Virgo Rising, Leo Rising and Ascendants in General

get realI went out for noodles with my yoga teacher and another girl after class.

Cherie starts talking about how she’s working on letting go of this compulsive sort of feeling she has where she needs to tell people she is smart.

“I’m smart. I know people can tell I’m smart when they talk to me. I know this. But for the longest time I have struggled with feeling like I have to let people know.”

“You even advertise it.” I say tracing a line across my chest. I am referencing her collection of math joke t-shirts that she wears to class.

“I do! I want people to see. What’s that about?! You know, why do I keep doing this?”

“Virgo Rising. It’s the facade that you want to put out there. I mean you are smart, but that’s not all there is to you. There are all kinds of things going on inside. But the “Miss Smarty Pants” part is the part that you’ve pulled out to use as an interface, but also to filter people with. It’s like a protective layer…”

“So, wait you’re saying I’m weeding people out by telling them I’m smart?”

“Sure, That’s an aspect of it. But I also think it’s part of the whole exacting-type Virgo energy. You want to make sure people get it. You’ve selected intelligence as your Virgo feature to manifest, but really it could easily be anything Virgo-y, like purity or earthiness. The point is whatever you decide to put out, you want it to be crystal clear. So you tell people explicitly.”

She made scrunchy eye brows and pursed lips while she thought about it. “What are you then?”

patrick “I have Leo rising.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Um… I’m like a big cat.”

“No, be serious!”

“I am being serious.”

The other girl who came with us started laughing and said “You are like that! You present yourself as a total goofball. When we were in savasana, I almost peed myself.”

She was talking about earlier, in class during corpse pose. Cherie came over and told me I was looking a little “too diffuse.” She said I needed to pull my arms and legs in just a bit because it would help to recycle the energy rather than let it all out. She asked “Do you feel how you are lying like a starfish?”

I said in my littlest voice “Like Patrick?”

Cherie’s head fell for a second and she snorted. “Yes… like Patrick.”

After I finished reliving being funny, I thought “Goofball! Haha, I like that.” ย So, I let them run with it.

How about you? Do you clearly define your outer layer or do you just sort of exude and let people read what they will?


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  1. What an interesting question. I try to pretend no one can see me, half the time. The other half the time, I’m a large.. smiling, grinning, jokes etc.

  2. I am Virgo rising. I’d love to know how I present to people now. I used to just have a different mask for everyone I crossed paths with…an effort to “fit in” or be liked. People seem to like me anyway, so that is gone.

    I wish I had people around me who are into astrology and understand it well enough to have that kind of conversation with!

  3. I just exude, for the most part. Cancer rising. *snorts*

    I do have switches that I’ll turn off and on for certain circumstances, but I don’t like to do that. It’s performing and pulling the wool over people’s eyes and I’d just really rather not.

  4. Very interesting indeed..

    I just be. Aries rising. Half of the people I’ve met initially find me agressive when I’m really just feeling like a love-bug and want to play all day. Once they find that out, it’s all good.

    Others, perhaps fellow fire risings (?) know this automatically and the energy is wild-kind of like Peter Pan on crack! We run around until the wee hours, play board games, visit theatres, etc.

    It’s almost the best and worst kind of hangover. ‘Adult realities’ are whack! So the Sag sun says ; )

  5. S****** rising. As that’s all I am going to admit to… Just kidding. It’s important to me that people se me as strong, someone you don’t mess with. Powerful (Saturn’s hanging in that house). And sexy. I’ve learned to soften the frown on my face and let the Libra shine thru a little more. It’s actually making me even more powerful !

  6. Sagittarius ASC…out in public people see the upbeat and friendly. I’m easy to talk to because I’m open and I don’t freak out when things go sideways. As for how I’d like people to see me, I’d like them to see someone who isn’t going to interfere with them as they go about the business of living their own life. I’m fascinated with cultures other than mine and will talk to anyone.

  7. I tend to define it, now that I think about it. Rising sign of Aquarius, and I like people to know that I’m open minded and they can be themselves with me, and I’m generally pretty dang upfront and explicit about that.

    But interestingly, what I’m doing with that is inviting a lot of chaos into my life that then requires me to deal with boundaries a lot of the time. And given that my sun sign is Libra and I have a super Libra-heavy chart, that has been a problem for me in the past.

    Recently, though, with Saturn in Libra, I’ve been drawing boundaries right and left with little to no guilt attached. I’m like, “Well, I still accept you for who you are and I don’t need you to change a thing about yourself, but I don’t have to interact with you, so bye!”

    It’s been awesome, frankly.

  8. I’m leo rising too…but I have Saturn exactly on it. People are always surprised if I do anything bad. Drink, eat poorly, swear, etc. This is funny because I’m actually quite naughty in all things!

  9. I have Virgo moon and rising, complete with glasses, cardigan and sensible shoes. I am an exuder (more like an oozer) but how other people view me has always fascinated me since that’s the one perspective I will never be able to inhabit, the observer of the self. When I used to smoke like the self-destructive Pisces I am, no one would ever EVER believe that I was a smoker, even if I was standing there doing it right in front of them. “No, you smoke? You don’t smoke!” Uhh ok, *puff puff*. I definitely exude the perpetual, vestal virgin vibe, much to my annoyance (and horniness).

  10. well, my geek t shirts are my favorites… because they mean something to me? I mean, i wear my netezza shirt to yoga class… but i doubt anyone there knows what it is ๐Ÿ˜‰
    i don’t feel the need to say anything. i already know i’m good at something and i’m not too bothered if other people notice. people who should, do, pretty much.

    also virgo asc ๐Ÿ˜‰
    but disappearing via neptune square. i like the option of disappearing

  11. I really have no idea. Cancer rising, and I don’t think I look like a big crab. And I’ve never identified with the whole mother thing, either. Yeah, I have a strong feeling nature, but I don’t think I advertise it. I have always been puzzled by my Cancer side, and I hear very few positive things about it.

  12. Another cancer rising here, conjunct merc/mars. I know I come across as emotionally deep, as my sun is here, just back up in the 12th. I also come across as quite full of energy, due merc/mars in there. I’m always working or studying on something. That’s about all I know for how I come across.

    @wildrose: “… and I hear very few positive things about it.” I’d second that as well, I usually just guess that they are put out by all the emotion/sensitivity or just plain don’t understand it.


  13. I’m with lolo on this one.
    Aries rising… I just be and am often shocked to find out later that people were intimidated by me. Me??? Little ole Pisces me?? Surely not! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Scorpio Rising – I don’t think I have to do much. People either like me or hate me. All I have to do is stand there.

  15. Ha! Leo goofball ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m scorpio rising, and sometimes I worry about being too scorpio-esque. Maybe it’s the scorpionish fear of being blatently obvious.

  16. Wouldn’t the conjunction on a ascendant alter the expression of an ascendant?

    For example, say you had someone with Virgo rising. Now add Pluto on the ascendant conjunct the moon? Would that make that person obsessively neat and emotional by turns? ๐Ÿ˜›

    I wonder if having a planet in the first in a different sign but not conjunct the ascendant complicates the mask as well. The clearest manifestation of this for me is my amazing ability to hold on to weight regardless of what’s happening. Broken up over boyfriend and not eating? Gain weight anyways. Suddenly start exercising for 4 hours a day 7 days a week? Same weight, same proportions.

  17. Virgo rising: and in true mutable fashion I can put on more or less any face, as required. I enjoy being ‘properly turned out’ for the occasion, psychically and physically – and I move in several very different scenes… I have a big wardrobe, lol.

    And I too tend to advertise my attributes, verbally I mean. But with Uranus on my MC I fear I always come across as odd, and this may be compounded with my Neptune in Libra in H1 (equal). People do find me confusing.

    1. Omg yes

      Tauris rising here

      Have you seen that video in which a cutie cow is chillin on the grass and there are like five goats climbing on top of her and playing and she just stays there?

      I am particularly fond of cows and bulls.

      I’ve always hated moving too much, even as a child. As an adult I enjoy walking long distances, but as long as it’s relaxed and at my own pace.

      Eating and sleeping > all the other luxuries in the world

  18. aquarius rising , so i appear very aloof or serious, all while being detached at times or just in my quiet modes..i also like to give out ..the im open and supportive of all that is ecceentric as venus pisces first house mask..also makes me a bit of a charmer or friendly personality..i like to think when lookin at me or figuring me out at frist glance..YOU CANT makes for a fun first i get a kick out of people making the most incorrect assumptions about me lol

  19. I think I’m a bit of a chameleon; with 3 planets conj my Taurus ASC (in the 12th) and then I’ve also got one in the first, AND with my Gem Sun I can change at the drop of a hat. I def give off the sensual vibe (Venus), but it can also be direct (Mars), antiseptic (Chiron) or chatty (Merc).

  20. I read that rising sign reflects the essence of your soul, sun sign is the face you show to world and the mold you work with. but you guys are talking as if rising sign is the face you show to world, i am a bit confused. what is the deal with sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, what to they really tell each.

  21. Leo rising conjunct Moon, with Uranus tucked just 3 degrees behind in the 12th. Generally I’m pretty sunny and responsive to people at least on the outside. My emotions feel unpredictable to me and when I’m not ‘on’ I just want to hide – not easy having that Moon hanging out there! I feel most comfortable around unconventional and/or creative types (although they do tend to steal the spotlight!).

  22. I love this article. My sister has a virgo moon and virgo rising. She is very reserved when she first meets people. I am a cancer rising, other than my large breast which advertise themselves, I don’t think that I come across as a crab person.

  23. thats nice,
    i have sun moon mars in virgo
    i dunno but i try to make sure that ppl see me as “diffrent” a unique as my frnd calls me , i dunno why i do it & it bothers me ALOT if am seen as anyone else or just “ordinary” or not seen at all i may go crazy being recognized by others is exteremly important
    i may not be so special but i make sure this message is delivered probably to coverup my insecurities aaah full of contradictions im ,,,,,,

  24. Avatar

    I have a problem with seeing the rising sign as a facade. When I first learned I was Sagittarius rising I really didn’t see it, but after looking at the evolution of my belief system/s, array of interests in my life, and to be more specific, kind, I’m afraid I can’t just separate it from my own self and personality. I tend to think of it as a 2nd moon, yes, reflecting what part of what I appear to be on to the world, but still a vital part of who I am.

    I think people might look at it as contradictory if the elements of their Sun and Moon sign aren’t compatible, like a Leo Sun with Pisces rising. So I feel ‘lucky’, if you can call it that, for being a Gemini with an Aquarius Moon with Sagittarius rising, it doesn’t feel contradictory (well, that and I have been feeling for some time now that Jupiter and Mercury are just two sides of the same coin).

  25. Avatar

    I think it’s easy to characterize it as such because it’s not yet that popular to say that people’s personalities can be or seem inconsistent, but still in a consistent type of manner. Personally I think of the rising sign as a reflection of more unconscious drives wether the person with it feels it’s contradictory or not. People are complicated, and astrology, at least when it’s done right, reflects that.

  26. Virgo (and Virgo rising) houses the “inner critic”. The person concerned was probably criticised by a parent in their youth, and therefore continues to try to ‘prove’ themselves, until they make this pattern conscious, and come to the realization that they don’t have to continually go through this scenario.

  27. Avatar

    … The person concerned was probably criticised by a parent in their youth, and therefore continues to try to โ€˜proveโ€™ themselves, until they make this pattern conscious, and come to the realization that they donโ€™t have to continually go through this scenario.

    That sounds like more of a 4th house (father, beginnings and ends) and 10th house (the mother) matter, and Moon (also the mother, cases depending) matter.

  28. Moon and Saturn may come into it, but Virgo’s are very sensitive to criticism, probably because they are so critical of themselves and so hard on themselves

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