Pluto, Scorpio, the 8th House, Power And The Collective Shadow


Tam asks regarding Plutonian types

“But why is it necessary for Plutonians, Scorpio/8th house people to draw this exactly? It would help me to feel better about my life if I knew why I draw this shit from people.”

Plutonians are psychologically sophisticated. I don’t know why they are chosen for this job but I can tell you how they get that way.

While you are standing in the light, busy dumping all your crap on to me, I can see you very well.

In contrast, you can’t see me at all because I am standing in the dark, covered in your crap.

Now who do you think has the power?

Anyone else?

18 thoughts on “Pluto, Scorpio, the 8th House, Power And The Collective Shadow”

  1. Yes, that’s it Elsa. Every information that is given to a Plutonian is potential power, while every information they give is (to them) handing the power to the other person.
    So when a Scorpio actually tells you things, it’s a good sign. I know cause I have double Plutonian Venus 😉

  2. I love this expression of Pluto energy.

    I disagree with Joanna though – but maybe only from my perspective (my personal makeup).

    I willingly give as much information as I can away. Now – the key is – only to give it away mindfully.

    If I tell someone I really suck at doing something. Then when I do it and I suck, what are they going to say about it?

    Perfect example of this is that final scene in 8 Mile where Emimen and another guy are competing in dissing each other. And Eminem’s character rips on himself – pulling every skeleton he could possibly find out of his own closet – and when it was the other guy’s turn to rap, he was silent. There was nothing left to say. In that way you can take the power of your own weaknesses into your own hands, and out of reach of everyone else.

  3. We own it. We were born to it. We don’t have to go through a process to discover it. I look back on my childhood and shake my head at the stuff I experienced compared to most other kids. It’s hard, deep, brutal psychology and it’s been with me since day one. I just learned that the Dr. who brought me into the world was charged for sexually assaulting some of his patients. That’s not even half of it. But that’s Pluto I think. You don’t get a chance to waver.

    Also, the fact that we can instantly see right through people’s motivations, past their facades to the actual fragile person that they are – that freaks most people right out. They sense it and stay away or project. I love it when someone can see me though, it’s like a huge relief. Hardly ever happens.

    Thank god I found you guys. It’s like we’re all extras in Lord of the Rings around here. 🙂

    1. Avatar
      Southern Cross

      Wild! Nice post. What if I told you I was brought up in one of the places where Lord of the Rings was made? (Hobbiton).

      I’ve got a raft of 8th house influences.

  4. I thought we were extras in the Harry Potter series. I’m living next door to a short Hispanic biker version of Hagrid. 🙂

  5. Wow! Are we rockin’ and rollin’ today or what? So much deep stuff, and people sharing and connecting and this is just great! I really like the way you describe this whole Pluto/Scorpio/8th House thing, Elsa, that’s exactly how it feels but I never thought of it that way!

    I want to thank everyone for their insights on all the blogs today, I’ve been checking in every little while or so while trying to catch up on paperwork – kinda weird though, it’s been like well I’ve got to work for a while, then I take a deep breath and hold it, and dive into the ocean that is Elsa Elsa! Swim around, looking and looking, learning too, then head back up for some more air. Wow – talk about intense.

    And this may date me, but I thought we were all extras in that old TV show Bewitched, and I was Aunt Clara and I’m living next door to Gladys Kravitz, she not only peeks out of her windows, she comes over and peeks into mine! For reals, she’s a trip. I’m gettin’ kinda used to her though, I just go back to polishing my door knobs.

  6. I’ve drawn this type of energy all my life, and I dealt with it just fine when I was younger – not so much anymore. I was bullied for years, and I handled it without fighting – I just kept going – and have dealt with this at times, since high school. I didn’t always understand it, because I hadn’t done anything to provoke, but this time, I think I understand why it’s happening.

    Scorpio ascendant. Moon/Venus/Sth. Node in Gemini (eighth house) aspecting Pluto. Pluto in the eleventh house.

  7. Am I the only one who does not like the intensity of pluto, mine is in the 8th its natural house..?
    I also have moon and uranus there.
    Id like to have a happy realtionship or once without all the drama of my emotions that other can not ever seem to understand.
    And it true that it feels so good when someone can see me for a change a oppose to seeing right through other.. has only happened once in my life ( Im 37)
    thank you for the insights none the less : )

    1. i can resonate with this. and also with scotty’s post. It does feel good to let things out. astrology still kind of freaks me out with the 8th house. there are still things deep and dark and very horrible below in that house, and it’ll probably go to the grave.

  8. I tend to desire to hide who I am from those around me. When I do I cannot see others as clearly. When I am open and sharing, I see others more completely. That makes me want to hide again.

    Music is my passion and my primary release. I started a band (The Plutonians) in the 80’s with another Plutonian brother.

  9. Yes, another hit. And I am the same way, my family don’t know the real me. My grandparents whom I love dearly went to their graves without ever knowing the real me. Being a Plutonian can make for a lonely existence, because even those closest to you, never truly understand you.

  10. I met someone recently who just talked about herself. I told my sister this and she was annoyed that this women didnt ask me anything about me. I told her its fine by me:) This woman isnt throwing crap at me yet, though, but it wouldnt surprise me if it happened.

    Its funny too when people dont think ill throw their shit right back at them. It proves them right about me but a person can only take so much. Im not a bottomless pit and im not a martyr.

    1. As for those who think they have my ticket, its fine by me too! Here, have my ticket. Look at my soul. Dissect it. Judge it. Tell me im not hiding anything from anyone and who do i think i am. Its still saying more about you than me. Revealing me, reveals YOU.

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