the best balls for the job. In the corporate sense, competition can be like “corporate war” where anything goes.

    My question though,is what drives people to survive this way. We always have! It would seem that while Pluto in Capricorn makes transformations, the dog eat dog world will also transform. What better way to survive than to change the ethics (pluto in Cap) of survival by incorporating your competitors somehow rather than thinking that detroying them will elevate ones own concerns.

  13. Do you have any sense of your awakening ambition?- It was never asleep. What I sense is a deepening of committment. I have cut out that part of my brain that wants to wander off and sign up for something easier, and freeze dried it for later.

  14. “What better way to survive than to change the ethics (pluto in Cap) of survival by incorporating your competitors somehow rather than thinking that detroying them will elevate ones own concerns.”

    Kingsley… I am the one who started the Top 10 Sources… and the Astro Dispatch. I have done nothing but elevate my competitors…

  15. I’ve always been ambitious but I sometimes (ok, a lot of the times) lack the ability to be careful. Now, I really feel the desire to forge ahead with getting my life together in a steady, calculated, planned manner.

    It’s been only recently that I’ve gained interest in Solar return charts. I don’t really know how to interpret the aspects between my natal chart and the solar return chart but I’ve looked up a little about solar return interpretations. My birthday’s about a month away, and my solar return Mercury, Pluto, and Ascendant will be in Capricorn.

    I definitely feel like this upcoming year is a working year. I don’t expect to rest much or have much time for leisure. I don’t feel like I’ll have time (or even want to) just lie back.

  16. I like what you say

    “The people who will fare well regardless of what happens around them are those with a strong core (Pluto in Cap). Basically dilly dallying around has suddenly gone out of style. What people want to see is results, not just from others but from themselves. What is powerful now is COMPETENCE so anyone selling or supporting incompetence is going to be out of business.”

    Theses are direct statements you make Elsa. There is no dilly dallying around with these words.

    I hope you are ok that I might use the quote in my new blog post which carries on from one about the Capricorn Stellium.


  17. …awakening ambition…
    It has been my intention to finally entering a degree program after dilly dallying since May 1996. Yes…exactly what I’ve been doing…taking some classes, dropping out, moving overseas, coming back, taking classes, dropping out. It’s been almost 13 years and I am in 2nd year.

    No big deal…I was planning on entering 3rd year at a local fine art university and do a degree, that’s what people do after they go to college for 13 years, right? Well fuck me, I only transfer into 2nd year.

    2nd YEAR! AGAIN! For the love of GOD! It seems like I’m born to dilly dally!!!

  18. Then again, I could wait until I’m 65 and go back to school for a degree. Tuition is free in Canada if you are a senior citizen. And women artist only make it into places like the Met if they’re over 80 anyway,so to paraphrase the Guerilla Girls…

  19. my daughter is 4= pluto transiting sag in my 12th- secret dreams and hopes- (to have a baby) coming true- fighting to have a child-against everyone who said that i couldn’t- being able to have a baby against all odds- giving up alot (freedom, a job i was damn good at) to do so- without any regrets- definate transformation of womanhood and love- now, pluto entering cap- asc at 5- preparing to phase into creating something solid for that baby- for a future- trying to strike a balance of living not only with ideals for us but slowly constructing a new reality- in which she can use as a base…she has P in 4th house- and needs a strong base to come home to when she is a woman. so yes, a goal to work towards, i have.

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    yuuuuck, rebel, rebel, run run. I am SO TIRED of being THE competent one. That is the term that is most often used to describe me and I’m tired of it. TIRED, TIRED TIRED. I don’t want to be competent anymore. I am tired of carrying the ball for everyone else.

    I’m tired of fixing, cleaning up projects, taking care of the stuff everyone else drops. I don’t want to be competent anymore. I just want some time to myself, to relax, to putter, to play.

  21. i think the mantra for pluto in cap is “there is no free lunch”. as long as we’ve been resourceful, hardworking, and responsible, we will thrive through these times more than our lackadaisical peers, or at least be more capable to land on our feet if we lose our balance.

  22. It’s wonderful and insightful to reread this post, not long after 1st finding Elsa’s place.
    In 2009 my life in a tiny world on two wheels was new: after the trauma of undoing, my husband and I had no choice but to make a new life from the inside out and outside in.
    We weren’t popular or understood by strangers, old friends and most family
    Death of the busing of being period!
    2023 now. We keep on: reinvented the business of being while “poor” according to most meters, we are resilient, not suckered by definitions made by others; we’ve also let go and learn every day
    At 75 that’s a good recipe for an old woman with Capricorn on the sac and a moon that knows to hunker down, or be hunkered upon🤞😘
    Thanks for this Elsa, old school still works in the new times.

      1. Thanks, the story is long and the going is messy, often, and astrology has and continues to offer timely signposts especially in my case when old habits or those psychological cowlicks stir shit up, again. Pluto, or Pele in my Hawaiian culture creates new land — it’s her job elementally. Aligning with that reality means seeing how my 8th House (Mars-Saturn and 7th house Pluto) play through as Pluto transits my 12th and now 1st House.
        Long deep journey… few if any short cuts. I’m slowly building a business from all this work.
        I love having your place to check my passports and consult when I’m getting in my way✌️

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