Pluto, Scorpio And The 8th House: How Self-Protective Are You?

bullet proof vestI am extremely self-protective. I am not sure this is obvious, considering all the blurting I do on this blog but it’s the case.

It’s the Jupiter / 9th house / Mars part of me that whips things up all the time. There is no doubt my mind is going all the time but it’s diversion that protects my more sensitive parts.

How self-protective are you? Mild? Medium? Extreme? Got Scorpio or planets in the 8th?

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  1. brilliant. It is true…jupiter in the late eighth nine confers a secrecy. I’ve seen in with jupiter in the eight in cancer and in capricorn in others too…meeting the jup in cap person was like staring at myself….insane!

  2. Good question. I have an 8th house stellium and Merc in Scorpio. But that Merc is in the 9th. I’m a lot more protective than I seem. Although, I wouldn’t call it extreme. I’d say, strongly protected.

  3. I don’t have a lot of Scorpio or 8th house planets, but I identify here. Maybe Vesta conjunct my sun and moon or Pluto conj NN and aspecting Mars, Neptune, Venus.

  4. I have Jupiter in the 9th, in Sagittarius, natally as well as Saturn next door in the 10th, in Capricorn, which is where Pluto is now.

  5. Tee hee for the fine art of diversion! Moon Venus in 8th. Not my preferred style, but a person has got to do what a person has got to do.

  6. You’ll never touch me if I don’t want you to ;), pluto aspects everthing except sat. & ur. Even if you do, you’ll never see it (sun in 12th)

  7. Very self-protective. Learned it at a young age and just never relinquished the habit.

    Pluto sits at the base of my chart and is part of my highly-aspected Libra stellium. 🙂 There is method to my madness…

  8. My mom said that when I was little, I’d look at people out of the corner of my eye. (suspicious?)
    I was never friendly.

    Jupiter in Scorpio in the 8th, conjunct neptune in sag, also in the 8th.

    Whenever I meet new people, which is never, lol, I like to observe them. Not in an obvious way, I’m judging them, for good or bad. Can’t help it.

  9. Extremely self-protective. Sun in 8th…squared by Pluto…scorpy moon stuff…

    I don’t know that I’m particularly “proud” of this. Sometimes it’s lonely being so secretly testing of others. And when I let go, the understanding of others can be overwhelming.

  10. sun conjunct moon in scorpio, uranus scorpio.

    i’ve learned that there are valid reasons for me to be self protective.

  11. Check out this composite chart between my roommate and I! We used to date but there was always somehow “too much Scorpio”. I can’t believe I just saw this for the first time.

    We have very bad luck letting strangers in the house, talking to strangers, getting too popular, gaining too much attention, anything like that. I get the scary feeling that somewhere Hinkley is lurking. Or we’re paranoid, too close to call.

  12. Scorpio/8th with Neptune. I think I’m too self-protective. Do you need to be less so to find a relationship or do you need a relationship to be less so? Still trying to figure that out…

  13. Very. Moon in Cap in the 8th, Cancer Sun, Mars in the 12th, and then Pluto aspecting my Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn in some way.

  14. Capricorn in the 8th house. Not sure how that affects me. I don’t think I am overly guarded or protective. I think Ihave a tendency to draw people out, so there is the focus is not so much on me.Does that count as being self-protective?

  15. ThankYou Elsa P. !!!

    Jupiter 8th House in Piscis usually take more than i can handle and sometimes i solve more than i thought but it takes a lot of time some solutions are hard to find so i am learning to balance !!!

    Blessings Everybody !!!

  16. Extreme at times

    When you combine my Scorpio and 8th you’ll find

    Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, MC

    To go along with this when you combine my Aries and 1st you’ll find

    Mars, AC, Moon, Node, Chiron,

    Saturn rx in Taurus and my 2nd has negative aspects all over the place too

  17. My 8th is empty, but ruled by Virgo. Mercury Pisces 2nd, which opposes 8th House Cusp.

    I am very protective of myself. I always look ahead logically (Virgo) and psychically (Pisces) to try to avoid any perceived problems any way possible.

    Hey, if hiding from my ex avoids the certain belligerent confrontation, that’s what I do. I did it again yesterday, and all was fine.

  18. extremely. someone i let very close to me, a friend of 10 years, said of all the people he knows i’m most afraid of letting someone get close to me.

    i have saturn in scorpio, in my 12th, and i am scorpio rising.

    i also have a stellium in leo and strong jupiter/sag. i relate to the sense of using it as a diversion tactic.

    i’m self-protective for two reasons: because i know humans are fallible, and despite their best intentions, they tend to cause suffering. and also because i’m afraid of the rejection. if i put all of myself right out there, people would either be afraid of me, or they’d hate, or something really negative, and it’s just not worth it to me to have all those obstacles for the sake of 100% ‘authenticity.’ my virgo wants to get stuff done and not be mired in other people’s psychological detritus.

  19. Used to think I was so open ( Nep. conj. Libra ASC), but recently almost feel like it’s paranoia….don’t want anyone to know anything abt. me. Maybe it’s the Prog. Balsamic Moon going thru my 4th House with Pluto by my side.

    Other chart info. would indicate lots of secrecy too, I think….

    In Scorpio……Sun, Merc., Chiron, S. Node (All sq. Pluto/Mars/Sat in 11th)

    In 8th House……..N. Node

    Cheers and thanx for asking, Elsa. Hope you are well.


  20. Moon ruled 8th House; Saturn in 8th…squares IC/Chiron and Sun. Inconjunct Moon.

    I’m very self-protective of my physical body. Anyone who thinks its cute to grab my ass will get a kick in the nuts, LOL.

    Emotionally I’m very open, however. I’m big hearted. I like people, I like meeting new people, and like to get along. Just don’t grab my ass and we’re good. 😀

  21. It’s a tale of two halves, like my chart. I can be very open and when I fall for a man I throw caution to the winds. I can do reckless things sometimes – walk out of jobs, leave the country with no means of return in my pocket. My Moon is very well supported, and I have a nice triangle of sextiles Neptune/Pluto/Uranus

    But I can also be very self-protective – not so much secretive, though that too with certain people (eps family), as unwilling to let people in these days. Bitten too many times…

    Stellium in Cap, and Saturn conjunct Mars, mean I will never be a carefree, mentally and emotionally liberated type 😉

  22. All Scorpio Moons are probably self-protective to a degree.

    But when I thought about this question, I immediately thought I’m “self-destructive” much more than self-protective.

  23. Im extremely self protective but I dont think I appear that way with my Sag mars in the 10th and Pisces Rising. Im Sag and Pisces because I red herring to my tough scorpio armour 🙂

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