Pluto Transit Conjunct Descendant With Saturn Transiting 8th House

pluto planet redI’ve had a streak of of clients with late degree Cancer risings. This put transiting Pluto conjunct their descendent with transiting Saturn heading into their 8th house. This is just a heads up.

I have talked to half dozen people in this circumstance over this last week.  I don’t think people are putting these transits together but I think you should because they are going to amplify the effects. I don’t care who you are (sun sign) or any other detail. If you are a late Cancer rising (or early Leo), you are going to be taken to the deep end of the pool.

It should be productive but there is going to be loss and pain with this sort of double whammy. You’re looking at a minimum of two years dealing with shadow stuff and pathology, yours, theirs, your family and your boss to. It’s almost as if any kind of denial, hits a wall and that’s it. There go your defenses.

I’m sorry!  But I’m writing this so you know, there is someone out here who can see and relate to the depth and scope of what you’re dealing with.

Are you in this situation? How’s it going?

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  1. I’m not in this group. I have early cancer in mars/Mercury in the 10th, but I have a black moon Lilith at 21 degrees of cancer and a progressed mars at 1 degree of Leo. Both my mom and sister are cancer suns. I see a lot of upheavals all around me.

  2. 29 cancer (possible 0 leo rising) here.. i am having a total transformation.. i get the keys to my new place tomorrow morning with my kids as I’m leaving a long abusive marriage. Will be transformed to be a single parent – it took me two+ years to make this decision- since Saturn went in to aqua actually! My sexuality is shifting also. I know there will be ups and downs but there’s no question this is a pluto transformation.
    All the best to all my sign mates and Elsa of course!

  3. My Descendant is 26 degrees in Capricorn. My Mercury sits at 29deg in Capricorn too.

    I am constantly seeing and becoming more aware of projection, lack of shadow incorporation.

    My job entails that I spot such habits, however many I work with are guilty for such habits.

    Mine are not fully incorporated either, but I am aware and making a huge effort.

    My son had a Halloween party weeks ago. He was excited. Food was made, the house decorated. He ran to me to tell me how excited he was. My reply was “You’re not having a party…your friends are simply coming over”.

    Because my parents never threw me a party, I unconsciously tried chopping his in half. 10 minutes later, I was apologizing profusely to him and his mother about what I said, why I said it, and how I want them to put me in check if I ever do such a thing again. Talk about ugly!

    I have a sense of living in some sort of hell.

    I have not slept much for over 30 days now, however when I do sleep, I’m in some “in-between” space, for I saw a super large, thick/fat guy, about 9 feet tall, standing in my doorway to my bedroom. His size was daunting, and his face matched. I immediately though of grabbing a gun or a knife, and I woke up. It later reminded me of gluttony, something I am dealing with.

    I could say more but no…this is enough for now.

    1. Yes! Gluttony this is the word, concept, practice I also am facing. @Darkaquarian I “get” your hell description, also feel I’m living it. Am puzzled by it, I suppose bc of Libra sun and mercury which seek fairness. I wrestle with how I have brought this on myself. Have I, though 🤔

  4. 28 degrees cancer rising.
    Back from a session of meditation with a sangha and going on a short weekend retreat in a few weeks. I was meditating regularly late 2014 until 2019. What I went through relationship wise until 2021 sounds like Pluto transit DC, I’m not sure why I experienced it including his death,ahead of the transit, cannot imagine anything more profound continuing. Though… yeah the transformation continues. Am scared in some moments.

  5. *raises crab claw* hitting my cancer Asc(21), Merc(26) & Mars(28) (& SN-26)
    Just trying to keep everything well protected in my own shell at this point. Probably a lost cause, so working to see loses as ‘letting go and letting god’. I’m loaded with Cardinal in my chart, but what’s become glaringly obvious to me is there really is no control over anything. It’s just an illusion. You can try to control yourself, that and learn to swim with the tides in the best way you can.

  6. I’m 21.35 Cancer rising, conjunct my NN there at 20.19, Aqua Saturn
    20.11, so Pluto hit last year and I’m about to end my 2nd Saturn Ret.

    When Pluto was crossing along with Mars and Venus, I knew about it and
    was waiting. Last November, I started a new job when I was called into
    the office to speak to our admin. guy, who is also co owner of the small business. I took one look into his eyes and became fixated on his handsome face. As the weeks went by, we fell into a slight emotional affair at work.

    It was really freaking intense. At one point, he got spooked with me and he went a little crazy. He was trying to avoid me, he turned his desk to face the wall and I felt like I was back in high school. I was so madly in lust with that guy. I would just swoon at him, and he would ask me why I was looking at him like that. One day, he walked out of his office to talk to another lady about a disagreement they were having. He pointed to me and said to the other lady out loud, “I WANT….you to be happy, like HER”, while we all stared at each other, wild eyed because it had those tense undertones of something unusual.

    He definitely felt like Pluto. He was a Sun conjunct Pluto natal. I quit, and I really miss him. He flirted with me like crazy, but always shirked away when I flirted back. Then he would ignore me, and it hurt so bad I would drive off in my car and cry huge racking sobs of frustration.

  7. Wow thanx, Just thinking how easier things get , could be shorter days trying to cram so much into one of these little days
    Thanks for the heads up I think my scarf gives me a little Blindspot to the parts that are difficult or lurking pressing trying to get in to my hulahoop
    evenings seem restful and dreams more vivid I’m in a bit of a cloud everything has fuzz on it I like the partly invisible part
    I’m thankful and hopeful I hope you all find a piece of pie

  8. Thanks for the heads up, Elsa. My other half’s ascendant is 1 Leo. We’ve been facing a lot as a couple over the past few years and while I’m getting to grips with it for the most part, I can see him unravelling somewhat. I’ll be supporting him through this time and pointing him in the direction of this blog. Thanks again.

  9. My husband has Pluto on DC in his SR chart. I know it’s not the same as transit but certainly similar. I’ve been freaked out since I saw his SR chart on his birthday five months ago.
    Im waiting to see how Pluto will change our relationship.
    Also his ASC is Capricorn 24 degrees, so he’s been going through personal and proffesional transformation for years now.

  10. Well, my rising is Leo 10, so, we’ll get to that! In the mean time, my Sun is Scorpio 1, is it possibble that I am starting to feel the transiting Pluro square already? Because what the…??! I mean, I knew it was coming but seriously! I’m just finishing the square to my SN at Libra 25, I thought I was dead, but apparrently, you can die further still. 🙂

  11. Any comments regarding an early degree? I am 4 degrees 1st House Cancer ascendant Natal chart and feeling a bit “spooked” by the entire prospect of two
    years + “the deep end of the pool!” My Pluto Solar Return indicates Pluto in Capricorn in the 7th House as well.


      1. Sincere thanks for the clarification – – that {hopefully} is “good” news to me in any event!

        Seemingly the ever novice at this ~


  12. 20d Cancer rising. It’s going, alright.

    “It’s almost as if any kind of denial, hits a wall and that’s it. There go your defenses.” – that hits.

    Also have t.Pluto squaring my 10H Venus at the moment (and my husband’s Pluto), and this trippy Mars thing going on too.

  13. I started an Ancestry account in 2019, after discovering my father was not my biological father. He adopted me after my mother abandoned me. He raised me, he is still my Dad and all.

    For the last month, unbeknownst to me, I had been receiving messages from people stating or claiming to perhaps know my father, so I have been digging around with this stuff.

    My sister contacted me to ask if we could reignite a relationship with our mother who left us, so we call her once a month.

    So much happening, but I will leave it here for now.

  14. My mom is 28 Cancer Rising and I am 0 Leo Mars and 6 Leo Rising. My mom got a lot of the Pluto health stuff, but she is Leo Sun conjunct Pluto to 2 arc minutes so she just trucks through it all. Pluto turned direct October 8 on my progressed Moon and my daughter’s North Node, so this all has a “wheeeeee” BIG a aDVeNTURE feel!!! Who knows where it goes?!? Hold on right!

  15. I am 25 cancer rising. Last couple of years I have had death in the family, lots of conflict over inheritance, chronic disease, dealing with insurance. By now things are slowly settling somewhat, I just wonder with Pluto over the desc – is it over yet?

  16. I’m late to the party, as usual. As a full time caregiver to my husband, who says he is dying, I’m often too busy to have a moment to read astrology. Yes, I’m going through it. My natal Sun at 29° Cancer sits on my Leo 4° ascendant. I’ve known Pluto was coming for a long time and now it has begun. And it’s going to get worse before it gets better. At age 73, I am trying to stay healthy and sane so I can take care of him. I’m pretty healthy but keeping my sanity is a real challenge—as we all know, stress is a tough hombre. I pray daily asking for patience and kindness.

    1. @Rian your story moves me: I see you <3 Not sure it helps and I really sense your situation. I offer my mindful recognition.

  17. I am going through this as well. I’m a 0° Leo Ascendant. Pluto has been in my 6H for quite awhile, wreaking absolute havoc. I’ve been dealing with chronic illness since the age of ~10 or so (a couple years before Pluto entered my sixth house), but once Pluto entered the sixth it ramped up significantly.

    More recently I’ve had significant issues in relationships, as well as some transformations in the self.

    I have natal Neptune conjunct Uranus in Capricorn (6H), which is conjunct the descendant as well (25° Uranus). So a lot going on there. I’m hoping that I’m past the peak (I genuinely could have died from how severe my illnesses were a couple years ago). I’ve been gradually recovering from all of the illness, but I’m still afraid of what’s going to occur once Pluto crosses the descendant and Saturn enters my 8th house, in a few months.

    We’ll have to see.

    Best wishes to everyone commenting here.

  18. Hello,
    0 degree leo currently I have saturn, mercury and pluto transiting my 8th house, I’m a 1st house cancer stellium and the transit planets are starting to oppose these (cancer moon, Venus, mercury,also lilith Vesta and part of fortune in cancer 1st house and my chiron and gemini both in 1st house too)
    I’m in the process of planning my 2nd funeral this year my bestfriend who was my cousin and my Aunty dies and now dealing with so much trying to support everyone 💔

  19. Cancer rising, 27° DC in Capricorn. It has been very rough. So many power dynamics, relationship losses, and all the while me standing my ground against what I perceive to be unfair oppressive forces in other people and entities, attacking from every angle (pun intended). Then when looking at my secondary progressions, my progressed mars in Aries is at 27°, squaring my natal ASC and my natal ASC is also conjunct my progressed Mercury, so everybody is just hating and hostile to what I say or do, when I stand up for myself it’s seen as aggression even if it’s a defense against an unprovoked attack. Definitely have been staying to myself more, it’s been deeply transformative in me realizing my values, many good hidden good things and inner blockages and shadows I’ve moved past but above ground? It’s looking barren. All of my close relationships have changed. I’m not longer showing up in other ppl’s lives the way they want me to, I’m no longer convenient.

      1. Thanks for your blog! Many of your posts are personally very helpful and relevant. (I’ve commented once or twice before but not under Cancer Rising, as I’ve mostly just been a longtime lurker.) It’s helpful as I’m still learning astrology. Anyways thanks for the welcome. These Pluto transits have been pretty intense so I’m appreciating the content on this topic.

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