Pluto Moon Transit – Mine: Full Moon Square Pluto… What’s The Titanic Have To Do With It?

titanic-in-dock.jpgThe full Moon on Tuesday was interesting on the Pluto Moon transit front. I look at full moons as time when all the lights come on (for good or ill) and with Pluto involved you can expect to see some very dark place illuminated which is what happened to me while the moon was full.

Now I didn’t have a bad day. I am awfully conditioned to this by now but I got to thinking yesterday and wondering if now that Pluto has turned direct, might I have seen the worst? Might this be it, the bottom?

Interestingly, the soldier has also been suffering the equivalent of a Pluto Moon transit although he is a couple degrees back and our combined losses over the last two years are absolutely staggering. They would just pop your eyes right out of your head if you heard about them so do you think we’re done now? Seen the worst? I do.

I know a lot of astrologers will say these transits are active some degrees after the exact aspect. They give 5 degrees, especially with Pluto but this does not jibe with my experience. There is an aftermath of course and there will be some some events going forward but I just don’t think it is possible to kill either one of us AGAIN. I mean, we’re dead and then you kill us? Come on.

So I hope I am right about this and don’t get me wrong. It’s not as if I think my hardship has ended, as a matter of fact I think we’re all in for a very hard time going forward but I am talking about the Pluto Moon stuff. The very personal stuff. The stuff so deeply personal it cannot be verbalized. I really think I have been killed (Pluto) emotionally (Moon) and this is baseline.

In fact I would draw a parallel to the shipbuilder who designed the Titanic. He’s asleep when the ship hits the iceberg. He comes up on deck and there is a moment there when he realizes his ship is going to sink. He realizes there are not enough lifeboats and there is a moment of reckoning there.  There is a horrible moment when the scope of what is happening is known and felt and once it has passed, what are you going to do to this guy, hmm? That’s how I feel.

That the ship goes on to sink is almost irrelevent from this perspective.

Ever had your ship sunk?  What happened?

9 thoughts on “Pluto Moon Transit – Mine: Full Moon Square Pluto… What’s The Titanic Have To Do With It?”

  1. Yeah, a few times. When Saturn was in Gemini and Pluto was in Sag my natal t-square was triggered like crazy and I lost everything. I was nearly homeless and during that time gave birth to my youngest child. Everything since has been relative to that horrible time and I’m just not so easily shaken anymore.

  2. I thought it had, but it turned out it was more of a capsize where the entire ship flips all the way over. It took some time to right again, but I lost a lot of dead weight and came out floating a lot higher. Metaphorically speaking.

  3. This was back a few years, and I didn’t think about astrology then, but I lost a lot in six months – it was pretty astounding . . . like I lost my health (and had a chronic illness), ended a six-year relationship, left the home I loved, lost both my grandmothers (in that six months) suddenly, had a fire that destroyed a part of my new apartment and was displaced again. For years after that, nothing felt like it would hold. And I panicked around the smell of smoke.

  4. Elsa, the Titanic parallel is perfect. I have both been asleep when my air mattress gave up its air and been fully awake when the air beneath my wings sorta speak, left me for somewhere else. Being without safe housing for months, living in my car with an air mattress as THE source of physical comfort in a town where I was born … that’s a canoe that has been capsized and filled with water. My concepts of home, safety and stability have been shaken loose. I’ve faced humiliation from a cop ‘just doing his job’ sweeping the untouchables from the park at 3 AM in the morning, and been humbled to learn that enough can mean a parking space on a front lawn or a patch of driveway.

    Foxxy: I relate to the experience of getting rid of “dead weight” and really like the image of being able to float a lot higher.

    Life is about rewriting the rules for ship/home building. For me the messages have been coming from the crows who remembered watching an old man with a beard building a boat called an ARK. How high’s the water mama? Fourteen feet and risin’
    I agree Elsa, more’s coming.

  5. In less than two years, I have lost two younger siblings. My youngest sister, Alicia, was my dearest friend and soul mate. She died at 45 of a brain tumor. She died as gracefully and soulfully as she lived her life. In March, after being diagnosis with lung cancer during the February eclipses, my baby brother Charles died.

    Sadly it is when you lose the ones that you love so dearly that you realize that nothing else matters. Your job, your home, your social standing and all material things can go away.

  6. That’s interesting… when I lost the people I loved I was finally free to do what I wanted without having to hold back, or consider someone else.

    Maybe it’s a guy thing. It seems easier (and ultimately, I’m happy) to go it alone.

  7. I’m having Pluto-Mars and it’s awful in its own special way. But I think about your Pluto-Moon all the time, because my little boy is going through it (29 Virgo moon). Poor kiddo. I wonder how the experience is different when you don’t have a sense of personal responsibility and loss. Or maybe he does.

    I hope you’re right about your experience. Light starting to filter down from the top of the well?

  8. “Sadly it is when you lose the ones that you love so dearly that you realize that nothing else matters. Your job, your home, your social standing and all material things can go away.”

    I agree. ((flip))

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