Saturn Transit: Everyone Dislikes Me!

saturn stained glassI just wrote for a client who is feeling people don’t like her.  She’s not felt this way before. I have known her for a long time and she does not come off as unlikeable at all.  She’s just having a Saturn in Pisces transit.  So are many other so…

“I think you are seeing your inner feelings, reflected back at you, rather than people actually feel this way.

Many people are generally unhappy and disillusioned at this time.  So let’s say the walk around, sort of distracted or frowning.  Then they see you, you see them. You interpret their bad mood to be caused by your presence.

I think you’re in a hall of mirrors, here, rather than it being that people really don’t like you.

Also, there is a good number of people out there who don’t like anyone, so…”

Have you ever felt like this? I know I have. It’s scary.

7 thoughts on “Saturn Transit: Everyone Dislikes Me!”

  1. Oh my gosh, yes, this is where I’m at now. I’m feeling pretty unwanted/unliked at a time when I am really relying on people to help me. Transit Saturn is exactly conjunct my Moon, though, and it’s likely I’m subconsciously putting walls up anyway.

  2. Saturn to my moon. Oof. Awful. Cold, lonely. People either like me or they don’t. There is no in between. I would go as far as to say love me or hate me. It’s that strong. I am used to it and okay with. But when Saturn was square my moon, it hurt. Normally, I don’t really give a rat’s you know what because it has been this way all my life and I am used to it. (Scorpio Stellium)

  3. Yes Ive been feeling the same way – my progressive Sun/asc in Pisces
    I celebrated 4yrs at work and got some lovely messages, but of course I focused on the people that didnt say anything…sad face but oh well!

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