Misinformation… Poison In The Well

well-water.jpgThere were a lot interesting comments regarding people giving or getting misinformation, being lied to or lied about on the Does Your Information Have Integrity piece. When I wrote that, I was thinking about Neptune and the concept of poison in the well. It’s mostly water but the water is poison!  Have you ever seen what one drop of colored paint can do to a gallon of white?  Take my case.

Had someone not tagged me as a drunk before I walked into this first meeting, it would have probably been assumed I was sober. After all, I present okay. I wouldn’t have had a beer in my hand and I don’t have a big red nose. My hands don’t shake and in short, not only do I not look as though I need a drink, I probably look as if I am on my way to or from a gym.

But once that drop of poison has been added, all bets are off. The whole group drinks from the well and like the boats that rise according to their ability to float when the tide comes in, the people in the group are more or less affected depending on the level of their susceptibility to the agent. After suffering and subsequently studying this phenomena I have learned (Saturn) to be far, FAR more discerning (Virgo) about internalizing information that comes to me.

I have also learned that most people swallow what they are served even if it is preposterous and then say and do things based on misinformation with no idea they’ve been poisoned. And then if you hang out with the poisoned you become poisoned yourself the same way hanging around intelligent people tends to increase your intellect while hanging around the stupid… well…

Have you become more discerning of sources of information since Saturn went into Virgo?

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  1. I think so. I’ve also been more vocal in general about wanting to be clear in my communication. The more I’ve let friends know ‘I want people to understand what I mean’ the more they ask me for clarification.

    The shocker has been finding out that many, many times in the last year or so, what I’ve said has been entirely misconstrued. For example, being mistaken for being sarcastic when in fact I’m being sincere. Or when discussing one friend’s circumstances with another, and pleading ignorance, being told ‘Oh there’s so much you know but aren’t saying, isn’t there.’
    That’s a common one, and frustrating as it is it has made me even more vocal about wanting to be CLEAR. It’s the only way for people to keep talking to me…

    Sometimes I’ve been quite upset when I’ve had the opportunity to say what I really think, as what the other person assumes is so off. My friend had a bad crash on his bike a few weeks ago, and damaged it. I suggested he not ride it that same night to go somewhere social. Our other friend said ‘I like how you’re suggesting he’s going to get wasted.’ Huh? I was happy to have the opportunity to say ‘No I’m merely being superstitious’ which prompted a conversation about getting back in the saddle. And if I hadn’t spent time letting these people know I’m desperate to communicate these days?

  2. Yesterday my mother was handing me a lot of stuff, papers, report cards, pictures from me when I was young. Withing this packet of info that I was about to toss in a box and tape up forever was an actual birth certificate for me.

    All of this time she had sworn that I was born exactly one min after midnight, but the birth certificate shows 12:50 AM …. what a diff 49 min makes. I redid my chart… planets moved houses… some good some bad… I’m waiting for my real astrologer to get this info and tell me what she thinks (I’m a dabbler…musician not astrologer… but very interested)

    I just had to say something cause I can’t believe the changes 49 min make… wow

  3. Even my AC and DC changed…arg… and I am too impatient to wait on my astrologer friend to find out what this means… lol 🙂

  4. I do think that time and consistency can improve the way that people see us inspite of their information (gee, I’ve seen her alot and she sure doesn’t sound or look like a drunk– or maybe my mom wasn’t the bitch my dad said she was)

    A big example is any of us that have had ‘shared custody’ with a former spouse who poisons the well. It takes alot of patience and consistency to be the parent who doesn’t poison while waiting for the child to grow up and see what dad is ‘really’ like..

    I guess that’s why our parents said stuff like ‘first impressions are lasting’. Tough to shake, deserved or undeserved.

    If it happened to me, i’m not big on forgiveness exercises. I’d probably just want to burn their fields and scorch their earth.

  5. Ms Scarlett-Sometimes, the kids don’t grow up and “get it,” although sometimes they undoubtedly do. (Speaking as someone with grown kids who spent many years drinking from the poison well.)

    I suspect people sometimes swallow whatever it out there because 1. it’s kinda gossipy/exciting to know a secret, and 2. nobody wants to feel the fool, and not “get” whatever is supposed to be going on.

    I don’t know if I’ve become more discerning or not. What I have been working on is caring less, at least regarding the general population, about who thinks what about me. I’m a freak anyway. In most cases, it says more about them than me.

    With my (step)kids, though, it’s harder not to care. But my kids are adults. It’s their job to determine the quality of the water now.

  6. Yep- i’ve been on every side of the well – as a child and an adult and none of it is easy to endure. Even if your kids see it as an adult, it doesn’t change the perception they experienced as a kid or undo their childhood experiences.

    I know mine still haunt me. As much as i work on them, in my 50’s they still come up.

  7. i’ve had to cut down on how much i read, and i tend to cut out the news feeds that get more hysterical.
    so, yeah, probably. i tend to think i’m pretty careful anyway.

    though it’s not surprising people are getting nervous….

    as far as people go… i just don’t have much time so i rather i spend it with people who illuminate or energize me, one way or another.

  8. As I posted earlier somewhere, I too have been the subject of character assassinations, and have watched the ripple-effect of well poisoners. Not only did that make me more discerning of stories and gossip that I heard, but it made me be very careful about what I repeated (nothing).

    And you’re right, Elsa, most people have no idea that they’re drinking from a poisoned well, and no idea that their ideas/decisions about the person who is being lied about have been influenced. Very hurtful stuff, well poisoning.

    Has anyone ever seen what happens to the well poisoner – you know the whole ‘what goes around comes around thing?’ Probably because my first instinct is to get quickly away from a well poisoner (and to stay away), I’ve never seen them experience the consequences of their actions.

    Thank you for the discussion on this topic, Elsa, it has helped me heal from and let go of the hurt caused by a some well-poisoners in my life. You are so wise and insightful you just blow me away sometimes.

  9. Virgo here. Does anyone tell the truth? I ave begun to see everyone twists their truth to their story to a degree I hardly recognize. Only the ones close seems worth working on clarification. Too much work with the preponderance of story tellers around me. I wonder if others are feeling this alienation just due to remembering history differently. Could almost say it’s not lying just a different memory of what happened.
    Love your site. So provocative in a good way. Hoping your health improves.

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