Mars in the Zodiac: Are You a Bear?

This is a true story.

Two boys went to a fair. This was in 1960’s before “animal rights” existed.

They had a bear in a ring, wearing boxing gloves.  He was up on his hind legs and sort of weaving back and forth, with his (gloved) paws, waving in the breeze.

You could box this bear. If you could stay in the ring for three minutes, you won a prize. This sounded great to one of the boys. He paid his money, put on some gloves and got in the ring with this bear.

The boy started beating on the bear. He punched the bear in the chest as hard as he could. He was beating on this bear… hitting him HARD. The bear was sort of doing nothing. He was still waving his gloves back and forth but that was it. He wasn’t fighting back.

So the boy was feeling great. He was going to beat this bear for sure, but right before the three minutes was up, the trainer / attendant of the game blew some kind of dog (bear) whistle and the bear went, WHAPPPPPPPPP! He knocked the boy clear out of the ring with one punch.

There are a lot of points in this story but the one I am interested in today is this: are you a bear? Or are you a person who thinks you can mess with a bear?

I think a bear can recognize another bear. They don’t mess with each other all that often.

I am definitely a bear, though I’m good-natured. You can beat on me all day and all night. You can beat on me for weeks or for years while I try to peacefully eat my berries.  But if I ever decide I’ve had enough, you’re going to go flying.

Where is your Mars?

94 thoughts on “Mars in the Zodiac: Are You a Bear?”

  1. I have mars in leo but it’s in the eighth house. I think I might be the trainer. At least until my Inner Nun got news of this larceny.

    Buh bye kid…

  2. I think I’m a bear. For a considerable period of time, I’ll try to talk about stuff that’s buggin’ me. I’ll wait for the right moment, believing that people can’t “hear” if they’re hungry, tired, mad, or sad. So I wait. If first time doesn’t fix it, I’ll try again. But then … at some point … I’ll decide it’s a hopeless project. I won’t WHAP the person physically. But with a few choice words, he/she’s outta the park. At that point, I turn on heels and it’s over. I’m gone.
    Mars 3 degrees Gemini. Sometimes think I have a good teaspoon of Taurus with that early Gemini.

    1. Same here, Nancy. It takes a lot, but when the whistle blows, I don’t look back. Knowing I truly did all I could has left me with few regrets in my life.

  3. I’m a Mars in Taurus type of person. I guess I’m a bear, because I usually don’t like conflict (not to be confused with arguments, at least in the philosophical sense of the word), especially of the emotional type (I’m mostly air and earth), but there is only so much I am willing to take until I blow. Admittedly, I some times play with/test people in order to give me an excuse to amputate them completely, but I blame that on my Pluto aspects, and possibly Uranus in Scorpio in the 11th.

  4. ok. I hate to admit this, but I’m afraid of bears. I’ll run away. I have my Mars in Pisces. But my moon in Aries – so here I feel really the tension- because I have difficulty to express the anger which I keep all inside…but with a little help of the Taurus, I’ll led it blow out in the end.

  5. My Mars is exalted in Capricorn in the Eighth House so I will patiently figure out where the blow will cause the most damage and chances are you won’t see the punch that will knock you out coming, but you will never forget it, cause it will hit you were it REALLY hurts.

  6. Mars in Libra (heh) opposing my Aries Moon.

    I’ll give a million chances for a person to straighten their shit up, but once I decide I’m done, they are going down HARD.

    I find myself approaching that place now, in fact, with a situation that did not have to turn out this way. I’m gonna nail that son of a bitch.

  7. I like how Michael put it… I also have Mars in Pisces and will avoid being poked or trascend it or whatever… but, then when enough is enough? My bear has a Scorionic stinger that never misses it’s target.

  8. My thoughts are that I put up with too much poking at home as a kid so it’s an interesting question to ponder. Not being totally in touch with my own bearness, I’d nevertheless be the mother that will strike to protect her cubs. I definitely respect the bear as a symbol of strength that can be gentle or terribly fierce.

  9. Mars in Sagittarius…. I’m not a bear , but I will help the bear if he’s getting overwhelmed. If the bear is fighting for a cause involving “injustice”…. I’ll be right beside him ’till death or victory.

  10. I’m a 12th house Sun Virgo and I relate to the Native Medicine Wheel bear but that’s more about hibernating as a necessity and being a good caretaker. My Mars is cj NN in Capricorn 4th. I figure when Pluto is finished with me I’ll have finally come to terms with stuffing anger habits developed in childhood. I’m with Glenn on helping any bear fighting injustice.

  11. I’m a 12th house Sun Virgo and I relate to the Native Medicine Wheel bear but that’s more about hibernating as a necessity and being a good caretaker. My Mars is cj NN in Capricorn 4th. I figure when Pluto is finished with me I’ll have finally come to terms with stuffing anger habits developed in childhood. I’m with Glenn on helping any bear fighting injustice.

  12. Definitely bear. When I’m finally tired of the crap, I’ll drop a bomb. If anything, I probably wait too long.
    Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mars in Libra.
    Scorp rising. Thank God.

  13. In the physical sense -maybe. Three different people who haven’t met eachother and know me, all used to compare me to cute bears and to deadly bears. In temperament I am far from a bear, I have mars in aries. I am the shorty that will throw you a death glare even if you are a big tattoed dude if don’t wait the line and cut me off. True story. Mars in aries is the first to ask what is the problem. Mars in aries can also BE the problem. The first to hit you with a boink and the first responder emt. 🤪 Boink. I like 🍯 and have taurus planets so at least I can aspire to be a part-time bear.

  14. Mars in Pisces. Not a bear. When stressed out, I just disappear. And I mean DISAPPEAR. I have hopped planes and landed in foreign countries, packed up with no notice to anyone and moved 1000 miles away…

    1. I love this, I do this too…my answer for a long time was to just reinvent yourself in another town ..Sag rising here !

  15. Bear. Mars in Virgo in 3/4, aspects everything except my ascendant.

    My father got us into high 5-digit credit card debt being selfish when I was only 13 or 14. We were broke and struggling to eat. My mom and I picked up his slack, me getting a job at a grocery store to get cheaper food, her starting a business and selling at open air markets.

    I was helping her pack up from a market, then in my 20s. The weights for the tent were on a cart and I was pulling the cart back to the truck. 60lb concrete weights, and they kept sliding off onto my feet and I was not having a good time. My mom also had an injury from working that day.

    I suddenly realized the pain my mom and I were in was my dad’s fault for treating us badly. I am a small person. I quit struggling with the cart and sailed all four 60lb concrete tent weights through the air into the back of the truck with one arm, screaming obscenities at imaginary him. My mom was on the phone, startled, and abruptly hung up. I did not look at or acknowledge my dad when I brought everything back to the house.

    I have more stories like this, and this “feature” has saved my life many times, including fighting TWO kidnappers and winning. But I lived in this mode for so long when I was with my abuser and then homeless, now it’s hard NOT to get like this over shit that doesn’t matter.

    1. Are you me??

      Reading this sounded like me. Superhuman strength when we pop off. Agreed that this “feature” is beneficial. It’s galvanizing and alerts us to mistreatment.

      I just took everyone to the mats on Monday the 29th when Mars was in my sun sign (capricorn)

  16. I’m definitely the bear. I have a verrrry long fuse, but when that line is crossed, I’ll take someone’s head off with a shovel.

    This Monday the 29th Mars was in Capricorn (my sun sign, 4th house) and I took everyone to the mat. They’re still reeling. I went nuclear and dragged everyone to hell. I felt like a mad woman.

    Mars in my natal chart is between my Aquarius and Pisces which makes this even crazier to me.

  17. That’s a very amusing anecdote. It would definitely be illegal now I’m surprised the kid was still alive after being punched by a bear. The bear probably registered the hits from the boy as “baby bear trying to play with me”.

    It reminds me of my dog. He is from Romania and sometimes the sweeties here in England, try things with him because he does look like a small wolf. Kind of cute. VERY affectionate. Stares at you with these big devoting eyes.

    But there is this unbelievable steel in him when he is pushed. When he is annoyed he does this thing where his nose goes down and he growls low. It feels like he has a bunch of animalistic holdovers that haven’t been bred out of him like they have from English dogs and after they try something with him at the park or something, they don’t try again. They just don’t come close to him again.

      1. Lol I like “beariest” as an adjective! It is opposing my Taurus Moon/Mercury too, plus I have a 7th house stellium, so it is compounded by the fact I am upset that someone has pushed me to that point and that I have to do something about it.

  18. Mars in Libra…yea, have to say I’ll give you more than enough chances and thence….it’s going to get ugly!! 🤷🏻‍♀️♎️☀️♒️🌔😂💖🙏🏼

  19. Mars in Scorpio.
    I will be loyal and put up with quite a lot of emotional crap from people I am attached to. I will fight for them. I will empathize with their problems and urge them towards healthy transformation.
    But once a line has been crossed I refuse to be your therapist any more.
    I will sting your face, bite your nose off and warn you. If you ever treat me like that again I will rip out your eyes and piss on your brain. And you will never get to emotionally affect me in the same way again. Even if that means my own death or destitution.

    Just saying…

    1. I have Mars in Scorpio too (with Sun and ASC though not conj.) Mars is conj. Neptune-I will sit peacefully and deny my hurt and or anger because I hate to fight-but if it’s warranted you’ve treated me like crap for too long, too many times, even if I don’t go for your head on purpose, you will feel my wrath. But I don’t want to hurt or sting you and if I do it’s the Scorpio carrying the Turtle across the water scenario. The Sabin symbol for Scorpio at 11 degrees mine is 10 but you go up a number) is: A man drowning man is being rescued. Outreaching warmth of human character. Saving power of social restraint for too emotional souls. Humanitarian ideals.

      1. And I do have to say, I think that Bear was trained to hold back and if left to its own nature would have taken care of that kid in short order. At any rate it’s a great story!!

  20. Mars in the 9th house (cusp of Virgo/Libra). So I am likely to put up with a lot. But that Mars squares Natal Pallas in Aries. I would come up with a strategy to retaliate

  21. We dont have wildlife that can eat you here. No big cats or bears. Koalas are not really bears. Our biggest predators. Wedgetail eagle. Dingo…l forgot sharks.
    A kangaroo will kill you and they were used in boxing tents too like your bear, Elsa.
    We do have snakes and spiders that can kill you too.

    I would never mess with a bear.

  22. Mars in cancer square pluto in libra…I can take a lot of hits but it has taken a lot of growing to become a bear. I didn’t always have it in me. But one thing I have always done is amputate people. When I am done I’m done. Now you will get a fight and I might try to hit u with the car on my way. Sag rising.

    1. Hmmm, interesting. Mars in Cancer. Never liked this placement. I observe the moodiness, pouting and retreat into my shell. Blocked throat chakra as well. Sun in Leo and Aries rising. It’s downright humiliation, so pathetic. Probably has saved my life though. I can be a too direct and mouthy Sicilian

  23. Yeah I think I am a bear. Virgo rising, Saturn in the 1st house, opposing Venus and Mars conjunct in the 7th. I am a slow burner but once I blow even I am afraid of myself. However, I hate confrontation. So I resort to the dark arts. Always works. I do not recommend it though. Because when you use something like voodoo, for instance, if the person does not deserve it, it will bounce back upon you. I am in love with my peaceful life. To swipe me out of my comfort zone you would definitely deserve it.

  24. Naw. I’m no damn bear at all.
    I might poke em if I got a clear path to get away though. If I do I know I’ll figure something out.
    Mars in Aquarius square Sun in Taurus.
    Libra rising.
    I don’t like any pain or upset. It disturbs my peace.
    If you poke me the first time there’s going to be a reaction.
    It may not be violent because as a Taurus that still takes awhile.
    But it’s not going to be cool or pleasant like that just the same.

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