Transiting Saturn Changing Houses

Saturn PlanetIt takes Saturn 28.5 years to transit through all the signs and houses in your natal chart. Recently I’ve had a string of clients with transiting Saturn leaving one house and entering another.  This is a significant event. I realized there is not much out there about this so I want to feel the void.

Saturn transits a house in your chart for approximately 2.5 years.  Each house represents an area of life.  When Saturn transits a house in your chart, you mature and take responsibility in the sphere indicated.

For example, if Saturn is transiting your 7th house, you will be doing the right thing by others. You will establish boundaries in relationship and work to balance things.

When Saturn changes houses, it’s akin to graduating. Using the example above, when Saturn leaves your 7th house for your 8th, you should have the give and take between yourself and others, pretty well sorted. With Saturn transiting your 8th, you learn to relate to people on a deeper level.  The lessons build on each other. You might see this as the curriculum of life.

When Saturn is nearing the end of one house preparing to enter the next, you may anxious on some level.  You’ve worked to get comfortable with the affairs of the current house. In a sense, it’s like starting at the bottom of the mountain again; preparing to master another course.  However, if you know astrology, and you see transiting Saturn changing houses, you can be ready for it. It’s not a vague disquieting feeling but exactly what you would expect to feel when you show up to learn something new.

In my world, these shifts are every bit as noticeable as Saturn changing signs. But I have to specify, I use Equal houses. If you use another house system and have houses in your chart that are wildly narrow or wide, I don’t this will apply.

Saturn will be leaving my 1st house for my 2nd house, soon.  With Saturn in my 1st house, I let my hair go gray to represent my age.  My boundaries at this time are exceptional.

With Saturn transiting my 2nd house, it will be about money management.  I will probably have less money, but maybe not.  The main thing is that I do the right thing with what I have. There’s more to the 2nd house. I just want to spell this out so you can see how I am clearly working on thing. When I’ve wrapped it, I move into a different arena.

Do you pay attention to Saturn changing houses in your chart?

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  1. With 18 degrees on my 5th to 6th House cusp, there it goes! Whew, what a whirlwind of trials and tribulations on the romantic front! Hopefully that will now settle down and the focus will shift to modifying my routines that likely contributes to the problems.
    I kept my self expression under wraps too. but with my natal Saturn in my first I’ve done that most of my life.

    On a positive note, the 5th house transit brought me closer to my daughter and especially my grandkids. I’m wondering if I need to be vigilant of health issues since at 71, I have the vitality of a 50-year-old and I’ve been blessed with comparatively nonexistent medical issues.

  2. Just wrapping up Saturn in the 7th and I think it went well – my marriage is solid. 8th house goals: buy life insurance, complete wills and estate planning, and work on our taxes.

  3. Saturn leaving my 2nd house and moving into my 3rd. Balancing out a change in work due to Saturn ripping my bones lol. Trying to have some sort of humor here since that rip was profound. Not done yet but perhaps it will go smoother the next round. But then having a progressed rising in Aquarius, God save me! I already have a natal Saturn in first house with moon in Capricorn. Ugh! Looking at lines of communication and getting info out there regarding my 3rd house Pisces.

  4. First, Elsa, that’s not grey hairs, those are wisdom streaks!!
    Next, I’m wondering if you use Koch House placements for your charts? The woman who taught me claimed they were more accurate for timing of events. So ever since 1978, that is the House method that I’ve used. And as you probably know, the Koch House’s create Intercepted Houses. My Aquarius is intercepted and in the 12th House. One thing I hear people from my past telling me is that I’m burning bridges. But as I attempt to explain to them, “I’m not allowed to be myself in their presence”, which is true. I guess they want me to go back in time and enjoy how life used to be. Ha ha, I have a really hard time with that.

  5. Yes, the shift into my 4th was very distinct and obvious, and also made a lot of sense with my evolution.

    Saturn through my 2nd was my SR. It was the beginning of sobering up to getting my shit together by taking responsibility for my relationship with money. It also taught me to self-advocate more with how I earned money.

    1. I’d love to hear how the transit into the fourth house felt to you since I am about to undergo that transit.

      I don’t have much feeling about the fourth house since I am not a domestic type and really don’t relate to it much. Perhaps I am defining it too narrowly. Maybe it has more to do with putting down roots.

      1. Saturn transit through the 4th house represents one of the most difficult times in my life so far. But I have natal Uranus conjunct Mars and Nrptune conjunct Jupiter there, hence lots of challenges and things to learn about myself and how to integrate that new knowledge in my life. It was very tough time for me, but I’ve read lots of other people’s stories and experiences and lots of them are much easier.

  6. How perfectly timed this is, Saturn is in my 7th, two degrees from my 8th.
    I’m not sure how much I pay attention to Saturn changing houses, or even signs, but given I’m a Cappy Moon (with a Cancer Sun, Merc, Mars & Asc). This maybe something I’ve been missing. Kind of like the missing puzzle piece that lets all the others fall into place, if not with ease, at least in a more informed way.
    Thanks for filling this void for me Elsa!!!!

  7. I was born with Saturn opposite Sun and am always sensitive to Saturn transits & aspects. It has manifested 3 times in my life as violence against me, at ages 7, 14, and 21, and earlier this year as it sat on my natal moon, my mother died suddenly. I find this stuff always happens just when it gets ready to leave a house. Gives me a nasty kick on the behind on its way out.

      1. Thank you. I just realized that it has been transiting my 6th since late 2020. Nearly conjunct my dc now. I’ve been suffering from a chronic illness and I have finally found a doctor that is treating it (the others told me there was no cure). I have certainly learned that my daily routine and horrible eating habits are not sustainable. I think I’m allergic to Saturn.

        1. But it got you to a good doctor who helped! I think that’s what Saturn does, things like that. I wish you good health! ❤️

  8. Yes, I pay attention to Saturn changing houses (and signs too) I’m a Capricorn sun (and mercury too) plus they’re in 8th house, so it makes sense. Saturn is currently conjunct my Venus in 9th house and will move into tenth house at 26 degrees (asc at 26 Taurus). 10th house is Saturn’s own house and I’m expecting (been planning for) a new career move (plus reigniting an old one) I’ve been learning new skills behind the scenes (9th house – Jupiter) and will be implementing them next year. This is not an option (so Saturn) there are responsibilites associated with this and necessity. Knowing Saturn is moving into my tenth assures me, however, that it’s the right thing, not some whim, and also that he’ll be there making sure I get the work done (*cracking whip*) and fulfilling those duties.

  9. Saturn just entered my 5th house, creativity and romance?
    Natal Saturn is in my 3rd house in Capricorn, and Im a Scorpio Sun/2nd house oppossing my natal moon in Taurus in the 8th.
    Ive not done creativity or romance very well…it must be time, and at 63!

  10. I’ve noticed Saturn just moved onto my sixth house cusp. Uranus is transiting my natal Saturn in the eighth. I noticed Uranus on the first pass back in December.An abscess in my lower jaw damaged a nerve somehow.Uranus is floating by again and think I may get the tooth pulled to avoid that issue again. My gum tissue ain’t what it used to be. I look at Jupiter entering Aries as a cooperative influence. Anyway, I have found incredible helpers in the Chinese medical field ( I love acupuncture)

  11. Hi Elsa,
    Great site and information! What so you reckon about Progressed Saturn leaving 8th house into 7th. Its been in my 8th for 35 years and the general description of transiting Saturn in 8th is how my life is all the time, its been rough and exhausting. (I used to put it down to natal aspects I had) Could the house shift alter my existence in a positive way at all. Many thanks!

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