Pisces Likes To Confess

Pisces necklace“That’s why her hair is so big: it’s full of secrets.”
–Mean Girls

Sometimes someone says something really simple that changes your perspective forever. I remember Elsa saying to me, after I’d told her something really personal, “Pisces loves to confess.” That is so simple, 12th house, transcending the hidden, with a distinctly spiritual connotation. Healthy Pisces energy, energy expressed in its best form, expunges its own secrets and keeps those entrusted to them by others.

Pisces, Neptune and the 12th house rule secrets but also confession. Want to spot lower Neptune energy expression? Beware the Pisces gossip.

What is your approach to secrets and sharing information? What’s the astrology?

23 thoughts on “Pisces Likes To Confess”

  1. Gosh, that kind of makes me feel better about myself (Pisces moon). I often confess shit to people I trust and later I wonder if I overshared. Is it just part of me, then?

  2. Maybe that’s why I just spill certain things. Pisces Mars rules my Aries Sun, and aspects several planets/placements. I have Neptune trines, too, and am not keen on gossip.

  3. it sounds like! I sometimes feel that way too. I go to the other extreme then and don’t tell people things unless they ask, undershare.

    sometimes people ask me things with the caveat, “unless that’s too personal.” please, please ask! then I know it’s okay to tell!

  4. “it sounds like! I sometimes feel that way too. I go to the other extreme then and don’t tell people things unless they ask, undershare. ”

    I do this as well. I also tend to worry about getting too personal with people – I love to know about them, but I usually only want to know what they want to tell me.

  5. Oh, that’s weird. My comment is waiting for moderation. I meant to add above, that that’s why I don’t ask a lot of questions. I wait for people to tell me what they want me to know.

  6. Sharing one’s secrets I think is an excellent weapon ‘against’ gossip. I’ve purposely shared things, just so that nobody had the opportunity to ‘make it up’ for me. I never share other peoples’ secrets though!

  7. When my daughter (pisces) was little she could never tell a lie. As soon as she did, she’d come right out and confess. It was SO cute!!! 🙂

  8. I have a few of my own secrets that I won’t voluntarily divulge but, if I’m asked something direct, “I can not tell a lie”. I want to lie sometimes but the truth just comes pouring out like verbal diarrhea and I can hear myself talking while thinking helplessly ‘NOOOOOO DON’T SAY THAT’. My Gemini friend tells me to only tell part truths but I can’t do it.
    I also don’t ask a lot of questions. I wait for people to tell me what they want me to know.
    Pisces Sun opposite Leo Pluto and square Sadge Saturn as well as trine Scorpio Neptune.

  9. Lots of Pisces with Merc in Pisces & I say very little about me (except here it seems! =) I’m evasive if people ask & change the subject quick smart. I hate divulging stuff about myself & if you tell me a secret, it’s with me to the grave.

  10. Neptune exactly conjunct Scorp Asc. I try to always be above board, but often find myself lying by omission. I often let people think what they want about me.

  11. When someone tells me a secret, it stays with me forever. People trust me with their secrets..even strangers. Maybe they can sense that I dont like gossip at all.hehe:)

    And yes.. I can easily confess my own hidden things… but –in my own time/way. I dont usually like it when someone asks me.( scorpio ..i guess?)

    Asc-Jupiter-Mars in Pisces

  12. I just want to say that the Mean Girls quote is one of my favorite quotes of life. Every single time I see some beeyotch with her hair all bump-ited or weaved out I think it. FULL OF SECRETS.

    I don’t think I’m particularly good at keeping other people’s secrets I have enough problems with my own.

  13. I listen, mostly. Not because I’m gathering secrets but because I just want to be a safe place for that person. If they’re comfortable confiding in me, I won’t betray that, ever.

    Mars in Scorpio is rather reserved in sharing my secrets, but super interested in other’s. Merc in Pisces is just receptive, non-judgmental, and loving.

  14. i am a pisces rising, cancer sun, libra moon and pluto scorpio in 8th. I usually know when people have secrets, because as a fish rising i constantly,consciously and unconsciously mirror people. I often feel guilt for no good reason when talking to people, thats usually when i know somethings up. i am always telling people more than i would like, so essentially i have no secrets- always felt super engaged with people when they open up to me. this is a great question!

  15. It depends. If I buy someone a gift or arranged something special, it KILLS me to keep it a secret.
    I don’t like feeling like someone is keeping a secret from me..so I’ll drive myself nuts trying to snoop it out (merc in scorp)
    I don’t spread gossip. But I will listen to it for a moment so that I can note the participants and be wary of them.
    You tell me something that is not to be told and it’s safe. Even under torture
    But for me..and sharing my information? I have no secrets I spew everything. Sometimes it is a disturbing display.

  16. My good friend is a Pisces Sun and Pisces Mercury, as well as Sun trine Neptune…very Piscean, and she never confesses anything! She always keeps everything very private. I don’t think Pisces likes to confess, at least not the ones I know. I think Aries like to confess….I see it way more in them.

  17. my sister likes to keep things secret all the time, she needs to confess in my opinion, just let it out, because it will make her feel better. But she cares too much of opinions and judgements. I confess overly much and she lacks 9th/sagittarius, but she has ALOT of pisces, a stellium with pisces mercury. when i was getting our parents junk out of the backyard, three truckloads and it’s not even enough, and the hoarding downstairs inside the house, i show it around to people, but she said dont show, especially to relatives. Like why? She’s so ashamed. I’m not, i dont care about what people say. So what? Yes my mother is a hoarder and my sister is also becoming one.

    my sister even said she’s afraid to become hoarder but we have already told her she is already one. to be self aware is good so that it wont get bad later on. To stop the hoarding because now that our mother is in her later stages of life, hoarding cost MORE money and MORE damage than they could possibly foresee. no one can even spend the night in her home and get hotel rooms because the house is full of hoarding. while she could have 2 big rooms free for family and friends to stay over. And hoarding costing so MUCh money, with all the help we need and hiring junk removal trucks. Damage from pests too because they are attracted to the junk in the backyard as well. The damage is so costly they dont even realize. They try to keep and hold on for fear of not having anything but it is creating the opposite effect. Anyway i just accept her wishes because she is uncomfortable and is afraid/fear of judgement. So i will honor them. but i hope someday she will be free of that and dont care.

    1. i do have pisces rising/12th house moon & 12th venus, so i do have neptunian energies but i think the 9th makes me want to confess and dont care. also have aquarius, but only one placement and a couple of capricorn placements, so i do have FEAR planets. but for some reason i dont care as much as my capricorn moon mother, she also has too much FEAR. like dont say, dont tell, and they aren’t free from the restriction. maybe too because libra is exalted in saturn with her capricorn moon so the fear is too much and keeping appearances and fear too much what others say. Now she says she doesn’t care anymore but it maybe her stroke/ damage in the brain that changed her, and the dementia. So she’s more like i dont care what they think. which is why i’m able to help more with the junk she has. yes there’s a time and place to keep things secret and it’s none of anyone’s business. but in this case, its detrimental. but i definitely can see their POV. and i honor their wishes. my sister has to tell me dont tell her new boyfriend about whats going on with the junk and hoarding and everything else when we are out to eat with him and his family. No problem. i’ll be quiet and keep secrets. none of their business anyway until she wants to make it theirs. so yeah the square of the sag/pisces can be balanced. keeping secrets and telling it how it is lol

      1. lol i can see the similarities with scorpio/sag with my husband LOL he likes to keep secrets and dont tell but then he says things out loud and it frustrates me in the past but now we’re good on where we stand xDD the balance of fire/water really has to be careful xD

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