Pluto, Scorpio And The 8th House – Turning Away From Taboo

With a packed 8th house, my guess is that this is more an issue for me then it is for others, though I’m sure I have company.  Plutonian types are drawn towards taboo. Virtually all of us spend some time in the gutter but I wonder how others deal with their urges, assuming they do.

Personally, I have a lot of things cross my mind that I have to consciously turn away from. I just know better then to indulge myself in certain pursuits or trains of thought, because the risk of developing a obsession that would be destructive to both myself and others is too great.  In other cases, the stuff is just sick and I don’t want to be sick. I choose not to be sick or act in ways that are immoral, basically.  Just because I think of it, does not mean I am compelled to do the thing.

There is probably a segment of the population out there that is mostly unaware of how incredibly dark some people but for the others, do you ever turn away from taboo?  Why?  For people who do not turn away, do you have an explanation? How do your choices affect your energy-level? How are you empowered (or dis-empowered) in relation to dealing with taboo?

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  1. It really depends on the taboo, if I turn away from it or not. For example, I never have and never will cheat on a partner or purposely try and hurt somebody. I will graciously remove myself as best I can if I am miserable. To me having my morals and values in tact and try to do the right thing is more enpowering to me then constantly trying to manipulate people. Sometimes trying to do the right thing does not always work out, but atleast I know I gave my best.

  2. Same as Nancy, really.

    Like I’ve said before, and will likely say again, I’m a throwback to a more primal time. I really don’t see anything wrong with killing someone if you have just cause and I’ve had to almost physically avert myself from taking that path at times. I don’t want to be a murderer! *laughs softly* I like not being in prison, man. Besides, it’s just not polite in this society. *shit-eatin’ grin*

    If that’s not taboo, I don’t know what is… 😉

  3. My packed 8th house includes Pluto in virgo. I have lived darkness, seen darkness, nearly died, suffered from others darkness, but equally I have risen from the ashes and no matter how many times Pluto wants to boil me in a pot to hone my skills, he always let’s me out from the underworld to rise again. Pluto going through my 1st house has immensly added to this. A very initially draining experience teaching me where and with whom to share my light and energy. Thanks for letting me think all that thru! x

  4. I have thoughts that I have to turn away from.

    Firstly, it just would not be a relief for the energy to travel that path. It might seem so for a few seconds, but it wouldn’t in reality.

    Secondly, I don’t want to have to live with the aftermath of the energy traveling that path.

    Mercury conjunct Mars. Mercury square Uranus/Pluto in the third house (equal).

  5. My 8th house has Scorpio and is packed. It has a Pluto+Venus conj in sextile to the one that is going on today. Never miss something to investigate or go deeper. Also love to break other people understanding their “taboos”. What is not socially acceptable now, besides murder and crimes.. of course!

    Have a Happy December Elsa!

  6. My ascendant ruler, the sun, is the only planet I have in the 8th house and 0 degree pluto afflicts my aries mercury something fierce.

    I’m nearing 40 and only recently understanding that all along, I’ve had a choice in what I invested my energies in. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a pisces sun, thereby somehow not seeing myself and the mistakes I was making all along. I finally lost all I could bear.

    I think I’ve pushed myself to consider and get close to everything that frightened me so that I could gain control of fear and burn out the weird, ageless pain that I feel. If I could go in my mind or elsewhere, to the limits of what is acceptable and probe, analyse, or overcome my own judgement and fear, I’d get to have the power to finally be ambivalent. Nothing would touch me. It didn’t work the way I intended.

    Understanding that I have a choice, I can let go of things profoundly but it can be uncomfortable. I train myself, day by day. I know I don’t have to put all things through the wringer of my mind and I don’t have to melt into everything that I don’t understand. Learning to be at peace with leaving it behind and unmolested. I know that acts/thoughts committed only in my mind have a palpable, diffuse violence to them. Violent desire and penetration even, from force of will. I felt the damage they did, that I did, and such things should not happen unconsciously. I was dangerous to everything that I loved.

    This is my first post here, I’ve been stalking for awhile. Folks on this board and Elsa; you all are quite amazing.

  7. The dark energy feels empowering.

    In my teens I could’ve probably murdered someone.
    But.. When I feel hell is releasing I keep away from the situation that caused it. Confrontations can be good, but when I’m that upset confrontations leads to paths of destruction. Learning when to pick a fight, and when not to has been very good to me.

    Might be my pluto neptune sextile but I find a relief in fantazising. I love dark art, music and movies. I find it empowering. I find talk the talk makes it easier to not walk the walk.

    I’ve been close to people having neptune clouding their darkness away. They switch between acts of cruelty and innocence. I don’t want to do the same.

    Having both strong Pluto and Neptune I think it’s important that I’m aware that I’m not a saint, nor a sinner, and sort of both at the same time. I relate to a lot of what you wrote. Dealing with the dark side of Pisces is very hard. It’s sort of in Pluto’s nature to get dealt with, while neptun/pisces/12th house – well, it takes a lot of work. And I’m not sure I could’ve pinned anything down if I didn’t get some help from transiting pluto and saturn.
    You should be proud of yourself – doing that hell of a job on yourself 🙂

  8. and there are some taboo thoughts that I get that are so twisted I’m not gonna share them. Makes me feel like the sickest girl – but! My remedy is to think it and get horrified by it and then let it go. That shit really shouldn’t be allowed to be pushed into the unconscious where I can’t control it :s

  9. sammi, I get that stuff too. It surfaces, I acknowledge it but then I throw it up like the hydra. This is one of the main things that made me write this. I fear what I would become if I did anything but.

  10. I go by the rule “Do no purposeful harm to others, and try to avoid accidental harm.” It pretty much forms the basis of my morality.

    Cheating on someone while in a relationship? Very harmful to someone else. No.

    Minutely examining the stuff that comes out of my ear after I swab it? Gross, but it’s not hurting anyone!

  11. Elsa: Throwing it up like a hydra seems like the healthiest way to deal with it. Nice mental picture 🙂 I relate to the fear btw.

  12. This is kinda the story of my life. All my brightness casts a long shadow. I talked to my therapist about something along these lines, because I thought everyone else had the same fundamental state-of-mind as me, they just chose not to go there. I learned that I have this fundamental state-of-mind because of very early trauma, that it isn’t a universal part of the human condition. I had never thought of it as a handicap, like a wall I built in my mind – I just thought it was the essential reality. It is easy for me to go into victim territory, and think I will never be normal, that I was cheated of it somehow. But that is the faulty thinking that leads to delusions of grandeur and ego obsession. I now see that many people are like me, and many are not, and it is what it is. I’m now in a position to take this head on, and heal it at the root level. And I choose to do that. It will never go away but it can be resolved.

  13. I´m a scorpio rising whith a strong 8th house – sun, mercury and uranus – cancersun. I understand this urge of the taboo. I also have a strong neptune/pisces, virgo and aquarius so I had this feeling that I should try to “help” and transform..
    I can control very strong energies (mars square pluto)
    – and I am quite a magnet for psychopats..Now I don´t sacrifice myself anymore.

  14. Packed 8th house Virgo Uranus 26, Pluto 21, Venus 6. Not sure about taboo. Definitely a heaviness and darkness about me. I think my taboo is repressed, which has led to other problems – especially around sex. Struggle in that area – mostly need alcohol to really let go, but then had some rough starts around sex in my youth, which muddles it all the more.

    I am not very good at small talk or superficial relationships. Like to go deep and talk about the deep stuff. Also, the one who prefers to name the elephant in the room, but was shot down so often in my youth for this that have had difficulty in my adulthood naming it even though I KNOW it. Neptune in Scorpio 10th house, might account for that as well.

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